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  • Vinter på Norrviken



    Länge sen vi besökte Norrvikens trädgårdar. Igår var det dock dags för ett besök på Vinter på Norrviken. En upplyst park med både lampor, ljusslingor, eldar, marschaller, musik och massa installationer. Vi gillar normalt inte ljusföroreningar men görs det med lite stil och under begränsad tid är det helt okej, tillochmed fint och roligt 🙂…

  • Friluftsfest



    Friluftsfest tar över efter Utefest i Friluftsbyn på Höga Kusten. Utefest har arrangerats ett antal år vid Friluftsbyn på Höga Kusten. Nu heter arrangemanget Friluftsfest istället men verkar i övrigt vara ungefär samma innehåll. Vi har varit där ett par gånger och det har varit mycket trevligt. Väldigt fin plats och område och väldigt trevligt…

  • Zoe Persionalised Nutrition – is it worth it?

    Zoe Persionalised Nutrition – is it worth it?

    I’ve been asked several times whether I thought the Zoe App and testing were worthwhile.  The short answer is “yes”.  The long answer is more nuanced. Zoe is a system of personalised nutrition.   Sign up and you get access to a phone App and a box of stuff comes in the mail.   You use that…

  • Florida to Colorado with 4Runner and Liteboat Rowing Shell

    Florida to Colorado with 4Runner and Liteboat Rowing Shell

    In late November, I embarked on an 8-day trip from Colorado to Florida and back. The primary goal was to bring home a rowing shell and, of course, capture as many pictures and video clips as possible. I drove my […]

  • Tsunami Ranger Retreat 2023

    Tsunami Ranger Retreat 2023

    by Steve King The Tsunami Rangers return to their roots! On a glorious warm and sunny weekend the Tsunami tribe gathered for a retreat on the San Mateo Coast and received a marine mammal welcome. As Captain Deb and Paula drove through the Devils Slide tunnel they emerged “as if through a worm hole” to…

  • Isvaksbadpremiär 2023

    Isvaksbadpremiär 2023



    Igår blev det isvaksbadpremiär för säsongen. Ja, kanske för 2023 också, vi slarvade nog med det förra vintern. Tog med några yxor upp till Västersjön. Blåste rejält från ost och snöade så klart omysigt på Rössjöns västsida där vi ofta badar. Gick ner till Västersjöns nordöstra hörn, där är finstranden och långgrunt. Rimligt med lä.…

  • EMS Equipment – Shock Pants

    EMS Equipment – Shock Pants

    EMS providers should be aware of the following key points regarding Military Anti-Shock Trousers (MAST) and Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (PASG): 1. Purpose: MAST and PASG are devices used to manage hemorrhagic shock and hypovolemia. They help stabilize patients by applying external pressure to the lower extremities, which helps redirect blood to vital organs and increase…

  • EMS Pharmacology – Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid)

    EMS Pharmacology – Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid)

    EMS Providers should have knowledge of aspirin administration including, amongst other things, its mechanism of action, the effect, and contraindications  Here are key points to know: Indications: Aspirin is commonly used in emergency situations to treat suspected heart attacks (myocardial infarctions). It helps prevent blood clot formation and reduces the risk of further cardiac damage.…

  • KÜHL’s Renegade Pant (the perfect paddling pants) and Fall Collection

    KÜHL’s Renegade Pant (the perfect paddling pants) and Fall Collection

    Earlier this fall, KÜHL sent over a few of pieces from their fall collection. That included the Renegade Pant, Interceptr Vest and the Invigoratr Merino 1/4 Zip shirt. Together they create a warm and cozy fall outfit that functions well during the shoulder paddling seasons. It also looks great. When wearing them, I feel like…

  • November 2023

    November 2023



    Hoppsan. Ännu en månad drog förbi. Inga större utsvävningar, stordåd eller längre utflykter men lite annat. Filmen avtryck. Vi var inne och kikade på filmen Avtryck i Helsingborg. Mycket bra och hoppingivande. Filmen är ett samarbete mellan Omställningsnätverket och Mattias Olsson på Campfire Stories. Filmen ska släppas fri för streaming under december. Blev även en…

  • EMS Neurological Emergencies – Different Strokes

    EMS Neurological Emergencies – Different Strokes

    EMS providers play a crucial role in recognizing and assessing stroke patients. Here’s what they need to know about ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, as well as transient ischemic attacks (TIAs): 1. Ischemic Stroke: It occurs when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain, leading to reduced blood flow and oxygen supply. EMS…

  • En plats på jorden

    En plats på jorden



    Av Markus Torgeby & Frida Torgeby Om att bygga en stuga och skapa ett liv Om du har läst Löparens hjärta och/eller sett dokumentärerna (Löparen & Löparens väg på svt) så känner du till Markus Torgeby. Mannen som under 4 år bodde i en kåta i skogen, åt havregrynsgröt och sprang. För något år sedan…

  • Du paradis de Lausfer à l’enfer

    Du paradis de Lausfer à l’enfer

    Les frontières des Alpes méridionales ont la particularité, outre leur haute altitude, d’être parcourues d’ouvrages de liaison entre différentes bâtisses qui assuraient leur défense durant la deuxième guerre. Le col de la Lombarde et la crête de la Lausetta à près de 2400m font partie de ces passages clé.

  • EMS Mnemonics – BE FAST

    EMS Mnemonics – BE FAST

    EMS providers should be familiar with the BE FAST mnemonic as it relates to stroke recognition and assessment. BE FAST helps us identify common stroke symptoms and prompt appropriate action. Here’s what EMS providers need to know: B – Balance: Check if the person has a sudden loss of balance or coordination. Watch for stumbling,…

  • Why We Can’t Have Nice Things; Number 153

    Why We Can’t Have Nice Things; Number 153

    I was musing a few days ago about how the whole concept of having a climate conference in Dubai was a lame idea, with questionable goals and what the media would call, “bad optics.” Now it comes out that the former oil exec, Sultan al Jabar, who was somehow seen as the best choice to…

  • Skogsmonitor


    Skogsmonitor är en nyligen lanserad karttjänst där det går att söka fram fina värdefulla skogsmiljöer. Perfekt tjänst för att se var det finns äldre skog, var det nyligen avverkats, var det ska avverkas framöver osv. Smidigt sätt att hitta sevärda skogsmiljöer. Bra att det går att se avverkningar och annat så man inte jagar skog…

  • EMS Discussion – Speaking of Death

    EMS Discussion – Speaking of Death

    Thanatology is the study of death, dying, and bereavement. While it may not be a primary focus for EMS providers, having a basic understanding of thanatology can be valuable in their line of work. Here are a few key points for EMS providers to know: 1. Cultural Sensitivity: Different cultures have diverse beliefs and practices…

  • Paddle Pocket and Tether Tabs by RedLeaf Designs

    Paddle Pocket and Tether Tabs by RedLeaf Designs

    Having been in the paddlesports industry for over 26 years, I’ve become jaded by new products. There isn’t often something that I see where I say immediately, “I need one of those.” Well, wipe that jade off of my eyes, because I have serious GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) when it comes to RedLeaf Design’s new…

  • Bikepacking Madrid-Cádiz, una experiencia gravel.

    Bikepacking Madrid-Cádiz, una experiencia gravel.

    Ruta de cuatro jornadas, partiendo del Km 0 en la Puerta del Sol de Madrid, para llegar a Cádiz, por pistas senderos y carreteras secundarias.  Desde aquí, quiero agradecer al proyecto KM 0  su trabajo de confección de la ruta Madrid-Tarifa, que seguimos hasta Osuna (Sevilla), desde donde nos desviamos para Cádiz, porque queríamos acabar directamente…

  • A Timely Reminder

    A Timely Reminder

    Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow, November 28, 2023. It’s the time of year when the fundraising happens, and this is a donation request. Almost all of the work that the Ikkatsu Project does is funded by individual donations: some large, some small, every one deeply appreciated. If you have made your contribution already, the gratitude runs…

  • En runde rundt Reinsnesøya

    En runde rundt Reinsnesøya

      Minusgrader, men ikke så mange som fryktet. Jeg drøyde litt, men så dro jeg av gårde til slutt, for å padle en liten tur rundt Reinsnesøya. Hovedårsaken ser vi her – det var stedet jeg kom på som jeg ville få sett litt farger, samtidig som det var kort å kjøre til. Pearly har…

  • EMS Operations – Landing Zones

    EMS Operations – Landing Zones

    EMS providers play a crucial role in facilitating helicopter operations and setting up landing zones for patient transport. Here are key points they need to know: Landing Zone Criteria: – The landing zone should be a minimum of 100’x100′, suitable for both day and night operations. – Ensure the site is free of obstacles, hazards,…

  • Data, Data, Data

    Data, Data, Data

    The deposition study is a part of every South Kuiu Cleanup. The results for the first six years are in and have been compiled in a summary report that is complete and posted on the web site. If you like numbers…

  • Improve Bear Bagging with This Cord Winder

    Improve Bear Bagging with This Cord Winder

    For years I’ve been stuffing my bear bag rope into a stuff sack or throw bag for storage or winding it around my hand and then placing it in in the bag for storage. At the next campsite, it inevitably becomes tangled as I take it out. I’ve discovered a product that prevents the tangly…