Monday, 24 February

Hongværan, Flæsa og Finnøya Padlemia Monday, 24 February, at 10:00

En søndag for et par uker siden ble det padling i Bø. Det var østlig vind, litt ubrukelig vindretning. Jeg fant ut ta det var en fin dag å ta turen til Bø, og padle i området jeg har vokst opp i fjæra. Der går det nemlig an å padle uansett vind.

Blikkstille her ved Riskjosen bekreftet min teori om vindretning.


Cykla Mountainbike Monday, 24 February, at 08:50

Allt du behöver veta som nybörjare – från köpråd och enklare reparationer till tekniken som gör dig snabb och trygg i skogen Cykla mountainbike är en av det randiga förlaget Calazos senaste böcker. Jag gillar den mycket. Det är inte helt ovanligt att instruktions/nybörjarböcker skrivs av prylsnobbar och det blir inte alltid så bra. Många ... Läs mer...

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Logrolling Contest at Sheepshead Bay Frogma Monday, 24 February, at 03:10

Went out to Sheepshead Bay to enjoy the sun and check out the winter ducks that hang out there this time of year. I wish I'd taken my little Optio that does video because the action going on on this floating piling was pretty entertaining!

For gulls and mallards, the piling wasn't a bad perch, as you can see in the first picture. But when the Canada geese started trying to jump up there, things got a little unstable. One goose could get away with it, but then when another goose would try their luck, the piling would start to roll. If the 2 geese (and whatever smaller birds were on there) managed to stabilize it, that would last until a 3rd goose tried to board. I think 4 geese was the most that managed to be on there at the same time.

I wish I'd gotten video but here are action shots from a few minutes of watching - click for a slideshow view. I was really wondering if this was a gam...

Sun 23/02-2020 Day 484 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 24 February, at 01:20

Pos: 27.9212,-112.7631
Loc: before Punta San Carlos
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 20,5 km
Start: 08:05 End: 13:20

It was Sunday this morning, chilly and windy, and we both thought after the bit of paddling effort yesterday, we would deserve a bit later start when the sunlight is out already. Thought and said, I grabbed my book for an early morning read.

When we finally were on the water, we decided to paddle into a very wide shallow bay instead of crossing it. There was another fish shed in the first corner, and in the last corner, we found a floating boat, and a lonely guy snorkeling. Elizabeth waved at him and asked in a clever mode when he startled a bit when he saw we were women:”Pulpo?” “Are you diving for octopus?” as we had learned from yesterday’s encounter. The guy nodded, but also went back to business. His fish camp was a bit hidden, and had a truck sitting besides it. Dirt road access also here, and likely the guy went on a weekend hide to top up his income or his own menu. I still can’t imagine to eat octopus…

Around the next corner, another boat with three men were just landing at two other fish sheds. They were preparing to tow the boat up the beach with their truck, greeted us and kept on working. We didn’t see any catch inside this boat. But obviously, there was a dirt road track going along the coast....

Sunday, 23 February

Winter paddler finds a bird storm on Tomales Bay NORCAL YAK Sunday, 23 February, at 16:56

Waterfowl fill the sky over Tomales Bay (click on photos to enlarge) A billowing black cloud of feathers rose above as I paddled on an ebb tide.... Tomales Bay one recent morning. Hundreds...

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There's no otter place quite like Elkhorn Slough NORCAL YAK Sunday, 23 February, at 16:55

A relaxed resident of Elkhorn Slough studies passersby (Click on photos to enlarge)  This might be my No. 1 choice for a paddling trip…. …during the “Other Season,” and it’s easy to make that case...

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Sat 22/02-2020 Day 483 Freya Hoffmeister Sunday, 23 February, at 02:43

Pos: 27.7846,-112.7149
Loc: white sandy beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,2 km
Start: 07:50 End: 15:50

It is noticeable that the difference between high and low water here further up north becomes larger. It has been about 70 cm when we started, and it is supposed to become u to 2 m soon. But – the so called “tide” is still high in the morning and low in the evening, since La Ventana. It must be some special form of diurnal tides which seem not to switch around during the day’s hours. Strange. Tonight’s wash up the rocky beach was at least quite noisy – and quite close. But nothing to worry about.

Today’s wildlife were four lonely sea lions, four shy turtles, no dolphins, and a bunch of osprey nests with the latest fashion of woven in plastic strands. Some day ago, we had a nest with a plastic rope tied still to a bottle float hanging and banging down the osprey nest. They plastic trash seems to be popular interior and exterior nest design. Two curious coyotes strolled along the beach, the first ones we saw on this section! And the first mammals on the beach at all besides a dog and a herd of goats the other days.

We were wondering about yesterday’s many fishing boats passing from north along our beach, today we found the active fishing camp, but bare of people who likely went all home for the weekend – or suc...

NOLS Baja sailing Paddling Otaku Sunday, 23 February, at 01:08

Do you want to know what a NOLS baja sailing course is like? Here is video number one! one or two more coming in about a week.

Saturday, 22 February

Fri 21/02-2020 Day 481 Freya Hoffmeister Saturday, 22 February, at 03:17

Pos: 27.5905,-112.4352
Loc: old fish camp beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 38,6 km
Start: 07:05 End: 15:35

ELizabeth was out for dinner yesterday with our hosts and came back late – accordingly she was a it tired when I woke her this morning 🙂
We had to do some tricky loading on the docks, and before the many and heavy water bags came into the kayaks, we lifted the boats into the water. Finally, we waved our hosts Walt and Linda plus two other sailors good bye, and off we were.

The way along the shoreline of Santa Rosalia was not really eye candy, we saw lots of old industrial mining constructions but also an active mining area where they were just loading a huge ship with some white sandy looking powder – gypsum? The whole ship was more or less disappeared in a huge dust cloud, and we kept our distance.

But soon, we hit the pure nature coast again around some old volcano. So many new rock formations and different quality rocks! When we turned around a corner, a wide open cave entrance with a huge hole in the roof opened up, an amazing sight of itself. But for me, I was more interested in the smaller dark hole in the backside Elizabeth instantly said that would be nothing for her claustrophobic feeling, she’ll stay...

Friday, 21 February

Høsttur med klubben, til Skogsøya Padlemia Friday, 21 February, at 21:37

Første helgen i november hadde vi satt opp høsttur med klubben. Det skulle være overnattingstur til Skavlnes skole på Skogsøya (de samarbeider med turlaget, så den funker som DNT-hytte bare at inntektene går til eieren - leirstedet), men det var flere ting som ikke gikk helt etter planen. Først slo jo været om til vinter, så det ble vinterpadling istedenfor høstpadling. Nuvel. Så viste det seg kort tid før vi skulle dra, at skolen var vinterstengt! Det lå ikke ute noe sted. Krise! Men siden jeg fikk greie på det var det også mulig å få det fikset, heldigvis.

Florida Day 3 Continued: Myakka River Tram Ride Frogma Friday, 21 February, at 20:48

My sister on the tram

After the chilly boat ride on Lake Myakka, my sister and TQ and I met up with my folks and Belle the dog. The three of us had reservations for the 2:30 tram ride (no dogs allowed on either the boat or the tram, so my folks weren't participating in those), but after a quick discussion we decided to change to the 12:30 tour, so we wouldn't have to keep a close eye on the time over lunch and birdwatching. One definite bonus to visiting the Myakka River State Park on such a chilly day - it may h...

Thu 20/02-2020 Day 481 Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 21 February, at 03:50

Pos: 27.3368,-112.2633
Loc: Santa Rosalia
Acc: SV Pellucidar

no paddling today

I slept so well on the top of the yacht, just covered with some tarp and plenty of fresh air. Our kayaks were just on the dock besides me. The bench was a bit narrow, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the choice of the bow bunk with few ventilation. Elizabeth stayed in the large bow with at least a small roof opening. I had earplugs in, but I would have liked some constant banging noise all night rather be gone.

After some tries with the nearby but weak wifi from the gas station, I finally moved to the marina office where I was welcomed to use the relative fast internet and could do my office work and could upload all pictures. Job done. Shopping at the supermarket was next, packing food straight on the dock besides the yacht was next. Business in a city as usual.

While I was working, ELizabeth preferred to have breakfast somewhere in town and went for some sightseeing. Santa Rosalia is an old mining town with a lot of industrial leftovers from its high time. No really pretty to look at, but probably quite interesting to explore.

We’ll leave tomorrow morning, and our hosts will also leave the harbor to cross the Gulf of California to find a place where they can leave their yacht for a short trip home. Thanks again to Linda and Walt for hosting us!

Thursday, 20 February

Wed 19/02-2020 Day 480 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 20 February, at 04:55

Pos: 27.3368,-112.2633

Loc: Santa Rosalia
Acc: SV Pellucidar
Dist: 50,3 km
Start: 07:40 End: 17:40
It was another low wind day, which makes me usually rather falling asleep on paddling then digging in deep. But we did some miles today, and a stop before Santa Rosalia was neither really possible in a decent distance nor really wanted when we noticed we make good progress.

Winter Stand Up Paddling on Horsetooth Reservoir paddling with a camera Thursday, 20 February, at 00:34

I love paddling on the Horsetooth Reservoir in cold season. Boat ramps are closed, no power boat traffic, usually quiet and calm. Snow and ice can enhance scenery. A great time to paddle, train, relax or photograph. The Horsetooth stays […]

Wednesday, 19 February

How I packed for NOLS Baja Paddling Otaku Wednesday, 19 February, at 21:52

Got a big long NOLS gear list and you aren't sure how to proceed? Check out this video as I work through the process of pulling gear for my NOLS Baja course and then packing it all up to fly to Mexico.

Presidents' Day Paddle 2020 - With Seals! Frogma Wednesday, 19 February, at 16:47

I couldn't have asked for a better kickoff for my local 2020 paddling year! I do have a little more Florida to share, including my 2nd and 3rd paddles of the year (no pix from the 3rd but it was very similar to the 2nd), but the Presidents' Day Paddle I called for was so spectacular, I have to share a few pix now.

Took a while to get to this first paddle out of Sebago - 2020 had so far been teasing us year-round paddlers with lovely paddling weather on work days and weekends of high winds and/or heavy rain. I have been heading for work wanting to play hooky so many times this year, but we finally had a day off coinciding with wonderful weather. Hooray!

Forecast was for temperatures in the mid to high 40's, and winds...well, as shown above. Sweet, huh? I put out the suggestion to gathe...

Rundvandringar i skåne Wednesday, 19 February, at 09:36

Rundvandringar i skåne är en serie böcker av Karin Hoffman. Det fina med rundvandringar är att det är lätt när du startar och avslutar på samma plats. Inom strövområden, naturreservat och liknande naturområden finns det oftast iordningställda rundleder som är väl markerade. Karins rundvandringar följer ibland och delvis redan iordningsställda leder men här finns så ... Läs mer...

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Tue 18/02-2020 Day 479 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 19 February, at 01:29

Pos: 27.0814,-111.9514
Loc: Mesa Atravesada
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 33,0 km
Start: 07:30 End: 14:35

Last night, I had to find my wire cutter tool in my repair kit to cut Elizabeth’s golden ring off her finger. The ring finger was very swollen from just a small wound, and the small golden ring didn’t make things better. So off it went with my bity tool, and Elizabeth is free again! No, it was not her wedding ring :-).

The small beetle invasion in all our gear yesterday evening came somehow from this beach, we plugged them out and off one after the other, but still found in the morning a few here and there, one in my sleeping bag…yuck! But the beetles were of the friendly style, and didn’t bite or smell once squeezed to much. Still not really attractive…

Attractive was our red morning sky plus a fancy rainbow just on the other side of our beach. We were launching a bit later due to cell reception and the office work coming with it, but it was an amazing nature spectacle!

Plenty pelicans littered the small rocky spits, some of the now usual dolphins played offshore, some looms were making their special sounds offshore and huge flocks of tiny birds were gathering in dark spots of floating bodies, and tricked us making the sound of a whale spout on hundreds of them diving all together. Some social feeling lonely large dog kept us...

Tuesday, 18 February

Mon 17/02-2020 Day 478 Freya Hoffmeister Tuesday, 18 February, at 03:29

Pos: 26.8749,-111.9147

Loc: Arroyo Hondo
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 47,8 km
Start: 06:35 End: 16:00
A perfect weather forecast for today! We were just thinking that we were amazed we didn’t run into more kayaking groups than Ginni’s – and there came a huge flotilla just around the corner launching as...

Historic Paddle Art - View of Point Levy from Quebec - 1832 Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Tuesday, 18 February, at 01:46

Here's another historic piece of Art by Canadian artist, Robert Auchmuty Sproule (1799 - 1845). Sproule apparently came to Lower Canada in 1826 and settled in Montreal. An accomplished water-colourist, he began painting scenes of his his new home. Over the years he began a fruitful relationship with publisher Adolphus Bourne and many of his works were featured in guidebooks. In 1832, Sproule travelled downstream to do similar vista paintings of Quebec City. The image below is taken from the traditional native encampment across the river at Point Levy, a popular spot for many 19th painters (click here to see some of the alternate views).

 View of Quebec from Point Levi-1832 

Monday, 17 February

Scottish Rock Volume 2 (North) – 3rd Edition Pesda News Monday, 17 February, at 13:14

The new edition of of Scottish Rock Volume 2 (North) will be published on 1 April 2020. Many minor and less popular crags have been replaced, freeing up space to include over 300 new routes, 40 new topos and more than 50 additional action photos. For more details visit the Web page. Order your copy now.
Scottish Rock Volume 2 (North)

Sea Kayaking Camping Trip Woman on Water Monday, 17 February, at 13:00

My favorite way to getaway is on a kayak camping trip.  Whether on the river or the sea, I enjoy loading up my kayak and disconnecting from the world for a few days (as many as possible).

whitewater kayak self support
Loading up my whitewater kayak on a self support kayak trip on the Eel River.
A kayak is a great vehicle to carry all the necessities into the wilderness.  And you can often carry a few non essential items.  My favorite non essential items are my ukulele and a book (or kindle which offers me many books).
... Monday, 17 February, at 08:46

Christian Dietz på och har dragit igång God tanke att samla många paddelevenemang på samma ställe. Än så länge mest tävling och träningsinriktat men det verkar som om Christian är öppen och har planer på ett bredare anslag som kan passa oss toppluvepaddlare / utflyktspaddlare bra med. Bra initiativ och bra fixat! ... Läs mer...

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Sun 16/02-2020 Day 477 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 17 February, at 01:28

Pos: 26.6969,-111.5664

Loc: behind Santa Teresa Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 8,6 km
Start: 06:35 End: 08:20
We gave it today at least a try, as on other days when the forecast said up to 20 knots, we could at least paddle half a day. But today, things were not really pleasant quite early. I was hoping to reach at least one of t...

Sunday, 16 February

Il sorriso del mare: il secondo symposium femminile di kayak da mare! Tatiyak Sunday, 16 February, at 22:29

Secondo symposium femminile italiano di kayak
Marina d'Aequa, Vico Equense (NA) - Italia
venerdì 1 maggio - lunedì 4 maggio 2020

Il secondo evento di kayak da mare interamente dedicato alle donne: quattro giornate di incontri, confronti e scambi di esperienze tra donne in kayak, con ...

CURSO DE INICIACIÓN - 15 y 16 de mayo Manolo Pastoriza Sunday, 16 February, at 19:19

Este curso está indicado para personas que hayan tenido contacto con el kayak de mar o hayan tenido contacto con algún otro tipo de embarcación como autovaciables, etc…
El objetivo del curso es que puedas alcanzar una base sólida para empezar a palear en el kayak de mar y que puedas conocer e identificar el material necesario y como realizar su estiva, mantenimiento y transporte para la práctica del kayak de mar, además del aprendizaje de las técnicas que te permitirán llevar un rumbo, mantener el equilibrio y las técnicas básicas para la navegación segura en aguas protegidas.

Treecreeper on a tree Mountain and Sea Scotland Sunday, 16 February, at 18:52

I've been lucky enough to have enjoyed some really great wildlife encounters in Scotland, some of which have featured here on the blog.  Multiple White Tailed Eagles, incredible dolphin encounters and huge numbers of Grey Seals  all fall into the "spectacular" category.  But, fascinating wildlife encounters are also to be had on a much smaller scale.

On a regular walk near the village of Monymusk we'd noticed that a number of small depressions in the bark of several Sequoia or Wellingtonia trees Sequoiadendron giganteum) at about two to three metres height.  Having recently read Sir John Lister Kaye's "Gods of the Morning" I suspected that I knew what had made these depressions, but to be sure we had to return after dark.


Wild swimming – bada för livet Sunday, 16 February, at 14:10

Wild swimming bjuder på både bra budskap och fina bilder. Boken beskriver hur underbart det är att bada ute i det fria, både i hav, insjö och i floder & åar. Wild swimming tar även upp hälsofördelarna med utebad, både de fysiska och psykiska. Finns tydligen en hel del som talar för att det är ... Läs mer...

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Sat 15/02-2020 Day 476 Freya Hoffmeister Sunday, 16 February, at 01:03

Pos: 26.6307,-111.5671

Loc: Bahia San Nicolas
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 36,4 km
Start: 06:35 End: 14:05
We launched early as usual with first light, aiming for Punta Pulpito. Four yachts sought shelter in the bay before a majestic huge rock, which looked in bright sunlight pretty impressive. We found a smaller arch with some a...

Saturday, 15 February

Klart att lacka Björn Thomasson Design Saturday, 15 February, at 22:43

Jack 14 Björn Andersson

Jag har sett ett antal rum för målning och lackning av kajaker, man knappast något så vackert som det här! Med tegelgolvet och de röda spröjsade glaspartierna får jag associationer till traditionella japanska tehus.

Det är Björn Andersson i Höör som lackar sin nybyggda Jack 14 i uterummet på gaveln av en lada för att slippa dammet i snickarverkstaden (bra idé för den som råkar ha ett japanskt tehus till hands ;-) 

Kajakens hemmavatten kommer att vara Blekinge skärgård.


A ramble on rolling! Frogma Saturday, 15 February, at 04:18

Rolling with joy, summer 2010, photo by Joan Byron


Posted this yesterday on Facebook - figured I'd share here too as it ended up being more of an essay than planned, plus I can add some links here. I'd meant to talk about having a good time at a pool session and somehow that morphed into telling my entire personal history of rolling!

So, back in one of those crazy times at work but quite buoyed by thinking back on the rolling session to which I treated myself on Sunday. B...

Fri 14/02-2020 Day 475 Freya Hoffmeister Saturday, 15 February, at 01:46

Pos: 26.4140,-111.4692

Loc: Bahia San Basilio
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 28,9 km
Start: 06:35 End: 12:45
No more car visitors that afternoon, but a freezing cold night after the sunny warm sheltered corner yesterday!

Friday, 14 February

Riktigt go februarifredag Friday, 14 February, at 19:47

Vi tycker inte vi är supervädergnälliga men denna hösten/vintern har vädret faktiskt känns lite surt i skåneland. Det verkar dock inte vara unikt för bara skåne. Idag vaknade vi dock till minusgrader och sol. Jag packade skidorna för några svängar på Vallåsen. Tog även med handduk och ett sittunderlag för eventuellt badsug. När jag passerade ... Läs mer...

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Smart flytväst? Friday, 14 February, at 18:59

Vad tror ni om detta?

Facebook Friday, 14 February, at 18:55

Finns en del roliga funktioner på FB

Thu 13/02-2020 Day 474 Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 14 February, at 00:01

Pos: 26.2159,-111.3782

Loc: San Bruno Creek
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 25,7 km
Start: 06:35 End: 11:30
We knew it would be strong headwinds starting again at some point – in the afternoon, or at 9.30 am like yesterday? The night and dawn were dead calm, and we got up at 5 am to be n the water with first light. Some more carrying to...

Thursday, 13 February

Shaw & Tenney Northwoods Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Thursday, 13 February, at 15:33

A bit of an late update regarding the famed Northwoods style paddles carved by Maine Guide Alexandra Conover-Bennett. Alexandra has retired from paddle making and now Shaw & Tenney Paddle Co will continue the tradition of hand crafted Northwoods design to their line of commercial paddles. More info and photos can be seen in their blog post linked below:

Januari 2020 Thursday, 13 February, at 12:25

Januari 2020 smet förbi i en himla hast. Vi kom igång med badåret den första januari så det kändes som en helt okej start, sen avtog dock badandet 🙂 Vi plaskade en runda på Skälderviken, i övrigt inget paddlat. Fick dock till årets första utenatt och det var supergött, ska försöka komma igång med utesovandet ... Läs mer...

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Wed 12/02-2020 Day 473 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 13 February, at 04:30

Pos: 26.0066,-111.3383

Loc: Loreto
Acc: Hotel Oasis
No paddling today
It got amazingly windy already around 9.30 am around 20 knots from the north. This gave us thank goodness a good feeling to stay in and to do city chores.

Wednesday, 12 February

Anglesey: periplo e tidal races! Tatiyak Wednesday, 12 February, at 21:51

Tatiyak organizza una settimana ad Anglesey!
Dopo essersi andata per 8 anni di seguito e dopo averci vissuto per 3 mesi da febbraio ad aprile 2015, il desiderio di tornare nella Mecca del Kayak da Mare è tale da non riuscire più a resistere!
Così è nata l'idea di organizzare insieme il periplo dell'isola ed un corso sulle tidal races!
La settimana prescelta è quella da sabato 16 a domenica 24 maggio 2020, giornate dedicate al viaggio di andata e di ritorno!

Domenica 17 maggio - Mercoledì 20 maggio 2020:
Periplo guidato dell'isola di Anglesey in campeggio nautico (4 giorni e 3 notti)
Costo: 315€ a persona, compresa guida e noleggio kayak

Giovedì 21 maggio - Sabato 23 maggio 2020:
tre giorni di corso sulle tidal races con Stephen Miles di Anglesey Adevntures
Costo: 285€ a persona, compreso corso e noleggio kayak

Totale per la settimana: 600€ a persona
Dal costo è escluso il volo di andata e ritorno, il trasferimento dall'aeroporto ad Anglesey e viceversa, il vitto e l'alloggio presso l'accogliente Anglese...

Tue 11/02-2020 Day 472 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 12 February, at 03:05

Pos: 26.0066,-111.3383

Loc: Loreto
Acc: Hotel Oasis
Dist: 26,1 km
Start: 07:45 End: 12:30
I had at least a good night’s rest on this small gravel beach, no coyotes howling, no wind trying to rip the tent, no other noises – earplugs! I do not always dare to exclude potential danger noises sleeping out on a beach, but sometimes it is ok...

Tuesday, 11 February

Make the Call The Ikkatsu Project Tuesday, 11 February, at 18:55

There are a couple plastic-related bills slouching through the halls of government in Olympia today. The “Styrofoam” bill, SB 6213, is getting a hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee today and then tomorrow it’s expected to continue forward. HB 2656, dealing with food service products, is in the House Appropriations Committee today.

Picking up the phone and calling the offices of the members of these committees (just click the l...

Leker med färg och bränt trä. Tuesday, 11 February, at 13:42

Provar att bränna och färga paddlar för att se vad som fungerar! Dagens nyans är svart och blå.


Mon 10/02-2020 Day 471 Freya Hoffmeister Tuesday, 11 February, at 02:01

Pos: 25.8115,-111.2939

Loc: north of Puerto Escondido
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 36,0 km
Start: 08:30 End: 16:00
I forgot to mention our one and only “real” cave exploring yesterday! I named the long 30 m tunnel “crab cave”, as colorful crabs were all over the walls. Nothing for someone with a spider-phobia or such…they were also c...

Monday, 10 February

Bear Goes Kayaking Monday, 10 February, at 19:19

model of Siskiwit SOF

Mike Magee sent me this picture of the model kayak that he built using the Siskiwit SOF drawings. He scaled down the drawings and built a kayak for his teddy bear. We think that President Teddy Roosevelt would be proud. Mike’s next step is to build a full-sized version of the kayak.

While PaddlingLight only provides drawings and not building instructions, there are a couple of books out there for those that wish to try that....

Kayak Lessons: Beginner Rules and Developing Judgment Paddle California Monday, 10 February, at 15:40

My daughter is now three years old and even though I try to let her learn about the world through experience and exploration I also give her some hard and fast rules: never touch the stove; don't play in the street; always tell the truth. When I taught people how to kayak I did the same: never kayak alone; always wear your lifevest; don't paddle beyond your abilities. But here's the thing, I don't follow those rules. None of the good kayakers I know follow them. Are we all a bunch of big hypocrites or are kayakers really just a bunch of three-year-olds?

The truth is: rules exist to take the place of judgment. Beginners (and toddlers) lack both the knowledge and experience to have good judgment so they need something to use instead to keep them safe until they have developed the judgment to make good decisions. Simple rules serve that purpose. But as you grow and develop in the real world you find out life is seldom simpl...

Van Life 2019 SophiaOutdoor Monday, 10 February, at 12:28

Après sept années de bonheur passées sur les plus beaux spots de France, de Corse, de Suisse, de Sardaigne et d'Italie, et les routes qui les relient, nous allons bientôt nous séparer à regret de notre Marco Polo ! En attendant, retour sur les plus belles images de l'année passée.

L’article Van Life 2019 est apparu en premier sur SophiaOutdoor.

SEMANA SANTA 2020 Manolo Pastoriza Monday, 10 February, at 10:37

Esta Semana Santa hemos optado por incorporar en el programa un curso intensivo de formación de 4 día, este curso está orientado para mejorar las técnicas prácticas de seguridad  y de navegación.

9 de abril
Técnica de pa...

Sun 09/02-2020 Day 470 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 10 February, at 02:51

Pos: 25.6040,-111.1855
Loc: north of Agua Verde
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 39,8 km
Start: 07:25 End: 15:30

I was just in the deepest sleep and recovery phase of this night, when some nasty coyote started to howl through the bright full moon night. Sure I was vertical in my tent, and tried to catch at least some view of the beasts dancing on the beach in the moonlight, but the cowards decided to rather howl at us hidden in the dunes. I couldn’t get back to sleep and was reading for an hour. Well, that’s camping in the wilderness…

On paddling, I heard a whale to the left behind us, and again, but neither of us could see more than a weak spout but hear the breathing. No show of some back or fins. Strange species. maybe he was too old to show off. Some sit on top kayak, and later two halfway decent paddlers came across our path, but we just had music on for the first time, and kept on pushing downwind without stopping. Elizabeth found it funny to paddle with music, and I enjoyed my dancing with the waves criss cross upfront her not to make too much headway in reltion to my paddling partner. But she also got inspired, and we speeded along with 7-8 km/h. Nice! Some small surf, and moderate following wind. We deserved that!

The scenery was mixed today upfront stunning mountains with some houses and car campers, a big cruise ship ad the same yacht from ye...

Sat 08/02-2020 Day 469 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 10 February, at 02:28

Pos: 25.3718,-110.9911
Loc: gravel beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 40,2km
Start: 08:00 End: 16:40

We gave it an easy start this morning, as no strong wind was threatening today. So nice to get up not in darkness! It was simply just a lovely paddling day along amazing cliffs and beaches. Nothing really particular to notice, besides we expected any time to run into one guided group of Ginni Callahan’s Sea Kayaking Baja Mexico. Finally we spotted them on a beach inside a larger bay which we were just about to decide to cut across and to miss them in this way…

Ginni herself was guiding, and a young Mexican fellow named Janno. Nine clients, mostly retired US pople, in proper sea kayaks enjoyed her trip from Loreto down the coast. Elizabeth herself has been participating in some of Ginni’s trips years ago and knows her well. I thought I had never met Ginni, but she corrected me we have crossed paths once years ago, likely in Anglesey when I was a bloody beginner. My brain is getting old, sorry…

We took plenty of pictures in all kind of formations, and Ginni enjoyed a short spin in Elizabeth kayak besides me. At least we can say we had paddled a few meters together on this trip! 🙂 So sorry my paddling time is also her hi...

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