Friday, 27 November

British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak Award. Course dates Jersey Kayak Adventures Friday, 27 November, at 16:44

The Coastal Sea Kayak award is suitable for any paddler who wants to improve their decision making and paddling skills while having an enjoyable and safe time at sea. The award demonstrates you can plan and undertake journeys on the sea in a sea kayak or specific sit on tops in moderate water conditions. Dates […]

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British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Training. 2021 Dates Jersey Kayak Adventures Friday, 27 November, at 16:03

Sea Kayak Leader training courses in 2021 are now listed. The British Canoeing (B.C) Sea Kayak Leader award changes in January 2021. Candidates no longer need to attend a sea kayak leader training before going to the assessment. However, the new sea kayak leader assessment now requires candidates to demonstrate leadership and organisation skills and […]

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British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Assessment. 2021 Dates Jersey Kayak Adventures Friday, 27 November, at 15:31

Our Sea Kayak Leader assessment course dates for 2021 are now listed. The British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader award will change in January 2021. All our assessments and Sea Kayak Leader training courses will take place with the new syllabus. Dates of our Sea Kayak Leader assessments are here. Most of our Sea Kayak Leader […]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2020! Frogma Friday, 27 November, at 01:29

Happy Thanksgiving 2020! Ticked-Off Turkey is still as ticked-off as he was when I made him 10 years ago, but I'm actually very grateful for a lot of things right now, even here at the end of one of the strangest years I've ever seen. Best to all from Brooklyn, NY.

Thursday, 26 November

Kayak de mer à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Merci pour le kayak ! Thursday, 26 November, at 23:10

Un territoire français méconnu Seul territoire français en Amérique du Nord, situé à l’embouchure du golfe du Saint-Laurent et à 20 kms au sud de l’île de Terre-Neuve (Province canadienne de Terre-Neuve et Labrador, TNL). L’archipel Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon comprend trois îles principales : Saint-Pierre, Langlade et Miquelon. Sur une surface totale de 240 kms², elles comptent environ […]

Pair of Side Chip Carved Penobscot Paddles Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Thursday, 26 November, at 01:55

A gorgeous pair of Penobscot Paddles is up for sale on Dated to the 2nd half of the 19th Century, the paddles were varnished at one point in their lifetime and are now feature a heavily crackled surface. The seller cannot identify the wood species as it has darkened considerably due to age.

Length: 69 inches
Blade width: 6 inches
Date: Second half of the 19th century

Wednesday, 25 November

Changes to the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Award Jersey Kayak Adventures Wednesday, 25 November, at 19:09

From January 2021 our Sea kayak Leader (SKL) courses change to reflect the new British Canoeing SKL syllabus. The fundamental changes are: The Sea kayak leader award now gives paddlers two options: Sea Kayak Leader (Tidal waters) Successful candidates will be able to lead groups in moderate waters. This is defined as; Moderate sea. This […]

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Gavnø rundt Pouls kajakblog Wednesday, 25 November, at 17:57

Den sidste onsdag i august roede jeg af sted sammen Jens og Jørgen. Vi satte kursen mod Karrebæsminde, men da vi mødte Jan ved Lindholm blev vi enige at ro en tur rundt om Gavnø.

Det fortrød vi ikke. Trods lidt modvind kunne vi nyde det flotte lys over fjorden. Senere brød solen igennem, og vi fik rygvind. Så var det sgu svært at være utilfreds!

Det blev til 17 km

Buy Jersey Kayak Adventures gift vouchers online at a 30% discount this Christmas Jersey Kayak Adventures Wednesday, 25 November, at 17:19

Buy a gift voucher online and use the exclusive 30% off code; Christmas_Special when you reach the checkout page. Buy your gift voucher online. Gift vouchers can be used on all our kayak tours, courses and seabed walks. Kayak club paddlers can use these when they book online. You can also give our gift vouchers to friends […]

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Everything’s Different but Nothing is New The Ikkatsu Project Wednesday, 25 November, at 14:46

Our first stories were adventure stories. Told around campfires, retold and embellished a thousand times. The names of the main characters became well known, the journeys themselves became the stuff of legend. We’ve always been hardwired to love an adventure, an evolutionary tic that Hollywood counts on regularly.

But even around those early campfires, woven into those ancient tales of heroes and peril, are found purpose and intent beyond just the entertainment value. Ideals and honor, bravery and the value of persistence, the thrill of the unexpected danger and the triumph of the journey’s end. They tell of the threats that can be found outside the glow of the fire ring, and inside it as well. It was understood, early on, that there are important lessons that mu...

November 19th - Cattle Point (#89) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Wednesday, 25 November, at 07:07

I went for a late morning paddle out to the point and back. Still working on some bird ID, but I can confirm marbled murrelets, long-tailed duck, pelagic cormorant, bufflehead, hooded merganser and horned grebe.

click to enlarge

6 km, YTD 759 km

Tuesday, 24 November

Last Sea Kayak Leader training in 2020! Tatiyak Tuesday, 24 November, at 22:47

Lo scorso fine settimana, il primo con l'aria fredda dell'inverno ma con l'acqua ancora calda a 18°C e con un vento teso da nord-est che puliva cielo e mare, ci siamo ritrovati ai piedi del Monte Circeo per l'ultimo Sea Kayak Leader training del 2020.
E' stato un corso completo per la presenza di allievi-cavia che hanno partecipato alla parte dedicata alla conduzione del gruppo e che hanno anche animato quella relativa alle tecniche personali di pagaiata.

Salvataggi assistiti al tramonto...

Muddbyte på torrdräkt & torrjacka Tuesday, 24 November, at 08:44

De första 16 åren med torrdräkt har vi lämnat bort dräkterna för muddbyte. De har varit på diverse dykfirmor, de har varit på nåt ställe i england osv. Nu tyckte vi dock det var dags att göra det själva. Eller det var nog mest Pia som gjorde, jag beställde prylarna och hejade på. Vi köpte ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Muddbyte på torrdräkt & torrjacka dök först upp på

Sunday, 22 November

Coronavirus... no están los tiempos para palear lejos de casa josebelloseakayaking Sunday, 22 November, at 19:07

Con los tiempos que corren, tenemos restricciones de la movilidad, mayores o menores dependiendo donde vivas, pero seguro que te afectan a la hora de ir al agua.

En toda Andalucía (España), en estos momentos, hay que mantenerse dentro de los límites municipales. Cádiz tiene un término minúsculo, que abarca la ciudad y poco más, por su propia configuración geográfica, ya que es una antigua isla unida a tierra por un tómbolo.  Sin embargo, esto tiene su parte buena, pues hay agua por todos lados...

No es necesario alejarse mucho para sacarle partido al medio.

Roksøya fra Stamnes Padlemia Sunday, 22 November, at 15:24

Bygevær, og en av disse dagene man ikke helt vet om man kommer seg av gårde før man plutselig sitter i bilen og er klar. (En tur i august, noe på etterskudd.) Det var nordlig vindretning og jeg trengte å øve på ting i litt vind og bølger. Det var som bestilt for å ta turen ut mot Stamnes, og kanskje få samlet Roksøy-posten i 10 på skjæret med det samme.

Jeg glemte så klart å sette på Goproen, så her er jeg i land for å ordne det. Eller rettere skrevet, jeg har ordnet det og er i...

Trapper Canoe Restoration: Removing Keels (took the whole day!) Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Sunday, 22 November, at 14:33

 Closer inspection of the 14' Trapper's Canoe revealed a bunch of home-made additions and repairs.

This model of Peterborough Canoe (Mermaid) originally came with a wide shoe keel. When the canoe was fiberglasssed in the 1960s, the shoe keel was removed and the holes in the ribs plugged with dowels and covered with a little bit of resin. You can see them in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th ribs below:

Trapper Canoe Restoration: Removing Fiberglass from the hull Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Sunday, 22 November, at 14:31

Luckily, this canoe's experiment with fibreglass happened in the 1960's when polyester resins were used in the process. This meant that over time the glass would become more brittle and could (in theory) be easily removed by applying heat to soften the structure. Apparently epoxy resins used since the 80s are much more adhesive and stick aggressively to the planking making removal much more labour intensive if not impossible.

Over the course of a few days, I was able to use a 1500W gun and start removing the impregnated cloth. Videos I've seen online often show the glass easily coming off without leaving any resin remnants on the hull. This canoe was not so forgiving. It seems the application by the original owner was quite uneven and large sections of the hull left pockets of green-col...

Byta skaft på en Lendal paddel Sunday, 22 November, at 10:32

Här ser ni tappens längd, är ej smältlim men efter sågning så tar men en tång och tar bit för bit. Är lite svårt att få metalringen att lossna,man kan skära av den om ni inte tänker återanvända den.


Saturday, 21 November

It was so bad it was good? On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Saturday, 21 November, at 00:47

 I have missed paddling.

The last few months something has always gotten in the way. Some times the thing in the way was just inertia to be honest. COVID travel restrictions and anxiety keep me close to home and the only real paddling options are flat, not so clean water. It is hard to get up the energy to pack up the kayak when you know that a good portion of your time will be tied up in getting the gear packed and unpacked and repacked and unpacked and when the most exciting thing you'll see is duck and the most challenging obstacle is going to be a frustrating wind that is blowing at just the wrong angle.

Taking one of the bikes out is an easier option.

This morning I decided I was going to get in the kayak. I packed up the truck, dug out some paddling clothes, and drove over to the local boat launch figuring that this late in the season it would pretty quiet. It was packed. I found one spot that could accommodate the truck and I almost lost it while getting the kayak off the roof. The parking space barely had enough room for me to open the doors; the kayak had to come off before I parked.

While sitting on the back of the truck putting on my water shoes, I felt a nice pain shoot from hip across my lower back. I could walk mostly straight, and bend over if I took my time. I decided that if I could pack up the kayak and get into it, I was OK to paddle on some flat water...

As I settled the kayak into the water, I spotted a sign mentionin...

Friday, 20 November

Jantex paddelskaft Friday, 20 November, at 16:39

Jantex soft en sen födelsedagspresent till mig själv…har några olika äldre paddlar som jag tänkte uppgradera. Frågan är vilken?

Inköpt på:


Thursday, 19 November

Historic Paddle Photo: Maine Guide George Spears standing in bark canoe Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Thursday, 19 November, at 15:44

Found some more historic photos on taken by an amateur photographer, Ervin S. Hubbard sometime between 1893 - 1902. This scene captures two bark canoes and guide, George Spears standing with a paddle. Though undated accompanying text states it was taken on Tomah Stream in Maine

Tomah Stream, Maine, Undated
by Ervin S. Hubbard
Ervin S. Hubbard Glass Plate Negative Collection
Digitizing sponsor George Washington University Libraries

Wednesday, 18 November

Spindrift – Camilla Persson Björn Thomasson Design Wednesday, 18 November, at 22:45

Spindrift – Camilla Persson

"Hej Björn!

Nu har jag byggt klart tror jag. Eller i alla fall för stunden. Kanske uppdaterar jag surfskin med släproder och ny cockpit. Får se.... Men jag har skrivit ihop en text som du gärna får lägg ut på din sida och jag har gjort en film. Här la jag med din logga i slutet, är det ok? Annars ändrar jag. Tack för supporten under bygget!

En film om bygget:

Det är nu närmare två år sedan jag var sjuk och kollade på filmer på youtube. Hamnade på kajakbygge och iden föddes om att bygga en egen surfski. Det som lockade mig mest var att bygga en cockpit som var tillräckligt kort och tillräckligt bred. Generellt är surfskis byggda för långsmala personer. En lättdriven ski med låg vikt och perfekt passform, målen var rätt högt ställda. Helst skulle den vara klar till Dalslands kanotmaraton i augusti.

20 november 2018 började jag förhandla med mina föräldrar om att få lov att bygga i mammas utställningslokal. Där finns nämligen både stora ytor och värme. 20 december var förhandlingarna över till största del till min...

Gavnø - havnen og retur Pouls kajakblog Wednesday, 18 November, at 21:46

I et rigtig møgvejr kørte Jes og jeg til NKC. Vi var enige om at vi trængte til en rotur. Der var lidt modvind i kanalen, og lidt mere på fjorden, men vi kom ti Gavnø, hvor vi i medvinden tilbage nød en "kage" i form af en myslibar.

Tilbage i kanalen var der let medvind helt ind til havnen, hvor Jes aldrig før havde været.

Han havde heller ikke været inde i den fritlagte Suså og under Fønikskrydset. Sidstnævnte rør er så langt så der er helt mørkt på den midterste del.

Inde i Susåen kiggede vi på Stryget og stemmeværket, det begge er med til at sikre vand i åen længere opstrøms.


Movie Night The Ikkatsu Project Wednesday, 18 November, at 16:32

The premiere of “Decision” is happening online next Tuesday, November 24th. Hosting the event is Werner Paddles, along with Klean Kanteen, Surfrider and the Cape Decision Lighthouse Society, and details are all there on the Facebook Event page. (Looking at that last sentence, I am struck with the overall excellence of the company we keep, and grateful for all the support these organizations have provided over the years.)

Sign up. It all happens next Tuesday at 6;15pm, PST. There may be prizes.

New Book Release! Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 18 November, at 13:15

Finally – Book 1 of the series “No. 3 – The North Island” of my First Circumnavigation of North America is available on Amazon!

Paperback and Kindle edition. My new book is available on all amazons worldwide! Just pick the marketplace of your choice for the x-mas present for yourself or for your loved ones!!

Stormkök – Årets julklapp 2020 Wednesday, 18 November, at 08:26

Stormkök har i år blivit utsett till årets julklapp av HUI – Handels UtredningsInstitut. Kul med en friluftspryl som Årets Julklapp för en gångs skull. Stormköket är årets julklapp 2020. Till följd av coronakrisen har utomhustrenden accelererat kraftigt och besöken på vandringsleder och fjälltoppar har slagit nya rekord – trots en mycket begränsad turism från ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Stormkök – Årets julklapp 2020 dök först upp på

Tuesday, 17 November

Solotur til Karlsgab Pouls kajakblog Tuesday, 17 November, at 19:45

Udenfor var det rigtig novembervejr med rusk og drivende skyer, og jeg havde egentlig forskanset mig på sofaen, men jeg måtte ud og ro en lille tur. Da jeg skulle vælge kajak blev det Black Pearl der var den foretrukne. Inden jeg kunne komme af sted måtte jeg lige smide neoprenstøvlerne - 2 x str 47 er der ikke plads til under perlens lave fordæk.

Kanalen lå i læ, så det gik raskt derudad i den hurtige kajak.
Undervejs var der dog tid til at nyde de mange farver. Stolperne der sam...

Sunday, 15 November

Skogsträdgården Sunday, 15 November, at 17:17

Odla ätbart överallt av Philip Weiss & Anneli Sjöberg det här ett riktigt praktverk. 464 sidor i formatet 287x225mm och en vikt på cirka 2 kilo. Boken går igenom det mesta som rör skogsträdgården. Dels tankarna bakom, fördelar, nackdelar men även skötsel och förökning. Dessutom innehåller boken mer än 200 sidor om växterna. Allt från ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Skogsträdgården dök först upp på

Saturday, 14 November

November 14th - Cadboro bay (#88) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Saturday, 14 November, at 21:48

 I went for a quick morning paddle to avoid the predicted winds. Conditions were glassy to begin with but began to get windier by the time I had finished. By the time I went back to the beach later the wind had gone from ~5 kph to ~20 kph. I decided to take my binoculars so that I could check out some of the birds I have been seeing more closely. I got a good look at a horned grebe (I was not sure before whether what I was seeing was horned or eared). I also got a good ID on both marbled and ancient murrelets. You can see on the track where I stopped to ID birds! :) 

Bird list for the morning:

Bufflehead, harlequin duck, horned grebe, hooded merganser, pelagic cormorant, black oystercatcher, surf scoter, pigeon guillemot (watched one come up with a shrimp!), ancient and marbled murrelet, Bonaparte's gull, belted kingfisher


Guvåghytta og Hellfjorden Padlemia Saturday, 14 November, at 20:24

En gang i høst ble det tur til Guvåghytta og Hellfjorden. Jeg fikk nemlig et spørsmål etter bilder derfra, og oppdaget at det var pinlig lenge siden jeg hadde vært der. Så jeg gjorde ganske umiddelbart noe med saken. Jeg trengte også å komme meg ut, og dette er en rimelig safe og grei tur som alltid blir bra. Så det var fint med et puff til å komme seg ut. Lyset var flott bortover fra Guvåg til i første omgang Guvåghytta.

Goprokamera fanget skyene litt mer m...

Lördagsdräll på Skälderviken Saturday, 14 November, at 18:33

Efter en go förmiddag hemomkring med skogspromenad, cykling till vår lokala äggleverantör med avstickare till Västersjön för bad drog vi oss på eftermiddagen in till Ängelholm. Plockade ut kajakerna från ÄSSS och tog en runda ut på Skälderviken. Mötte ganska snart Petra, Toni och Knud som varit ute en sväng. Riktigt gött på platt vatten. ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Lördagsdräll på Skälderviken dök först upp på

Friday, 13 November

Frej – Christen Vestad Björn Thomasson Design Friday, 13 November, at 21:47

Frej – Christen Vestad

Härlig sjösättningsbild från Christen Vestad, som redan är igång med nästa bygge, en Nanoq!

"Slik ser min Frej ut :)!

Late 19th Century Chippewa Paddle Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Friday, 13 November, at 15:04

Cisco's Gallery is featuring another unique antique paddle. Described as a "Chippewa canoe paddle with scroll carving at top", the paddle was apparently found along the Fox River, Wisconsin buried. Found along the Fox River, Wisconsin stuck in the shoreline mud. 

Chippewa Canoe Paddle
PERIOD: Late 19th Century
ORIGIN: Wisconsin
SIZE: 53"; Blade 5"

The lengthy flattened grip has a simple roll top and features a scroll pattern near the top, created by boring four holes and carving out curved spaces between them. The reve...

Turf Wars The Ikkatsu Project Friday, 13 November, at 14:18

Last August, an accidental release of rubber pellets from old turf rolls stored near the Puyallup River polluted the waterway from the foothills of Mount Rainier to the Sound. For forty miles, from the construction site at the Electron Dam all the way down river, millions of these toxic pellets lined the riverbanks, affecting endangered fish runs and damaging the delicate balance that is the essence of riverine ecosystems everywhere. It’s a story of greed, laziness, entitlement,  incompetence and straight-up criminal behavior on the part of the organization trying to rebuild this tired little dam, an underproducing fish-killer that e...

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