Monday, 29 November

Sat 27/11-2021 Day 632 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 29 November, at 01:11

Pos: Pos: 16.2134,-98.1849
Loc: Laguna de Alotengo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 46,5 km
Start: 07:20 End: 16:50

My neigboring beach restaurant people were so ‘friendly’ to leave on a bright light bulb over night…hmmm, just for me or do they do that every night? I have an en-suite-bathroom, no need to oriente myself outside. A scarf over my eyes does the job, as well a earplugs against the many barkin dogs and rooster noise. The men of the restaurant curiously watch me packing, and I learn how they work with an easy method to get their fellow fishing boats into the sea – simply give them a tow from an already floating one with running engine! I see three of them in a row launching like this, so easy, no menpower needed to push besides for the first one. Landing is always done with an impressive high-speed slide right to their parking spot on the moderate steep beach. I can push in easily by myself, jump on and ride safely off.
The water part reads similar to the last day, but my landing is supposed to be safely inside a pair of breakwaters leading into a natural lagoon. I have the satellite images on my mind, but unfortunately see a breaker over a shallow bar. I watch it for a while, and wen it comes to chose a landing to the left of the first breakwater on a touristically used little sheltered beach or to make it safely over the bar, I decide on a low set of breakers over the...

Sunday, 28 November

The Moray Gravel Triangle - information for bikepackers ALWAYS ANOTHER ADVENTURE Sunday, 28 November, at 17:00

It was Sean who devised this route.  I’m not shifting blame you understand, I’m giving him the credit, because we ended up with one of the best four-day Autumn rides I’ve done in Scotland.

We’re fortunate enough to have some epic bikepacking routes in this country - An Turas Mor, the Highland Trail 550 and Badger Divide to name but three.  They take cyclists deep into Scotland’s wild heart, far from villages, roads or… help.  If the weather isn’t right, or you or your bike are not quite up to the challenge, then you can have serious problems.  The Moray Gravel Triangle is different.  While the cycling is excellent it’s not so committing.  The route passes through towns and villages where yo...

Fri 26/11-2021 Day 631 Freya Hoffmeister Sunday, 28 November, at 01:01

Pos: Pos: 16.3294,-98.5655
Loc: Punta Maldonado
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 35,8 km
Start: 07:40 End: 17:40

A calm night, a smooth paddle along another day of non-exciting coastline on calm water with low winds. Just a landing would have been not very pleasant anymore in between, but who needs to land during the day? Today and the next four days until Puerto Escondido are pure endurance paddles, my body is working like a machine, my mind is entertained by an audiobook. No job for everybody, and honestly, I would also prefer it differently, but this section of coastline is part of the game. At least I can watch some pleasant cliff lines the second half of the day, and launching and landing is easy.
On slowly approaching my landing corner, listening to a friendly man waving from his beach restaurant site to land at his place is not the wrong choice, as a camp between a major line of fishing boats does not look pleasant. I need to refill water anyway, and would not mind a shower tonight. My skin tends to get salt water rashes, and a sweet water shower is necessary. I walk around, talk to the man, relaunch quickly and paddle the hundred meters to their site. I get a shady, clean campspot, a bucket shower in their private bathroom and am supposed to pay only fifteen pesos for twenty liters of drinking water, a shower and the well-raked, shady site. I generously round it up a bit,...

Saturday, 27 November

Thu 25/11-2021 Day 630 Freya Hoffmeister Saturday, 27 November, at 03:42

Pos: 16.5556,-98.7769
Loc: Playa Hermosa
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 53,5 km
Start: 07:40 End: 17:40

How nice it feels to sleep with a safe feeling about being in a small village where there is likely nobody bothering me, no voodoo-dancer is appearing close to my tent, and I even dare to stuff ear plugs in to escape the surf noise and some distant music. I sleep deep and sound.
When I get ready and packed, I am once more surrounded by dozens of curious people, and when I come to my ritual breakfast sitting on my kayak while watching the surf, I am waving once with my arms around me to get a bit of space while I am eating and flirting with a two-year-old cute baby-boy. His mom is keen to have a picture with him and me and reaches him to my lap which the little man does not feel comfortable with. He might have noticed I was willing to stuff him into my back hatch to have a bit of male company 😊
This surf belt is doable even on the stron tide this early morning, launching in time is easy from the very steep sandy beach, and the wave lines are clean and distant enough to wait them out breaking upfront me. All goes well, and off I am in my favorite early morning time!
I plan to have a longer day, and to land on a likely easy corner of...

Friday, 26 November

Mysteriumtur på åsen Padlemia Friday, 26 November, at 21:00


Det har blitt (hersens) minusgrader igjen, så kajakken forblir på biltaket. Jeg gikk heller en tur på åsen her om dagen. Jeg var spent på om det var siste gang jeg så sola sist helg, eller den ennå sniker seg over fjellet midt på dagen.

Just Try It The Ikkatsu Project Friday, 26 November, at 11:15

I’ll be buying a ferry ticket in the evening, so I guess that’s technically a violation of the rules, but life is made of many such little inconsistencies. It is the idea that matters, anyway. To change the tone of a single day from one of frenetic consumerism, where spasms of greed and operatic rage are playing all day in the stores. To advance the idea that we are made to be more than consumers, that the machine is not in charge of the operator, that what we have does not define who we are.

We make a big deal on Thursday about how thankful we are with our lot and then we turn around on Friday and claw for more. It seems like it might be worth a try, today of all days, to step outside of that cycle.

/steps off soap box

Gavnø rundt i Black Pearl Pouls kajakblog Friday, 26 November, at 11:14

Efter en rulledag* i svømmehallen hvor jeg fandt ud af at sædet og lændestøtte i min BP var gået løse, syede jeg den sammen med en gjord. Nu skulle jeg teste om sædet kunne sidde fast uden de burrebånd, der tydeligvis ikke kunne tåle vand. Det kunne det, og jeg valgte Perlen til en tur rundt om Gavnø. Godt nok var der lidt langt til fodklodsen, men det gik jo nok. Turen var sammen med Jens, Ulla og Tom.

Det gjorde det ikke. meget hurtigt fik jeg meget ømme sener i lysken. Og dem døjede jeg med de næste par timer. Jeg har bestilt et sæt fodspark til kajakken, for jeg har længe været træt af at fodklodsen ikke passede efter jeg har rykket sædet lidt baglæns. Og det kan også en gang imellem være rart at kunne ændre lidt på afstanden til fodsparket. Det bliver spændende at se om det løser problemet med de ømme sener.

Heldigvis var der også lyspunkter på turen. Det bedste var da en havørn fløj lavt forbi lige foran os på Fladstrand - og da vi fik medvind de sidste kimoleter.

Turen var på 16 km.

* trods lkængere tids rulleøveforsømmelse gik det fint med at rulle. Jeg prøvede Jespers Current Design, og den var godt nok nem at komme rundt med.

Wed 24/11-2021 Day 629 Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 26 November, at 02:45

Pos: 16.6337,-99.2284
Loc: Boca de Rio
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 34,0 km
Start: 10:20 End: 16:40

Last evening, right before sunset five thrownet-fishing guys and a women come by my tent for a friendly chat. So far, I have only encountered friendly people along the Mexican coast who admire what I am doing! I even get out of my tent for a nice longer chat. They ask me to go and camp with them in their nearby village, and maybe I should have done the effort…but when I am settled, I usually do not move.
After darkness at seven-thirty, I just had my first small nap and briefly woke again still with my e-book in my hand, I sit up. Suddenly, I realize a slim figure is standing to the left side of my tent! He is only five meters away, way too close for my comfort zone. What the heck! I see his narrow silhouette in the moonless darkness, and he reminds me instantly to the slim very dark-skinned guy named Santiago I talked to after my first landing. I make no noise but suddenly flash on him with my strong torch. I can see he is wearing only a small piece of a tight underwear…you do not dare to…!
In my bright torch beam light, he slowly and silently walks away out of my sight, but comes back pretty soon to the edge of the sandy ledge where I put up my tent, this time a slight bit more away. I sit upright in my little tent-prison-shelter, all alarm antennas up and still silently...

Thursday, 25 November

Thanks The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 25 November, at 13:28

There are not many places in the world where a day is set aside, given National Holiday status, as a time to reflect and give thanks for what you have and who you have near you. It’s a strange and beautiful holiday, one that we definitely take for granted. And we shouldn’t.

It’s not a religious event, not for all of us, anyway. And it’s not just a warmup for the steps we’ll take and the elbows we’ll throw as Black Friday approaches. There will be time for stress and shopping soon enough. For now, here’s wishing each and every one of us a happy and warm Thanksg...

Måla om paddel Thursday, 25 November, at 08:05

Att det finns många tråkfärgade prylar är inget nytt. För några år sedan köpte jag mig en ny paddel. Lätt och superskön att paddla med men svart. Så vill man såklart inte ha det. Köpte en sprayfärg med finfärgad kulör på Biltema. Tvättade av paddeln och sprayade lite. Vips så var paddeln både roligare, finare ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Måla om paddel dök först upp på

Tue 23/11-2021 Day 628 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 25 November, at 01:01

Pos: 16.6879,-99.5267
Loc: Perro de Agua
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 24,3 km
Start: 08:40 End: 13:50

A guy on a quad-bike stops and shines his light straight on my tent. It is eleven o’clock, and I am already sleeping. WTF…I shine back with my strong torch to see who is so naughty to disturb my beauty-sleep, and see a man in a decent poloshirt with some embroided logo on it. No policeman, I assume it is some guard from the nearby hotel.
Why do any kind of guards need to check on me during the night? I hate it when any so called authority wakes me just to ask if I am doing well – it is not the first time. What else other than sleeping would I be doing inside my tent in darkness with no light on? Sure, I could be dead or half-dead and need help, but for my opinion, they are just curious. I cannot recall much of our conversation as I am half asleep, I assume after his “Todo bien?” I just confirm. He asks how many people? Sure only one, and yes, it is a woman who hates to be woken at night. Fuck off and leave me alone! He does, after he took a picture of my kayak.
In the early morning hours, dense smoke of a trash burning site makes me almost coughing. Is that really coming from the nearby, quite fancy looking hotel? Maybe not. I plan to be on the water by first light and am awake even earlier from the stinky smell. But when I can see the surf, I need to realize that the m...

Wednesday, 24 November

Beat the Rush The Ikkatsu Project Wednesday, 24 November, at 18:03

If you’re planning on making a contribution to the Ikkatsu Project during this year’s Giving Tuesday fund drive, you don’t actually have to wait until November 30th to make it happen. It’s an easy click of the fingertips to send in your donation and it all counts, even if it’s early. Thanks to those who have made their gifts already and a huge thank you to everyone who’s about to.

Mon 22/11-2021 Day 627 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 24 November, at 03:12

Pos: 16.7284,-99.7305
Loc: Airport Beach
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 24,4 km
Start: 09:05 End: 15:30

Back to work! We agreed last night Robert and Jorge would give me a hand to get my kayak to the beach early morning, as Robert likes to be in the gym at seven. I am up and ready like a good German way before Robert’s gym date, but he changed his mind to better wait for Mario with his truck. The short walk to the beach with the kayak and gear would be easy done with three people, but oh well…let’s be patient and wait for the boss and his truck!
Finally, I am on the water by nine o’clock, Mario and Robert wave me off like they have received me three days ago. Thanks to Mario and his crew to give me a very special space to camp and to recover in the middle of old town Acapulco, with a perfect view over the bay!
I am happy to be back on the water, three days of recovery after such a long paddle is more than enough. The sea is much lower and calmer than when I arrived, and my hopes for an easy landing through some surf are up. I don not give the skyscraper skyline of Acapulco city more than a brief look, and continue on to pass the cliffs of the next headland while I continue listening to the audio book I left when my phone battery dies in the long paddling night.
I did not expect to see more skyscraper hotels on the start of the long sandy beach area after the cliff l...

Tuesday, 23 November

Prima presentazione del Sud Italia Kayak Tour 2021 a Latina! Tatiyak Tuesday, 23 November, at 19:12

Il Gruppo ANMI di Latina ospita e presenta, presso la bella e centralissima sede della Casa del Combattente di Latina la presentazione della navigazione in kayak da mare di Tatiana Cappucci e Mauro Ferro lungo le coste del Sud Italia durato 55 giorni nei mesi di luglio, agosto e settembre 2021...


October and November Posts 2021 tsunamirangers Tuesday, 23 November, at 15:15

Story 510578029

To our readers: We recently had an issue with the RSS feed on our site. As a result, our subscribers did not receive notification of the October and November posts. We apologize for the inconvenience and are happy to announce that the issue has been resolved. The October post is a review of Jon Turk’s book […]

Frej – Nicolás Ruzecki Björn Thomasson Design Tuesday, 23 November, at 09:01

Frej – Nicolás Ruzecki

"Hola Björn
he terminado el Frej
lo he probado el pasado 8 de octubre
estoy muy feliz con el bote y es extremadamente maniobrable
pesa 16 kg y está construido en Madera de Kiri o Paulownia
te envío unas fotos de el proceso y de las primeras pruebas
Gracias por tan hermosa creación
en pocos días terminaré el Njord
hasta entonces con nuevas fotos
gran abrazo!"

(Google translate:"Hej Björn, Jag har avslutat Frej. Jag provade det den 8 oktober förra året. Jag är väldigt nöjd med båten och den är extremt manövrerbar. väger 16 kg och är gjord av Kiri eller Paulownia trä. Jag skickar dig några bilder på processen och de första testerna. Tack för en så vacker skapelse. om några dagar avslutar jag Njorden. tills dess med nya bilder, stor kram!")

Frej – Nicolás Ruzecki

Monday, 22 November

Hunting for the Hound of Wetherill On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Monday, 22 November, at 23:10

The best way to integrate the skills picked up at the Gales is to turn around a kayak the next weekend!! I'm not sure what H was thinking giving me a paddle pass two weeks in a row.

It was a great day to paddle: sunny with a slight breeze and some swell coming up the bay.

We worked our way south towards Beavertail hugging the coast and playing in anything that looked remotely interesting. I was feeling pretty bold, so I tried anything that looked passable. There were plenty of getting through ugly, but the conditions were gentle enough so that there was no carnage.

The rocks just to the north of Mackerel Cove had a nice break over them, so we headed out there to do some surfing. It was a nice wave and just about everyone caught a good ride. I, however, just couldn't get it straight. The first couple of times I was just out of perpendicular to the wave and my stern got pushed. After Tim G. explained to me that the trick was to see what the wave was breaking over and then point the bow towards it, I tried one last time....

The wave broke and crashed right over a giant pointy rock. I just couldn't make myself do it. At the last minute, I slid my butt just a bit and let the stern get turned by the wave and surfed away from the rock. Bold only goes so far some days...

We lunched at Hull Cove and debated heading further south towards Beaver Tail. There was also some politics being batted about, but politics and paddling definitely do not mix.


Best Deck Bag for Kayaking Monday, 22 November, at 13:45


Sunday, 21 November

Ascensión al Petrechema 2371m josebelloseakayaking Sunday, 21 November, at 18:46


Sat 20/11-2021 Day 625 Freya Hoffmeister Sunday, 21 November, at 10:35

Pos: 16.8313,-99.9028
Loc: Acapulco, SDA
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 0,00 km
rest day

I wake not too well-rested, as I should have moved for the night out of my shady ‘room’ which stays too warm and does not get the light night breeze. The day passes by with online office work in the morning. When I look at my poor well-used baby, I need to give it a bit of a good treatment on the hull. I remove some surplus stickers, shave some old drips of repair-epoxy off. Why is epoxy always getting yellow over time and does not stay nicely clear? I also find some too deep scratches and shaving-offs in the additional fiberglass stripes and epoxy layers I added over the original gel coat to make the hull as stiff as possible. Time for a good sanding and adding a new layer of epoxy! When everything feels smooth under the sandpaper I mix 1:5 epoxy in a small cup and rub it in with my gloved hands. For me, the best way to do it – who needs a paintbrush? I treat the hull of my baby well, and it was high time again for it. I am only as mostly too slow and when the epoxy starts to cure, it is getting warm and my one-way-gloves melt – at least a part on my right hand. Anyway, I feel it is done, all looks shiny and smooth again, and I think I added not too much which makes ugly runners later. I just have to get rid of my sticky hands, as I am about to get some visitors!
Pável Negrete Peñaloza is...

Saturday, 20 November

In Case You Were Wondering The Ikkatsu Project Saturday, 20 November, at 20:26

I’ve been sifting through older photos lately, part of a project that is taking much longer than expected. But still, the side benefits include this perusal of past trips and memorable moments.

Some of the ones that stand out to me the most were taken in the San Juan Islands. It can’t be coincidence… this is a world-class paddling destination and the beauty is everywhere. This shot was an early September sunset, about halfway between Orcas and Sucia, flat calm and glassy. About as good as it gets.

Friday, 19 November

Gift Ideas for Paddlers Friday, 19 November, at 13:45


Finnøya, sent men bra Padlemia Friday, 19 November, at 12:18

Nå var det blitt en stund siden sist jeg padlet, men denne helgen kom jeg meg utpå en liten tur. Tror ikke det har skjedd siden jeg begynte å padle at første tur innom Finnøya har vært så sent på året – men det var tidsnok for å få 10 på skjæret-posten registrert.

Hur många kajaker är normalt? Friday, 19 November, at 08:05

– Hur många kajaker borde en normal person ha? – 5 ungefär – Det låter som en entusiast, enligt mig. – Nä, en kajakentusiast har cirka femton kajaker. – Det låter mer som någon som är besatt. – Näe, paddlare som är besatta har hundratal – Då är man ju psykopat! – Nej! En psykopat ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Hur många kajaker är normalt? dök först upp på

Acapulco Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 19 November, at 04:40

Reached Acapulco in an overnight paddle. 168 km, 35 hrs.
Will write more tomorrow.

Herzliche Grüße,
All the best,

Freya Hoffmeister

Sent from the cockpit of my “Freya” kayak

Autum Gales On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Friday, 19 November, at 03:27

 I love Greg Paquin's annual Autumn Gales event despite the fact that I usually only attend one of the three days. The coaching is always excellent and the conditions are always a little challenging.

Unfortunately COVID kept the UK coaches that usually attend in the UK, but Greg has plenty of local, or at least US-based, coaching talent available and as expected my one day was full of adventure and learning. I heard the Saturday and Sunday sessions were even more fun. One of these years, I will apply for a multiway hall pass from the family....

After the morning briefing, my choice of groups was either to off with Greg and do rough water rescue practice or to go off with some new coaches and work on reading conditions and other open water comfort skills. Greg suggested that working with new coaches was always a good idea, so I went off with them.

The day looked iffy for any really big conditions in the areas we were headed. There was plenty of wind and plenty of current around; it just all happened to be going the same way. That did make it a perfect day for practicing reading conditions. We talked about current direction and wind direction and how they interact with each other to create waves. We talked about how they interact with our kayaks and which would most likely impact our ability to navigate.

There was a wave break off the nearby point that was caused by some submerged rocks. We paddled over to check out the action. The waves were clo...

Thursday, 18 November

Arbetslampa Thursday, 18 November, at 15:29

Taklampa med rejält ljus Vi behövde en lite bättre takbelysning i en liten verkstadshörna där Pia pysslar silver och lite annat. Ingen mysbelysning alltså utan ljust ska det vara. Köpte tre runda LED panelbelysningar 21W, 22cm i diameter för några år sedan. Äntligen fick jag tummen loss att fixa till det. Köpte ett hyllplan, 800x300mm ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Arbetslampa dök först upp på

Tue 16/11-2021 Day 621 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 18 November, at 02:02

Pos: 17.3910,-101.1733
Loc: Punta de Pescadores
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 0,0 km
rest day

I talked to my friendly host Mario in Acapulco on the phone yesterday evening, and we agreed it is a better idea to arrive in this hub not on the weekend, especially as he owns the “Swiss Divers Association” and is extremely busy on weekends. Initially, I like to be there as soon as possible, but when I look at the long-term swell and sea forecast, it is thankfully going down well under a meter by Friday – as far as one can see. I always felt more comfortable with potential open beach landings when it is under a meter, and I have to do two or better three of them to reach Acapulco, and then after an endless amount…So I have another rest day today, camping thankfully under a shady roof.
I knew the sea would be going down by mid-November, and likely stays for the winter like that, I basically started a bit too early. The first days, it was 1,80 m, until Thursday it will stay around halfway doable 1,10 m, and then it will be all right – hopefully. Still, a long open beach stretch shows not always the same surf on all sections and on all parts of the day, so being attentive when in need of a safe landing is the crux. In general, I am happy to be by myself, as I remember I had once a paddling partner who simply refused to do a surf-landing out of fear and brought us in some serious close-...

Wednesday, 17 November

Nitecore UT27 Headlamp Review Wednesday, 17 November, at 19:38


30 TODOKAYAK PODCAST PLANETA KAYAK Wednesday, 17 November, at 19:15

Conozca nuestras instalaciones ubicadas en Ctra. Bailén-Motril, Kilómetro 141 18620 Alhendín, Granada (Spain). Contamos con una de las instalaciones más gran...

Paddling headlines NORCAL YAK Wednesday, 17 November, at 18:15

Rip current danger: A kayaker who fell out of his boat near McGrath State Beach in Ventura was trapped by a rip current for about 30 minutes before he was rescued.  Parkway upgrades: The state...

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Hopfällbar eldstad Wednesday, 17 November, at 08:11

Hänga runt en eld är mysigt. Oavsett var det är, hemma på tomten, på en kobbe i skärgården, vid en sjö, vindskydd osv. Oftast går det att hitta en befintlig eldstad som kan nyttjas. Ibland vill man elda på ställen där det inte finns någon eldstad och det går inte eller känns onödigt att fixa ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Hopfällbar eldstad dök först upp på

Mon 15/11-2021 Day 620 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 17 November, at 02:12

Pos: 17.3910,-101.1733
Loc: Punta de Pescadores
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 38,8 km
Start: 08:05 End: 15:30

There are comfortable temperatures this morning, and I feel like writing what I missed last evening. I did not like to have light in my tent, as to draw not more attention to the busy fishermen. The whole inlet water is dead quiet, but the roar of the thundering surf is echoing all over the water and gives a scary sound to an otherwise calm place with no happy tourists this morning. The exit over the lumpy river bar is a little wet, but no problem. I round the huge headland to find monster breaking surf on the other beach side. No place to land. It may change over the day, and/ or due to the invisible landscape change. In the middle of today’s section is a river mouth, and breaks around it are usually strong. It becomes less again later, but not good enough to land without frightening. Thank goodness I do not have to do open beach landings – yet.
I have a good laugh today when I play a new powerful Russian folk song – a large fish is jumping vertical heads up out of the water, and then three more smaller ones of the same kind. They look like eels, long and slim, with a red collar around the necks, like ‘tutu’ ballet skirts, and make me think of the infamous snakes coming out of their baskets to the flute songs of a magical man. Just that the largest eel fish jum...

Tuesday, 16 November

Sun 14/11-2021 Day 619 Freya Hoffmeister Tuesday, 16 November, at 14:08

Pos: 17.5356,-101.4441
Loc: Barra de Potosi
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 48,2 km
Start: 07:00 End: 17:30

Something was hitting my tent last night, as if some kids threw on purpose a small ball or such on the side where my head is, as I could not make anything out which lies beside it after the hit. But as I did not hear anybody running away or giggling, maybe it was a small branch from the mangrove tree above me. I am sure it was complaining I had to cut two long thin roots away to be able to camp here on this shady spot. I also hit my head on a larger branch yesterday evening after this root massacre…little sins are punished by nature instantly.
At five o’clock, a guy starts to clean up the neighboring tourist boat to my left, and I quickly untie one of my tent lines which I connected to its rail. I did not count on this a bit rotten boat planning to go out at all! But no problems, I also start to pack and have a small nice conversation with the disturber of my early morning hours.
When I am ready to leave, I wait patiently again until the reef break is fully calm, then the launch is an easy game from this spot. I give it a wide berth, and aim for the tourist hub of Ixtapa/ Zihutanjeo. At least something interesting to watch!
I am nearing the island across Ixtapa, and as expected, on a Sunday morning, the place is packed with weekenders. At least I think it is p...

Slaget om skogen Tuesday, 16 November, at 07:27

Vetenskapens värld har gjort en serie om den svenska skogen. Serien heter Slaget om Skogen och innehåller sju delar. En serie som troligtvis alla blir berörda av. Gillar man friluftsliv, natur, uteliv, klimat, miljö, biologiskt mångfald, livet och annat som är ute och viktigt så kan man nog få många tankar. De olika avsnitten heter: ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Slaget om skogen dök först upp på

Monday, 15 November

All rörelse räknas Monday, 15 November, at 08:54

Folklhäsomyndigheten har blivit mer kända sen pandemin slog till. Innan var det få som kände till dess existens och även deras råd. FHM har dock rekommendationer om både kost och rörelse och annat som rör just folkhälsan. Vidstående pyramidillustration är från FHM och handlar just om rörelse. Tycker den är intresssant, speciellt att den understa, ... Läs mer...

Inlägget All rörelse räknas dök först upp på

Sat 13/11-2021 Day 618 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 15 November, at 02:39

Pos: 17.8043,-101.7472
Loc: Reef Village
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 45,8 km
Start: 07:05 End: 15:00

I pack under the supervision of some curious guys, but all friendly. My kayak glides easy off the steep gravel beach next to the small river mouth, and off I am into a calm sea and morning. I make amazingly good speed all day, wit a light side-following wind and a smooth surface. I deserve this after yesterday’s punch! My body feels rested, and I am keen to go again. I follow the surf landing options closely, with patient timing, the lull should be long enough to make it in upright. Just that here deep in the bay, many beaches are rocky, but I do not need to go in at all.
After my many turtle-couples the last days which disappeared already yesterday almost completely, I see a for me novelty today – two Manta Rays connected together in a similar purpose, floating calmly on the surface with gently flapping wings. Nice! I have only seen one flying the last days. No other animals around besides the ever-present pelicans.
Music carries me along on an amazing not too hot feeling day, even the water temperatures dropped somehow one or two degrees that it feels almost refreshing to dip the forearms in. How come? Maybe the mountains around me drop some cooler water through their rivers.
I skip the first possible landing corner as a heavy breaking corner reef makes me thin...

Sunday, 14 November

Mobil bredbandsrouter Sunday, 14 November, at 09:12

Vi har haft med oss mobil router på våra utflykter i ganska många år. Alltså en liten pryl som plockar upp mobilt bredband och delar ut det som wifi. Tror vi skaffade den första runt 2010 när jag villhövde jobba på distans lite här och där. På senare år har vi haft en 4G-router med ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Mobil bredbandsrouter dök först upp på

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