Saturday, 30 May

Majnatt vid Västersjön Saturday, 30 May, at 11:02

Senast vi var ute och tältade i slutet av april tänkte vi att “nästa månad vill vi tälta och sova ute oftare” 😉 Så blev det inte, vi har visst väldigt svårt att komma ur soffan och hemmasängen trots att vi vet att det är så himla gött när vi väl kommer ut. Nåja, igår ... Läs mer...

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One good thing - 29th May 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Saturday, 30 May, at 10:43

On Friday 29th May Scotland moved to Phase 1 of the route map through and out of the Coronavirus crisis. Initially, cautious steps have been taken - and rightly so.  The initial changes allow people to meet with one other household at a time in the outdoors, to resume activities where distancing can be maintained like golf, fishing, walking and paddle sports - but with the guidance that this should remain locally based.

These are welcome steps, a sign that there will be a return if not to normal, then to a new normal beyond the lockdown.  And they come as Spring has, in the space of a few days, turned to summer.

Fields of Rape are dazzlingly bright against early summer skies, the heavy scent carrying on a warm breeze.


spring surfs vincent kayak Saturday, 30 May, at 09:26

vid (link at bottom) is from a couple of years ago
when pandemics seemed to happen long ago and elsewhere

since then
still kayaking - chasing surf, usually with a whitewater kayak and greenland paddle

moved from the Gearlab Aukaneck paddle to the Kalleq
(the 'K' is an easy paddle to pick up but hard to put down)

and for most surfs I prefer a whitewater kayak such as the Wavesport Z
or kayaks I have made using parts of its DNA
this vid is mainly in the surf kayak - chosen because of the speed of the waves


Friday, 29 May

Thought For The Day mark tozer's blog Friday, 29 May, at 20:56

With all the darkness that is in the world right now, and to everyone who faces their own internal struggles on a daily basis, how about we embrace our humanity and carry this straightforward but compassionate message into the new month ahead.

#LifeIsPrecious #YouAreWorthIt #Mindfulness

Kringelskjæret Padlemia Friday, 29 May, at 20:25

En vanlig tirsdag ble det tur litt på impuls, med Alexia og Fred, til kringelskjæret. Ikke lange turen strengt tatt, men på en vanlig ettermiddag etter deadlinedag på jobb var det greit nok at det var kort.

Kringelskjæret er en 10 på skjæret-post, herved dokumentert. Jeg hadde den fra før da, men tror den var ny for de andre i år.


Hantera tält i hård vind med Hilleberg Friday, 29 May, at 16:38

Det är inte fel att lära sig hur du hanterar ditt tält om det blåser en del. Även om man mest tänker sig vara ute i fint väder kan det ju blåsa upp och en hel del av hårdvindskunskaperna är bra att tillämpa även vid svaga vindar. Nedanstående filmer från Hilleberg ger bra teoretiska kunskaper, ... Läs mer...

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La fase 2 ed il kayak in Inghilterra... Tatiyak Friday, 29 May, at 12:42

Anche l'Inghilterra è uscita dal lock down imposto dalla pandemia di coronavirus.
Lo scorso 13 maggio il Governo della sola Inghilterra ha avviato la cosiddetta fase 2.
In Galles, Scozia ed Irlanda del Nord, invece, le cose procedono in maniera diversa.
La British Canoeing ha quindi attuato dal 14 maggio nuove direttive per i praticanti delle discipline di pagaia, in accordo con le direttive sanitarie già diramate dalle istituzioni centrali.
Colpisce la tempestività e la chiarezza espositiva, come è già stato nel caso della Francia di cui abbiamo parlato la scorsa settimana con un altro articolo su questo stesso blog.
Mentre in Italia le nuove disposizioni normative sono state seguite da ordinanze locali che hanno richiesto più di qualche interpretazione e precisazione, in Inghilterra le pur criticate scelte del governo sono state anticipate da una serie di chiarimenti offerti dalle varie categorie di settore.

May 28th - Cadboro Bay (#44) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Friday, 29 May, at 03:40

I took the paddleboard out to check the crab traps and came home with a nice limit of dungeness crab! The board is big enough and stable enough that I was able to bring up and bring in the traps. The weather was beautiful and the sky clear enough that I could see all the way to Mt. Rainier.

click to enlarge
2 km, YTD 317 km

Thursday, 28 May

Tiderace Pace 17 T Thursday, 28 May, at 21:56

Paddlade och seglade en sväng från Fridhemskanotisterna. Medvind med seglet så ligger farten på runt 4,8 till 5,2 knop. Maxhastighet 6,2 knop (11.5km/h)i Medvind.

Onsdagspadling fra klubbnaustet Padlemia Thursday, 28 May, at 20:36

Nu, jæklar, skulle vi ha onsdagspadling fra klubbnaustet! Uansett! To ganger hadde vi avlyst på grunn av guffent vær og lav temperatur. Nå meldte det guffent og vind, men noen plussgrader, så nå skulle det bli klubbpadling om jeg så skulle padle alene! 

Jeg revurderte da Harstad avlyste, men jo. Padle. Jeg revurderte da Harstad sendte melding og spurte om vi tenkte å ha padling? Ja. Padle. Jeg revurderte da vi var to påmeldte og begge bor på Sortland, litt teit kanskje å kjøre til Stokmarknes for å padle da. Men jo, flere skulle til klubbnaustet. Og så meldte Fred seg også på. Padle fra klubbnaustet. Og som vi ser her, vi ble fire – Trond meldte seg også på.


Ny & mer belysning i stugbilen Thursday, 28 May, at 08:54

Stugbilen Winzent har haft lite snålt med belysning. Halvdåliga läslampor bak, ingen läslampa fram och ingen svagare mysbelysning/allmänbelysning. Däremot hyfsat bra “helljus” över kök och matbord. Vi har använt batterdriven slingbelysning med bollar och det funkar fint som mysbelysning, även haft några solcellsdrivna och det funkar bra på sommaren. Letade lite efter slingor/bollbelysning som går ... Läs mer...

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May 27th - Cadboro Bay (#43) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Thursday, 28 May, at 04:31

I went for a short afternoon paddle with Tony who as also trying out a Think Big Eze (Greg's). Conditions were spectacular with clear skies and a good view of Mt. Rainier.

click to enlarge
4 km, YTD 315 km

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL 2 Review: The Classic Tent Thursday, 28 May, at 02:37

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL 2 Review

I bought my first Big Agnes Seedhouse SL 2 early in the spring 2004. Since then, I’ve used it on many Boundary Waters trips, long distance kayaking trips, biking trips, for backpacking and for...

Wednesday, 27 May

Jobbpadling, Hjellsandøya og Våje Padlemia Wednesday, 27 May, at 23:36

1. mai kombinerte jeg jobb og padling. Jeg skulle møte ei dame på ei hytte, og der var det fortsatt en god del snø den vanlige veien. Så jeg ble anbefalt å heller komme sjøveien. Jeg satte derfor ut her på Smines, i et fantastisk, og omsider litt vårlig (men ikke veldig varmt) vær.

At jeg padlet dit var praktisk på flere vis. Da var jeg også kledd for å kunne gå ut i sjøen og ta bilder, noe som ble foreviget fra land uten at jeg fikk det med meg. Artig.


Frej – Dan Caouette for John Power Björn Thomasson Design Wednesday, 27 May, at 21:59

Frej – Dan Caouette

Från Dan Caouette och Clear Stream Custom Water Craft: en ny snygg och välbyggd Frej, byggd för en kund – och med en ny och spännande variant av Maroske linbeslag!

Hello Björn,

I wanted to let you know that I recently finished and delivered a new Frej for John Power in Northampton, MA. He originally purchased the plans and milled the strips the forms. He approached me this winter to build it for him when he could not find a suitable space for the construction.

The kayak is built from 3/16” (4,75 mm) thick western red cedar and laminated with “S” glass and bio-based Entropy Resin CLR epoxy. The hatches and adjustable rope-operated skeg are from Kajak Sport in Finland. The deck is finished with a very traditional Kirby Company (New Bedford, MA) marine paint while the hull has a high-tech, very rugged, silicone-based epoxy bottom paint called “Wetlander" from Wearlon (NY).

The final weight, completely outfitted, is 35 lb (15,9 kg).

I build in the winter months and most of our waters are frozen solid when the boats are complete. I don’t often get a chance to paddle the commercial boats I build.


One good thing - 25th May 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Wednesday, 27 May, at 21:15

A beautiful, warm and sunny evening tempted me to sleep out under a tarp again - and while lockdown continues in Scotland the only available option remains the most micro of "micro-adventures" in the garden.  The tarp is an Alpkit Rig 7 which offers almost limitless pitching options as it has so many guying and lifter points.  This set-up is a simple one but was very effective on a night which was forecast to be warm but breezy.

Lander Pet Connection - Full Bowls...Full Hearts mark tozer's blog Wednesday, 27 May, at 21:03

All donations to the Lander Pet Connection are distributed throughout the local community to help those in need with pets.

Learn more about making donations here:

#LanderPetConnection #AdoptDontShop #OptToAdopt


Twenty Years Done Gone The Ikkatsu Project Wednesday, 27 May, at 14:19

On this date in 2000, I began paddling around Newfoundland. That first night, I only made it up to Pouch Cove but the next day I crossed Conception Bay and the journey had begun in earnest. For the next three months, I lived out of my kayak, paddling in fair and foul conditions (mostly foul, for the first month or so), keeping the island to my left. 1800 miles and 91 days later, I returned to the starting point again, paddling slowly back into the quiet little harbour in St. John’s, closing the circle and giving me the greatest summer of my life.

It would be impossible to overstate the effects that expedition has had in my life. The simplicity of the task, combined with its sheer immensity, taught me the value of incremental progress. I learned to savour each mile and to celebrate each victory, no matter how small it may seem at the time. Big accomplishments are made up of many little victories; they do not just appear, as if by...

Memorial Day Weekend Birthday Paddle! Frogma Wednesday, 27 May, at 06:29

All things (particularly cancer and coronavirus, fie on both of them!) considered, I've really had a wonderful Memorial Day + Birthday Weekend. There was enough good food that I may do another post about that, but the best part of the weekend was that by pure coincidence, the Sebago Canoe Club reopened after 62 days (not that I was counting or anything ;-D ) closed while the city and state dealt with the initial onslaught of COVID-19. Marinas were among the facilities closed by order of Governor Cuomo, and although I don't think of our club as a marina, that's the category under which we fall. The club closed on March 22nd, as I vividly recall because a friend and I happened to sneak out for that one last paddle that day and only found out about the ruling when we came back to find the gate sealed with a lot of packing tape wrapped around a sign that said "CLUB CLOSED". Oops.

Anyways, things ar...

Tuesday, 26 May

One good thing - 23rd and 24th May 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Tuesday, 26 May, at 22:27

The weekend once again gave opportunity for longer walks - two routes of just over 20km each and both starting and finishing at my front door.

The first route was on Coiliochbhar Hill, a 533m/1749ft wooded hill to the south of the river Don near Alford.  I've climbed this hill several times, but each time from the south.  I took a different route, and found it a very tough day for such a small hill.  This image is the view to Lord Arthur's Hill from Coiliochbhar Hill.  The Correen Hills, and particularly Lord Arthur's Hill have been the mainstay of my long hillwalks during the lockdown period.


Enø rundt Pouls kajakblog Tuesday, 26 May, at 17:19

Jørgen og jeg var ikke de eneste der havde aftalt en rotur denne tirsdag. Et par satte i Gammelåen, og Peder og Hans fulgtes med os ud ad kanalen.

Vel ude af den satte Jørgen og jeg kursen mod Gavnø, der hurtigt blev passeret i det gode vejr. Godt inde på Fladstrand holdt vi en lille pause og nød naturen. Viber, skarver, svaner blishøns, en enkelt rørhøg og adskillige småfugle sørgede for lidt at kigge på og en fin lydkulisse.

No Time Off On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Tuesday, 26 May, at 00:25

For most of the past week, things have been pretty normal (if you call being trapped in your house, only interacting with other people via screens, and wearing face masks outside normal.) Routines are wonderful things and we have finally hit upon a basic routine.

Child has regularly scheduled online classes and daily assigned school work to complete along with some other basic expectations like getting some exercise, maintaining personal hygiene, and cleaning up after herself. (Yes, she does fight against the unbearable amount of toil that her unimaginably horrible, "the worst, most rude" parents ask of her.)
H has finally started just excepting that her job is basically just punching a clock to meet requirements since one really cannot do much one on one counseling when students don't show up, parents stay in the room, and there are no "classroom" issues to really address. (Yes, there are still periods of angst about being a total failure because one of her colleagues has much needier students who do show up for sessions and another one is a type A childfree busy body.)
Aside from running interference, doing 24/7 tech and emotional support, and trying to keep child focused o doing school work, my job is still the same clock punching, frustrating slog to provide tools to over privileged worker bees who toil away making it easier for the 1% to suck the 99% dry while using the least amount of the 9% possible. (Yes, the facts of my job and my general sent...

Monday, 25 May

Sømønoen - eller Møn rundt Pouls kajakblog Monday, 25 May, at 17:52

Jan og jeg havde et stykke tid snakket om at tage en lille forårstur. Maj måned har været med blandet vejr, men op til Kr. Himmelfartsdag så udsigterne fornuftige ud til en tur rundt om Møn. Vi har været på så mange ture, så planlægningen strakte sig til at finde mødetid og et startsted. Resten af planlægningen var "som vi plejer". Jan har telt, Trangia, aftens- og morgenmad, og jeg har frokost, drikkevarer og Kelly ketle og kaffe med. Vi har begge også lidt mundgodt med.

Jeg hentede Jan torsdag morgen, og vi tog en tår morgenkaffe inden vi læssede kajak og oppakning og kørte mod Ulvshale, hvor der er en parkeringsplads lige ved stranden.

Snart sad vi i kajakkerne og var på tur. Vinden var i syd, så den mærkede vi ikke meget til. I stedet kunne vi sidde og undre os over et mærkeligt fartøj der nærmede sig kysten. Da vi kom nærmere kunne vi se at det var en slæbebåd med en pram hvorpå der stod et mærkeligt tårn. Et tjek på en marine app afslørede at det var slæbebåden Wol...

Gone, but not Forgotten The Ikkatsu Project Monday, 25 May, at 17:06

Memorial Day. This is a strange one, this year. It feels different.

It’s a day is typically reserved for recognizing the sacrifice of those who fought and died for our country, those “forgotten heroes of a forgotten war,” as Shane McGowan would put it. Somewhere between the barbeques and the Memorial Day sales at the mall, we might take a moment to think about who they were. We should, because they were just like us, and we need to know the things they learned so dearly.

But now, with the number of Americans who have died from this current pandemic about to top 100,000, Memorial Day takes on another dimension.  One. Hundred. Thousand. That’s more that have died in the past two months than in all the war years of Vietnam and Korea put toget...

Resoconto per immagini del workshop sulla costruzione di pagaie groenlandesi... Tatiyak Monday, 25 May, at 12:25

Prima che iniziasse il confinamento imposto dalla pandemia di coronavirus, abbiamo avuto la fortuna di condividere per tre giorni con il maestro galiziano Manolo Pastoriza una straordinaria esperienza di costruzione di pagaie groenlandesi.
Il primo fine settimana di marzo, cioè l'ultimo prima della dichiarazione di zona rossa per la Lombardia prima e per l'Italia intera poi, ci siamo quindi ritrovati a Latina, presso la nuova sede di Tatiyak, per trascorrere tre giornate tra pialle, cavalletti e trucioli di legno profumato.
Ne parliamo soltanto adesso perché sembra che finalmente si possano riprendere tutte le attività che per quasi tre mesi sono rimaste sospese e perché speriamo che questo racconto per immagini sia di buon auspicio per ripetere l'esperienza nel corso della prossima primavera!
Pensandoci adesso, non avremmo potuto chiudere in modo migliore!


Valnöt, Try, stora hasselnötter från Räveboda Monday, 25 May, at 08:46

Att ha växtlighet som ger ätbart är kul. Härom dagen kompletterade vi lite på ätbart-fronten hos Räveboda plantskola. Vi har ganska gott om vilda Hasselbuskar på tomten men ville ha några som ger större frukter, det blev en planta Jättenöt från Halle och en Röd Zellernöt. Blåbärstry har vi ett flertal sorter men några senare ... Läs mer...

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Sunday, 24 May

May 24th - Discovery Island (#42) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Sunday, 24 May, at 20:13

I had an early start and paddled out to Cadboro Point to meet Dan and Paulo for a paddle around the islands. I could see the silhouette of Mt. Rainier as I paddled out from the beach but it was hidden later. I saw both California seal lions (near Cadboro Point) and a Steller sea lion (near Seabird Point). The current was ebbing strongly and I had to set a 45+degree ferry angle for the crossing back across Baynes. You can also see that we got a pretty good assist from the current going down the east side of the islands.

click to enlarge
17 km, YTD 311 km

May 23rd - Cadboro Bay (#41) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Sunday, 24 May, at 20:06

I went for a morning paddle, hoping to get a paddle in before the wind picked up. I was mostly successful and got a bit of a wind boost heading from Cattle Point to Flower Island. I had a nice view of a California sea lion near Evans Rock. :)

click to enlarge
6 km, YTD 294 km

Ventusky – kool vädertjänst Sunday, 24 May, at 10:09

Ventusky är en rolig vädertjänst tycker vi. Här går att få information om mycket, inte bara vind, vindriktning och temperatur som annars är vanligt. Hos Ventusky finns vindhastighet och vindriktning på olika höjder, snödjup, upplevd temperatur, åskväder, lufttryck, moln, luftföroreningar med mera. Tydligt presenterat i kartformat med olika färger och pilar. Kanontjänst!

Inlägget Ventusky – kool vädertjänst dök först upp på

Saturday, 23 May

One good thing - 22nd May 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Saturday, 23 May, at 11:00

In a bank shaded by a large Copper Beech tree at the edge of the garden, a clump of English Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) have flowered - the second year they've done so after we transplanted a few bulbs some years ago.

These lovely flowers, when seen in large numbers, give a violet glow to woodlands which is actually quite difficult to depict accurately on camera.  they are associated with ancient woodland and can be a good indication of where a woodland once was - good examples are found at Eilean Fhianan in Loch Shiel and Ailsa Craig in the middle of the Firth of Clyde.  In late spring and early summer Ailsa Craig's slopes are carpeted in violet blue -...

Black Pearl – Jan Sörfeldt Björn Thomasson Design Saturday, 23 May, at 09:11

Black Pearl – Jan Sörfeldt

Hej Björn!

Nu har det hänt i år igen. Sjösättning av en ny kajak en vacker ledig dag. Min Black Pearl är byggd i Paulownia. Mått o vikt blev 548 cm/48 cm/13,2 kg.

Väldigt nöjd efter första turen. Jag hade inte tänkt bada och så blev det inte. Mycket trevlig kajak, lyssnar på minsta vink! Kursstabil också, skäddan behövdes inte alls idag.

Bifogar några bilder från provturen och några från bygget. Mer om bygget finns på min bygg-logg för den intresserade,

Tack för en bra design, att det blev skånska färger kan man tro vad man vill om :-)

Mvh Jan Sörfeldt

Black Pearl – Jan Sörfeldt


NRS Pivot Drysuit Review Saturday, 23 May, at 00:51

NRS Pivot Drysuit review

Since last August, I’ve been using the NRS Pivot Drysuit for kayaking. This is the second NRS drysuit that I’ve used, and my wife owns a...

Friday, 22 May

Smithsonian Collection: Thomas Dyneley Model Paddles Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Friday, 22 May, at 23:51

From the Smithsonian Institute is a model bark canoe with various accoutrements including decorated paddles. The full listing cites the 47cm canoe model as being in the St.Francis - Abenaki style with exterior sidewalls decorated with a red line, blue dots and blue scallops.

The canoe includes two matching paddles with rounded grips and diamond shaped blades featuring notched shoulders. The blade area is divided into faded red and blue hemispheres painted on the whole blade. The items were purchased by William C. Sturtevant in 1987 from the collection of Colonel C. B. Dyneley, but I believe this to be in error. Colonel Thomas Dyneley (1782-1860), later Lt. General, was commander of the Royal Artillery in Canada from 1847 to 1852 headquartered in Montreal.  In 1838, Colonel Dyneley was given the British title of Companion of the Order of Bath, which allowed for him to use the initials CB after his name. In 1853, Dyneley...

Asturias, una costa espectacular josebelloseakayaking Friday, 22 May, at 22:12

470 kilómetros de costa en 12 minutos, mejor ver en HD...

Stellar S18S på Drevviken Friday, 22 May, at 20:59

4,1 km komma i form paddling, att konditionen är usel är bara att konstatera. Dagens paddling 4,1 km högsta uppmätta fart 6,1 knop (11,3 km/h. Strålande fin dag med sol och värme. Lätta vindar.

Thought For The Day mark tozer's blog Friday, 22 May, at 20:01

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee? 

"Because someone bumped into me!!!"

Wrong answer.

You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup. ...

Best Kayak for Women in 2020 – Buying Guide Globo Outdoors Friday, 22 May, at 18:10

Searching for kayaks, in general, can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are so many different features to look for and so many different types. Not to mention, each of the different brands sells certain kayaks for varying prices. It can be even more difficult to try and find a kayak that’s specifically designed for women.

Women tend to have smaller bodies and are more flexible. Heavyweight kayaks are definitely not the best choice for a lady. So, women should look for lightweight and portable yaks. Given that, most standard kayaks just aren’t the right fit for them, making their kayak buying process even more difficult. For your convenience, here are the best kayaks for women as well as some things to consider beforehand.

Best Kayak for Women Reviews

Ocean Kayak Venus 10 Women’s Sit-on-top Kayak


A Short Review The Ikkatsu Project Friday, 22 May, at 14:18

Weekends aren’t what they used to be for most of us, which may or may not be a bad thing. Either way, we’ve made it to Friday once again, and that in itself is an achievement. A few of the things that went down over the past seven days that stood out, at least as relates to local items of interest, Ikkatsu Project programs and what approach to take for the second half of 2020, include:

  • A sewage spill in the Foss Waterway, in downtown Tacoma. It happens more than you might think. According to the Health Department, the situation has now returned to acceptable levels.
  • When the...

Den här dagen för x år sedan Friday, 22 May, at 09:13

Nu när allting är eller blir mer och mer digitalt blir en del saker så mycket enklare. Ett exempel är de här påminnelserna man kan få av typen “den här dagen för ett år sedan…”. Facebook har den funktionen, google fotos har den, apples icloud och deras prylar och så finns det såklart tjänster och ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Den här dagen för x år sedan dök först upp på

Thursday, 21 May

VKV 101 Thursday, 21 May, at 19:10

Har varit sjuk i Corona och hela våren har gått förbi utan paddling. Men \nnu kom jag äntligen ut ! förvisso bara en timme. Är ändå skönt att känna att man är på gång igen. 4km blev det, fotstödet lossnade halvvägs och visade sig inte passa så bra. Får såga till ett nytt.

A Water Cure The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 21 May, at 16:39

“Sarcopenia is the name given to the condition of age-related muscle loss. After the age of forty, the human body begins to shed muscle tissue. Slowly at first (and there are methods of counteracting the effects for a while), but as the smoke clears from the candles on your fiftieth birthday cake, the process is well underway. You can alter your diet and exercise schedule as much as you like, but time will not be denied.”

I wrote those words six years ago. You can only imagine how the effects of time have worn me down since then! Well, we’re all six years older, right? Perhaps if you are...

Big Day Birthday mark tozer's blog Thursday, 21 May, at 00:38

Wednesday, 20 May

Resuscitation In A Time Of COVID-19 mark tozer's blog Wednesday, 20 May, at 22:03

A new infographic by the American Heart Association outlines key considerations regarding resuscitation administered by healthcare providers who are treating suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients.

#AmericanHeartAssociation ##HealthCareProviders #CPR #COVID19 #DuringATimeOfPlague

Reviews of Boat Building Books Wednesday, 20 May, at 16:55

wood canoe in BWCA

Over the years, I’ve built a few canoe and kayaks without any formal instruction. When I started building, formal instruction wasn’t available where I live, so I mostly learned how to do it from books. Just like sentences are pulled together by a paragraph, books help to pull together all the steps of boat building. If you are good at following instructions and have some skill with building, you end up with a boat that will float. I’ve managed to collect just a few boat-building books over the years. Here is a list with a short review of those that I’ve collected.

This article was originally published back in 2008....

Best Planer Boards For Trolling – Buying Guide Globo Outdoors Wednesday, 20 May, at 13:35

Trolling is a great method for fishing which is loved by many fishermen. One or more fishing lines with lures or baitfish are drawn through the water by a moving boat, fishing kayak, or canoe. However, in practice, many anglers feel confused when they use multiple lines for trolling as the lines could tangle. One way to reduce the chances of tangling is to use an inline planer board. Actually, the inline planers are very useful and innovative, but still not very popular. That’s why we decided to review the best planer boards for sale on the market.

Our Planer Board Picks:

One good thing - 18th and 19th May 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Wednesday, 20 May, at 09:31

The sunset on the evening of 18th May was nothing short of majestic.  What began as a faint pink blush in the sky suddenly developed into stunning shades of amber and molten gold.  The sunset is now in the northwest here in Aberdeenshire, the bearing approximately 310 degrees or 40 degrees north of west.  In a month, at the solstice the sun will hardly dip below the horizon before it skims up again in the northeast.

Tuesday, 19 May

Do Kayaks Have Weight Limit? Globo Outdoors Tuesday, 19 May, at 21:03

Fun and relaxing kayaking trip on a warm summer day sounds great, right? And, probably you think about renting or buying a kayak for your next adventure. However, when choosing the right kayak for you, there are several key considerations, and the kayak weight limit is one of them. Maybe the most important if you are a heavy paddler or planning to take a lot of gear for your trip. And, now the answer.

Every kayak has a weight limit and it varies according to its size, design, and purpose. It is not a set-in-stone rule, but most of the recreational, touring, and ocean kayaks have a weight limit of 250-450 pounds, most fishing kayaks have load capacity in the range of 350-550 lbs. Of course, tandem kayaks have a more generous maximum weight capacity of 500-650 pounds.

But what actually is the kayak maximum weight capacity?

What is a kayak weight limit?

The kayak weight limit is a key specification of every kayak that shows the recommended maximum load in pounds a kayak could carry and still stay above the water. This number helps the paddlers to choose the most suitable kayak for them according to their own weigh and the weight of all the gear they are planning to bring. But, more on that a bit later.

Actually, the manufacturers...

Hanging Fire The Ikkatsu Project Tuesday, 19 May, at 19:54

Last Saturday was the originally scheduled date for the 3rd Annual Tacoma Shoreline Survey. It has since been postponed until September, a stretch of time that seemed fantastically far out in the future when it was first made. In those naive days of late March, nobody really thought any vestiges of the lockdown would possibly be in place as far ahead as September.

It doesn’t seem so far away now though, does it? Hopefully, the restrictions will have eased by then, because the virus is “… going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” Hope is not a strategy, however, and we’re...

Scottish Canyoning Pesda News Tuesday, 19 May, at 16:40

Pesda Press is pleased to announce that Danny Watts is in the process of writing a guidebook called Scottish Canyoning. Danny is the Head Guide for Vertical Descents and a Canyoning Teacher for the UKCG (UK Canyon Guides).

Reprint of Climbing Games Pesda News Tuesday, 19 May, at 16:36

I know it’s a bit pervy but I love the smell of a newly printed book! There may be the odd delay but everything is still working for Pesda Press. Today I received the advance copies of a reprint of Climbing Games. Don’t rush out and buy it if you already have it – it’s only a reprint as we have nearly run out of stock.

New Author from the Lake District Pesda News Tuesday, 19 May, at 16:34

Pesda Press are delighted to announce that we have signed up Lake District author and mountaineering instructor Graham Uney. He is writing Nature of the Lake District which will join the series alongside Nature of Snowdonia by Mike Raine and Nature of the Brecon Beacons by Kevin Walker.
He is also writing Walking the Wainwrights. A guide to walking the Wainwrights in the high fells of the Lake District.

May 18th - Cadboro bay (#40) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Tuesday, 19 May, at 00:52

I went for an afternoon paddle around the bay. It was very nice and sunny and there were lots of people on the beach. Also many watercraft out: paddleboards, kayaks, rowboats, yachts, sailing dinghies and powerboats! I did a little loop near Cadboro Point as I saw some friends paddling across Baynes channel and went out to chat with them.

click to enlarge
9 km, YTD 288 km

Copying With Anxiety In A Time Of COVID-19 mark tozer's blog Tuesday, 19 May, at 00:32

 Illustrator: Kate Allen

It is not uncommon to experience anxiety and fear when hearing information about an infectious disease that is impacting individuals across the globe. Social distancing is also causing us all to temporarily change our daily routine, which can feel uncomfortable.

It is important to learn the facts related to the risks and speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have about your own health and COVID-19. If you are experiencing anxiety or fea...

Monday, 18 May

Frej – Klaas van der Pijl Björn Thomasson Design Monday, 18 May, at 22:45

Frej – Klaas van der Pijl

Sjösatt: en mycket storspecial-Frej för en storvuxen paddlare.

"Hi Bjorn,

It has been quite a while since you adjusted your plans for Frej for my weight, and I started building. She has been finished for approximately a year and a half now. I recently started thinking about building another kayak, and realised that I never told you I finished it. I am extremely happy with my Frej. She fits me like a glove, and does everything I expected her to do. Even with the extended length of +/- 5.7 metres she is extremely maneuverable. A tiny bit of lean makes her go anywhere I want. I can roll her quite easily, and yet she feels very stable in the water. I actually prefer the way she handles in the waves over totally flat water, but that might also be because I enjoy the waves so much :)

In the attachment a picture I took while I was on a course at the Dutch 'waddeneilanden' with Nico Middelkoop. I also have a rather low quality video of most of the build at 

Again, thank you so much...

One good thing - 17th May 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Monday, 18 May, at 21:41

The weekends give opportunity for longer walks, and once again routes on the Correen Hills have been the logical choice, walking directly to and from home on long circuits.  Both days had similar weather with early rain clearing to give bright and breezy conditions, flotillas of clouds racing overhead and clear air.  The freedom and space these hills have offered through the lockdown will be long remembered, great striding routes where other people are seldom seen.

Grönt på Rönneå Monday, 18 May, at 16:48

Idag blev det en förmiddagstur på Rönneå från ÄSSS. Grönt som tusan överallt. Fint med blommande kastanjer och hägg precis vid vattnet. Lite medvind uppåt och så lite avtagande motvind på väg tillbaka. Mest sol men nåt litet moln såg vi allt. Verkade som merparten av båtarna i hamnen var i men i övrigt inte ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Grönt på Rönneå dök först upp på

Blæsevejrstur til Karrebæksminde Pouls kajakblog Monday, 18 May, at 09:04

Tomas havde indkaldt til surf i Karrebæksminde. Det havde jeg ingen planer om at deltage i, men jeg ville da godt ned og hilse på. Det var der andre der også ville, så jeg roede af sted sammen med Anders, Johnny og Susanne i strid modvind ud ad kanalen.

Vi måtte knokle lidt ekstra da vi nåede fjorden og blev hurtigt enige om at ro langs kysten for at få lidt læ.
Det lykkedes fint, og snart var vi i Karrebæksminde. Og nej, Susannes kajak sank ikke - der var lidt bølger inden vi nåede i læ...

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