Thursday, 12 December

Whelmed The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 12 December, at 21:25

Taking their cue from the student-led Climate Strike movement, the...

Wednesday, 11 December

Soligt tisdagsmys på Skälderviken Wednesday, 11 December, at 11:44

Igår var det superväder i skåneland. Efter gott bad hemomkring med lite minsugrader stack jag ner till Skälderviken och paddlade en runda i solen. Riktigt gött väder med svaga vindar, lite gammal dyning från tidigare blåsväder. Plockade ut Clapotisen hos ÄSSS och tog en runda bort mot Klitterhus och tillbaka. Hade en liten badtanke men ... Läs mer...

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Tuesday, 10 December

Adventstur til Verholmen Padlemia Tuesday, 10 December, at 21:30

Søndagstur, det var bestemt. Denne søndagen slo gatelysene seg av en time tidligere enn forrige helg, jeg var også tidligere ute. Det ble en tur hjemmefra, for å ikke sløse lys-tid i bilkjøring.

Flatt hav. Men det lurer en eling i det fjerne kan det jo se ut for… Kanskje det blir noe skøy underveis? Jeg hadde tenkt meg bort til Verholmen for å øve litt rulling, siden det blir en stund til neste bassengtrening.


November 2019 Tuesday, 10 December, at 20:22

November var relativt grå även i solsäkra metropolen där vi hänger 😉 Jag fick till en liten paddelrunda på Skälderviken i gråväder. En grå kajakrunda kring Saltholmen i Göteborg blev det också. En natt i plåttältet Winzent lyckades vi också pressa in. Några bad. Ingen utenatt. En finfin promenad på Älemosse på Hallandsåsen var nytt ... Läs mer...

Inlägget November 2019 dök först upp på

Sunset Photo Competition, West Coast of Scotland Tuesday, 10 December, at 08:30

Next year has been designated the Year of Coasts and Waters in a VisitScotland marketing campaign.

Part of that umbrella campaign is one for the west coast called West Coast Waters.

It's being promoted with a West Coast Sunset photo competition on Instagram.

If you're over 18, just post an Instagram photo of a spectacular sunset on Scotland's west coast; add the hashtag #wcwsunsets; tag the location; and tag @wcwscotland.  Follow them too if you want to know whether you won.  You'll automatically enter the competition with a draw every two weeks, and you could win either a bottle of locally produced whisky or gin.

I'm fairly sure this blog is read by adventurous outdoor types, most of whom will have a photo of a spectacular west coast sunset som...

December 9th - Chatham Island (and wolf!) (#56) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Tuesday, 10 December, at 00:36

Dan and I went for a paddle around Chatham Island. We decided to make it a shorter paddle and I am so glad we did! We checked out the lagoon on West Chatham and did not go far in as there were 14 great blue herons perched in the tall trees around the lagoon and I did not want to disturb them. As we made our way around the top end of West Chatham (after passing the "sluice" between Vantreight and West Chatham) Takaya trotted across the shallow channel right in front of us! It has been quite a while since I have seen him and to have such a phenomenal view was a real treat. He stayed around and watched us until we left...

I have posted a bunch of images and video of the wolf which I took with my phone at the following link: Wolf Photo Album


Monday, 09 December

2019 Challenge Plus Frogma Monday, 09 December, at 19:23

Got in another 11 miles towards my 2019 goal yesterday with my friend Ilene. It was a pretty day but a little breezy; I'd originally looked for people to paddle with me to Dead Horse Bay and back, but the northwest wind wasn't quite west enough for the shore to give the protection I'd hoped for, so rather than a long slog back against the wind, we did both arms of Mill Basin. Ordinarily that's around 10 miles, which was what I'd hoped to do, but we ran into a couple of other paddlers, one of whom was trying out a new drysuit. They were going around Canarsie Pol, so we started out paddling with them to the island before heading for Floyd Bennett Field, so that added a little extra distance, and then there's this little bay in between the two arms of Mill Basin, and Ilene suggested we paddle the edge o...

December 8th - SISKA paddle to Spectacle Falls (#55 Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Monday, 09 December, at 04:40

I joined 14 other SISKA paddlers for a Sunday paddle out into Saanich inlet. We were ably led by Gary and it was a perfect day for a paddle with no rain and calm seas. We paddled across to Bamberton and then along the shore to Spectacle Falls before heading to Mackenzie Bight for lunch. On the way back from lunch to the launch site I managed to paddle under at least 20 docks! We saw a good number of birds: buffleheads, surf scoters,  bald eagles, great blue heron, hooded merganser, common merganser, belted kingfisher and glaucous-winged gull.
This was the first time I have taken the kayak on the roof for a day paddle since March! It was great to chat with a bunch of old friends and make some new ones.

click to enlarge...

Sunday, 08 December

the 2019 Adventure Otaku Holiday Gear Stocking Stuffer List. Paddling Otaku Sunday, 08 December, at 14:46

Okay, here we go. A week ago we had the full gear list, now it's time for the Stocking Stuffer List! As always, I am not sponsored by any of these companies, this is just gear I use, trust and enjoy!

The first piece fo gear I grab every time I go to teach or to play in the outdoors. A Buff ($28) that is both UV resistant as well as treated with permethrin so it keeps the bugs away too.

The Simple Guides - Backpacking, Kayaking, and Stand Up Paddle boarding ($3.99 - $5.99) Short little books, that contain everything you need to get started. From gear selection to basic strokes and skills.

The next is one of my all-time favorites. The GSI Kung Foon - A spork and Chopsticks combination that combine to make a long handled spork for eating freeze dried food.

Coffee is key. Both psychologically, and in terms of comfort. There is nothing better than a hot cup of joe on a cold morning to get you out of your tent. I have struggled with coffee makers in the back country but have finally found one I like. The Sea to Summit X-Brew. Folds flat and packs to nothing. Expands to ma...

Utflyktskarta Sunday, 08 December, at 11:15

Under några år har vi samlat en del ställen som vi skulle vilja besöka i en mapp på pinterest. Det har blivit ganska många och lite svårgreppbart, så det fick bli en karta. På Google Maps kan man smidigt göra egna kartor och sen har jag lagt in länken till Pinterest så det blir enklare ... Läs mer...

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Saturday, 07 December

December 6th - Cadboro and Cattle Points (#54) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Saturday, 07 December, at 07:12

I went for an afternoon paddle in nice calm conditions. The usual birds were around: bufflehead, hooded merganser, bald eagle, Canada goose, black turnstone, pelagic cormorant, common merganser and harlequin duck.

click to enlarge
8 km, YTD 393 km

Friday, 06 December

Pepparkaksbygget 2019 GOTT UTE OCH INNE Friday, 06 December, at 22:05

Nu när Helsingborgskanotisterna varit så himla duktiga och fixat finansiering av ett nytt klubbhus är det ju på plats att både fira detta men också tacka vår gamle trotjänare.

Det gamla klubbhuset från 1936 tackar vi för lång och trogen tjänst genom att dokumentera det i pepparkaksdeg. Vi ska minnas Dig! Tack för alla kräftskivor, julmiddagar, midsommarfester, fikor och pizzahäng på trappan! 🙂 Du gjorde jobbet bra! Och som pepparkakshusmakare gillar man verkligen geometrin. 🙂


Kompassidéer Björn Thomasson Design Friday, 06 December, at 21:57

bilder på Suunto SK-8

För ett par dagar sedan klagade jag över att Suunto inte längre tillverkade sin Orca-kompass. Men Wolfgang Heuberger tipsade mig om att själva kompasshuset finns kvar under namnet SK-8 (och säljs som reservdel till dykkompasserna).

Framtiden är räddad för alla som gillar Orca, och jag har satt ihop en idéskiss om hur man kan integrera den i kajakdäcket – plus lite funderingar kring alternativ.

The Best Boots for Canoeing Friday, 06 December, at 21:22

best boots for canoeing

My go-to boot for shoulder season day tripping has always been the NRS Boundary Shoe. But, on longer trips, especially those without a dry suit, I’ve found the shoes to be too flexible for portages and not waterproof enough for long days. They weren’t the best boots for canoeing, especially during the shoulder season. I polled my friends and fellow paddlers, some of who have spent years guiding canoe trips and have paddled on expeditions all around the world, about what boots they typically used for this. They recommended the following most oft...

Merci Encore! The Ikkatsu Project Friday, 06 December, at 19:08

First Giving Tuesday, then the Year-O-Rama at the Camp Bar the next night… this week has been a reminder to me of the reasons the Ikkatsu Project is doing the things it does. Even more importantly, it was a chance to get back together with the people who are out there doing some of...

Rock (and not so much surf) Clinic On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Friday, 06 December, at 05:57

Osprey had an open spot on their Rock and Surf Clinic today and I had a free day to play. I figured a day of excellent coaching in the rocks and surf would be perfect.
I was a little bit sad to find out that Carl wasn't teaching, but he and Sam always hire the best coaches around. I was not worried about the quality of the instruction.
The coach was a little surprised to see that I showed up with an Ares for a rock class or that I would also bring a stick. He figured only fools would be looking to smack a glass boat into a rock.... What is an Ares for if not playing in rocks and surf - as long as you don't hit the rocks too hard. Besides, if I broke the pumpkin I could just leave it with Carl and he'd make it good as new - if not better.
It was a small class: just myself and one other paddler. The other guy was pretty new but could hold his own.
We took off from Sakonett and headed out past the point to the rock garden. The conditions were good for getting comfortable around the rocks. The water was pushy, but not so pushy that you couldn't get in close.
We spent the morning in the rocks getting pointers about technique and timing. My rotation was a little bit off. I could pay attention to what my feet are doing a little bit more. I could try a few different edging things. It was all good advice and minor tweaks. Exactly what I was looking for while also getting to play.
When it came time for surfing, we were out of luck. The conditions just were...

Bonus Escape, Saturday, 11/30/2019 Frogma Friday, 06 December, at 04:37

Saturday the 30th was another beautiful day here in NYC. I've come up with a goal for my 2019 paddling that I'll talk about in another post - I've been tracking my mileage for the year and after the 12 mile paddle on the 23rd, I looked at my total and thought, "Hey, if I worked at it just a little bit I could get to ___ miles by the end of the year". This is going to require a couple of days off from work and some cooperative weather, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

The weather on Saturday couldn't have been any more cooperative - in fact it was a great day for both sailors AND paddlers! As I'd mentioned, my official Escape from Black Friday was on foot because it was a little too breezy to be a good kayaking day; Saturday morning, there was still enough of that breeze left for some of the club's sailors to have a good mo...

Thursday, 05 December

Decembertur Pouls kajakblog Thursday, 05 December, at 15:38

Den første decembertur var også en onsdagstur. Jørgen, Jens og undertegnede roede i dis og blæst rundt om Gavnø.

16 km blev det til

Novemberture Pouls kajakblog Thursday, 05 December, at 15:35

Det blev til 5 onsdagsture i november. alle dage var med fint vejr - den ene så fint at Jan og Jeg i vindstille roede rundt om Enø og Gavnø. Kameraet er til rep, så ingen billeder
98 km blev det til.

what lies beneath vincent kayak Thursday, 05 December, at 05:00

kayaks on top and
jelly fish and whales below


Wednesday, 04 December julkalender Wednesday, 04 December, at 17:50

Andreas Holm från danmark har gjort en julkalender med kajakövningar. Klart trevligt och inspirerande. En del övningar känns igen men en del är nya för de flesta. Kul med någon som försöker inspirera istället för att bara sälja 🙂 Förutom ett par års julkalendrar har Andreas massor av filmer på youtube. Slå en kik här: ... Läs mer...

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Nordens trollsländor av Magnus Billqvist Wednesday, 04 December, at 08:58

Praktverk om trollsländor. Trollsländor har blivi populärt bland skådare. En av anledningarna är visst att de är hanterbart många, en annan att det är rimligt lätt att skilja de olika sorterna åt och en tredje att trollsländorna och dagsfjärilarna finns omkring oss överallt. Boken är tjock med sina drygt 350 sidor och innehåller mycket fina ... Läs mer...

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Tuesday, 03 December

Bra start på decemberbadmånaden Tuesday, 03 December, at 20:30

Badmånaden december har börjat riktigt bra. Bad de tre första dagarna i alla fall är en bra början 🙂 Har varit ett par riktigt goa mornar med finväder så idag och i söndags blev det soluppgångsdopp i Rössjön. Igår från en brygga i Västersjön. Runt fem minus i luften och lite is i kanten. Man ... Läs mer...

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Odanak Abenaki Postcard Paddle Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Tuesday, 03 December, at 15:15

Found two postcards online featuring a Abenaki style paddle. Both feature the same unknown person listed as being taken at Odanak, Québec, and published by the Peco Ottawa Photogelatine Engraving, Co between 1930-1940.


Monday, 02 December

Sight and sound on Loch Maree Mountain and Sea Scotland Monday, 02 December, at 22:40

There was absolutely no wind when we headed out onto Loch Maree.  Our pace matched the feel of the morning and we spent long minutes just drifting on miror-calm water and absorbing the place.

Our plan was to simply explore a few of the islands clustering the north west end of the loch, so we heade...

Escape from Black Friday 2019 Frogma Monday, 02 December, at 21:14

Another Black Friday successfully evaded! HOORAY!

I escaped by land this year -- the forecast was for a lovely day but a bit on the breezy side for paddling, so I decided to go for a shorewalk. It ended up being a fun one, making good use of part of the Brooklyn Greenway to change the Sheepshead Bay to Gerritson Creek and back walk I'd set out planning to do into a 6.5 mile one-way walk, beginning at the Sheepshead Bay station on the B and Q line and finishing at Riis Landing in Queens, where I caught the Q35 bus back to my neighborhood. This was really neat!

The walk to Gerritson Creek is a favorite of mine, but I've done it several times and have been thinking it would be fun to mix it up a bit. I think it was the...

The Log of the Sea of Cortez – Tsunami Ranger Retreat November 2019 Extreme Sea Kayaking Adventures Monday, 02 December, at 08:45

Editor’s note: It’s always something. If it’s not dumping rain, it’s swarming biting bugs. If it’s not a broken rudder, it’s an incoming thunderstorm replete with 30 kt. winds. If it’s not a kamikaze vulture it’s a horde of Baja 500 aficionados screaming by on their motorcycles and Baja buggies. This is the Log of […]

The post The Log of the Sea of Cortez – Tsunami Ranger Retr...

Saturday, 30 November

Gratitude Woman on Water Saturday, 30 November, at 18:07

It was too sappy to call this post Gushing with Gratitude.  But that isn't a bad thing.

As we roll into Liquid Fusion Kayaking's slower season, Jeff and I have been reviewing Liquid Fusion Kayaking's business plan and our own personal goals.  Health and happiness are at the top of my short and long term goal list.  This week, I reaffirmed how simple this can be, and I am literally gushing with gratefulness.

Strolling among redwood trees - breathing the fresh air - marveling at life.
I am grateful that I have found the magic potion for happiness - time spent in nature.  It can be as simple as walking on my errands around town - admiring plants and birds or as exhilarating...

The 2019 Adventure Otaku Holiday Gear List! Paddling Otaku Saturday, 30 November, at 17:21

Every year I publish a list of holiday gifts for the adventurer in your life.  This year I wanted to do something a little bit different. T I wanted the list to specifically make peoples outdoor adventures better and safer. In general, my mission in life is to get people active in the outdoors. Here is this years list. Here is the accompanying video.

#1 Hydration is key. Most of the time water will suffice. But in the dog days of summer when the temperature is 102 (and the water is 86) and I still have to teach kayaking or SUP, water won't cut it. I switch to NUUN Hydration products. They taste great, they have electrolytes. They replenish what I have lost and keep me going. It isn't always that extreme, sometimes I just need a break from water. Get this variety pack for around $40 or...

Kompassbyte... Björn Thomasson Design Saturday, 30 November, at 17:07

Njord med Suunto Orca

På flera av mina kajaker använder jag en "avklädd" Suunto Orca kompass nerfälld under en kåpa av trä/plywood eller laminerad i glas/kolfiber. Den finns också inritad på flera kajakritningar. Finessen med Orcan är att den är liten och låg och kan monteras ganska nära sittbrunnen – med en extra bonus att det transparenta huset kan belysas på natten underifrån med en liten ledlampa i sittbrunnen (t ex en enkel pannlampa runt ankeln). Nackdelar kan vara att siffrorna kan vara svåra att se i vissa väderförhållanden och att själva plasthuset är ganska ömtåligt (jag har bytt ut kompassen en gång efter att ha lagt kajaken upp och ner på lastbyglar och råkat få kompasshuset mot lastbygeln, men det hade nog inte många kompasser klarat -;)

Men nu har Suunto tyvärr meddelat att den inte längre produceras. Väldigt synd, tycker jag.

Att hitta en bra ersättare är inte helt enkelt. De flesta kajakkompasser är båtkompasser som hjälpligt adapteras till kajakbruk och blir onödigt stora på ett kajakdäck. Den vanliga Silva 70 med sitt däcksfäste är jag inte så tänd på: för stor, för utsatt och ivägen på däck. Även den infällda Silva 70 (som på många engelska kajaker) är stor och klumpig och kräver stort monteringsutrymme i tre dimensioner, även om den monteras ihop med förluckan. 

Efter att ha letat i kompasskataloger och p...

Arctic Sea Kayak Race (ASKR) del 5 Padlemia Saturday, 30 November, at 15:05

Det er blitt onsdag på Arctic Sea Kayak Race. Dagen da alle padlerne møtes i Skipnes, alt fra nybegynnerne på kurset, til de som ville ta det litt piano på kort ramble, til de som har runda yttersia på lang ramble, båtcrew, annet crew, etterslengere og det som er. Men først må man bestemme seg om man virkelig vil ut av teltet, når dette er utsikten…

(Har du ikke lest første etappe ennå, så finner du den HER,  andre etappe HER. og tredje etappe er HER, mens fjerde etappe ligger...

Friday, 29 November

Black Friday Friday, 29 November, at 08:36

Tokigt koncept såklart att få folk att handla tokigt mycket prylar som inte behövs. Vi är verkligen inga förespråkare för tokshopping men tycker samtidigt att det kan vara smart att passa på och handla nåt som behövs till ett lägre pris. Jämför pris Slå dock en kik på Prisjakt, Pricerunner eller motsvarande prisjämförelsesajt först och ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Black Friday dök först upp på

November 28th - Cadboro Bay (#53) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Friday, 29 November, at 02:18

I went for a 1 hour afternoon paddle around the bay. The winds had died down a bit and since they were from the north, the bay was quite protected. I had nice views of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker. As I went past Cadboro Point, I encountered some lumpy water and decided to take it easy and went back to the bay! I saw most of the usual birds, including buffleheads, hooded and common mergansers, Canada gees, bald eagle, great blue heron, glaucous-winged gull, harlequin duck and pelagic and double-crested cormorants.

click to enlarge
7 km, YTD 385 km.

Thursday, 28 November

Søndagstur til Ånnstadøya Padlemia Thursday, 28 November, at 23:44

Vinterpadleintro! Det ble ikke så veldig vinterpadleintro, for vinteren hadde forsvunnet litt siden vi la ut invitasjonen til tur. Men det ble oppmøte på Taen, og de som ble med fikk velge om de ville øve på ting i bølgene som kanskje ville komme, eller padle tur. Ikke overraskende foretrakk folk tur. Det er stort sett når folk kommer til kort og skjønner at de burde ha øvet mer, at de vil øve. Men når de har tilbudet blir det som oftest nei. Det var uansett litt usikker værmelding, så det kunne fort bli reell øving på tur også. Vi tok med både ved for bålkos, og hjelm for eventuell action.

Go morgon kring GKF och Ängholmen Thursday, 28 November, at 08:45

I tisdags var vi i Göteborg en kortis. Pia för en liten operation i ena foten. Jag fick fördriva tiden så länge. Stack ut till GKF och paddlade en runda. Riktigt grå morgon, dessutom i grå lånekajak. Svaga ostliga vindar. Fin runda på en dryg timme runt Ängholmen, Saltholmen, Eskilsholmen m.m. Nu kryckor för Pia ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Go morgon kring GKF och Ängholmen dök först upp på

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