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  • Purjolök


    Purjolök brukar vi ha de flesta år, har dock aldrig lyckats med det från frö. Vi har köpt minipurjosar och satt härhemma. Brukar ofta bli bra. Purjo står sig länge på hösten/vintern och är tåliga. Här hos oss brukar dock rådjuren ge sig på purjolöken under sen höst eller tidig vinter. Tror inte de gillar … Läs mer… Inlägget Purjolök dök först upp på

  • Mon 05/12-2022 Day 771

    Mon 05/12-2022 Day 771

    Pos: 08.3724,-83.1442 Loc: Playa Pavones Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 15,6 km Start: 9:00 End: 12:10 Yesterday evening, my coastguard contact Adrian had to change the emmigration style – I need to come to the immigration office, as the officer feels unable to come to me as originally planned. But I get a ride with […]

  • Skatvågen og desemberrulle

    Skatvågen og desemberrulle

    Det ble ganske sent før jeg kom meg av gårde denne helgen, så jeg valgte et sted jeg kunne følge land hele veien, i tilfelle det skulle bli i mørkeste laget før jeg kom meg tilbake til bilen. Dermed startet jeg ved Øra, for å padle ut til Skatvågen. Siden det var den kajakken som […]

  • Sun 04/12-2022 Day 770

    Sun 04/12-2022 Day 770

    Pos: 08.3924,-83.2796 Loc: Playa Carbonera Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 41,9 km Start: 6:10 End: 14:10 I skipped the communal dinner, despite being invited. I simply cannot stand to be in a dining room with maybe fifty noisily chatting hiking tourists, and to tell the same old story again and again. I am hoping my […]

  • Towing for Sea Kayakers

    Towing for Sea Kayakers

    This is a controversial topic. There’s a lot to know and a lot to learn about towing. Kayakers have varying opinions about what system to use and why, and their opinions are often quite strong. At the end of the day, you need knowledge and practice to tow effectively. You never know when it might […] Related Posts: The Value of Rescue Practice – Cold Water Rescue Rodeo With… Playing in Tide Rips With A Sea Kayak Certification – What’s the Point? The Tsunami Rangers Take… Just in Time for Christmas – Sea Kayaking Books! No Retreat, No Surrender by Oscar Chalupsky – A Review The post Towing for Sea Kayakers appeared first on Extreme Sea Kayaking Adventures.

  • Plastic Jesus

    Plastic Jesus

    It’s seldom that you get to see a classic Iron Age ritual going full-monty on 21st century technology, but if you’re a fan of irony, you could hardly do better than this one. It seems that the practice of communion-in-a-bag is becoming widely popular across a range of Christian megachurches, proving not only that a …

  • Sat 03/12-2022 Day 769

    Sat 03/12-2022 Day 769

    Pos: 08.4704,-83.5921 Loc: Playa Sirena Ranger Station Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 42,7 km Start: 6:00 End: 13:30 The way to the beach from my lovely cabinas is much shorter this time than on my arrival. My hosts are happy to carry my kayak about three hundred meters down to the beach, and my bags […]

  • Tomah Joseph Paddle

    Tomah Joseph Paddle

    Another shot of the Abbe Museum’s Indians & Rusticators exhibit which ran from 2012 – 2013 and featured a full-sized paddle carved by Passamaquoddy Elder, Tomah Joseph (1837 – 1914). Source Link I’ve adjusted the contrast and flipped the image to get a fairly decent frontal outline of the paddle. The paddle has been discussed before in this […]

  • Fri 02/12-2022 Day 768

    Fri 02/12-2022 Day 768

    Pos: 08.6906,-83.6667 Loc: Playa Colodaro Bahia Drake Acc: Mirians Place Drake rest day I chose to stay indoors today and indulge in my 2023 Janny’s Eis business tables. Doing some ‘homework’ while resting my skin for another day in air conditioning feels good. Going outside in the humid heat is not tempting. Maybe I am […]

  • Thu 01/12-2022 Day 767

    Thu 01/12-2022 Day 767

    Pos: 08.6906,-83.6667 Loc: Playa Colodaro Bahia Drake Acc: Mirians Place Drake rest day As I have done most of my chores yesterday afternoon, I go for an exploration walk in the village. The closest way to launch again on Saturday is down the road, not through the town. We can walk the short way downhill […]

  • THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: EPISODE #36: Paddling at Night

    THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: EPISODE #36: Paddling at Night

    IN THIS EPISODE: Seven years without television. Paddling at night. The music of Kimmernaq.



    A veces no necesitas una gran preparación para hacer tu aventura. A veces sí. Para saber si basta con estar muy fuerte para hacer más de 400 km en kayak sin experiencia previa vas a tener que escuchar el episodio. Lo cierto es que en esta entrevista hablamos con alguien que es parte del equipo que unió (casi) el Mediterráneo y el Atlántico por el Canal de dos mares paleando en un K2 de mar. Para nosotros está conseguido. El canal de dos mares es la unión del Canal du midi y el Canal de la Garonne a través de

  • Wed 30/11-2022 Day 766

    Wed 30/11-2022 Day 766

    Pos: 08.6906,-83.6667 Loc: Playa Colodaro Bahia Drake Acc: Mirians Place Drake Dist: 28,8 km Start: 6:00 End: 11:25 The tropical rainstorm arrived late at seven o’clock last evening, but it was no less than the other days. It felt different, exposed in a small tent in the middle of an extensive flat sandy beach. But […]

  • Wed 30/11-2022 Day 766

    Wed 30/11-2022 Day 766

    Pos: 08.6906,-83.6667 Loc: Playa Colodaro Bahia Drake Acc: Mirians Place Drake Dist: 28,8 km Start: 6:00 End: 11:25 I have a day off tomorrow, will write more.

  • Tue 29/11-2022 Day 765

    Tue 29/11-2022 Day 765

    Pos: 09.9371,-83.6266 Loc: Playa Chicos Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 26,9 km Start: 8:10 End: 13:05 Despite this camp reminded me a bit to my first night in Quepos with the continuous light on and camping under a dry roof on a balcony, this was already all they had in common. It was afe and […]

  • Mon 28/11-2022 Day 764

    Mon 28/11-2022 Day 764

    Pos: 09.0983,-83.6862 Loc: Playa Pinuela Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 26,9 km Start: 6:45 End: 13:30 I slept well and undisturbesd. Sometimes at night, the rain stopped, the tide receeded, but was back to high in the morning. Still, it is a very different high from yesterday evening. This morning, I can easily get out […]

  • Novembertisdag på Skälderviken

    Novembertisdag på Skälderviken

    Idag tog vi oss en liten tur på Skälderviken. Lite grått men ingen trängsel. Paddlade från ÄSSS och kajakplan ut på viken och sen söderut förbi Klitterhus. Riktigt gött när man väl kom igång. Inlägget Novembertisdag på Skälderviken dök först upp på

  • Sun 27/11-2022 Day 763

    Sun 27/11-2022 Day 763

    Pos: 09.2308,-83.8409 Loc: Dominicalito Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 39,6 km Start: 5:25 End: 13:00 I had a peaceful calm night, no monkeys around my tent. I can only hear them this morning shouting somewhere in the trees. Tropical wildlife at its best. I like to start very early, to reach Dominicalito well before hight […]

  • Sat 26/11-2022 Day 762

    Sat 26/11-2022 Day 762

    Pos: 09.3806,-84.1455 Loc: Playa Gemelas Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 13,7 km Start: 56:55 End: 10:15 I am ready to leave the hotel at five forty-five, and a taxi brings me back to the Marina. At six o’clock, a Marina guard takes over with his golf cart to shuffle me and my stuff to the […]

  • Deep Breathing

    Deep Breathing

    “Knowing is the key to caring, and with caring there is hope that people will be motivated to take positive actions. They might not care even if they know, but they can’t care if they are unaware.” – Sylvia Earle  I was talking with someone last week about how ocean issues are perceived by those …

  • Fri 25/11-2022 Day 761

    Fri 25/11-2022 Day 761

    Pos: 09.4249,-84.1691 Loc: Quepos Acc: hotel room rest day I have another wonderful recovery day for my skin in the aircondirtioned hotel room, paced with office work. Adrian, my initial Coast Guard contact, made magic work after even my German embassy contact was not able to change the Capitania’s and Immigration officers’s mind with a […]

  • PaddlingLight is Bad at Promoting Black Friday Because It’s Already Saturday

    PaddlingLight is Bad at Promoting Black Friday Because It’s Already Saturday

    If I thought more like an affiliate marketer instead of a I-wish-it-was-still-the-glory-days-of-blogging blogger, I’d be on the ball about promoting all the sales going on across the internets. Instead, I’m dreaming about how I can finish my Winchell documentary (is there anyone out there that wants to help for free?). Or if I was feeling … PaddlingLight is Bad at Promoting Black Friday Because It’s Already Saturday Read More » The post PaddlingLight is Bad at Promoting Black Friday Because It’s Already Saturday appeared first on You can leave a comment by clicking here: PaddlingLight is Bad at Promoting Black Friday Because It’s Already Saturday. We’re changing email providers. Unless you update you won’t receive these emails anymore. You can continue to get these posts by email by subscribing here:

  • Nanoq – Bjarne Kristiansen

    Nanoq – Bjarne Kristiansen

    “Hej Bjørn. Bedre sent end aldrig.I april blev jeg færdig med min Nanok, som jeg byggede på vores lukkede terrasse. Som altid er der bagefter en del efterarbejde og ekstra ændringer: sæde, finne og ikke mindst luger. Opgav trælugerne og støbte nedsænkninger til Click on luger.  Finnen går trægt og skal helst ikke trækkes helt […]

  • 1000 baddagar i rad

    1000 baddagar i rad

    Idag firar vi tusen baddagar i rad. Det är några stycken. Ganska många för oss. Ganska få för de som haft badstreak i många år 🙂 I mars i år bestämde vi att även snöbad/snörull räknades i vår definition på bad. Detta eftersom vi var iväg på lite skidsemester i Trysil 😉 Vi har förvisso … Läs mer… Inlägget 1000 baddagar i rad dök först upp på