Friday, 10 July

"Recreate This Selfie" Frogma Friday, 10 July, at 02:15

So my college friend Robert Haynes Peterson shared this today. I absolutely loved those clever recreations of famous paintings people were doing earlier in the COVID lockdown - didn't have the time or the attention span to pull off one of those but I saw this, looked around my desk, and said "Yup, this one I got." 

Thursday, 09 July

Apologies to those who have submitted comments Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Thursday, 09 July, at 19:08

Just wanted to send a quick note to apologise to folks who have kindly submitted comments to many of the posts. In order to avoid spam posts from robots, the settings on this blog require me to mediate and approve the message before it appears on the site. I used to get an email notification when a comment was submitted but that service seemed to have stopped and didn't realise that many loyal readers had taken time to comment. I'll be going through and doing my best to respond over the next little while.

Thank you for still reading! Thursday, 09 July, at 11:16

Lars Verket som skrivit ett flertal böcker om framförallt norges sydliga kust driver även sajten Här finns innehållet i hans Padleguide-böcker tillgängliga på nätet. Mycket information om varje plats, är det en lägerplats så massa info om den men även vad man kan hitta och göra i närområdet. Var det går att parkera och ... Läs mer...

Inlägget dök först upp på

July Status The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 09 July, at 05:17

As the lockdowns come and go, in a cycle that looks like something we may as well get used to for a while, it makes more and more sense to keep our focus close to home. At least for now. The options are limited anyway – not sure when we’ll be allowed to travel like we used to – but even with that, there are other, very good reasons for a closer look at this part of Cascadia that we call home.


Wednesday, 08 July

Inre Brunnskär Wednesday, 08 July, at 10:11

Norra delen av Inre Brunnskär är lite småflikig och här går bra att hitta finfina tältklippor, plats till några tält. Bra badställe oxå 🙂 Rakt utanför Aspöja i norra St Anna. Perfekt ställe att tillaga Pizza St Anna på 🙂 Vi har bara övernattat här en gång och det var under en fin tur sommaren ... Läs mer...

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Tuesday, 07 July

Sebago Dawn Frogma Tuesday, 07 July, at 14:51

sebago dawn from Bonnie on Vimeo.

Here is something peaceful for you. Dawn at the Sebago Canoe Club. I am not an early riser as a usual thing, but I got an invitation to try kayak fishing yesterday. I got a ride to the club with TQ, who leaves for work at 5 am.

There was this big peachy nearly full moon setting (sadly no pix, I just glimpsed it as it went down behind some trees across the basin) and a mockingbird performing his Concert To Greet The New Day. 

 My NYC fishing record continues to be "has yet to harm any fish" but I did get to bring home some good fresh fluke - one of the experienced fishers who took me out caught a great big one and was leaving town today. So at least I got a lesson in fish cleaning - and a delicious dinner of fresh fluke and fluke roe sauteed in butter with rice...

Kajak i lego Tuesday, 07 July, at 09:45

Att det finns roliga figurer i Lego hade vi ju en aning om, men att det finns kajaker var nytt. Kul för de små att ha några vettiga legoprylar 😉 Bara färgen på kajak & fordon som skulle behövas fixas lite 🙂 Legokajak hos Prisjakt

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Monday, 06 July

New Siskiwit Bay Hits the Water Monday, 06 July, at 22:06

siskiwit bay kayak on the water

Kari Moilanen from Haukivuori, Finland recently launched a Siskiwit Bay kayak. Kari writes:

Here’s my version of Siskiwit Bay kayak. Made it mainly in the summer of 2019, and finished it this spring. The maiden trip was 28th of May, and it was very exciting. Strips are made from Aspen and there’s also little bit of Grey alder too. Skeg, seat, footrests, and hatches, I bought from Kayak Sport....

Physically distanced above the Gairn Mountain and Sea Scotland Monday, 06 July, at 22:03

The gradual easing of lockdown has permitted travel farther afield for recreation and though our local "patch" has been full of interest and given great days of walking, it has been good to have some more freedom.  I met Allan and Lorna for a walk in the final days prior to the travel restriction end - we met up above the River Gairn which is more than the suggested 5 miles from home, but still local - and we have to travel more than 5 miles to shops anyway!

A SWRS sign leaning at a jaunty angle (it sees huge piles of snow here in the winter) indicates the route of a path to Tomintoul via Inchrory and the Avon and to Corgarff - the B976 Crathie to Gairnshiel road where we parked is on the line of a military road constructed in the 1700's.


Kajakvänner Monday, 06 July, at 14:47

I dagarna har sajten Kajakvänner – vi som gillar att paddla kajak lanserats. Tanken är en kajaksajt med info om bra tältplatser. Än så länge en del info om Stockholms mellanskärgård och mer är på gång. Förhoppningen är att fler ska bidra från fler platser. Kul, hoppas de får in mer info och hoppas de ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Kajakvänner dök först upp på

Meet the Rangers! – Scott Becklund Extreme Sea Kayaking Adventures Monday, 06 July, at 09:45

Editor’s note: This is the fifth in our Meet the Rangers! series. Previously we’ve introduced Tsunami Ranger Admiral and Shaman Michael Powers, Vice Admiral Jim Kakuk, Commander Deb Tortuga Volturno, and Lieutenant Commander Steven El Rey King. A great big shout out to all the Rangers who contribute to this series with text and photos! […]

A Quick Guide to Sea Kayaking in Desolation Sound The Dash Point Pirate Monday, 06 July, at 09:29

Andrew Elizaga. Photo by Katya Palladina

Katya and I had been interested in kayaking along British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast for some time before we finally arranged a trip to Desolation Sound in August 2018. Calm, protected inlets surrounded by majestic mountains and the warmest water on the Pacific Coast north of Baja make Desolation Sound a popular destination for sea kayakers as well as people cruising on power or sail boats.

The gateway to Desolation Sound is the town of Lund, which is also “mile zero” of Highway 101. It is located on land known to the First Nations as Klah ah men, a traditional gathering place for the Tla’amin people.

Sea Ka...

Juni 2020 Monday, 06 July, at 08:17

Ännu en go månad som drog förbi. Jag var med på en onsdagskvällspaddling med ÄSSS och sen blev det två paddelrundor när vi var på midsommarutflykt. En kort Österlenutflykt där vi även firade 100 baddagar i rad hann vi också få med. Avslutade månaden med lite tältning väldigt tomtnära. Mycket tid hemomkring med blandade aktiviteter ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Juni 2020 dök först upp på

Elemental The Dash Point Pirate Monday, 06 July, at 07:40

Elemental from Baby Seal Films on Vimeo.

Filmed in the Broken Group Islands, British Columbia.

Music: "Pounding' the Pavement" by DJ Bonseye, licensed through Audiosocket

New Paddle Submission: Ville K Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Monday, 06 July, at 02:32

Blog reader, Ville K, has submitted another paddle creation. A few of Ville's paddles have been showcased before on the blog, all featuring an identical blade shape. The latest creation is also carved from European Aspen but features a thinner blade with a less prominent spine and more flex.

Surface treatment is a few layers of a homemade pine tar-boiled linseed oil-pine turpentine mixture that gives the pale wood a wonderful golden hue. Here is a photo of his three paddles for comparison...

Sunday, 05 July

Vuelta a las Gadeiras con una isla de mas... josebelloseakayaking Sunday, 05 July, at 22:03

Este año aún no le habíamos dado la vuelta a "Las Gadeiras"... esta siendo un año bastante rarito...

Aprovechando que teníamos un sábado con una buena marea y con un horario adecuado para sacarle partido a las corrientes, ha sido la oportunidad. Pero lo más importante es que en vez de darle la vuelta a tres islas, pues han sido cuatro esta vez. No lo hemos hecho yendo más lejos, sino que simplemente entre los últimos descubrimientos arqueológicos de la ciudad (que son constantes cada vez que se remueve el suelo para cualquier obra) ha aparecido lo que puede ser el muelle del puerto de Gadir. 

July 5th - Cadboro Bay (#56) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Sunday, 05 July, at 20:35

I set up a SISKA meetup paddle and was joined by Anton for a very nice paddle around the bay. Lots of people on the water today. I saw a marbled murrelet in winter (black and white) plumage which was a bit surprising

click to enlarge
8 km, YTD 466 km

Björn Thomasson Design Sunday, 05 July, at 13:11

De flesta som byggt kajak, tänkt tanken att bygga kajak eller som har en kompis, släkting, vän på sociala medier som byggt kajak har nog varit inne på Björn Thomassons hemsida. Björn kom ut med Kanotboken 1997 som beskrivs så här: ”Instruktiv och lättfattlig handbok i konsten att bygga vackra och sjösäkra kanoter i trä ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Björn Thomasson Design dök först upp på


Os presento el proyecto en el cual he estado trabajando en los últimos meses. Un manual de kayak pensado para todo el mundo que se inicia. Fácil y agradable de leer. Leer más


Herlig finværspadling mellom jobboppdrag Padlemia Sunday, 05 July, at 11:45

Før ferien hadde jeg muligheten for å padle til jobb. Et såkalt frynsegode, antagelig. Jeg skulle på oppdrag til ei øy, og med så dårlig rutetilbud som det er med hurtigbåt, så er det faktisk like greit å padle. Det tar i praksis ikke så mye lenger tid. Her ser vi fjellet på Dyrøya og så er det vel Børøya i bakgrunnen. Men i forkant, ligger den lave Lille Langøya. Hit skulle jeg.

Her bor det...

Blue Paddling in Arapaho Bend Natural Area paddling with a camera Sunday, 05 July, at 01:37

Paddling in blue: blue sky, blue paddleboard, blue paddler, blue leash … Happy accident or conscious color selection? I am not sure. This picture in from my morning paddling in May on Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area, one […]

Saturday, 04 July

Njord – Jonas Nilsson Björn Thomasson Design Saturday, 04 July, at 16:23

Njord – Jonas Nilsson

"Hej Björn!

Sjösatte mitt bygge - en Njord, den 29 maj 2020 och har hunnit paddla en del. Här följer kort beskrivning av bygget och min upplevelse av de första turerna.

Om bygget:

Total byggtid 130,5 timmar, lika mkt tid till googling och studier av byggtips 🙂 Då har jag även förenklat genom att nyttja färdiga luckor och anpassat luckskålar, sits och sittbrunnssarg som jag köpt från Petrus. Skädda och fotstöd från Kajaksport respektive Smarttrack. Har stött på många utmaningar men inget som jag inte kunnat lösa. Nästa bygge kommer gå både snabbare och säkert bli ännu bättre men totalt sett är jag nöjd med resultatet.

Största utmaningen var inte att mäta in spantmallar och stävar utan snarare att behålla formen när man tvingar in granstripsen mot stävarna. Jag valde även granlister konkava/konvexa och inte vanliga rektangulära vilket förlängde byggtiden och som ändå inte gav någon större fördel då vinklarna i övergångarna gjorde att kanterna diffade

Det gick även åt lite mer epoxy än jag från början tänkt. Anledningen var primärt utfyllnad i stävarna och lite spackling. Annars har jag försökt hålla...

sequestered surf kayaks vincent kayak Saturday, 04 July, at 12:34

still surf kayaking
because it is fun
and i am super lucky
to live in an area 
which is naturally sequestered 


Panthera – Brano Vasilovcik Björn Thomasson Design Saturday, 04 July, at 11:47

Panthera – Brano Vasilovcik

"Hi Bjorn, the first contact with the water of my new Panther, length 580 cm, wood paulownia, weight 15 kg. It was a corona project. It is more stable than I expected, I have to test the speed on standing water when I finish the seat and adjust the rudder. I am very satisfied, you draw beautiful ships. Thank you. I have to start Panther 2, which I want to build from 2 pieces. Probably sometime in the winter. Sorry for my English, translated by Google."

Panthera – Brano Vasilovcik

Panthera – Brano Vasilovcik

Skywatch Friday - Sebago Paddle to Fresh Creek, with float break! Frogma Saturday, 04 July, at 01:14

Skywatch Friday again - look at that dramatic sky and gently sparkling slate water in Jamaica Bay today. Looks a little ominous but it was actually a very placid morning out there. As usual, click on the photo for a better view.

And what a nice surprise it was to find myself leading a full-on Sebago paddle today! As I've mentioned before, we're pretty limited on what we are able to do at the club right now - but I'm so glad the board (and especially our Commodore Beth, seen masked and pointing out our dock regulations in the photo below - "MAX CAPACITY 4" is one of our coronavirus customizations & allows for proper distancing on the dock) was at least able to work out arrangements with the NYC Parks (of whom we are a tenant) allowing for use of club boats. The original arrangement was "No shared equipment", which meant only of us with...

Friday, 03 July

July 3rd - Discovery Island Wolf Mural (#55) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Friday, 03 July, at 22:11

Dan and I set out from Killarney to paddle out and around the islands to see the new mural by Paul Archer of Takaya, the Discovery Island wolf that was relocated and then shot this past winter. News article here. It was nice and calm with currents that were not too strong and a gentle steady rain.
We made it to the foghorn building where the mural was painted last week and decided to get out and check it out. Photos below! It is a beautiful tribute to the memory of this magnificent animal - who I last saw at close range in December.
After that we kept on paddling our usual route and ran into Dave, John and Alex who had been camping in Rudlin Bay for a couple of nights. We had a good chat as we paddled together around the SW corner of the island and then went our separate ways. Dan and I ran into three young women who were staffing the  Straitwatch zodiac and taking a break near Jemmy Jones.
This is the first time I have taken many pictures on a paddle for a long time!


Fantastisk sommeravslutning i gråvær Padlemia Friday, 03 July, at 18:15

Sist onsdag gikk turen fra Jennestad til Vikøya med padleklubben, den siste onsdagspadlinga før sommerferie. Været ble grått, men lite vind.

Jeg hadde håpet på mer vind, og tok turen hjemmefra siden hovedturen skulle gå i «nabolaget». Da ble det ei halv mil ekstra før og etter, så ble det en mer skikkelig tur. Har blitt mye småturer nå i det siste, så nå ville jeg padle litt.


Sebago Summer Lilies & Wildflower Field Frogma Friday, 03 July, at 03:32

Just a couple of pictures from the club that didn't quite fit in with my trip reports. The lilies at the club are beautiful in June (this was June 24th, I think). And then I think I shared a picture of my own little plot growing however it wanted to - but here's the entire Sebago community garden going wild and it's just turned into a wildflower meadow! The bees must be SO happy this year. 


Wednesday, 01 July

Juninätterna Wednesday, 01 July, at 20:03

Alltså, nätterna… Tokigt att vi fick till två utenätter i juni. Såklart precis de sista nätterna 🙂 som vanligt alltså. Vi har skojat om det flera gånger under månaden att vi har så svårt att komma ut. Någon föreslog att vi skulle köra den sista till den första så räckte det med sex nätter per ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Juninätterna dök först upp på

Avkobling og nytt kamera testet Padlemia Wednesday, 01 July, at 16:47

Det ble ingen padling i helgen, men mandag måtte jeg ha luft. Det blåste friskt på sundet, så jeg tok rett og slett en tur hjemmefra.

Nærmest som vanlig roet det seg før jeg kom meg av gårde, men jeg regnet med at det kom til å være mer bølger enn det så ut for lenger ut, sånn som det pleier.


Investering eller vanlig tokshopping? Wednesday, 01 July, at 15:30

En del kallar sin tokshopping/konsumtion/fyndande för investering. Troligtvis för att det låter lite vuxnare än just tokshopping 🙂 Tycker nog Wikipedias definition på investering känns helt rätt. ”En investering är en kapitalinsats som förväntas leda till framtida avkastning. Kapitalinsatsen sker ofta som en utgift i pengar, men kan även vara en insats av andra former av resurser. Avkastningen kan antingen komma ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Investering eller vanlig tokshopping? dök först upp på

A Halftime Huddle The Ikkatsu Project Wednesday, 01 July, at 05:13

New Year’s Eve gets all the attention, at least when it comes to calendars. It’s the end of one year and the beginning of another, after all, and deserves equal parts reflection and celebration. But it still wouldn’t be a bad idea if we could envision the year as a game or a play or some sort of pageant (and it is surely all of these and more), and take a quick look at where we stand at the halfway mark.

It’s hard to believe that 2020’s glass is half-empty already. Or half-full, if you’re more of an optimist, although this year has got to be testing even the sunniest of dispositions. At the Ikkatsu Project, it’s been a year of cancellations, postponements and reconsiderations… probably not that different from a lot of other organizations, large and small. For the past few years, most programs have been based around in-person contact: K-12 classroom instruction, seminars, presentations, beach cleanups and surveys as well as advocacy adventur...

Tuesday, 30 June

La prima presentazione del mio primo libro! Tatiyak Tuesday, 30 June, at 22:47

Sono felice di annunciare la prima presentazione del mio primo libro!
Il nome dato all'evento è già una forte attrattiva: "Sotto le stelle del kayak"!
Sarò ospite del Gruppo Canoe Roma presso il Circolo Dragolago sul Lago di Bracciano nel tardo pomeriggio e serata di sabato 11 luglio 2020 per una cena in compagnia arricchita da qualche chiacchierata sui nostri viaggi alla scoperta delle Isole Baleari!
E' la prima prova generale della Fase 3 dell'emergenza sanitaria per me e per gli amici del GCR.
Chiediamo quindi la conferma della prenotazione, oltre al rispetto delle norme di distanziamento e sicurezza personale: sembra un'ottima occasione per riprendere a parlare in pubblico, all'aperto ed in un ambiente accogliente della nostra una comune passione per il kayak da mare!

Questo l'invito che il Gruppo Canoe Roma ha rivolto ai propri iscritti!
"Cari Amici,
sabato 11 luglio, alle 1...

Pivoting Woman on Water Tuesday, 30 June, at 18:54

Pivoting has become a common term in the business community.  Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, it is no longer business as usual.  Businesses are having to make changes or face going out of business.  Jeff and I have been making changes to Liquid Fusion Kayaking and are committed to staying in business.

Jeff and I feel very fortunate that Liquid Fusion Kayaking is an outdoor business.  For months of shut down, we were consulting with others in the outdoor and kayak industry about the challenges of the global health pandemic and how to minimize risk when we were allowed to reopen.    In addition to the health and safety of our participants, we feel the responsibility to consider the health and safety of our community and our county/state/country.  On the Mendocino Coast, we have a very small rural hospital with limited beds and only 2...

Snabb och enkel reparation... Björn Thomasson Design Tuesday, 30 June, at 09:18


Härom dagen fick jag ett mail från Björn Minör om en stormskada och en osedvanligt enkel reparation, och en som säger en hel del om styrkan och flexibiliteten hos granribborna!

"Maximal otur: en altopp rakt genom min Caribou 495. Men vilken tur: de flesta ribborna gick att böja tillbaka. På med ett nytt lager glasfiber och epoxi över skadan. Passade på att renovera hela kanoten som nu har tjugo år på nacken. En fin och lite ärrad veteran. 

Fantastiskt hur böjliga granribborna ändå är. Här är de tillbaka i sitt läge före den nya lamineringen.


Vi är förresten så himla nöjda med kanoten: den fina formen, den låga vikten och det vackra materialet och det faktum att det går såpass lätt att reparera både småskador och ibland lite större. Det är tjugo år sedan jag byggde den (bodde i Lund då) och med lite slipning och ett nytt lager lack då och då åldras den mycket väl och blir egentligen bara vackrare med åren. Tror jag lade ner 3000 på material när det begav sig. Det innebär att den har kostat mig 150 kr om året. 


Idag far vi mot värmlandsskoga...

Upwind Downwind 6 26 20 Frogma Tuesday, 30 June, at 05:03

There was some shuffling around of paddling plans this last weekend as we had some stormy weather coming through. Originally there were plans for a Saturday paddle to a restaurant across the bay (the group was going to play it by ear when they got there as far as whether they were going to sit on the restaurant's outdoor deck or have food delivered to the beach); I'm feeling a little less than awesome right now and wasn't sure that I wanted to be in on that one - but then Friday morning I got a call from Lori, one of the trip leaders, saying that with Saturday's weather looking pretty sketchy (50% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon), she and Luis were going to go out for a spin at 3 that afternoon. TQ was home and up for it, and the forecast looked pretty good, so off we went.

Forecast ended up being a trifle understated windwise. I think it had said 10 knots with gusts to 15 - ended up being at least...

June 29th - Cattle Point (#54) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Tuesday, 30 June, at 01:11

I took advantage of nice afternoon conditions for a leisurely paddleboard over to Cattle Point by way of RVYC. It was nice to go slow and watch wildlife - including eagles at the nest and kelp crabs on kelp!You can see from the track that the wind and current were from the S & SE, though the wind was not that strong.

click to enlarge
5 km, YTD 443 km

Monday, 29 June

Overnatningstur til Svinø Pouls kajakblog Monday, 29 June, at 18:10

Vejret var fint, da jeg besluttede mig for at tage en tur til Svinø og overnatte i telt. Jeg roede af sted sent på eftermiddagen efter at have pakket Tideracen med telt, Trangia, lidt mad og sovegrejet. Det blev første tur med mit nye Asivik 7 cm oppustelige underlag og kun en fleecesovepose.

Turen derned var forholdsvis begivenhedsløs. Jeg skulle lige ind til bageren og have en bolle til søndagens morgenmad - det blev så også til en softice. Shit happens!
Da jeg roede alene fulgte jeg kysten hele vejen...

Great Glen Canoe Trail – 2nd Edition coming soon! Pesda News Monday, 29 June, at 15:30

Great Glen Canoe Trail – 2nd Edition by Donald Macpherson coming soon!
The author has delivered the updated manuscript and we are working flat out to get this book published. The publication date is 1 September but if we can get it out sooner we will!
Great Glen Canoe Trail cover

Black Lives Matter - Perspective mark tozer's blog Monday, 29 June, at 10:55


Our History - The Greenwood Massacre mark tozer's blog Monday, 29 June, at 10:35

Ninety-nine years ago the first bombs ever dropped on American soil were dropped on the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Ok. At the time it was the wealthiest black community in the country, also known as “Black Wall Street”.

Greenwood - the most preeminent Black community in the United States at the time and 35 square blocks - was home to 10,000 residents and contained scores of Black-owned businesses, hotels, restaurants, law offices, doctors offices, movie theaters, and more. Following a false, racially infused accusation made by a white woman about a black man in a downtown elevator, many of the n...

Link mark tozer's blog Monday, 29 June, at 10:33

#BlackLives Matter #Perspective 
#BeAntiRacist #CareForYourCommunity

Thought For The Day mark tozer's blog Monday, 29 June, at 10:32

#BlackLives Matter #Perspective 
#BeAntiRacist #CareForYourCommunity

Recreate Responsibly Campaign mark tozer's blog Monday, 29 June, at 10:09

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives and caused a great deal of uncertainty, including how we get outdoors. 

We’ve all been looking for advice on how to get outside, and now we have answers from the Recreate Responsibly Coalition

Following these new guid...

Fremont County Coronavirus Unified Command Press Release mark tozer's blog Monday, 29 June, at 08:45

#UnifiedCommand #PressRelease #COVID-19

EMS Week 2020 mark tozer's blog Monday, 29 June, at 08:42

In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation's communities. NAEMT partners with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to lead annual EMS Week activities.

#EMS Week...

Western Mountaineering Monday, 29 June, at 07:01

Western Mountaineering är ett amerikanskt företag som tillverkar dunprylar för friluftsliv. Vi snackar dunjackor, dunsovsäckar, duntofflor, dunbyxor, dunquiltar och dunkuddar. Western Mountaineering gör bara dunprodukter och det är de grymt bra på. Fast de har faktiskt ett par ickedunprylar med; en sovsäcksliner och en Hotsac VBL. alltså fuktspärr. I dunprodukterna används dun med Fillpower på ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Western Mountaineering dök först upp på

Sunday, 28 June

Vikbar solcell för laddning Sunday, 28 June, at 15:40

För några år sedan köpte vi oss en lite större solcell. En vikbar variant med öglor för upphängning och med usb-portar. Större jämfört med såna pyttesmå som vi haft tidigare alltså, fortfarande väldigt liten jämfört med såna som sätts på hustaket eller husbilen. Vi valde en 15W från Vodool. Ska inte säga att vi använt ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Vikbar solcell för laddning dök först upp på

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