Sunday, 18 August

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2019 Sunday, 18 August, at 14:35

Banff bergfilmsfestival ger sig ut på turné även i år såklart. Brukar vara mycket trevliga kvällar med mycket inspiration för utelivet. I skandinavien är det Pathfinder Travels som står bakom arrangemanget. Turnen startar den 16 september i Köpenhamn och slutar 29 november i Vemdalen. Program och mer info finns här:

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Sat 17/08-2019 Day 449 Freya Hoffmeister Sunday, 18 August, at 06:32

Pos: 64.5412,-165.8537
Loc: past Cripple River
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 24,5 km
Start: 14:20 End: 14:35

First day paddling with Ross! We got settled already last night on the beach, and I helped him packing his kayak this morning. We had plenty space left in both kayaks, though as usual, the gear bag load looked huge! But my kayaks swallow everything just easy. We did not even have to store all four water bags per person in front of the footrest, but could take two or three each inside the hatches. All normal and easy for me, but Ross never had paddled such a heavy loaded kayak! And it was loaded only to 80%…

We had fitted his seat, back- and footrest already at the house, he sat inside the cockpit once more and felt it was good! I helped him to get inside afloat the first time, it always feels strange to jump into a different kayak than you are used to. Thank goodness the harbor beach was dead calm. He paddled a round inside the harbor, felt comfortable and we were ready to go!

The harbor exit under the bridge was blocked by sand, so we had to leave offshore around the harbor wall. Two big barges were tied up, one got continuously loaded with the big rocks coming from the quarry from point Nome, the other one had a bunch of heavy machines on top. It was some low swell offshore, maybe a meter, and I was worried Ross might get sea sick too soon…but he...

Saturday, 17 August

Sardegna 2019 costa noroeste josebelloseakayaking Saturday, 17 August, at 23:47

Este es el primero de varios posts del blog sobre mi reciente travesía en Cerdeña. Cada uno de ellos dedicado a una zona de litoral.

En el espacio geográfico nor occidental de la isla, al interés paisajistico de la franja litoral se le suma el de la historia, pues este vértice del territorio ha sido puesta de entrada de diferentes civilizaciones, que han impregnado la cultura local, como ocurre en Alghero, antigua fortaleza aragonesa, o Sassari, como colonia genovesa. 


Grågött på Rönneå Saturday, 17 August, at 20:42

Idag tog vi oss en eftermiddagsrunda på Rönneå. Smådugg och lite grått men väl i kajakerna känns det alltid som sol och medvind. Paddlade upp till stan från ÄSSS och tillbaka. Nästan tillbaka vid kajakförvaringen träffade vi på en nybliven paddlare som var ute på premiärtur i sin nya kajak. Alltid kul med nya entusiaster. ... Läs mer...

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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Saturday, 17 August, at 08:51

DJI har uppdaterat sin kameragimbal för mobiler. Den nya heter DJI Osmo Mobile 3 och är såklart bättre på de flesta punkter. Osmo Mobile är alltså ett elektroniskt kamerastativ som med hjälp av gyroteknik håller mobilen stilla och gör grymt stor skillnad vid filmning. Stativet parerar automatiskt kamerans/dina rörelser med hjälp av tre motorer som ... Läs mer...

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Fri 16/08-2019 Day 448 Freya Hoffmeister Saturday, 17 August, at 06:12

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

Ross was up very early this morning with his 4hrs jetlag, and went to town for an early morning walk and sightseeing plus breakfast in a café. I was still in bed writing my last two updates early morning, and talking to Europe on the phone. We finished the last gear organizing, went to the beach for an “authentic background” wave noise interview for the KNOM radio station, and then it was museum time!
Nome has a history of some big time gold rush to display, the history of the Eskimo natives with all their fishing and hunting traditions, and the story of the Iditarod sledge dog race. We spent a few interesting hours in there!

At 5 pm, Leonard and his girlfriend were picking us up for the beach cam tonight, as we did not like to bother anyone Saturday early morning to drive us. Ross needs to get used to the set of gear he has and he is sharing with me, and slowly settling into the trip. He is not used to carry so much gear around in a kayak! Well, logistics is a big part of the trip. It was a sunny but still windy evening, tomorrow’s weather is thankfully nice, as much as the next few days will be!

Friday, 16 August

Loved This Book - Can You See Me Frogma Friday, 16 August, at 21:18

Lifted from a Tuesday night FB post written not long after I'd finished reading the book. I think "I missed my subway stop because I was reading your book" is one of the highest compliments I can pay an author, and this one did that! I'd intended to share this here then, but then I read that heartbreaking story of that poor woman dying of measles complications and chose to post that instead. 

My logging of books I'm reading this year went by the wayside after June for some reason. I think I got a little discouraged by somebody mistaking my list for recommendations - it was a kind comment but sort...

Thu 15/08-2019 Day 447 Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 16 August, at 18:24

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

Ross Elder, my new paddling partner for the next four weeks, was due to arrive today 11.40 am. Katie was so nice to drive me to the airport to welcome him. Thanks for that, Katie!
We settled down in the house, unpacked his gear, and I showed him the kayak and my gear I can provide for each paddling partner! Ross fit perfectly in “Fylkir’s shoes”, at least regarding the solid local brand x-tra tuff gumboots Fylkir left for him to use, good. Alaska is nothing worth without gum boots…

I fitted Ross in his kayak, and we went shopping for the rest of our food needs, plus some strong glue to replace the cockpit bags. As an artist in glass etching, Ross is also quite the handyman in kayak repair, thank goodness. He is also keen to cook and able to handle a gun, just in case – all well needed qualities 🙂

We went for dinner with Katie for a pizza, and even managed to pack the food in ziplocks, before we went to sleep. We will have Friday off, drive to the beach in the evening, and start over on Saturday with some good weather days ahead. Hope it holds up!

Wed 14/08-2019 Day 446 Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 16 August, at 18:13

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

no paddling today

I decided to take at least two walrus tusks back home to Germany – and bought myself a cute walrus stuffie 🙂

Katie invited me for an interview at the Radio KNOM station, which was not live on air, but will be broadcasted soon. I’m hoping a lot of local people in the upcoming villages hear it and might be happy to host us!
I went food shopping for already a large part of the next section of the trip, but Ross will have to add his own goodies when he will arrive.
In the evening, it was dinner time with ten local friend in the house. Katie and Jojo made some effort to cook self-caught fish. Thanks for the invitation! Though I must admit my tolerance level of ten young happy people talking and laughing simultaneously in my not native tongue plus the radio running in the background was no lasting forever, and I retreated to my room soon. Am I getting old? 🙂

Dog Days The Ikkatsu Project Friday, 16 August, at 17:16

August is late morning wake-ups and two strong cups of coffee. Studies have shown that time actually slows in August, making all movement difficult. The heat of an August afternoon saps not only strength, but motivation. Moj...

Skuleskogens nationalpark Friday, 16 August, at 10:52

Skuleskogens Nationalpark längs Höga Kusten är superfin. Vi har bara gjort ett par korta dagspromenader i Skuleskogen men det har verkligen gett mersmak. Allt från djup storskog och skogsvildmark till sandstränder med horisontvy och berg med vyer utöver fin skärgård och Höga Kustens fina landskap. Här finns korta och långa vandringsleder väl markerade. Här finns ... Läs mer...

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Thursday, 15 August

Bra tält för paddling Thursday, 15 August, at 10:46

De tält jag har är:

Mountain Hardwear Trango 2, Exped Orion II Extreme, Hilleberg soulo, Helsport kåta, Wynnchester  bedroll, Primus strandtält, Lidl Rocktrail, Tentipi Tarp Comfort 5 bp , Exped Tarp II , och en vit billig slit och släng tarp från Decathlon

Bäst är tältet från Mountain Hardwear som alltid fungerat väldigt bra, börjar nu bli slitet då beläggningen i taket är sliten och läcker lite. Är inte så konstigt då det har några år på nacken. Tror jag köpte det någon gång efter 1995 kanske 98-99. Hilleberg tältet är ok och litet och lätt men lite fladdrigt och kanske inte så snyggt. Exped tältet är ett väldigt rymligt tält men även det är lite fladdrigt när det blåser.Några gånger har jag haft lite problem med att sätta bågarna i rätt kanaler på exped tältet som kunde vara tydligare märkt(lätt att fixa själv) Är nog så att alla tält känns lite fladdriga och prassliga när man har använt Trango tältet som har super spänd duk och är ett mycket tyst tält. Absiden är dock liten och är där man ska ut och in i tältet. Länk till test av Trango 2. Har inte tagit med Wynnchester (se video på länken) ut i skärgården än,måste göras ! ba...

Olympus TG6 Thursday, 15 August, at 09:46

Har en TG3 och ser att det hänt lite med kameran, linsskyddet saknar jag och video är mycket bättre på 6.Klart men blir sugen på den nya men min TG3 från 2014 funkar utmärkt än så länge. Se vad som är nytt här: Länk


Lurö skärgård – friluftskarta Thursday, 15 August, at 08:02

Lurö i Vänern ser fantastiskt fint ut. Nu har det kommit en ny friluftskarta över området. Friluftskartan över Lurö täcker skärgården från Ekenäs i norr ner till precis söder om Lurö. Syftet är att underlätta för alla som är sugna att upptäcka mer av Lurö skärgård. På kartan finns information om skyddade områden, vandringsleder, utkiksplatser, ... Läs mer...

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Wednesday, 14 August

New Sailor, New Boat, High Winds. Paddling Otaku Wednesday, 14 August, at 23:56

The newest video on Youtube, I got to sail a brand new RS Quest. It was my first time sailing solo, and the most difficult conditions I have ever sailed in. Check it out here.

Tue 13/08-2019 Day 445 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 14 August, at 20:06

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

no paddling today

A lot of work today, the usual online stuff. Plus I walked to the FWS to get my other two walrus tusk beach finds tagged on my name.
As a non-native foreign person, I am allowed to pick up walrus tusks, to get them tagged on my name and to keep them to show them around – but unfortu...

Flight attendendant dies from measles complications Frogma Wednesday, 14 August, at 20:05

Oh, gosh. Remember earlier this year when I found out through a friend that the MMR vaccine I was positive that my incredibly responsible parents would've had me get as a youngster might not, in fact, be giving me any protection at all from our local measles outbreak?

 This is tragic. Rotem Amitai was most likely in a similar situation - she had been vaccinated as a child and probably, like me, just didn't know there was any reason to worry. She contracted the measles in late March, shortly before
 the time I got myself tested and re-vaccinated.

Mon 12/08-2019 Day 444 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 14 August, at 19:26

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Radio KNOM house

no paddling today

I agreed yesterday with my local contact Katie that I’m more than happy to stay this first night in Nome on the beach, as I had just settled down, became cozy, have internet and batteries and nothing to suffer here in my Hilleberg Hotel. Katie would be more prepared and have a better time to ge...

Ville K's 2nd paddle submission Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Wednesday, 14 August, at 18:25

Blog reader Ville K from Finland sent in his second paddle creation (see his first paddle here).  This one features the same "Algonquin" blade shape described in Graham Warren's books but has Ville's own style of the elongated Northwoods grip.

This paddle is also made with from aspen and is sealed with a traditional Scandinavian pine tar / boiled linseed oil / wood turpentine mixture. This time around, Ville explained that he applied another layer the next day, when the first treatment was still moist.  He believes this wet on wet  method resulted in a better surface treatment and also resulted in some pleasant tar colour being absorbed into the wood.  Well done!

Etter jobb-tur til Myrtind Padlemia Wednesday, 14 August, at 16:47

Myrtind! Det høres kanskje høyt ut, men er slett ikke det. Den er jo definitivt nærmest jobben min av alle fjellene, derfor har den også sett høyere ut enn den er. Det gikk plutselig opp for meg her om dagen mens jeg tittet litt på kart, at den er bare 350 meter høy. Da ble det for dumt å ikke ha vært der oppe ennå. Som vi ser er det en populær liten tur, så man må regne med å møte folk.

Video. Front or Back - Where's Best to Carry Bikepacking Kit? Wednesday, 14 August, at 07:30

I've seen loads of different bikepacking rigs.

I've used different pannier systems and different types of bar bags.

But I've never really known where, given the choice, the bulk of the kit should go.  Is it better at the back or the front?

The answer is probably "the middle" judging by the number of frame packs I've noticed on  That's not an option (yet) because I don't have a frame bag.

So I rode the same route twice, once with all my kit in the back and once with it all (almost all) at the front.

Tuesday, 13 August

Komoot - Is It Any Good? Video Tuesday, 13 August, at 22:00

Komoot is a relatively new mapping app for hikers and cyclists.

It hails from Austria/Germany, was started around 2010, and boasts 8m users worldwide.

I've had an account for a while - I post my most interesting adventures on it here.  

So decided to test its ability to map a touring route in a busy part of England and you can watch the video of that test below.  Incidentally, if you'd like to read the background media briefing for Komoot, you can download a copy from their website.

Komoot offers world-wide mapping for £30, but if you resist buying immediately, it seems it won't be long before you're offered it for £20.  That happened to me and two other folk I know. &nb...

Monday, 12 August

Tannøya, Trinnøy og Tranøy - dag 1 Padlemia Monday, 12 August, at 20:53

Her er det fint å henge.
Padling i Hamarøy ble riktig så fint! Endelig på tur med hammocken – uten at det egentlig var planen.

Jeg hadde pakket bilen for de fleste eventualiteter, jeg visste nemlig ikke hvor lenge jeg skulle være borte. Jeg bare rømte fra tåka som...

Sun 11/08-2019 Day 443 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 12 August, at 07:01

Pos: 64.4985,-165.4254
Loc: Nome
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 42,4 km
Start: 06:45 End: 14:35

I haven’t seen dolphins for weeks, and they are always my lucky sign when I see them! There was one right on my launch, and I knew I’d be lucky on my way to Nome and in the city.
The weather was my first luck – calm in the morning, following winds in the afternoon. Perfect. I made good progress.
Some interesting scenery to watch with many summer houses or cabins, but most of them in a desolated state...

Sunday, 11 August

Merrimack Source to Sea Kayak The Merrimack Sunday, 11 August, at 18:31

A group of river advocates and local politicians recently completed a source to sea trip on the Merrimack River.  Their mission was to bring attention to the sewerage outflows that happen at treatment plants along the river when a large rainstorm occurs.   Some plants do report these outflows but many do not.  Many of the politicians on hand are sponsoring legislation to require reporting.  Ultimately the group would like to eliminate the outflows entirely but that is a much more expensive undertaking.

Although I have not kayaked much recently I love to read stories about groups trying to bring attention to the great resource that the Merrimack Rive is.  Link to the article below:

Lowell Sun Article

Portionen under tian Sunday, 11 August, at 17:18

med undertiteln “bra mat för dig, plånboken och planeten” är Hanna Olvenmarks projekt för att få fler att förstå att bra mat inte behöver kosta så mycket. Portionen under tian har funnit som sajt ett par år och kom som bok under 2018. Superinspirerande med goda och vettiga recept som inte kostar så mycket utan ... Läs mer...

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International Coaching and Leadership Working Group: I'm in! Tatiyak Sunday, 11 August, at 13:28

Sono molto contenta di essere entrata a far parte di questo gruppo internazionale!
La British Canoeing ha da poco avviato un nuovo progetto per creare un gruppo internazionale di lavoro su "coaching & leadership": nel mese di giugno 2019 tutti gli oltre quaranta iscritti alla International Map hanno ricevuto una mail con la proposta di candidarsi come membri volontari del gruppo entro il termine del 1° luglio 2019.
La finalità dell'International Coaching and Leadership Working Group è quella di discutere e condividere idee con l'ufficio centrale inglese "Head of Coaching and Qualifications" per sostenere e promuovere la comunità internazionale di pagaiatori che si riconoscono nella British Canoeing.

Mi è subito sembrato un progetto interessante per cui valesse la pena di provare ad inviare la mia candidatura tramite, come richiesto, una lettera che dimostrasse conoscenze, esperienze ed idee.
Ho così inviato la mail e ho atteso fiduciosa di conoscere l'esito.
Lo scorso 8 luglio ho ricevuto formale conferma di essere entrata a far parte del gruppo internazionale e la settimana passata la British Canoeing ha pubblicato sul sito l'elenco degli otto componenti. Ci sono rappresentanti della com...

Rivö sugviken Sunday, 11 August, at 09:50

På nordvästra delen av Rivö finns ett fint litet näs. Enklast att komma in söderifrån vid liten sandstrand. Skyddat plats. Bra badläge. Finfint gräsplats med till plats till en liten hög med tält. Go vy ut mot farleden och även nedåt Brännö. Kallas sugviken då det kan bli ett rejält sug i vattnet när stora ... Läs mer...

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Sat 10/08-2019 Day 442 Freya Hoffmeister Sunday, 11 August, at 06:11

Pos: 64.4978,-164.6270
Loc: before Port Safety
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 44,3 km
Start: 07:25 End: 16:30

Thick fog this morning, but dead calm sea and wind. I continued along steep impressive cliffs, the fog was just about thin to see everything So nice! I looked into small caves, gaps, and gullies, a never-ending playground. One diving platform with a fast zodiac was anchored in a corner, it looked like it was still active, but no one was on. Another one was floating offshore in the thick fog, I don’t assume they were busy now? What was it doing out there? Another diving platform plus zodiac, snowmobile and many other technical tools were grounded on the beach and very much abandoned. What a waste of tools and material here for searching for…what, actually with those diving platforms? Also mining?
When the beach started again after maybe twenty km, thin...

Saturday, 10 August

Njord – Stefan Fallgren Björn Thomasson Design Saturday, 10 August, at 10:15

Njord – Stefan Fallgren

"Så var den då äntligen klar - ”kajakjäveln”. Nu har jag testat den här uppe i Dalsland. Den är som jag trodde. Vinglig, trång och underbar att glida fram i. Helt ljudlös. 

Kajaken är byggd i cederträ med inslag av ask. Den gröna färgen är från ett färgprov taget från den 20:e järnvägsbron vid Höljerudsforsarna. Övrigt: allt är klätt i epoxi och glasfiber. Sargen, luckfästen och skädda är glas- och kolfiber sen målade med epoxi och svart pigment. Paddeln (grönlandspaddel) är gjord av furu, cederträ och ek i ändarna (stryktåligt) sen oljat. Sitsen är byggd utifrån en avgjutning av min rumpa. 

Nu skall jag snart börja bygga en kajak så min hund Elvin kan följa med 😊.

Tack för bra sida och ritningar. "

Njord – Stefan Fallgren


Fri 09/08-2019 Day 441 Freya Hoffmeister Saturday, 10 August, at 05:55

Pos: 64.5749,-163.8023
Loc: behind White Mountains
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,6 km
Start: 07:00 End: 17:30

Omg, this paddling day had an overload of natural beauty!
I investigated first a small relatively new tin cabin at a place which was named on my chart as Chiukak. One might expect more than one cabin when there is a name on the chart, but sometimes there is even nothing (anymore). The door was wide open, the windowpane was broken out, inside the usual trash. Why? This hut was not older than a few years. It had a make-shift driftwood ladder leaning on the solid tin roof, sure I needed to climb up for a better overview over the area. Two inland lakes before lovely mountains, a really lovely place for hunting! But I did not see a single large animal like bear or moose, despite bear tracks on the beach.

The next place marked also on my chart was named “Square Rock”, and yes, a piece of solid rock was split off a headland, about twelve by twelve meters high, and from my approaching end really square! One tiny arch under the massive block needed to be developed from virgin to mature in the further years to come. Then there might be enough space to paddle underneath without getting drowned by the tiny swell LOL. Thousands of birds occupied the block and the steep high cliffs on the mainland headland. The cliffs continued in pink and white colors and lots of fantast...

Friday, 09 August

Thu 08/08-2019 Day 440 Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 09 August, at 06:02

Pos: 64.4050,-163.1771
Loc: Rocky Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

LOL at Stuart Island I could not wait to leave, here on this beach on the mainland I afford another day off. I am supposed to meet my new paddling partner Ross Elder on August 15th, and I will likely need four days to Nome to paddle along easy coast. I had the forecast for the next five days, none of them looked too bad, but today was supposed to be headwind up to 16 knots in the morning and 19 knots in the afternoon. So I decided I don’t need that effort, though I recovered well after yesterday off. Well, amazingly none of the stronger headwinds happened, it stayed calm all day, but I did not regret I stayed another day here.
I went for a wonderful morning hike up the mountain to a rocky peak, and had the most lovely view over everything! No wind, I was surprised some bugs staye...

Pushing it Past the Limit On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Friday, 09 August, at 05:57

Over the last few weeks I have been pushing the the edges on the mountain bike. I did a "mellow" intermediate ride at the Land Locked forest last Thursday and then did a "hard beginners" ride there tonight.
Land Locked is a great place to ride, but I learned that my fitness level is still pretty poor on both rides.
The Monday night beginners ride has been great at building up my skills. There was nothing at Land Locked that I could not handle. Although there is a lot more at Land Locked to play on than there is in Belmont. That part made me feel good.
The Monday night rides are also good for building fitness, but not enough to really build it up to the point needed to do long rides without a lot of stops.
Back in June when I was riding my road bike to work a couple of times a week, I probably had a pretty good base. Now, after a month of only riding once a week, my old body has lost all of that base.
On the Tuesday night ride, I was lucky enough to find a two women who were looking for a slower pace. It gassed me pretty good and my bike computer told me I was overreaching. I felt pretty OK afterwards though - aside from my normal "Oh my god I'm gonna have a heart attack" anxiety.
Tonight though, I had no such luck. The ride leaders did not set a hard pace and did a great job making sure everyone was doing OK. I was doing fine for most of the ride, or so I thought. I knew I was pushing myself, but not too hard. Then I hit the wall.... We did this...

Carter Notch Hut Hike On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Friday, 09 August, at 05:35

Once a year, we do one AMC White Mountain Hut. We started doing these hikes six years ago with the goal of having Kenzie and her Grandpa Bob hike into all of the AMC huts. The plan was to start easy and work our way to the harder huts as Kenzie got older and more capable. In our fantasy world, Grandpa Bob would not really age - or if he did he would still be able to tackle any mountain we could possibly throw at him.

Last year, we saw the first signs that he may not be able to complete all the huts. We hiked up to Greenleaf Hut on the Bridle Path and it was a bitch. Grandpa Bob did great, but it was a struggle. I actually think he managed the hike better than I did.
This year, we talked Grandpa Bob into doing Carter Notch Hut. It is a longer hike than the Bridle Path, but is not as steep. He seemed excited, but a few weeks before we were to leave he called and canceled. His depth perception and balance are not what he would like it to be. He is 81 after all.
So it was a bittersweet trip this year.
The grandparents did meet us at the trailhead and hiked about a mile in with us. Once it started getting steep and rocky, they turned around.
The hike to the hut is all up, but it a fairly gradual incline through a nice pine forest. The trail goes along a brook with some nice places to stop. We had lunch on some rocks on a water fall. There was not much in the way of views though. The tree cover was too thick.
Cater Notch Hut has...

Thursday, 08 August

Whitewater of the Sea Liquid Fusion Kayaking Thursday, 08 August, at 23:44

In June, world traveler Kyle Mulinder aka Bare Kiwi came out with us for a whitewater of the sea adventure. Kyle was on a Northern California Road Trip for Visit California and GoPro.  Kyle is a sea kayak guide in New Zealand and was super curious about our rock gardening adventures.  As a sea kayak guide, he is used to keeping his participants away from the rocks.  The concept of playing in close to the rocks in areas that other sea kayak guides avoid intrigued him about our trip.

Kyle had a blast on the trip and shared that it was the highlight of his Northern California Trip and thinks it is one of his top 5 adventures worth doing globally.  WOW - considering the stellar Northern California road trip and his adventures.  Here is a link to the video and write up about Kyle's Northern California Adventure.  The video is fun and inspiring.  We were at the end of his road trip and whitewater of the sea is toward the end of the video and blog post.

Cautiously Pessimistic The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 08 August, at 22:38

There is some talk out there that we only have...

Bikepacking - What's It Like & What Kit To Use. Video. Thursday, 08 August, at 14:45

Bikepacking has been around for a few years now and the equipment involved has matured, so I thought I'd give it a try.  

Scroll down to watch the video of my ride.

I didn't head off into the wilds of Scotland.  For me that would be too easy, because they're my playground, like a second home for many decades.  

Instead I rode a route between London's commuter-land and the holiday resorts of the south west.  I planned it using the (fairly new) mapping service Komoot which I shall review soon.  I made a couple of films while riding so I could share my equipment choice and my first experiences of bikepacking.  I paid full price for everything I used.


Torsdagsmys på Rönneå Thursday, 08 August, at 13:54

I förmiddags blev det en liten sväng på Rönneå. Gött väder. Lite blåsigt nere vid ÄSSS och hamnen och lä en bit upp i ån. Lagom temperatur. Lite mellan-skurarna-tur det kom lite regn i natt och på morgonen, uppehåll när jag paddlade, och nu lite regn och åska igen.

Inlägget Torsdagsmys på Rönneå dök först upp på

More Random Inwood Things Frogma Thursday, 08 August, at 01:39

Sunday was lovely, but Saturday was pretty darned good too -- I just blogged about Sunday first because it was SO pleasant. Saturday was the 2nd leg of the annual races for the Joe Glickman Cup. The first was at Sebago in July, the third will be at the Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club in September, and Saturday's was at the Inwood Canoe Club, the oldest paddling club in NYC, going back to 1902! Sadly, the original boathouse burned down, and so did the rebuilt boathouse, but they rebuilt a third time and never gave up, even when the Hudson was at...

Wed 07/08-2019 Day 439 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 08 August, at 00:58

Pos: 64.4050,-163.1771
Loc: Rocky Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

I stuck to my plan to have a recovery day off, as no really bad weather is coming up. Still mostly headwind every day though… I happily slept in until 9 am. As much as I hate more than one day on the beach being stuck due to bad weather when I do not have to recover, as much I enjoy a day on the beach when I HAVE to recover. You can only value things when you know both sides…

I just spent the day writing, reading, sleeping, and eating, and will continue tomorrow well-rested and motivated again!

Tue 06/08-2019 Day 438 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 08 August, at 00:53

Pos: 64.4050,-163.1771
Loc: Rocky Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 28,1 km
Start: 09:30 End: 16:25

I did not sleep much but felt I needed to take advantage of today’s sunny and dead calm conditions. Yes, today would have been the much better long crossing day…be sure, with a paddling partner by my side, I would have cared much And I likely would have off today also to recover.

But I like to push myself, and rather looked forward to a joyful paddling day, strolling along the rocky headlands and tiny beaches on crystal clear water. I also found a few bear prints on top of this beach when I refilled my water bags with very yummy crystal clear cold clean mountain water. Alaska back again at it’s best! Gone are the muddy waters and coasts, but also gone their warmth and the lack of bears…positive or negative?

I praised the wonderful day, could not get my eyes off the details of the coast with many birds and small caves, and enjoyed the natural eye candy all over. I had no rush, took many pictures, and even didn’t mind the final 20 km crossing to the other well-visible headland. When I reached there, I landed on the first tiny sandy beach for a pee and had lunch. My appetite was back, and I felt just blessed to be privileged to be here on this sunny beautiful part of the world.

The last four kilometers around the headland, curious seals were eyeing at this strange...

Mon 05/08-2019 Day 437 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 08 August, at 00:24

Pos: 64.3600,-162.7330
Loc: Cape Darby
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 85,0 km
Start: 08:00 End: 24:00

Well, yes, I admit it might be one day too early for the crossing. The day before, according to Karel’s weather forecast, I chose Tuesday, and would just have to endure one more day imprisoned on my little island and inside my tent. But I love freedom, was more than eager to go after three days enforced rest. When I looked outside my tent this morning, the sea was calm, though it was drizzling, gray and foggy. Karel’s forecast update this morning showed two knots less in the gusts, only up to 14 and 16 knots southwest, and basic wind around 10-12 knots. This felt good enough for me to leave TODAY. Who needs sunshine on an 85-km crossing…? The wind would be just about pushing on my 350-degree direction.

Sure I had two days strongest south-westerly which whipped up the sea, and yesterday, just one day after, it was strong north-easterly whipping up the sea in the other direction. Can the wide Norton Sound already be so calm after those days as it looked this morning? Well, I will find out…no realistic thoughts could hold me one day longer here.

I happily packed, had no doubt about my decision, but knew it might be a bit harder than necessary. But what’s not killing me will make me only stronger…the first one was out of the question, and the latter was 100% for sure. Whoe...

Wednesday, 07 August

How to clean an aging MSR Whisperlite Paddling Otaku Wednesday, 07 August, at 22:55

I have an MSR Whisperlite that is at least 15 years old, and stopped working. I was pretty sure that the only problem was soot from years, no decades, of use. I went to work cleaning and here is the finished result.

The whisperlite is an essential piece of expedition gear. I couldn't do big trips without it.

Fenix PD36R Flashlight Review Wednesday, 07 August, at 18:54

Fenix PD36R Flashlight

Having a bright flashlight with you on a paddling trip, especially when night paddling, can make a difference between being able to navigate and being able to be seen while on the water and not. In the U.S. if you paddle at night, the U.S. Coast Guard requires that you carry a bright, white light to point at other boats as needed. The ideal flashlight will be bright, light and watertight. To that end, I was recently able to checkout a new flashlight by Fenix. This is my...

Yes we can! Kayaking in Venice – Venice Kayak Wednesday, 07 August, at 14:18

Venice Kayak can still offer tours in all the smaller canals of the city, without time limitations. All our available tours are in the tour calendar.

The post Yes we can! appeared first on Venice Kayak.

Tue 06/08-2019 Day 438 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 07 August, at 05:22

Pos: 64.4050,-163.1771
Loc: Rocky Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 28,1 km
Start: 09:30 End: 16:25

Paddled, but still too tired tonight to write. Did not recover fully from the crossing yet. Tomorrow…

Tuesday, 06 August

Mon 05/08-2019 Day 437 Freya Hoffmeister Tuesday, 06 August, at 17:48

Pos: 64.3600,-162.7330
Loc: Cape Darby
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 85,0 km
Start: 08:00 End: 24:00

Long lumpy crossing. Will write tonight, need to paddle today again, weather is too good…

Figeholm Tuesday, 06 August, at 09:37

Figeholm är en liten ort strax norr om Oskarshamn och strax söder om Misterhults skärgård. Här är perfekt att starta en paddling i Figeholms lilla skärgård eller om man vill paddla en bit för att komma till Misterhult. Stor parkering som är en del av gästhamnen. Parkeringen är sjudygns så det passar de flesta perfekt. ... Läs mer...

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En sekund film per dag Tuesday, 06 August, at 09:15

Filmer blir som bekant gärna för långa. En sak som appen 1SE- 1 second every day försöker råda bot på. I appen filmar man en sekund per dag och så sätts det ihop till en film per månad till exempel. Går även bra att använda stillbilder för ett bildspel eller kombinera. Det finns även möjlighet ... Läs mer...

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Monday, 05 August

Quintessential Summer Paddle Frogma Monday, 05 August, at 19:01

We ended up having some scheduling issues at the club this weekend that meant a last minute change of plans for me today - but with an absolutely beautiful forecast today I did know that one way or another I wanted to get out on the water. Swimming and getting out the surfski were both under consideration, but in the end I invited a couple of new members who were clearly also really interested in getting out to join me, and another clubmate who turned up looking to launch around the same time joined us.

Without much of a plan beyond "See you at the club at noon, we'll do something", we ended up having kind of the perfect summer paddle. Everything was green and blue, the water was a smooth as a lake at times, and the clouds were the perfect marshmallow puffs in the sky. The new members were interested in seeing some birds, so we went to the marsh in Ruffle Bar, saw lots of good birds, joine...

HOT LAP - Cache Creek Whitewater Woman on Water Monday, 05 August, at 14:00

Summer is one of my busiest months on the water so my blog gets a little bit neglected.  I also have to admit that I have been doing more video work than writing.  In the summer, I am guiding trips or teaching lessons most days but strive to get out for fun each day too.  Fun might be a surf session, a mountain bike ride, a trail run, a spin on my Stand Up Paddle Board, a sea kayak paddle, or a rock garden session.

Messing about on the river.
I have been working on my video skills during these play sessions and am creating a series of HOT LAP videos.  My goal for these videos is a quick edit of my media resulting in a 1 minute video sharing the fun that can be had in a before or after work session.  I am enjoying the challenge of editing my fo...

Whitewater of Jefferson State – Two Clinics With CWWC Part One Extreme Sea Kayaking Adventures Monday, 05 August, at 09:42

In an effort to improve my ocean whitewater skills last year I got into whitewater paddling on the Rogue River with the California Women’s Watersports Collective. I had so much fun and learned so much that this year I continued the whitewater adventure by signing up for two clinics with CWWC, one on the Rogue […]

The post...

Sun 04/08-2019 Day 436 Freya Hoffmeister Monday, 05 August, at 05:36

Pos: 63.6259,-162.5164
Loc: Stuart Island North Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

Omg…day three alone on a lonely island…I am starting to get crazy here…

It was a dead calm night after the two stormy days, and I was seeing me already on the crossing. But I also knew it was only the calm before the new storm today, this time not from the southwest, but from north-east, and thankfully not 40+ knots but “only” 20+ knots. But the onshore waves now created a horrible looking high surf…no way to leave here!

But amazingly, the high tide water stayed way below the calm-water high tide mark when I arrived and even more wayyyyyy below the high-tide on the strong SW-offshore winds. It seems like, with strongest winds from the south west, a LOT of water is pressed into Norton Sound, despite here in my bay still calm. With strong north-easterlies, the water gets onshore surf, but also pressed out of Norton Sound in general and does not really reach a high high tidewater level.

I had taken precaution to gather rainwater in my two open kayak hatches the other two strong rainy days, as I brought to Stuart Island only water for three days, and here is not really a freshwater stream to find on this flat marsh island area. I could harvest out of my hatches eight more liters. I’d drink it even unfiltered, but rather use it for cooking. The other fresh-water source I found w...

Sunday, 04 August

Med packraft til Teistpollen Padlemia Sunday, 04 August, at 23:46

Teistpollen! Den er en av årets flunke nye 10 på skjæret-poster, men den har så langt ikke slått helt an. Jeg bestemte meg for å ta en tur dit for å holde den med litt selskap. For å lettere kunne sette ut der jeg ville, tok jeg turen i packraften istedenfor kajakk.

Det er på grensa til hvor langt jeg egentlig gidder padle så sakte, men det gikk greit. Her på tur rett over Ånnfjorden.


Juli 2019 Sunday, 04 August, at 19:23

Juli 2019 blev himla go månad. Varmt som tusan stundtals. Mycket hemomkring med odling, mtb och bad denna månaden med. Kom iväg en runda ut till finfina Valö och så blev det en onsdagspaddling på Skälderviken med ÄSSS. Gött.

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Dragonfly at the Inwood Canoe Club Frogma Sunday, 04 August, at 04:44

Great day at the Inwood Canoe Club today! They have a lovely little garden in front of their boathouse which was very popular with the local insects. This lovely dragonfly was quite cooperative about posing for photos!

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