Monday, 06 April

One good thing - 6th April 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Monday, 06 April, at 22:07

The best thing about today has been the variety and quality of light throughout the day and into the evening......

Early morning saw showers and stroboscopic lighting effects in the wake of a cold front which passed over northeast Scotland overnight.  Clouds racing overhead alternately lit the view with dazzling, intense colours, then switched off the light to leave a muted version of the same scene.

Isolamento produttivo... Tatiyak Monday, 06 April, at 16:48

Il nostro isolamento procede senza intoppi e senza fatica.
O meglio, un po' di fatica la stiamo facendo, sopratutto Mauro, perchè non ha mai smesso di lavorare!
Ma non possiamo proprio lamentarci, anzi sappiamo di essere molto fortunati.
Abbiamo una grande casa da continuare ad arredare ed un grande laboratorio da finire di attrezzare.
Ci sono sempre un sacco di cose da inventare, realizzare e completare...

Rastrelliere di kayak e pagaie nella nuova sede di Tatiyak!

In queste ultime due settimane Mauro ha messo a punto un altro paio di pezzi della nostra base nautica: subito dopo aver terminato la doppia rastrelliera per i kayak (abbiamo ora posto per 8+8 kayak o canoe - o imbarcazioni di vario tipo!), si è subito dedicato alla rastrelliera...

Best Budget Kayak Under 200 USD – Buying Guide 2020 Globo Outdoors Monday, 06 April, at 16:01

In the last few years, kayaking popularity is growing at a really fast pace. And, it is really easy to explain why. Kayaking is a great physical exercise, but it is also fun and allows you to enjoy nature. In addition, paddling your yak gives you the opportunity to relax and distance yourself from the crowd. However, no matter that kayaking is so popular nowadays, people still think that it is not so budget-friendly activity. Actually, we could say that with the appropriate and detailed research, you can find many high-quality but cheap kayaks for sale under 200 USD. And, we did this research for you. Below you can find the reviews for the best budget kayak under 200 dollars.

Best Budget Kayak Under 200 USD – Our Picks

Ski og pulk med teltovernatting Padlemia Monday, 06 April, at 15:44

Værmeldingen sa at det fort kunne bli siste dagen med greit skiføre i nærområdet – da var det vel ikke så mye annet å gjøre enn å ta skiene ned fra taket på boden, hekte ned pulken og komme seg av gårde på tur? De var nemlig ikke ned i fjor, og jeg mistenker faktisk at det var tre vintre siden sist de var i drift.

Jeg grublet litt på hvor hen jeg skulle dra, kjørte av gårde med plan om å la brøytede utkjørsler bestemme. Jeg endte opp på parkeringen innerst...

In isolamento per un tempo indefinito... Tatiyak Monday, 06 April, at 15:13

Oggi entriamo nella terza settimana di isolamento in casa.
L'emergenza sanitaria internazionale indotta dalla pandemia di corona-virus ci ha messo in isolamento. Non usciamo più di casa, neanche per pagaiare!
E' un sacrificio per tutti. E' la prima volta dalla fine del secondo conflitto mondiale che una grande democrazia occidentale limita le libertà individuali dei cittadini in maniera così pesante. E' necessario per tutelare la salute pubblica, individuale e collettiva. E' indispensabile per contenere il contagio!

Abbiamo dovuto sospendere tutte le attività promosse da Tatiyak per la stagione 2020!
Con grande dispiacere abbiamo cancellato tutti i corsi in programma in Italia e all'estero.
Ora iniziamo a pensare ad un imprevisto anno sabbatico in cui fare buon viso a cattivo gioco!

In questa drammatica situazione, noi siamo comunque particolarmente fortunati.
Da poco più di un anno ci siamo trasferiti in una grande casa che giorno dopo giorno diventa sempre più accogliente, circondata da un doppio giardino ancora incolto dove proliferano una gran quantità di verdure selvatiche molto saporite e dove spesso stazionano i numerosi gatti dei vicini che dispensano volentieri ai nuovi coinquilini una gran quantità d...

On the Plus Side Pesda News Monday, 06 April, at 10:12

On the Plus side Gary Latter, the author, has received his copies of the 3rd edition of Scottish Rock Volume 2 (North) and tells us that he is delighted with them.

Apologies for Any Delays Pesda News Monday, 06 April, at 10:04

It seems that some of our books are taking a little longer than is usual to be delivered. I think this is down to the warehouse and the delivery companies being short staffed due to the Covid 19 crisis.
Please bear with us in these difficult times.
Franco Ferrero
MD Pesda Press

Nature is Your Guide by Harold Gatty – A Review Extreme Sea Kayaking Adventures Monday, 06 April, at 09:45

Editor’s note: Harold Gatty was born in Campbelltown, Tasmania in 1903. He went to school at the Royal Australian Naval College, and became one of the world’s great navigators. In 1931 he was placed in charge of Air Navigation Research and Training for the United States Army Air Corps. During World War II he served […]

The post...

Quarantine Week 3 On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Monday, 06 April, at 06:42

This was a rough week. It would have been a rough week even without a global pandemic trapping us  our houses and throwing all of our lives into turmoil.

The weather was dreary and work was a slog of learning new things that are unlikely to see the light of day or even be noticed.
Waltham's school system has started providing more structured learning. Bug meets with her class twice a week. Her teachers are providing some writing prompts and other activities. Next week they will be ramping that up by starting to do some actual instruction and providing work packets. This is a small blessing. Bug puts up less of a struggle when the work comes from her teachers. It also means less time we have to spend coming up with activities for her do. She actually admitted today that she misses school.
Her dance school is doing weekly lessons which also helps. It gives her at least one hour of structured exercise a week. One of the Mom's from her gymnastics team is also setting up some get togethers for the girls. Friday night they spent nearly two hours doing gymnastics and stuff over Zoom. Yesterday she spent like an hour doing gymnastics over some other video chat thing with another friend.
There are still constant struggles about the technology. She chafes at the fact that we don't let her access technology during what would normally be school time. She gets pissed when we limit her time on Tic Tok and Roblox. She doesn't like it when we try to coa...

April 5th - Evans Rock and Loon bay (#s18&19) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Monday, 06 April, at 03:34

I went out in the afternoon to check the crab traps (enough for dinner!) and went around Evans rock. there were a few black turnstones on Evans Rock which is the first time I have seen them this year. After I got back I decide to head out again for a SUP paddle and went over to Loon Bay. Conditions were nice for both paddles with a light(10-15 kph) northerly wind.

click to enlarge
6 km, YTD 96 km

Sunday, 05 April

One good thing - 5th April 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Sunday, 05 April, at 19:50

Being restricted to walks from the house has prompted exploration of some of the tracks which lead off my "normal" routes.  Some are half-hidden and rarely used except by wildlife.  Sometimes they just peter out in the forest, or lead to a dead end.......

...but sometimes after following these forgotten tracks for a distance there's a new angle to explore...


Tosteberga hamn Sunday, 05 April, at 16:03

Tosteberga är en mysig liten hamn vid Hanöbukten, mellan Åhus och Sölvesborg. Första gångerna vi var i Tosteberga hamn var på Havsörnspaddling, kanske 2001 eller 2002. Då tältade vi där och det kan man fortfarande göra. Hamnen har på senare år blivit mer och mer populär som ställplats bland husbilsåkare och de har nog plats ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Tosteberga hamn dök först upp på

Frej – Marius Markussen Björn Thomasson Design Sunday, 05 April, at 10:46

Frej – Marius Markussen

Ännu en snygg och välbyggd Frej från Marius Markussen(som redan byggt ett par Frej och en Nanoq, och säkert inte är färdig än ;-)

"Hej Björn! 

Skickar över några kort på mitt senaste bygge.
En Frej 507 med skrov i gran och däcket i cederträ.
Vikten landade på 18,2 kg. 

Med vänlig hälsning

Frej – Marius Markussen

Frej – Marius Markussen

Saturday, 04 April

One good thing - 4th April 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Saturday, 04 April, at 20:41

I was able to take a longer walk today, though still directly from home.  As last weekend, the Correen Hills were chosen to give good exercise with some wider views.  Pulling out of the forest, the light was dull and flat and a southerly wind which was the opposite direction from the previous week was quite raw.  Everything looked muted and dull and I wondered if I'd made the right choice.


The Big Slow The Ikkatsu Project Saturday, 04 April, at 17:38

I don’t feel like saying all that much about masks, or ventilators, or viruses. There’s enough of that about. Also, there are other things more worthy of our time. For example, it’s probably worth taking some time right now to work out any changes you might want to make once things return to normal. This may prove to be a good opportunity to redefine “normal” altogether. No, don’t get me started. While I have many thoughts about all of this, it’s not what’s got me thinking this morning.

Two things: I broke a rib a few weeks back and it’s been feeling better, to the point that I went for a paddle on the SUP this morning. A 5-minute paddle, as it turned out. Every right-side stroke sent a shot of hot pain up my side, and the only reason it took up five minutes is because I had the current against me on the ret...

Florida Day 4 - Residents of the Mote Marine Lab Frogma Saturday, 04 April, at 15:05

Hello! I am a Burrfish!

What a face, right? 

Day 4 of our January trip to Florida was another chilly one, so we decided to head north again for a visit to the Mote Marine Lab near Sarasota. This place had been mentioned favorably by my friends who live on Anna Maria Island when we'd visited them a couple of days earlier. I think they'd mentioned it during my 2019 visit to them as well because I'd already had it in mind as someplace that might be interesting; I wasn't going to push for it but when others mentioned it I seconded the idea quickly.

The L...

Liggunderlag för att isolera bakdörrarna Saturday, 04 April, at 10:57

Ganska många plåtisar, vans och liknande har begränsad isolering och extra snålt kan det vara i dörrarna. Vi har ganska rejält drag vintertid från bakdörrarna om vi inte sätter något för. Vi köpte lågprisliggunderlag från Biltema eller Jysk. Lite dubbelhäftande kardborreband på det så sitter de bra på plats och är lätta att ta av ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Liggunderlag för att isolera bakdörrarna dök först upp på

April 2nd - Crabbing (#16) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Saturday, 04 April, at 02:16

I went out to check the crab traps. Kept 3 nice male Dungeness. Saw rhinoceros auklets and surf scoters. Chatted with dean on Caddy Boy again.

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3 km, YTD 83 km

April 3rd - Jemmy Jones (#17) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Saturday, 04 April, at 02:16

Pete and I went out for a paddle around the bay. We were able to keep a good distance from each other but still have an opportunity to chat and catch up. There was a fairly stiff SW wind which gave us a nice push over to Jemmy Jones, but slowed us down somewhat on the way back into the bay! This is quite visible on the track. It was great to chat and I hope we can get out again.

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7 km, YTD 90 km

Friday, 03 April

PSA - How to remove gloves Paddling Otaku Friday, 03 April, at 21:46

Kajner SIKLO Friday, 03 April, at 14:51


Kajner kommer med ny paddel !!

Urberg – finfärgade kök Friday, 03 April, at 07:49

Att de mesta saker är roligare när de är finfärgade fattar de flesta 🙂 Vi har skapligt med oranga och gröna prylar. Lite färg piggar som bekant nästan alltid upp. Urberg (ett av Outnorths egna varumärken) har nu kommit med finfärgade kök. Ett orange och ett grönt. Köken är av typen toppmonterade vattenkokarkök. De går ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Urberg – finfärgade kök dök först upp på

Thursday, 02 April

One good thing - 2nd April 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Thursday, 02 April, at 21:15

Today's good and positive thing has been the sense of community which is being reinforced by adversity and challenge.  This is Thursday and at 8pm there was a tremendous racket from a scattered community applauding the efforts of NHS staff - pans clanging, car horns and applause.  All over the country pipers were also encouraged to play "Scotland the Brave" in their own addition to the support.

In smaller ways the sense of community is also being reinforced too.  Our small rural community has a network and people are organising for each other.

This box was delivered today and contains a pre-order of fresh fish delivered to one point for our community to collect.  Twelve orders of fish - landed last night and really fresh, as well as making good wholesome meals it will maintain small businesses and fishermen in a small way

New Podcast brings Outdoor Adventure, Indoors during covid-19 Thursday, 02 April, at 18:24

While we can't get out on adventures of our own, I thought I'd bring some to you in a new Podcast.

Great adventurers share their great adventures in Always Another Adventure.

Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays with occasional extra podcasts for good measure.

You can listen on the website's web player, where they first appear at

If you subscribe you'll also get them a day ahead of just waiting for the podcast streams to update.

There are links to all the usual places pleople listen including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify on the front page of the website and on the mobile version.

We opened with three accounts of world-firsts: world-first swims, world-first cycling...

autumn mornings vincent kayak Thursday, 02 April, at 12:29

autumn 2019 
southern hemisphere
surf kayaking
light in/on water
(vid link below)


Hårdt slid Pouls kajakblog Thursday, 02 April, at 11:16

Jens og jeg tog på onsdagstur trods en lidt skidt vejrmelding. Op til frisk vind fra vest og byger er ikke lige det bedste kajakvejr, men vi fik kæmpet os ud til Karrebæksminde i modvinden og kunne vende siden til vinden. Ved Gavnø på vej mod Karlsgab fik vi endda vinden lidt i ryggen og fik lidt hyggesurf. Fra Appenæs til kanalen havde vi igen modvind, men nu var muskler varme og det gik bedre end på den lange tur mod Karrebæk. Kanalen var en svir med vinden lige i ryggen.
!8 km

15 år med WordPress Thursday, 02 April, at 11:01

Idag, 2 april 2020, är det visst 15 år sedan vi installerade och började använda WordPress som publiceringsverktyg på Kul! Tiden går visst?! Känns ju som om det var häromdan?! WordPress lanserades i maj 2003 och var då ett enkelt publiceringsverktyg för främst bloggar. Nu är det betydligt större och ett fullfjädrat system för ... Läs mer...

Inlägget 15 år med WordPress dök först upp på

April 1st - Cadboro Point (#15) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Thursday, 02 April, at 04:33

This afternoon I went out for a nice paddle to Cadboro Point. The tide was pretty low but it was nice and sunny with a cool north wind. On my way out I chatted with Dean on CaddyBoy who was out crabbing. On my way back I chatted with Leah and Morgan who were heading out on their paddle-boards. The usual birds were seen as well as a belted kingfisher.

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7 km, YTD 80 km

Wednesday, 01 April

Gil Hodges-Marine Parkway Memorial Bridge Frogma Wednesday, 01 April, at 23:28

Stealing this from my own post in the Church of the Double-Bladed Paddle group. The group's founder asked for a "bridge binge" recently, and I shared this photo from my "Rebel Without a Clue" paddle weekend before last, with a little information about the bridge. It occurs to me that I show this bridge here all the time, but I'm not sure I've ever told much about it. And it's kind of a good bit of NYC history, so I'm going to share it with you here, now.

It'ss commonly known as the Marine Park Bridge, after the Brooklyn neighborhood on the north end of the bridge, but its real name is the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge. I'm not a big baseball fan, but it's a neat NYC story - Gil Hodges played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, beginning the same year as Jackie Robinson, and then years later was the manager of the 1969...

Koronapadling hjemmefra - Jennestad Padlemia Wednesday, 01 April, at 21:23

Sist helg var det fine forhold for padling selv i koronatider, i hvert fall på søndag. Lørdag var det kaldt og vind, men søndag var det peise flatt hav, vindstille og fine greier. Siden noen har fått det for seg at båtfolk skulle holde seg på land vurderte jeg å finne et bortgjemt sted så det ikke skulle bli noe oppstyr - men hadde jeg da fått noe trøbbel så hadde det jo blitt et styr - og det er jo nettopp det man skal unngå.

Så jeg ruslet ned til fjæra...

March 31st - Evans Rock (#14) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Wednesday, 01 April, at 20:06

I went for an afternoon paddle to check the crab traps. One legal male Dungeness, which will make a nice meal for 2! The winds were not as bad as I expected and I saw a few other boats out. I like the trident for crabbing as it is pretty stable and fairly tough for getting back over the steps to the street!
I am seeing plenty of rhinoceros auklets around which is a good sign of spring!

click to enlarge

4 km, YTD 73 km

One good thing - 1st April 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Wednesday, 01 April, at 20:01

After a cold front passed over northern Scotland overnight, the air has been superbly clear.  A day of bright sunshine and some late showers produced a nice rainbow over the farmland and hills - very appropriate as the rainbow has been adopted as a symbol of both hope and to show support for the UK National Health Service during the Coronavirus pandemic..

Mars 2020 Wednesday, 01 April, at 08:10

Mars drog förbi och blev en supergo månad men inte som tänkt. Planen var två veckor fjälldräll i Trysil men så blev det inte på eftersom det stängdes på grund av Corona. Först stängde Trysil bara liftarna och vi tänkte att vi kunde dra dit och bara drälla på fjället utan liftar men så stängde ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Mars 2020 dök först upp på

March 29th - Cadboro Bay (#13) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Wednesday, 01 April, at 07:26

I went out for a short morning paddle. It was a bit windy, so I kept to the lee (SW) shore of the bay for much of the trip. I was able to keep my 2m distance pretty easily! You can see the difference the wind made to my paddling speed as I crossed the bay each way.

click to enlarge
6 km, YTD 69 km

March 25th - Jemmy Jones (#12) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Wednesday, 01 April, at 07:26

I went out to check the traps with the trident (forgot to post this entry on the day!)

click to enlarge
5 km, YTD 63 km

Tuesday, 31 March

One good thing - 31st March 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Tuesday, 31 March, at 21:44

Just across from our house a group of Rooks (Corvus frugilegus) have built nests in the upperworks of a Scots Pine tree.  We've watched these fascinating and characterful birds in flocks through the winter, then as they re-established their pair bonds - one particular pair use a tree in our garden to display to each other; they are an obvious pair and it's possible to distinguish male and female by appearance as well as behaviour.

The birds usually nest in early February but were held back by the series of violent storms which crossed the UK.  Things are well underway now though, and today we thought that we heard the first higher pitched "caah" of a tiny young life emerging.

Grevie Backar (Grevie Åsar) Tuesday, 31 March, at 20:49

Ute på Bjärehalvön ligger naturreservatet Grevie Åsar, men det är nog mer känt som Grevie Backar. Naturreservatet är på drygt 100 hektar och bjuder på ett böljande landskap med gräsklädda grusåsar. Det finns riktigt gott om Backsippor på ett par ställen. Området har en trevlig promenadslinga på cirka 3km. Skåneleden går genom området så det ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Grevie Backar (Grevie Åsar) dök först upp på

Postpone, Cancel, Delay II The Ikkatsu Project Tuesday, 31 March, at 16:53

I got the word yesterday that the Tacoma Oceanfest that had been scheduled for the first weekend in June has now been postponed until September. Understandable, and I look forward to the new date, but there are a couple of other things that are slowly becoming more clear, the longer this situation continues.

The first is that we’re now seeing events taken off the calendar that might have seemed outside the cancellation window just weeks ago. June is now within the time frame that we collectively see unfolding, and other events that are currently still on the calendar during the month don’t seem as likely anymore. We are not going anywhere at the moment, and we have no clue how long the moment is going to last. Longer than we thought, though.

There is one spot to watch, however, during these days of wine and Netflix: the 3rd annual Seventy48 race, a human-powered (kayak, canoe, SUP, out...

Spärra Truma frostvakt Tuesday, 31 March, at 11:45

Vi har liksom de flesta andra med vatten i sin husbil en frostvakt som tömmer varmvattenberedaren/pannan när temperaturen sjunker under cirka fem grader. Detta är såklart suveränt så inte pannan/varmvattenberedaren fryser sönder. Men ibland tycker jag att vakten är lite onödigt försiktig. Visst är det bra att ha marginaler men om prognosen säger nån plusgrad ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Spärra Truma frostvakt dök först upp på

On-line sea kayaking... Tatiyak Tuesday, 31 March, at 00:23

Cosa c'è di meglio per la quarantena di un corso on-line di kayak da mare?
Anzi di tanti corsi on-line!
L'idea è venuta un paio di anni fa a due giovani ed affermati insegnanti inglesi di kayak da mare, Simon Osborne e James Stevenson: amici di pagaia da oltre vent'anni, all'inizio del 2020 hanno iniziato ad offrire una serie di corsi sul sito Online Sea Kayaking (che è anche una pagina Facebook).
Simon e James non hanno certo bisogno di presentazioni ma per chi ancora non li conoscesse sono due tra i più conosciuti e qualificati insegnanti di kayak della British Canoeing: sono entrambi Level 5 Coach con una lunga esperienza in fiume, sulle tidal races ed in varie spedizioni individuali o di gruppo in giro per il mondo. Condividono uno stile di insegnamento molto attento ai bisogni degli allievi e hanno ideato queste lezioni individuali e progressive con l'intento di stimolare gli allievi tramite esercizi ragionati, risposte a domande ed interazioni a distanza.


Monday, 30 March

One good thing - 29th and 30th March 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Monday, 30 March, at 21:26

With the change to British Summer time early on Sunday 29th March, the evenings seem so much brighter and lighter.  Whilst we have to spend evenings at home, longer evenings are a boost.

Vitamin Sea Video Woman on Water Monday, 30 March, at 18:40

Crazy - uncertain times.  Need a break from the news and a dose of Vitamin Sea?

Sea kayak rock gardening on the Mendocino Coast of California
Here is a one minute Vitamin Sea Video that features some of our Mendocino sea kayaking and rock gardening highlights from 2019.  The video below might not show up well in your browser - if so, use this link to watch on YouTube.

Äntligen en marsnatt Monday, 30 March, at 13:24

Vi är klart slarviga på det här med utesovandet. Nu när månaden drar sig mot slutet är det hög tid att sova ute 🙂 Vi tog bilen upp till Västersjöns norrsida igårkväll. Nordliga vindar gav lä där, nån plusgrad i luften och klar stjärnhimmel. Kvickt upp med tältet och ut med sovsäckarna och liggunderlagen. Vi ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Äntligen en marsnatt dök först upp på

Best Kayak For Kids 2020 – Top Youth Kayaks Globo Outdoors Monday, 30 March, at 10:37

You are thinking about buying a kayak for your kid but you don’t know how to choose the most suitable one. We perfectly understand the fact that finding the best youth kayak for your kid is a challenging and time-consuming task. And, with so many options on the market, you can feel uncomfortable deciding which one best suits your kid’s needs. That’s why we made a research for you and selected our picks for the best kayak for kids.

Our Picks for the Best Kayak For Kids 2020:

Best Kayak For Kids Recommended Age Weight Length
Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak 5-8 years old 18 lbs 6 feet

Best Kayak for Rivers 2020 – River Fishing Kayaks Globo Outdoors Monday, 30 March, at 03:21

Kayak fishing and recreation became a very popular activity in the last couple of years. Kayak angling is practiced in rivers, lakes and even in the open ocean water. And, this trend could be easily justified with the convenience which most of the modern kayaks give to the anglers. The kayaks nowadays are maneuverable, stable and versatile in the water. So, the kayak angler could easily access spots, which are unreachable another way. This last fact is especially relevant for river fishing. That’s why we have made research for the best kayak for rivers in 2020.

Choosing the Best Kayak for Rivers in 2020:

Sunday, 29 March

Best Rod Leashes For Kayak Fishing in 2020 Globo Outdoors Sunday, 29 March, at 21:47

Every keen kayak angler is well aware that while in the water you need to keep your fishing rods safe. Losing your expensive fishing poles in the water could be really unpleasant situation that will ruin your relaxing trip. However, there is a simple way of securing your essential fishing gear will stay on board – you can use rod leashes. However, nearly all rod leashes also work perfectly holding kayak and canoe paddles. So, here comes the question of who are the best rod leashes for kayak fishing. And, how to choose the most suitable for you. You can find bellow everything you need to know.

Best Rod Leashes for Kayak Fishing – Our Picks

The First Circle The Ikkatsu Project Sunday, 29 March, at 16:10

It is amazing to watch how quickly a society can change. These are strange and furious times we are seeing, and it’s hard to know when we’ll be getting back to normal, or even what “normal” will mean when we get there. One thing that seems to be a solid bet is that the environment is going to take a beating, and society isn’t going to care as much as it did before (which isn’t saying much, I know).

But it’s not a joke. Due to th...

Estimulante video josebelloseakayaking Sunday, 29 March, at 16:08

Pues eso....

Tour de Belle-île en mer Merci pour le kayak ! Sunday, 29 March, at 16:02

Ambiance méditerranéenne ? Non, il s’agit bien de Belle-île en mer (56) en Bretagne sud. Le symposium CK/mer a du être annulé comme toute autre activité en cette période de confinement. C’est un crève-cœur alors que nous nous réjouissions de retrouver nos amis kayakistes bretons. Pour rêver un peu et s’oxygéner, alors que le printemps […]

Saturday, 28 March

One good thing - 27th March 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Saturday, 28 March, at 20:49

There was really no doubt about the highlight of this day......

As the evening drew in, we sat out in the garden to watch the light fade.  A Blackbird tried out his song phrases, clear toned and carrying in the clear, cold air.  After a run of overcast days the sky cleared to give the most marvelous view of a bright new moon with the brilliance of Venus directly above.

As t...

One good thing - 28th March 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Saturday, 28 March, at 20:26

Today, many good things combined in one good thing on a longer walk (though still directly to and from my back door) on the Correen Hills.

A searing northerly wind with temperatures most definitely in winter values.  Being able to stride out on the broad ridge, constantly changing light.


Lördagsmys på Rönneå Saturday, 28 March, at 19:32

Idag blev det en runda på Rönneå. Hemma var det 12 plusgrader strax efter lunch och supergött i lä så vi tänkte oss en runda på Skälderviken med bad och slöande i solen. Väl inne i Ängelholm var det 5-6 plusgrader och sval vind från nordväst. Blev ån i stället. Medvind uppåt, till XV-bron och ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Lördagsmys på Rönneå dök först upp på

Hoddogtur* Pouls kajakblog Saturday, 28 March, at 10:13

*Sådan staves og udtales den populære pølseret når Jes og jeg er på tur. Jes citere gerne flittigt fra anmeldelsen af Pladderballes pølsevogn der kan høres her

Min gamle roven Jes og jeg havde aftalt en lille rotur i det gode vejr der midt i coronakrisen havde lagt sig over Danmark.

Det kræver en lille gang twist at få sprayskirtet på plads, og når det nu er et års tid siden Jes sidst var kravlet ned i en kajak er det vel ingen skade at sidde klar med kameraet. Og som det ses, entrede Jes Furyen i fin stil.

Quarantine Week 2 On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Saturday, 28 March, at 04:42

So we have made it two weeks largely isolated from the rest of the world without killing each other or showing any signs of plague. There have been several close calls on both fronts. Small child, as small children are want to do, put up several good fights about why it is unfair that she needs to do school work when her friends aren't, why restricting her time on electronics is cruel to the point of torture, and why it is actually healthier to stay up until one is actually tired. Every sniffle, cough, twinge of sore throat, or chest twinge has set off alarm bells.
Last week H had a lot of flexibility to maintain structure while I continued to slave away for the man from the confines of my bunker. This week H's work was trying to figure out what distance learning looks like when kids are out of school for at least six weeks. We struggled to keep some semblance of structure with just one kid. I cannot imagine how people are managing with multiple children.
OK, I do know how some manage it based on frequency of calls, texts, and other pings Bug got through out the day. It is amazing how connected todays kids can be. For a child who needs social contact, the internet is a small blessing. There are virtual playdates in Roblox and FaceTime lego challenges and Google Duo make up parties and Messenger Kids games and virtual classroom meetups. It is crazy. It can also make small child crazy. There have been a few nights where disconnecting her triggers something akin to com...

Jerry Vandiver Releases The Middle of Somewhere Saturday, 28 March, at 00:12

Jerry Vandiver The Middle of Somewhere album cover

If you have followed alone for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Jerry Vandiver. I also consider him a friend. We paddled the Rio Grande together several years ago and have been on several other paddling trips together. He recently put out a new album of paddling-related songs called The Middle of Somewhere.

In the past, I’ve interviewed Jerry and you can read that...

Friday, 27 March

It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (of Midwood, Brooklyn) Frogma Friday, 27 March, at 18:01

I just found out yesterday morning I'm being furloughed for 2 weeks starting Monday, so I'm in absolute scramble mode trying to wrap everything up before I start, but it was an absolutely glorious day outside and I did give myself a lunch hour stroll. I've been meaning to take a photo of the magnolia tree I would pass on my way to work, back when my work commute was a little longer than going the bedroom to the living room, and once I was outside with my camera I pretty much had to keep going.

Midwood, Brooklyn is a lovely neighborhood and it's all springety-spring-spring-spring right now. Got back to my desk with the Mr. Rogers theme song running through my head.

Thursday, 26 March

One good thing - 26th March 2020 Mountain and Sea Scotland Thursday, 26 March, at 20:46

In the field opposite our house, a neighbour makes an investment of hope for the future, as he's done year after year, by sowing barley for the late summer harvest.

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