Tuesday, 22 October

Onsdagstur i blæse vejr Pouls kajakblog Tuesday, 22 October, at 22:17

Trods ret strid blæst var det et NKC hold på 7 roere der - efter morgenmad i klubhuset - tog på tur onsdag morgen .

Vi tog ud af Gammelåen for at slippe for den værste modvind. Der er nu igen er fri for et grønt tæppe af bevoksning på denne ret flotte del af åen.
I Jacobshavn fik jeg øje på denne lidt spøjse flydedok - eller måske rettere vandtrailer, da båden kunne søsættes fra den som fra en anden biltrailer.

Lumpy Waters 2019 Woman on Water Tuesday, 22 October, at 21:48

Once again, Jeff and I returned to Pacific City, Oregon for the Lumpy Waters Symposium.  This was our 8th year coaching at Lumpy.  If you haven't been to Lumpy Waters, mark your calendar for October 9-11, 2020 and get there.  Pacific City is a beautiful location.  Many of the event's classes are within a 10 minute walk or 5 minute drive (and a couple are 30 minutes away). The team at Alder Creek run an excellent event.  The event is very student centered - meaning - it is all about students learning and having a great time.

As a coach, I enjoy the attitude and energy of the Lumpy students.  Students come to Lumpy to learn and have fun.  One can be goofy as a coach (it is encouraged).  This gets everyone laughing and makes for a relaxed, fu...

Arctic Sea Kayak Race (ASKR) del 2 Padlemia Tuesday, 22 October, at 20:26

Andre etappe på første dag under ASKR endte på Åsand, et ganske fast sted for leir – jeg antar årsaken er åpenbar på bildet. (Har du ikke lest første etappe ennå, så finner du den HER.)

Men først må vi padle fra stranda her på Gaukværøy, der vi har...

Arctic Sea Kayak Race (ASKR) del 1 Padlemia Tuesday, 22 October, at 17:14

Arctic Sea Kayak Race (ASKR) – Det var på tide for meg å være med igjen. Jeg har egentlig tenkt det i flere år, men så har det ikke helt klaffet av ulike årsaker når uken kom. I år ble det derimot tidlig fast bestemt, og fra det øyeblikket gledet jeg meg skikkelig. Dette ville bli veldig bra, var jeg overbevist om. Det ble det så absolutt.

Det var litt overskyet den søndagen det var registrering på Kråkberget. Men det var ellers fint på alle vis, vindstille og go...

Monday, 21 October


Unas nociones para que sepas como se va a comportar un kayak según sus formas y diseño leer más


Fort Bragg, California Woman on Water Monday, 21 October, at 13:00

Fort Bragg, California is a bit rough around the edges.  We like it this way.  To live here, one has to be creative, adaptive, and willing to get wet.  When Jeff and I established Liquid Fusion Kayaking in Fort Bragg in 2008, we had to do some out of the box thinking to make it work.  

Earlier this month, Fort Bragg celebrated it's 130th birthday.  Fort Bragg has been a lumber and fishing town for the majority of those 130 years.  These are 2 extremely rugged and dangerous industries.  And industries that often swing on a variable economic pendulum.  Today, Fort Bragg is attempting to break away from its economic dependence on lumber and fishing.  As tourism becomes an important part of Fort Bragg's economy, we are seeking...

Emaljmuggar kajak.nu Monday, 21 October, at 09:27

Sen en tid tillbaka har Spreadshirt utökat sitt sortiment till att även omfatta emaljmuggar med tryck. Kul! Så nu finns flertalet av våra motiv även på mugg. Saknar du nåt? Hör av dig! Slå en kik här; https://www.kajak.nu/ute-t-shirts/ Drick kaffe som förr i tiden. Denna mugg med retrolook står för ett mysigt inslag på söndagsfrukostbordet ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Emaljmuggar dök först upp på kajak.nu.

Sunday, 20 October

Leatherman Free K4 X Kanotisten.com Sunday, 20 October, at 16:15

Såg att den kommer en ny kniv som såg fin ut, blir lite sugen på en. Ser dock ut som att den inte finns att köpa än i Sverige än.

Video som jag hittade på you tube…

c.1914 Smithsonian Chippewa Knotty Spruce Paddle Replica Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Sunday, 20 October, at 08:56

It's been over 10 years since I built a small birchbark canoe and the spruce board building bed has been sitting idle in the cottage garage since then. With space running out, a decision was made to cut up and use some of of the wood and see if more paddles could be carved. Back then, the boards were simply selected for to be free of warping. Plenty of knots didn't matter. As such, there really wasn't any clear sections with grain ideally suited to an attractive looking paddle.

However, I recall posting about a paddle described as a "Chippewa Woman's Paddle" listed in a dated publication from the Smithsonian's Bureau of American Ethnology.

Bureau of American Ethnology
BULLETIN 86 - Chippewa Customs

Hjörneredssjön i höstfärg kajak.nu Sunday, 20 October, at 08:45

Precis som förra året arrangerade Martin Svensson en oktobertur på Hjörneredssjön. Mest Helsingborgare men även några utsocknes (bland annat vi). Tjugoen paddlare samlades i lite begynnande solsken och gav sig ut på sjön. En del var relativt nya paddlare, en del hade provat ganska många gånger och några hade paddlat mycket tidigare. Blev en go ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Hjörneredssjön i höstfärg dök först upp på kajak.nu.

Saturday, 19 October

Video, Castle Tioram Swim SimonWillis.net Saturday, 19 October, at 13:36

Castle Tioram is an imposing presence on Loch Moidart and a popular destination for visitors to our area.

This one one of the first lochs in which we sea kayaked, taking our rented vessels out to a lovely beach at the head of the loch.

We also 'enjoyed' more than a little excitement trying to paddle around Riska Island.  I knew a lot less about tidal streams back then and hadn't appreciated how strong they can be.

Now it's one of our favourite places to swim.  We recently took a couple of friends on a mini-tour of the loch, although essentially it was a circumnavigation of Riska Island.

If you're going to do this, aim to be at the narrowest point at slack water.  Ideally, this would be a High Water slack when the loch is full of water because there are lots of shallows.  When we did it we had...

Video Series, Safety In Wild Places SimonWillis.net Saturday, 19 October, at 13:36

It's easy to take your own skills for granted and undervalue them.

Acquired over a lifetime of exploring wild places, techniques that are second nature to me might not be to other people.

After a tricky hike-a-bike through woods, where a slip could see me impaled on a branch, I looked at my small collections of safety kit and thought, "I should tell people about this".

So I have made a series of videos.  There are three at the time of writing but I might add more, and they apply to cycling, wild swimming, sea kayaking, hiking and any activity that takes you into remote places, particularly where there might be no mobile phone signal.

1. how to avoid getting into difficulties - free OS maps as a back-up to electronic navigation aids
2. in an emergency how to reliably call for help - use a Personal Locator Beacon
3. how to stay warm until help arrives

People who think this is o...

Friday, 18 October

Fishing on the Brooklyn VI Frogma Friday, 18 October, at 16:39

Setting Out From Sheepshead Bay

So to borrow a great phrase from my friends of Norwegian descent -


October has featured all kinds of bloggable fun, but between Inktober and winding things up at work for a vacation nothing's getting posted!

I'm still at work tonight, I had my work all planned out for a reasonable day today and then a bunch more stuff came in (I've said on FB now and then that my job can be like being in a baseball game with too many pitchers, and that's especially true when I'm getting ready for vacation, as I am this week) - I have one more fairly chunky report that's the last item on the to-do list that was on...

Thursday, 17 October

October colours Mountain and Sea Scotland Thursday, 17 October, at 22:48

All of a sudden it seems, the golden colours of autumn have come alive in Aberdeenshire.  On a walk above Glen Derry, the trees of the Doire Bhraghad (broad wood) have gained a palette of rich browns and glowing gold among the bottle green of the pines.  There's a long view north from here to the heart of the Cairngorms - the giants of Derry Cairngorm and Ben Macdui showed up well in the clear air.

Hardest Questions The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 17 October, at 18:16

A few nights ago I was in Seattle, giving a short presentation about the Ikkatsu Project and the work that has been...

Lightweight Camping Cookware for a Family of Three PaddlingLight.com Thursday, 17 October, at 03:21

lightweight camping cookware

When I used to solo canoe trip, it was easy to pick cookware. I’d just go with the lightest cookset that made sense for the time of year and trip. As my family has grown from one to three, I’ve found that it’s a little harder to balance lightweight camping cookware against ease of use and the desires of everyone on the trip. While I’m willing to forego special treats on a solo trip, it might make the night bett...

Tuesday, 15 October

Cerdeña 2019. Sexta entrega: Golfo de Orosei josebelloseakayaking Tuesday, 15 October, at 23:24

Continuando nuestra ruta hacia el sur nos encontramos con la bahía más hermosa de toda la isla. El Golfo de Orosei, que es el área costera del Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu.

Nos levantamos temprano, amaneciendo...

El macizo del Gennargentu cae al mar formando...

Summer sojourn on the Moray Firth - sealed with a kiss Mountain and Sea Scotland Tuesday, 15 October, at 21:58

Almost as soon as we'd paddled through the tall cave-arch from among the red towers we were joined by another young Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)

Just as curious and confiding as the one we'd encountered earlier in the day, it swam repeatedly around and behind us before approaching each of our kayaks in turn to investigate us more closely.  As it padded under the bow of my boat there was the faintest kiss from its muzzle and flipper - perhaps trying to figure out what the boat felt like.


Una forma diferente de hacer el camino de santiago en cuatro jornadas en kayak y una etapa a pie por la ria de Arousa leer más

Göra upp eld-kit kajak.nu Tuesday, 15 October, at 16:35

Att göra upp eld kan vara hur enkelt som helst men även bli hur komplicerat man vill. Vi är relativt vana inomhuseldare då vi värmer vårt hus med en kakelugn sen drygt 20år. Fast det kan vara skapligt (och är ofta) stor skillnad att tända eld inomhus helt i lä och runt 20 plusgrader med ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Göra upp eld-kit dök först upp på kajak.nu.

Monday, 14 October

Fjærvoll forbi Gullstabben til Skaga Padlemia Monday, 14 October, at 22:32

Søndagstur! Ja det ble en ekte søndagstur, for jeg jobbet lørdag og klarte jammen å forsove meg til søndagsturen. Men jeg hadde jo ingen andre jeg skulle møte, så det var bare jeg selv som ble skuffa. Satte meg i bilen uten helt å vite hvor jeg skulle, annet enn at det ble retning Bø.

Nuvel, når det ser sånn her ut når man kommer i gang, så går det jo ikke an å bli alt for skuffa heller. Det var favorittvære...

Dawn fisherman, Breezy Point jetty Frogma Monday, 14 October, at 04:39

Sunday, 13 October

Aclima Fleecewool & Flexwool kajak.nu Sunday, 13 October, at 18:06

Norska Aclima som gör ullplagg kommer med två nya materialserier. Fleecewool är som namnet antyder en ullvariant på det populära materialet fleece. Här finns till att börja med två plagg; joggingbyxor och huvtröja. Ser ut som perfekta plagg i stugsoffan eller husbilssoffan men ullmaterialet gör de nog lämpade även under andra plagg vid aktiviteter. Flexwool ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Aclima Fleecewool & Flexwool dök först upp på kajak.nu.

Friday, 11 October

Summer sojourn on the Moray Firth - among the red towers Mountain and Sea Scotland Friday, 11 October, at 18:03

The conglomerate rock arch we passed through is a portal to a very special stretch of coastline.  A wall of red rock capped with verdant green and carved into spires, battlements and stacks, it's like nowhere else on the Moray Firth.  This area between Strahangles Point and Pennan Head never fails to amaze.


Høydalen, årets siste onsdagspadling ute Padlemia Friday, 11 October, at 14:51

Det blir stadig tidligere mørkt, og tiden begynte å renne ut for onsdagspadlinger som man kan rekke etter jobb. Men Høydalen er kort vei fra jobb så da kunne vi starte tidlig, det er også ut mot storhavet sånn at vi får nesten maks lys.

Vi ble fem stykker på tur i dag, det var i grunnen mer enn jeg turte å håpe på så sent. Som vi ser er det greit å sette ut her.


Thursday, 10 October

Summer sojourn on the Moray Firth - underneath the arches Mountain and Sea Scotland Thursday, 10 October, at 18:00

The third day of our trip on the Moray Firth dawned bright and sunny again. Raymond had hillwalking plans for this day and so it would be Allan, Lorna and I paddling. We'd discussed various route options for the day over dinner the previous evening - perhaps setting out again from Whitehills to make a continuous journey, or heading farther east to Aberdeenshire's North Sea coast.  It didn't take much debate before we decided on a trip which would take in some of the best rock architecture on this coast.

It takes longer than you'd think to drive the 30-odd miles from Sandend to Pennan, then take a twisting, hilly road to the pebble beach below the village of New Aberdour.  It's notobvious on this image but this beach is quite steep-to and often has dumping surf which makes launching and landin...

Big boats versus little boats Paddling Otaku Thursday, 10 October, at 16:10

Recently a friend sent me a link to the new Oru Kayak - the Inlet. Which is their newest and smallest folding kayak. He asked what It thought. Here is the video that accompanies the boat on Kickstarter.

First I would argue that their points "where do you find the time, where do you find the space?" Are fallacies driven by capitalism run a muck. Yes, it may be hard for some people to find the time to paddle or follow other outdoor pursuits, but that isn't a problem that should be fixed by buying something. It is a problem that is fixed by getting your priorities straight, but that isn't what my friend was asking.

He asked, what I thought of this kayak, and even that has some problems with it. Was he asking what did I think of folding kayaks? What did I think of this particular type of folding kayak or what did I think of this specific Oru folding kayak. Again, it comes down to priorities.

If your priority is a boat that packs small and stores easily I think this is a great boat. It weighs a mere 20 pounds and according to Oru assemblies in 3 to 5 minutes. I would add, that is 3 to 5 minutes when you know how to do it. The first time I set one up it was close to 30. But at the end of that 3 to 5 minutes you are still paddling a ten...

Noel Jerome Bark Canoe Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Thursday, 10 October, at 03:41

Happened to swing by Algonquin Outfitters at Oxtongue Lake a while back and immediately noticed the well preserved bark canoe suspended over the cash register.

Manager Gord Baker was kind enough to supply some notes about the interesting history of the boat. Apparently it was acquired by original owner, Bill Swift Sr. as payment after someone couldn't pay back their debt with cash. Local bark canoe historian and restorer Rick Nash believes the construction style is consistent with Noel Jerome, a famed Algonquin builder from Rapid Lake, Quebec.

Wednesday, 09 October

My Last Weekend Teaching Kayaking Paddling Otaku Wednesday, 09 October, at 22:49

Recently I taught my last paddle classes for the season, and maybe for quite a while. Head over to YouTube to find out why.

Kayakermap: da un'idea di Danilo Tulone... Tatiyak Wednesday, 09 October, at 22:30

Danilo Tulone è un istruttore di kayak da mare siciliano appassionato di viaggi in campeggio nautico (e di yoga e di nuotate invernali!). Con l'amico di sempre gestisce il sito gironavigando nel quale racconta delle sue poliedriche attività.
La scorsa settimana ha arricchito il sito con una pagina dedicata alla mappa dei kayaker italiani (e chissà che poi in breve non si arrivi ad allargare gli orizzonti oltre i confini nazionali, visto che in mare non ci sono frontiere!): l'idea è semplice e geniale insieme e si chiama KayakerMap!

Danilo ha spesso ricevuto commenti del tipo "vorrei iniziare a viaggiare in kayak ma non trovo compagnia" o anche "vorrei acquistare il kayak X ma il costruttore è distante e non saprei come provarlo" e così, da bravo ingegnere informatico, ha avuto l'idea di realizzare una mappa dove poter rappresentare i kayaker marini di tutta Italia. 


Inktober! Frogma Wednesday, 09 October, at 18:57

I found out about Inktober when I got a group of friends together to go see Margaret Atwood at Town Hall. It was a great evening, Samantha Bee interviewed her, and their conversation was fascinating and thoroughly leavened with dry Canadian wit. Before the show, of course, everyone was pulling out their cell phones to take photos of the stage -- everyone, that is, except me (I'm still resisting the smartphone) and my friend Shari B, who pulled out a small sketchpad and a pen and proceeded to draw it!

I thought that was rather delightful and I said so - I liked her drawing, too, it was simple and clear and did a good job of showing the stage. She told me she'd been taking a drawing class that was specifically aimed at those who consider themselves artistically uninclined, and it sounded pretty interesting.

She also told me about...

Oktoberutflykt med Winzent kajak.nu Wednesday, 09 October, at 09:06

Vi tog en liten utflykt med stugbilen Winzent även i oktober. Början var tillochmed i september 🙂 Startade med att besöka nygamla bekanta nere i krokarna av Lövestad/Sjöbo. Riktigt trevligt! Blev en rejäl mtb-runda längs med Verkeån, delvis på Skåneleden. Superfin kombo av stig, skogsväg, grusväg i fina omgivningar. Var nere kring Vantalängan och vände. ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Oktoberutflykt med Winzent dök först upp på kajak.nu.

Trekology Ultralight Camping Pillow Review PaddlingLight.com Wednesday, 09 October, at 04:17

Trekology Ultralight Camping Pillow Review

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been experimenting with different pillow options that range from Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sack Pillow to stuffing clothing into the sleeves of my coats. Nothing has been comfortable. So, when searching for inflatable pillows, I came across an inexpensive option that was well reviewed on Amazon. It’s the Trekology Ultralight Camping Pillow. This is my brief Trekology Ultralight Camping Pillow Review.



Tuesday, 08 October

Summer sojourn on the Moray Firth - Sandend to Whitehills Mountain and Sea Scotland Tuesday, 08 October, at 22:29

Our camp site for the night had been the very pleasant Sandend Caravan Park (which also has tent pitches).  Wild camping isn't so easy to find on this part of the coast, so this was a perfect base - especially as we were able to carry our boats straight onto the glorious Sandend beach to launch.

It was going to be another cracking day, hot sunshine, light winds and low swell, ideal conditions for sea kayaking on this predominantly rocky coast.

Jobbpadling og multer på Hjellsandøya Padlemia Tuesday, 08 October, at 21:21

Når man jobber i en kommune en del øyer, skjer det fra tid til annen at jobben byr på oppdrag som man like gjerne kan padle til. For noen helgevakter siden var ei sånn anledning – det var attpåtil fint vær, så jeg benyttet anledningen til å samle en post også.

Bildet? Det er fra Øksnes. Ja, stedet altså, ikke kommunen. Eller begge deler, for såvidt. Dette er et bilde jeg tok på oppfordring fra en som deltok på Fiskernes dag. Det er Redningsskøyta som ligger bak bautaen, en symbolikk han syntes måtte foreviges.

Jeg kom forresten i avisen sjøl: «Folk kom i båter, småbåter og til og med kajakk.» http://www.blv.no/oksnes/fiskernes-dag-i-oksneskirka-1.2701579 (Bilde 2)


Cerdeña 2019: Quinta entrega, Costa Este: Costa Dorada. josebelloseakayaking Tuesday, 08 October, at 12:58

Dejando atrás la Costa Esmeralda , el litoral este de la isla recibe el nombre de Costa Dorada, una vez pasado el gran golfo de Olbia en dirección sur.

Olbia fue muy probablemente fundada por los cartagineses y con los romanos se convirtió en un importante puerto militar, hoy día es centro industrial y uno delos principales punto de acceso  por mar y air...

Video ÖKS i Mörtviken? Kanotisten.com Tuesday, 08 October, at 11:07

Hej filmade i Mörtviken dit Örnsbergs kanotsällskap eventuellt kanske ska flytta och bygga nya lokaler. Inget är dock klart runt detta projekt så om det blir något av detta återstår att se!

Se vilka alternativ som finns!

September 2019 kajak.nu Tuesday, 08 October, at 10:56

Ny månad som drog vidare. Fortsatte vår Winzentutflykt och det var såklart supergött med lite cykling och bad. Vi lyckades få in en paddling till Hallands väderö det var alldeles för länge sedan. Grym söndagseftermiddag på ön. En runda på Rönneå blev det med. Ännu en snålpaddlad månad 🙂 Mycket trevligt med Vanlifeträff vid Hjörneredssjön ... Läs mer...

Inlägget September 2019 dök först upp på kajak.nu.

Monday, 07 October

Looking Forward To It The Ikkatsu Project Monday, 07 October, at 22:48

A few years ago, I decided it might be a good idea to take an opportunity every now and then for an informal reception, where I could present the story of what the Ikkatsu Project is doing on an ongoing basis. A party, if you will, that could also serve to catch folks up on current activities, to give a report on the year that just passed and to take a quick look at what might be coming up. It’s time to do that again.

On December 4th, the Ikk...

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