Saturday, 17 April

Til Klinteby og retur med Jens Pouls kajakblog Saturday, 17 April, at 21:27

Egentlig skulle vi have været til Stevns, men vejrudsigten sagde 7-8 m vind fra nord, så planerne blev ændret og vi roede til Karrebæksminde hvor en sejlende gravko rensede op i sejlrenden.

Der var meget roligt vand på bugten - ret forventelig med nordlig vind.
Vi tog turen langs den flotte kyst og d klokken nærmede sig frokosttid, gik vi land og spiste madpakkerne.

Åserøya rundt Padlemia Saturday, 17 April, at 16:18

Endelig hadde Alexia hentet kajakken ut av vinterdvalen, og var klar for padletur igjen. En tur fra Dalsand innom 10 på skjæret-posten på Åserøya skulle bli en fin tur med gjeldende værmelding, fant vi ut. 
Det var flott lys bak Stortinden innerst i fjorden, men dit skulle ikke vi. Nei, vi satte kursen mot Åserøya, padlet på innsiden av den og så til land bortenfor oppdrettsanlegget. Her fulgte vi land, og ventet i spenning på om ikke vinden skulle ta seg opp snart,...

Friday, 16 April

Dumb, dumber, dumbest: 5 paddling faux pas NORCAL YAK Friday, 16 April, at 06:20

The right way to unload and inflate...away from vehicle lanesA list of quick ways some discourteous folks can spoil… …a beautiful day on the water. Kayakers, paddle boarders and canoeists...

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Fin kväll runt Reimersholme Friday, 16 April, at 04:46

Fina kvällar även om det fortfarande är ganska kallt. Kände på en NDK Pilgrim.

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Thursday, 15 April

Københavns havn Pouls kajakblog Thursday, 15 April, at 22:35

Jens havde inviteret til tur København, og vi var i alt 8 der tog af sted. Vi kørte til København med en trailer hvor lyset drillede, men med ledsagebilen lige bag traileren gik det.- Det er noget med LED lyset på traileren kan drille bilen - en adapter skulle kunne løse problemet.

Vi nåede sikkert frem og satte i ved siden af Fredens Havn ud for Christiania der pt er kendt fra fjernsynet. En broget flok bor på noget der ligner vrag som ligger for anker. Et hul i loven tillader tilsyneladende den slags - de lokale i luksuslejlighederne vid siden af kanaonbådshallerne er ikke glade.

TSS 2021; An Overview The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 15 April, at 21:20

The Tacoma Shoreline Survey & Cleanup is about 6 weeks away and it’s as good a time as any to review the process. There will be other updates to come, but this is a good overview of the 2021 effort:
– This year it will be included as part of Tacoma Ocean Fest, and will be operated in cooperation with South Sound Surfrider.
– All participants need to use the Clean Swell smart phone app from the Ocean Conservancy. (If you don’t have a smart phone, please download the paper version of the debris log here.)
– The event will feature in-person and virtual components. Our waterfront check-in tent will be located at Jack Hyde Park on the T...

New Book Release! Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 15 April, at 10:58

Finally – Book 2 of the series “No. 3 – The North Island” of my First Circumnavigation of North America is available on Amazon!

Paperback and Kindle edition.

The German translation is on its way!

Superior Fleece Hoodie Review Thursday, 15 April, at 03:44


Wednesday, 14 April

Ascensión al Torreón josebelloseakayaking Wednesday, 14 April, at 22:32

La ascensión al Torreón o Pinar, es algo que hay que hacer si o sí en la Sierra de Grazalema, por varias razones. La primera porque es el techo de la provincia (1654 m), la segunda porque por la ruta normal es un sendero marcado y sencillo, y la tercera porque tiene unas vistas extraordinarias de parte de Andalucía que abarcan desde la bahía de Cádiz, hasta la Sierra de las Nieves en Málaga, incluso Sierra Nevada en Granada en los días muy claros.


Tuesday, 13 April

Skånska Landskap Tuesday, 13 April, at 08:47

Skånska landskap är en stiftelse som är lätt att gilla. Stiftelsen håller till i skåne precis som namnet antyder. Bildades 2004 av Region Skåne och tar hand om 19 strövområden i skåne med en total yta av 11000 hektar mark. Några av Skånska landskaps mest välbesökta områden är nog Skrylle, Fulltofta, Kronoskogen, Klåveröd och Järavallen ... Läs mer...

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Monday, 12 April

Online British Canoeing Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning Courses. Extra dates added. Jersey Kayak Adventures Monday, 12 April, at 23:24

Our next online Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course is on: Tuesdays May 4, 11, 18, 25, June 1. 1830-2030 The advantage of an online navigation course is that there is no need to travel to the class. Instead of having to give up a days kayaking you can now complete this certificated course online […]

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We are a British Canoeing Delivery Partner Jersey Kayak Adventures Monday, 12 April, at 23:15

Derek Hairon, our Director of sea kayaking at Jersey Kayak Adventures, explains why we signed up to become a British Canoeing Delivery Partner. The quality mark is an excellent way for clients to know that we meet the national standards of British Canoeing, the governing body for paddlesport in the UK. A British Canoeing Delivery […]

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Panthera – Geir Inge Austbø Björn Thomasson Design Monday, 12 April, at 14:27

Panthera – Geir Inge Austbø


Nå er min Panthera ferdig, og i dag ble det tid for første tur. Førsteinntrykket av kajakken er veldig bra. Den går lett gjennom vannet, spesielt i medsjø. Den kjennes mer stabil enn forventet, så det var ingen grunn til bekymring 😀
Den er bygd etter originalmål, så den er 560cm lang. Jeg har brukt gran og blandet inn noen striper med valnøtt. Vekten havnet på 22,5kg, som nok skyldes uerfaren båtbygger og 3 luker + sete fra Kajaksport. Nå gleder jeg meg til å bli bedre kjent med kajakken utover våren og sommeren, og satser på å bruke den både til trening og lengre turer med overnatting.

Takk for fint design, gode tegninger og fyldig byggebeskrivelse til hjelp for en førstegangsbygger.

Har lagt med noen bilder på land og noen fra dagens prøvetur.

Geir Austbø

Panthera – Geir Inge Austbø


Sunday, 11 April

Northerly, severe gale 9...... Mountain and Sea Scotland Sunday, 11 April, at 20:44

This week has seen some very stormy conditions around the north of Scotland.  The surf forecasts for the Moray Firth coast were indicating swells of 5 metres/16 feet which is very much higher than the norm.  The Shipping Forecast confirmed the conditions would be lively...."Faroes, Fair Isle, Cromarty...northerly severe gale force 9 occasionally storm 10, heavy snow showers, good becoming poor in showers..." - it was definitely weather worth seeing from safely onshore.

Stockholm outdoor Sunday, 11 April, at 19:49

Stadens bästa uteliv året om. Henrik Trygg & Johan Tell Vi vet sen tidigare att Henrik trygg tar väldigt fina bilder. Och Johan Tell har vi träffat några gånger och även läst några av hans tidigare böcker så utgångsläget för denna bok kändes ju ganska givet. Det här kommer bli bra! Och det blev det. Snyggt ... Läs mer...

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Förmiddagspaddling till Yttre Gården Kollbergs Kajakblogg Sunday, 11 April, at 17:45

Det är söndag morgon. Packar för en förmiddagspaddling. Kommer ner till Kanotladan. Låser upp och tar ut kajakerna. De är dammiga efter vintern. Lägger ut och tar oss ut på Gårdsfjärden som ligger spegelblank. Ejdrarna låter när vi paddlar förbi. Några svanar lyfter trögt och flyger bort. Går iland på Yttre Gårdens stora strand. Äter en mustig och varm Gulaschsoppa och dricker en koppa kaffe i solen. 


April 10th - discovery Island (#37) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Sunday, 11 April, at 03:38

Dan and I paddled out to Cadboro Point, where we met up with Paulo for a paddle around the islands. There was not much current to begin with - a slight flood had started. By the time we got near to discovery we realized that the stiff westerly would make paddling westwards along the south shore of Discovery a challenge, we decided to paddle a figure of eight. As it turned out that was a good decision, but we paddled in some of the lumpiest water I have seen for some time! The winds at Trial were steady around 25 knots and I am sure we were paddling in 20+. When we eventually made it back I was a tad tired! I did not keep a bird checklist today... too busy paddling! By the time we were heading back, the flood was strong and between the headwind and the current, we had a hard time making it back past Cadboro Point.


Saturday, 10 April

P&H Valkyrie, a long term test and review. Sea kayaking with Saturday, 10 April, at 21:34

IntroductionAn edited version of this review appeared in Ocean Paddler Magazine issue #71. I have also published it several times on Facebook back in July/August 2019 but of course Facebook is useless for anything you ever want to find again. I keep getting requests for a copy of the Valkyrie test so here it is on good old fashioned Blogger where a Google search will find it!P&H do not have a

Thursday, 08 April

Ascension al Picacho, en el Parque Natural de los Alcornocales josebelloseakayaking Thursday, 08 April, at 23:28

El Picacho es una cumbre emblemática del Parque de los Alcornocales, con una altura redonda: "888 metros". 

El ascenso es fácil y agradable, de menos de dos horas desde el área recreativa que lleva su nombre. Subimos entre quejigos y alcornoques, teniendo siempre a la vista los buitres leonados que viven en las cimas. Más difíciles de ver son las cabras montesas de la zona.


Ciscos Gallery: Penobscot style paddle Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Thursday, 08 April, at 17:41

Another paddle showcased by Cisco's Gallery advertised as a "Native Carved Canoe Paddle". It features the classic Penobscot stepped grip motif and is identified as carved from Birch.

Good Government The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 08 April, at 17:24

The Washington State House passed SB5022 yesterday and it is now headed to the Governor for his autograph. (73-24-1-0; pretty sure that margin beat the spread.) This new legislation requires increased recycled content in plastic beverage containers, trash bags and bottles for household products; bans expanded polystyrene food packaging, recreational coolers and packing peanuts; and requires that utensils, straws, cup lids and condiments only be provided to customers on request. This is a huge step forward in accountability as relates to plastic packaging, not just for individuals but for producers.

This concept of extended producer responsibility is now part of the legislative record, another step toward revealing the true price of plastic and the costly, negative effects that it has on th...

Spring has sprung at Sebago! 3 weeks of flowers at the club. Frogma Thursday, 08 April, at 07:22

Blogger's new interface continues to be broken. If you click on the first photo, hit the back button on your browser, and repeat that a few times (4 or 5 for me tonight), you may get the old slideshow view with thumbnails. Blogger's new interface is actually part of why I haven't been posting as much lately - it's a constant exercise in frustration where the old interface was so simple. In good news, though, these 3 weeks of flowers do mean that I've gotten in 3 weekend paddles in a row. And my fingers are crossed for 4! Crocuses are from weeks 1 and 2, everything else from last weekend. Great time to be getting back to the club!

Wednesday, 07 April

Rant: Dear PaddlingLight, You Suck! Wednesday, 07 April, at 22:26


Pølsetur Pouls kajakblog Wednesday, 07 April, at 18:08

 April bød på blæsende vejr, men det afholdt ikke jes og jeg i at tage på pølsetur. Andre var mere flyvske og tog en turi luftrummet over os. Det var også en flot dag.

Vi havde vinden i ryggen, og snart fandt vi læ på engen foran Borgnakkeskoven. Der var en lille sandstrand hvor vi kunne tænde bål. Med ikke for store brændestykker havde vi hurtigt et fint lille glødebål hvor pølser og brød kunne ristes på den smarte grill. Det er ikke særlig høfligt at fotografere folk der spiser pølse, men Jes kan bære det.

Kringelskjæret med Monica og Egil Padlemia Wednesday, 07 April, at 10:08

Jeg var ganske drittlei denne påsken, og slang ut ei melding om noen ville padle. Så fikk det være opp til tilfeldighetene hva jeg skulle gjøre den dagen - lese bok, eller dra på tur. Plutselig kom det svar fra Monica og Egil, som skulle samle Kringelskjæret! Det var akkurat tid nok for meg til å pakke i full fart og bli med. De kom hit, så satte vi ut i fjæra mi.
Vi satte kursen rett over sundet, korteste vei. 


Tuesday, 06 April

April 5th - Oak Bay to Cadboro Bay via the Islands (#36) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Tuesday, 06 April, at 02:18

I joined a group organized by Gary to paddle out and around the Islands from Turkey Head/Oak Bay Marina. We made our way past the Oak Bay Beach Hotel  to Gonzales Point before heading out to the Chain group and the Islands. We had spectacular conditions and a nice lunch break in Rudlin Bay. I am not sure when I have seen so many boats out and around the Islands! The birding was good and I saw marbled murrelets in summer plumage! (

click to enlarge
17 km, YTD 365 km

April 4th - Loon Bay (#35) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Tuesday, 06 April, at 02:06

Jenny and I SUPed over to Loon Bay via the yacht club for a short afternoon paddle. Great conditions and a nice little paddle! The tide was way out as you can see from the starting position!

click to enlarge

2 km, YTD 348 km

Monday, 05 April

Snartur til Losjehytta Padlemia Monday, 05 April, at 19:02


Hersens påskevær i år. Jeg kjørte til Bø med både padleutstyr og turutstyr for land, men det fristet særdeles lite. Likevel ble det tur, jeg fikk han her med på å gå en tur til Losjehytta. Sist vi skulle dit måtte vi snu lenge før vi kom så langt, men nå burde det være håp om å komme fram. Det dere ser her er gammel sti til venstre, anleggsvei til høyre. Det er uvisst om man anser seg ferdig eller dette skal fortsettes på. Lenger ned så det likt ut, bare med grus/pukk på anleggsveien og en del hauger med stor stein. 

Heart of Toba by Nigel Foster Extreme Sea Kayaking Adventures Monday, 05 April, at 09:45

Editor’s note: This month we review Nigel Foster’s latest paddling adventure Heart of Toba. I could say a lot of good things about this book and I do, but one of the best things I could say is that now I feel like I’ve been there. I won’t forget this journey. Nigel Foster is a […]

Saturday, 03 April

Black Pearl – Jeff LaPrise Björn Thomasson Design Saturday, 03 April, at 23:01

Black Pearl – Jeff LaPrise

Ibland tar det tid. Saker kommer emellan. Men i slutändan kan det komma något extra vackert ur det. Jag ett mail...


Greetings from the United States. I hope this email finds you and your family in good health.

I have been waiting a long time to send this email - over 15 years! Back in 2005 I ordered plans for a Black Pearl Kayak from you. After a year of gathering supplies and reading a couple of books on woodstrip boats, I finally started construction in late 2006/early 2007. Within a few months I had a completed hull and deck and started to epoxy and fiberglass.

I wasn't sure which approach I wanted to use for the hatches. After much consideration, I ordered VCP hatches and covers and started to build the recessed areas to mount the hatches. At that point, other things (three young children) got in the way and the kayak project was pushed to the back of the basement workshop.

There it sat under cover for the next 13+ years! Late last year I dusted it off and set about finishing the project. The recessed hatch areas were rebuilt and the cockpit coaming was constructed next. I finished all the fiberglass work on the deck in January and joined the hull to the deck in February. From there it was just of lot of sanding and painting.

Last Sunday I...

April 3rd - Discovery Island (#34) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Saturday, 03 April, at 21:34

Dan and I went for a morning paddle around the islands. conditions were calm and we could see all of Mt Rainier to the south. There was a bit of current. The Steller sea lions were out on the rock by seabird point. There were plenty of birds around ( and it was nice to still see a marbled murrelet around as well as some rhinoceros auklets

click to enlarge
15 km, YTD 346 km

Mars 2021 Saturday, 03 April, at 10:23

Mars 2021 går inte (heller) till historien som den mest paddlade månaden 😉 En paddelrunda sista marsdagen blev det och en utenatt uppe vid Västersjön fick vi till. I övrigt mycket utetid hemomkring, mycket promenader, lite cykling & hemmapyssel. Har kommit igång med lite mer förodling och förberedande inför odlingssäsongen. Blev även ett par vakbad ... Läs mer...

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