Monday, 17 June

Reader Submissions Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Monday, 17 June, at 15:59

Recently I received correspondence from two readers of the blog who have begun carving their own paddles.

Ville K from Finland sent in a photo of his first attempt at a paddle. This one is carved from a board of aspen which is apparently commonly sold for sauna seating in Finland. The paddle has been treated with a mixture of pine tar and boiled linseed oil, a traditional treatment for dugout boats in the region.

Ville's Aspen canoe paddle

Another blog visitor,  Art Shaw from Lyndhurst, Ontario, sent in a few more photos of his paddle creations. These are richly decorated with etchings and beautiful chip-carving details. .


Prepping Monday, 17 June, at 15:57

av Anna-Maria StawrebergAtt hoppas på det bästa men förbereda sig på det värsta.  För inte så länge sen förknippades preppare med vapenfixerade enstöringar, gärna amerikan, bosatta på landsbygden. Nu för tiden kan det lika gärna vara en vanlig Svensson som är förberedd på någon typ av samhällsstörning. Strömavbrott, dåligt vatten, extremare väder (torka eller kyla) ... Läs mer...

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Sunday, 16 June

I Have a Plan The Ikkatsu Project Sunday, 16 June, at 21:56

When shown a map of the Salish Sea, only 9% of US residents polled knew what it is called. (M...

Begyndertur Pouls kajakblog Sunday, 16 June, at 21:31

9 begyndere og 5 instruktører tog på tur til De hvide Svaner. Undervejs snakkede vi en del teknik. Ude på fjorden blev der brug for finne/ror - det voldte en del problemer. Den slags mekanik virker ikke altid lige godt på klubkajakker.
På hjemturen fik alle trænet redninger. det gik lidt trægt til at begynde med, men da alle instruktørerne gik forrest og lavede de hurtigste redninger - rul - kom der gang i de nye. Solo- og makkerredninger blev øvet.

Det var en flok tilfredse roere, der kunne gøre kajakkerne rene efter den 11 km lange tur.

Onsdagstur Pouls kajakblog Sunday, 16 June, at 21:25

Det var en stor flok der tog af sted fra NKC på onsdagstur.

Det blæste en del fra øst, men det var ekstre mt højvandet, så vi blev enige om at følge Gavnøs kyst for at få lidt læ
det lykkedes i fin stil, selv om vi da fik en del vind på Gavnøs østside

Venezia: kayak off limits! Tatiyak Sunday, 16 June, at 20:06

Venezia è una delle città di mare più belle del mondo, forse la più bella di tutte.
Dalla scorsa settimana non si potrà più pagaiare in kayak tra i canali di Venezia!!!
Lo stabilisce una (seconda) ordinanza del Comune di Venezia dello scorso 3 giugno 2019 che torna a distanza di appena un anno a disciplinare in maniera restrittiva la navigazione nei canali della zona lagunare di "unità a remi di tipo non tradizionale e altre unità con propulsione diversa".

Ne ha già scritto sul sito di VeniceKayak il titolare della società di kayak da mare Renè Seindal: l'attuale amministrazione comunale aveva tentato lo scorso anno di vietare la navigazione in kayak a Venezia, ma il TAR del Veneto aveva accolto il ricorso presentato da Venicekayak e quindi di fatto annullato l'ordinanza comunale. Visto che il kayak da mare non è MAI stato coinvolto in alcun tipo di incidente e che l'attività di pagaia è sicura ed ecologica, il TAR riconosceva la fondatezza del ricorso in tutti i suoi punti ed imponeva al Comune di Venezia di modificare l'ordinanza.

Sembrava quindi cosa fatta: la battaglia legale vinta ed i kayak lib...

Sun 16/06-2019 Day 387 Freya Hoffmeister Sunday, 16 June, at 19:27

Pos: 58.7178,-160.4273
Loc: High Island
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 35,6 km
Start: 08:10 End: 15:30

Fylkir said he has slept only about two hours last night…hmmmm, was he dreaming about Sandy? He seems not yet to be in tune with the nature and wildlife here. It will come. He was unfortunately a bit grumpy all day with that little sleep, although conditions were dead-easy on the crossing to first Crooked island and then High Island. We had low following wind, but some counter current most of the day, so speed was moderate and the surface a bit choppy. We saw our first puffins today, always cute! I still remember the one who let me hold and kiss him last year in Alaska… 🙂 A lot of seals greeted us around the islands.

We briefly stopped for lunch at Crooked Island, and it did not look like any bear sign nowhere. A BEAR FREE ISLAND? 🙂 We crossed over to the impressive high-rugged High Island, and on our wide beach spit, there were again no signs of bear traffic – another BEAR FREE ISLAND!? It will give Fylkir some good sleep – hopefully.

I repaired a leak in my day hatch, in a cloud of flies....

Halleskär norr om Vinga Sunday, 16 June, at 17:05

Halleskär norr om Vinga utanför Göteborg är en fin ö om man är på väg till/från Vinga. Halleskär bjuder på skapligt med tältplatser. Fina hällar på sydsidan med vy mot Vinga. Ön nås enklast och mest skyddat norrifrån men är man inte alltför rädd för farleden går det finfint även söderifrån och österifrån.

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First Camping Adventure In A Long Time! Frogma Sunday, 16 June, at 02:53

YAY just packed up my little blue tent for another urban camping adventure, this one at Floyd Bennett Field, which has been open to the public for camping for a few years now. They've had camping there for years but it used to be only open to youth groups, now they'll let any old riffraff in. Cool, I'm on my way! 

For a long time, I was actually a little doubtful about whether camping at Floyd Bennett Field would be all that nice. This division of the National Park Service's Gateway Recreation Area was originally a military air base, of course, and there's a lot of acreage that's covered in concrete. When I thought about camping there, I was imagining pitching a tent on the tarmac surrounding the big hangar where the Historic Aircraft Restoration Project is - not terribly appealing. Does anybody else remember an e...

Saturday, 15 June

Sat 15/06-2019 Day 386 Freya Hoffmeister Saturday, 15 June, at 19:34

Pos: 58.7729,-159.90755
Loc: Right Hand Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 21,6 km
Start: 11:15 End: 15:00

We saw our first bear today! High time, it is already day 6 on this section!

But at first, we were contemplating to have a rest day after a five-day’s work week, as the forecast was up to 22 knots. We were thinking of a wonderful hike in strong winds in the mountain area we have just reached. But as much today was strong 22 knots forecasted and it stayed well under ten knots all day, as much was yesterday’s evening having not forecasted strong 30-knots gusts and our tent blew almost away. Alaska has his own weather.

This morning’s low tide stayed also well close to the beach compared to yesterday’s 500 m hike with gear and kayaks to the dry camp site. So it was just too tempting to go and we changed our off-day to an unknown other time.

It was a pleasant paddle with low following wind and funny criss-cross seas to the other side of a small 10 km bay, and then we followed mostly a nice rocky coast line. Our goal was the hammerhead-shaped headland of Right-Hand Point, before we had to make up our minds to cross vi Summit or Crooked Island to Hagemeister Island, ot to keep on following the coastline north to Togiak Bay. We like to do the crossing via the islands tomorrow.

And we liked to do our planned hike this afternoon! The...

Köpa Husbil & Plåtis – vad ska man tänka på? Saturday, 15 June, at 09:25

Svårt att veta vad man vill ha och alltid svårt att råda vad andra kan tänkas vilja ha? Sen är det nog så att man kommer på efterhand som saker används hur man egentligen vill ha det. Vi har en kort plåtis på 565cm nu och kommer troligtvis skaffa en kort nästa gång också. Inte ... Läs mer...

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Friday, 14 June

Fri 14/06-2019 Day 385 Freya Hoffmeister Friday, 14 June, at 20:17

Pos: 58.8360,-159.6187
Loc: Kulukak Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 39,7 km
Start: 09:45 End: 16:45

Fylkir had a bit of a motivational crisis this morning, as it was raining and not looking extremely inviting outside. He grumbled something like “What am I doing here…?” and complained about everything ahead… We turned around in our cozy bedding once more, but when he needed to go outside as nature called, he pondered to either get wet clothing in the rain or wet bare skin…he opted for the latter. The butt naked man in gum boots doing his business in the rain overlooking the dead calm sea woke up to his Icelandic genes, and came smiling back into the tent, happy to keep on going. This was a clear case of “reconnecting to nature”…and I happily dried his wet back with his towel as a luxury service. Life is not too bad!

Forecasted was strong easterly wind, and we only gave it a quick thought to cross 45 km straight over to the Round or Black Island, as this would be quite boring. We were quite sheltered on our coast going north west, and better a quite monotonous beach than no land to watch. The sea was calm, and the wind pushed us offshore along. Like yesterday evening, we saw another whale spout of a rather smaller guy very close to the coast. He did his business without being bothered by us, about ten meters off the quite ste...

Onsdagspadling med doblingen Padlemia Friday, 14 June, at 14:43

Foto: Wenche Edvardsen
Klubben skaffet seg litt plutselig en dobling. Det sto på lista over mulige anskaffelser fremover men det var ikke akkurat like om hjørnet – til det plutselig dukket opp en brukt en til grei pris. Med ok økonomi kunne vi bare slå til. Den ble hentet en mandag, og første onsdag etter var det padling fra naustet – vi klarte ikke å la være en liten testkjøring. Fred fikk styre roret, mens jeg måtte sitte framme. Den er ganske stor, det var såvidt jeg klarte å nå frem til pedalene når de ble stilt inn på det nærmeste hakket. Mulig de er noe nærmere plassert i den bakre cockpiten, at den minste bør sitte bakerst.


It's Always the Wind On the Big Sea in a Little Boat Friday, 14 June, at 05:34

I'm not late when I get to the parking lot, but I'm not early enough that everyone should still have kayaks on their roofs either. I park and find everyone huddled on the beach in the more than light wind pondering if we should move to a more sheltered location. This is supposed to be a level 2 paddle...
We decide that we can paddle up the Bay and stay near the shore for protection.
Kayaks are unloaded.
Clothing choices are made. It is too nice for dry suits, although the water is still cool, but windy enough to warrant a paddle top...
By the time we are on the water, the wind has dissipated a bit. As we meander up north, deeper into the Bay there is enough of a breeze to keep me cool in my paddle top, but not enough to really notice.
This is fine by me. There are plenty of old friends to catch up with. I chat with Tim M. for a while; I chat with Carole for a while; I chat with Rick for a while; I chat with just about everyone for a while. It is nice to see everyone and do an analog Facebook timeline search.
The paddling is easy and rhythmic. When I'm not chatting, I focus on the rhythm and feel of my forward stroke; I try a few different types of maneuvering strokes; I get reacquainted with how the kayak feels when I shift my weight around.
Lunch at Rome Point was nice and sunny. Tim and I talked about how this was just about the perfect paddle to open the season. It was nice and relaxing, but I get restless. My opportunities for ocean play...

Thursday, 13 June

Thu 13/06-2019 Day 384 Freya Hoffmeister Thursday, 13 June, at 18:44

Pos: 58.5793,-159.2090
Loc: Black Beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 38,6 km
Start: 08:35 End: 17:00

It came to me later, when a blue and white small plane flew low over our heads in the evening, that the wheel tracks from the last beach were from a plane and not from a motorbike. Sure we are in Alaska! Later when we landed for exploring we saw many more, it seems like small planes, most likely from the fish and game department, hit the beach frequently. We also saw more human paw tracks than bear tracks, and not a single bear (yet…).
Other finds at the beaches were two very dead walrus, one on the eastern side, one on the western side of Cape Constantine. Wheeltracks around, bear poop heaps around, but no precious tusks any more at the animals. One had the head cut completely off, at the other we found a small stump left on one side. Not sure who is harvesting these…the locals or the authorities…also not sure what would the situation be if we would find a freshly stranded dead walrus who has still the tusks on…it is a treasure, walrus ivory!
On a small stream, we decided to refill our water bags. The water is tanned, but clean and fresh. In the distance, we saw a large gray wolf running along the dunes. We found some fresh moose and reindeer tracks, also some older bear tracks, but none of the matching animals. I also found a huge bone, likely...

Kvällstur på sjön Thursday, 13 June, at 09:05

Igår blev det en kvällstur på Västersjön. Länge sen vi paddlade där (också). Lite grått och svaga ostliga vindar. Vi tog Kåre och 101:an och plaskade en runda i dammiga kajaker 🙂 Riktigt gött. Hann lagom hem igen innan ett skapligt åskväder drog in.

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Current Subway Reading - Yes She Can Frogma Thursday, 13 June, at 03:34

I've totally fallen down on that project I had where I was going to share my monthly reading (I stalled out at mid-March, as I recall) but oh my, I have GOT put in a plug for my current subway reading, Yes She Can: 10 Stories of Hope Change from Young Female Staffers of the Obama White House. I am absolutely loving this book.

It's actually kind of heartbreaking reading it and thinking about how hard these young women worked and how much hope they had for what they were bringing to the country and the world, only to have the current administration come dundering in and set straight to work tearing it all down. But it's also such a grand reminder that these young women -...

Wednesday, 12 June

Fridhemskanotisterna Wednesday, 12 June, at 23:39

Har nu varit med två kvällar i Fridhem och tagit emot nya medlemmar. Fantastiskt kul att att se en annan förening och deras upplägg för att ta emot nya medlemmar. Blåste en del så blev en många paddlare att fiska upp. Saknar möjligheten att få lite vågor i Gröndal där ÖKS håller till. Paddlade min Dagger Stratos som är utmärkt för ändamålet.

ORO DE PAZ BEY EN LA MEDIA MARATÓN DE PIRAGÜISMO Piragüismo San Fernando Wednesday, 12 June, at 21:23

La imagen puede contener: 5 personas, personas sonriendo, personas de pie y exterior

Celebrado en el Lago de Arcos de la Frontera el sábado 8 de junio de 2019.

5 deportistas fueron los participantes en esta dura prueba andaluza.

En categorías de prebenjamin, benjamín y juvenil, Sidy, Sukeina y Adolfo terminaron en sus respectivas categorías cruzando la meta de donde muchos se retiraban.

Inma Santos también termino entrando en puntos en la categoría de las mas fuertes de veteranas.

Paz Bey en su categoría tan solo tenia que cruzar la meta para llevarse su merecido premio, puesto que solo mantenerse arriba de su piragua era una competición al paso de todas los juveniles y cadetes que corrían a la misma hora.

En cuanto a las clasificaciones por equipos en las diversas categorías son las siguientes:

Promoción 11° de 17 equipos

Veteranos 12 de 17

Mujeres 8 de 17

Hombres 16 de 17

General 16 de 17

CURSOS DE VERANO DE PIRAGÜISMO SAN FERNANDO Piragüismo San Fernando Wednesday, 12 June, at 21:15


Fylkir news part 1 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 12 June, at 19:47

Fylkir is writing:

Arriving in time to Alaska, vent much better, than when we last time went to Mexico. Our trip started in a train, and after that we were taken care of, by ICELANDAIR which brought us safely to Anchorage. The two days spent there, in the good company of our host Jutta Dimke. We used to by supplies for our trip, shopping in the land of plenty, is always an adventure of its own. At least for me, this time I was not so worried about the amount we bought, and if all of it would fit in our kayaks. For me noticing improvements, big or small in this league of world class expeditioning, is very important even though it only has to do with shopping. Like always time flies fast, when you are on the run with Freya, and we left Anchorage, in a small plain that flew us to Naknek. Being picked up at the airport by Trident Seafood representative Fernando, was of a great help as he drove us to our now new home for the days up until our departure. The time we spent at Trident´s factory, were used to restore our kayak´s – which was really needed – for Freya´s kayak. Since the one that I am using is brand new, not all that much was needed to be taken care of on that one. During these days our main host Randy, was of an immense help, and for me talking to him about what kind of a factory Trident has at Naknek. Was very interesting, Randy has been at this factory for 26 years, and knows every little corner of it. Finding out how short the salmon run is, only 3-4 weeks...

Wed 12/06-2019 Day 383 Freya Hoffmeister Wednesday, 12 June, at 19:42

Pos: 58.4208,-158.7830
Loc: Cape Constanine
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 42,9 km
Start: 08:35 End: 16:40

I was so dead tired yesterday when I wanted to write, I barely could keep my eyes open. I need to start earlier writing…
We planned a crossing of Nushagak Bay today, and felt it was a much better choice than in yesterday’s dense fog, after already 25 km of paddling. Freshly slept, and with a relaxed packing for Fylkir after yesterday’s practise with my help. He suddenly even had space for two more bags, if needed!

Fylkir’s adaption to the trip on the Alaska end goes well, as it is more like his homecountry Iceland than Mexico, but we still haven’t seen any bear yet. We had bought the bear fence for polar bear country, but Fylkir feels he already likes to put it up every night now…oh well, another half an hour work in the evening, and ten minutes more in the morning for a peaceful night’s sleep. No problem, and good practice for the nasty white buggers later. And I have a happy man.

Our gun also sleeps loaded besides him, on my end it did and does the bear spray. But also good practise.

Our bear fence is a model with trip wire igniting 12-gauge blank cartridges to scare the possible intruder away – or at least to wake us up if one is sniffing up to our tent. Different to the electrical fence, it doesnR...

Hilleberg Anaris Wednesday, 12 June, at 17:47

Hilleberg har precis (12 juni 2019) presenterat ett helt nytt tält. Hilleberg Anaris är ett lätt tvåmanstält av ryggåstyp. Kul! Tältet väger 1,4 kilo och rymmer som sagt två personer. Måtten på innertältet är 220x120cm. Dubbla absider finnes också. Lysande! Tältet sätts upp med vandringsstavar eller tarpstänger eller hängs upp i träd. Borde gå att ... Läs mer...

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One more bespoke course... Tatiyak Wednesday, 12 June, at 13:36

Bespoke courses seem to be the very constant and consistent subject of my coaching season!
I've had the chance to run one more bespoke course last week-end with one of my newest long-term students and it was a special experience for both of us, the coach and the student.

There were two sunny-cloudy-windy days and we made the most of the unstable weather conditions both on the calm, flat and clear Lake of Sabaudia and on the warm choppy salty water just around the rocky headland of the North-Westerly point of Monte Circeo. 
Thanks to the different locations we work both on technical and tactical skills, starting with some top tips about forward paddling, edgind and towing and then moving to the open water to practise some self-rescues and some interesting rock garden exercise in order to put everything in action...
It was a refreshingbly two day session and I was completely focused on my student's needs! 

Enrico is a keen sailor-man and an eclectic sport-man too. He was especially interesting to improve his personal paddling skills and we were using different sessions to work on that. 
It was pretty interesting to me and very difficult to him realize how easely the sea kayak can reach the coast compare with a bigger boat! At the beginning of the rock hopping session Enrico was very anxious and I so decided to explain him the importance of what I usually call...

Halsnæs Kajakkort Wednesday, 12 June, at 06:28

Halsnæs kommun i danmark har tagit fram em kajakkarta eller kort som det heter på danska. Underrubriken är “Guide til kystnær sejlads i Halsnæs” alltså guide till kustnära paddling i Halsnæs. För er som är lika dåliga på geografi som mig så ligger Helsnæs på själlands västkust, endast 50-60km från Helsingborg i Skåne. I kommunen ... Läs mer...

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Tuesday, 11 June

Tranesvågen med Andøyklubben Padlemia Tuesday, 11 June, at 22:55

I Andøy var det grunnkurs og tur, jeg vurderte å bli med. Men jeg var alt for seint ute, hadde jeg grunn til å tro. Nuvel, jeg vurderte området for 10 på skjæret neste år, så jeg dro likevel. For å spare inn litt tid så det skulle være sjans for å nå noen av dem satte jeg ut nært krysset til Risøyhamn, istedenfor å kjøre rundt hele Tranesvågen. Men det var en faktor jeg ikke hadde regnet inn, så det viste seg at folk sto fremdeles i fjæra.

Nok om det. Da jeg kom enda litt nærmere hørte jeg den u...

Tue 11/06-2019 Day 382 Freya Hoffmeister Tuesday, 11 June, at 20:39

Pos: 58.6147,-158.2077
Loc: East Point Nushagak Bay
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 26,1 km
Start: 08:15 End: 13:05

A good quiet night in our tent, we woke both a bit sore in the bones from the unusual work. Packing was chased by the running up tide, and Fylkir go stressed not to fit all into his boat before the water caught his kayak. He had to drag it up a couple of times. Tomorrow morning, I’ll help him packing…it had all fit in Naknek!

We paddled long steep mud cliffs, where on highest tide was not much space for a tent. Few spots were sandy, or a river mouth broke the cliff line. We stared wit bright sunshine like yesterday, but soon at 9 am, thick fog fell down and stayed all day until 6 pm. Not really exciting to paddle, despite the tide ran out now which would be just right for the crossing of 30 km. But we chose to cross the big Nushagak Bay tomorrow when we are fresh, hopefully without fog. We are still a bit in jet lag, but it’s getting better by the day.

We had to lift again our kayaks up a rocky beach and found a sandy spot to camp upfront the cliffs. Not much to see here in the fog, besides the magically disappearing water which came back with might late afternoon. Power of nature!

we were working on a few gear adjustments, and I feel sorry for my dry suit being messed up allover the bottom with white gel coat. I gave a shot with p...

Signs of the Season - Peonies! Frogma Tuesday, 11 June, at 17:01

I may enjoy watching the seasons change at my local greenmarket almost as much as I do out on Jamaica Bay. I got my first strawberries of the year on Sunday (one of the stalls had them before that, I think on Memorial Day weekend, but the first ones of the year sold out way before I made it to the market), and although I'm not a frequent purchaser of flowers, the stand where I got the berries and some apples had the most glorious peonies. I just had to bring some home.

Can't WAIT for the first corn on the cob, peaches, and tomatoes of the season!

I'm looking forward to produce from my own little garden at Sebago, too. It's been a really good Spring with plenty of rain and everything's just shooting up. I actuall...

Nomad – Stefan Wetterstad Björn Thomasson Design Tuesday, 11 June, at 10:41

Nomad – Stefan Wetterstad

"Ännu en Nomad  har sett dagens ljus. I morgon får vi se om hon flyter"

Nomad – Stefan Wetterstad

Nomad – Stefan Wetterstad

Nomad – Stefan Wetterstad

"Hon flöt!"

Nomad – Stefan Wetterstad

Frej – Jan Sörfeldt Björn Thomasson Design Tuesday, 11 June, at 09:54

Frej – Jan Sörfeldt

Jan Sörfeldts Frej har fått sällskap av en ny lite kortare Freja – två snyggt byggda kajaker strax norr om Göteborg.

"Hej Björn!

Nu har hustruns Freja sjösatts på riktigt. Här kommer några bilder. Nationaldagens förmiddag firades med en tur i havet. Det blåste en del och gick lite sjö en bit ut men som synes på en av bilderna, en mycket nöjd paddlare.

Freja är kortad till 4,70m och har en stor sittbrunn, det verkar bra. Idag paddlade vi olastade och det fungerade det med i vinden. Den kommer ligga ännu bättre med några kilos last. Med skäddan nere gick den rakt och påverkades inte särskilt av vinden, med skäddan uppe lovade den upp på nolltid. Freja känns trygg oavsett varifrån vind och vågor kommer!

Havstemperaturen var oväntat angenäm så det blev ett premiärdopp också.

Hela bygget finns att läsa om på

Sista bilden visar både hustruns och min Frej.

Mvh Jan Sörfeldt"


Ecomat 2000 Classic tyst elelement Tuesday, 11 June, at 08:31

Vår lilla husbil/stugbil Winzent har en gasolvärmare utan elpatron. Står man vid elstolpe kan det kännas surt att slösa på gasen både för att den kostar lite mer men framförallt för att det är tråkigt att byta (och ibland leta) gasflaskor. Vi hade ett enkelt elelement hemma, sån där liten värmefläkt som det finns massa ... Läs mer...

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Mon 10/06-2019 Day 381 Freya Hoffmeister Tuesday, 11 June, at 08:12

Pos: 58.6970,-157.7961
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 52,1 km
Start: 09:10 End: 18:40

We’re off!!! Another section of my North American circumnavigation began today.

Our Odyssey started by driving at 4 am with Fylkir’s car to Sonderburg where Fylkir’s daughter Anna Jona will take care of his car during the next three months. We jumped in the train to Copenhagen airport, there on our plane to anchorage via Iceland. It felt very strange to Fylkir to land in his homeland and to stay those few hours on the airport without meeting any of his people!
All flight fine with a bit of delay, and all luggage arrived in Anchorage ok where Jutta picked us up and gave us a home for two nights in her apartment. Thanks so much for that! It is so much nicer when a (kind of) familiar face is expecting us at the airport!. We “met” Jutta just online looking for contacts.
We went food shopping, the usual heap loaded shopping cart, and already started in front of the supermarket to unbox most of the products while waiting for Jutta to pick us up.
We met my sister Charlotte, who is an US-citizen, for dinner, and found a willing helper in her to purchase a shotgun. US-regulations are a foreign person is not allowed to buy a gun from a shop, but to buy or borrow it from a private US-person if the foreigner has purchased a hunting license. Fylkir has...

Sun Protection Woman on Water Tuesday, 11 June, at 01:50

Summer is here!!!  The UV seems to be stronger each year.  Many days on the water, I feel fried.  Most chemical sunscreens are not good for your body or the environment.  Mineral sunscreens like zinc work for some but not for others. 

I have found the best sun protection is to be covered up.  Here is my favorite combo at the moment -

For whitewater - river or ocean, I like the Shred Ready Zeta Helmet.  The small is a great fit for my small head and the brim gives lots of sun protection.  For flat water days, I wear a floppy sun hat.  If it is windy, then a ball cap.  Lately I have been digging the fit and sun protection from my new Immersion Research Women's Trucker Hat.  Usually trucker ha...

Monday, 10 June

Bridging the gap from river to sea Mountain and Sea Scotland Monday, 10 June, at 22:17

Shortly after leaving Acharacle we approached the first of two bridges on the River Shiel.  This is the "new" bridge, built in 1935 and formed of a fine triple arch.  This is one of two "Shiel Bridges" and not to be confused with the "Shiel Bridge" in Kintail.


Järnavik skärgård Monday, 10 June, at 17:30

Mellan Karlshamn och Ronneby i Blekinge ligger Järnaviks skärgård. En fin liten skyddad skärgård med pärlor som Tjärö, Järnavik, Eriksberg, Allböle, Svalemåla med mera. Den inre skärgården är bebyggd men lite längre ut är det relativt naturligt och vildmarkigt. Inte massvis med bra bra tältöar men några finns. Tjärö är såklart tältbar på flera ställen, ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Järnavik skärgård dök först upp på

Completed Canoe Restoration Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Monday, 10 June, at 15:09

Been working on the Chestnut Restoration over the last several weeks. Unstable weather hasn't really helped with working in the back yard but the canoe finally has a new skin and is water worthy.

Canvas stretched and preservative about to be brushed on

After the untreated canvas was stretched on the hull, the cloth was lathered with a chemical preservative to prevent rot. The stuff is very stinky and the boat needed about a week for the smell to dissipate.

Next up the dried, treated canvas was filled with a waterproofing agent. Last summer I learned of a relatively new compound used by canoe restorers, a water-based sludge known as pipe lagging compound. It is normally utilised to treat the canvas insulation for industrial pipe and duct wor...

This Relentless March of Time The Ikkatsu Project Monday, 10 June, at 13:29

I leave for Alaska on July 5th. Four kayaks and a pile of gear, headed for another summer at Cape Decision. More beach surveys and cleanups are on the docket, along with an assessment of the debris deposition rate at the Lan...

June 9th - Cadboro Bay (#28) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Monday, 10 June, at 03:37

I ran day two of a Paddle Canada level 1 course today and we did a nice paddle around Cadboro Bay developing and practicing skills. We stopped for lunch at Cattle Point where a woman was feeding the gulls!

Click to enlarge
7 km, YTD 225 km

Sunday, 09 June

June 8 - Caddy Bay (#27) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Sunday, 09 June, at 16:02

I taught the first day of a Paddle Canada level 1 class for four participants in Cady Bay. The class went well and there was enough wind to make it interesting.
The GPS battery died part way through so the total distance is an estimate!

click to enlarge
4 km (est) YTD218 km

Vaikobi V3 Sunday, 09 June, at 13:11

Tips på lättvikts flytväst utan en massa fickor mm !! Fastnade för Vaikobi V3 som är befriande smidig och välsittande utan några konstigheter. Känns som en ny favorit pryl.

Decahlon Itiwit X500 Sunday, 09 June, at 10:23

Min syster Monica provar min nya kajak, var ordentligt v formad botten så är faktiskt inte så stabil som man kan tro när man ser den. Kändes väldigt lättdriven. Lite gullig kajak eller vad tycker ni?

Friday, 07 June

Bespoke course: a reciprocal learning! Tatiyak Friday, 07 June, at 23:26

I giorni centrali della settimana che sta per concludersi sono stati per me molto formativi.
Ho dedicato martedì, mercoledì e giovedì ad un corso personalizzato con un allievo speciale: Salvatore è arrivato in treno da Catanzaro con tantissime domande ed una gran voglia di scoprire cose nuove. La prima richiesta è stata di recuperare il rolling appreso troppi anni addietro e mai più praticato. La seconda curiosità era quella di provare diversi kayak a chiglia piatta e a V per affrontare con cognizione di causa il prossimo acquisto. La terza domanda verteva sul perfezionamento di alcuni fondamentali da praticare prima in acque tranquille e poi in mare aperto...

Le tre giornate sono così state molto varie, sia dal punto di vista didattico che meteorologico: il cielo si è velato di nuvole che hanno lasciato cadere qualche goccia d'acqua ma poi il sole si è deciso a splendere alto nel cielo terso. La temperatura dell'acqua e dell'aria è ormai intorno ai 20°C e sembra proprio che l'estate sia finalmente arrivata in questa nostra Italia centrale. Il clima mite ci ha permesso di avvistare ed osservare alcune specie molto interessanti, dai granchi sulla battigia di sabbia alle garzette guardinghe tra i canneti ad alcuni grandi esemplari di lepri di mare (Aplysia depilans) che non si stancavano di volare a pelo d'acqua nel Lago di Paola.


All-Club Invitational at the Sebago Canoe Club Frogma Friday, 07 June, at 20:39

Just realized that the SD card with photos from last weekend is still here in my work computer, so here are some photos from Saturday's All-Club Invitational at Sebago. Another fine day at the club, with 3 different lengths of trips to go on (planned so well that all 3 groups were converging on the Paerdegat at the same time as we returned, which was fun), racing, and then FOOD SO MUCH FOOD by Steve the Paddling Chef.

I was pretty happy, I've kind of been using the Joe Glickman Cup racing series as one of my opportunities to see how I'm coming along in getting back to where I was before my breast cancer episode and this year I really feel like I'm getting somewhere! Dealing with that took from Fall 2015 (I found it in late August but heavy-duty medical stuff didn't really start going down until the fall) through Spring 2016. Took the wind out of my sails and getting myself...

Thursday, 06 June

Mässan i Gröndal 2019 Thursday, 06 June, at 23:16

Lättnad att det gick så bra även i år!! Trevligt och avslappnat och massor av trevliga möten. Här är en video som visar några ögonblick.

TSS 2019, Final Tally The Ikkatsu Project Thursday, 06 June, at 21:01

The final tally for the 2019 Tacoma Shoreline Survey has been posted. A total of 138 volunteers this year, and 1,057 pounds of debris.

It’s not...

Keel Strip Progress Frogma Thursday, 06 June, at 17:11

click on any photo for better view

Hi! Not much blogging lately because my home computer is doing some bothersome things, including one blue-screen-of-death episode, which I haven't seen since my last computer died. The current one is about 9 years old so I'm thinking it might be time to spring for a new one, but June is a bit on the busy side, so I'm just trying to stay off of the old one until I can do that.

But speaking of old gear, I'm so pleased with how my repair on my 20 year old kayak is going that I brought an SD card with pictures to work so I could share!

I know a person is entitled to a new kayak every now and then...

Frej – Lars Berre Björn Thomasson Design Thursday, 06 June, at 15:41

Frej – Lars Berre

"Hei Bjørn

Har sjøsatt min Frej, døpt Kaja av kona, i helgen. Her kommer noen bilder og noen ord fra byggingen/jomfruturen.

Det startet som et mål om å bygge en enkel og praktisk versjon av Frej med dagsluke. Byggingen var så gøy og idéene dukket opp etter hvert og det ble noe vekt på utseende også. Fikk tak i en diger mahogni plank fra et nedlagt båtbyggeri i Kragerø som det ble laget litt utsmykninger av. Til tross for tung utsmykning (mahogni), ekstra tykk glassfiber (210g) og ekstra forsterkninger, så stoppet badevekten på 20,2 kg fult utstyrt.

Byggingen gikk relativt problemfritt med unntak av litt "fish eay" i både epoxy og lakk, uten at jeg helt forstår rotårsaken, men det ble bra til slutt.

Har fått padlet litt i helgen i både vindstille og frisk bris. Jeg får prøve å la være å skryte for mye, men nøye meg med å si at Kaja langt overgår min gamle Riot Brittany på vekt, fart og manøvrerbarhet.

Takk Bjørn for et fantastisk kajakkdesign

Med vennlig hilsen
Lars Berre"

Frej – Lars Berre


Maj 2019 Thursday, 06 June, at 15:04

Ojoj, snart vänder det och blir mörkare 🙂 Maj 2019 gick inte heller till historien som en av våra mest paddlade månader! Vi lyckades i alla fall få in en utenatt borta i Blekinge och det var såklart supergött och verkligen på tiden. I övrigt fick vi till en go kvällspaddling på Rönneå, en runda ... Läs mer...

Inlägget Maj 2019 dök först upp på

Wednesday, 05 June

Next Step Nature Wednesday, 05 June, at 17:05

I dagarna publicerades en ny sida där vi tillsammans med Jens, guiden och ägaren av, jobbat fram layout och innehåll. En kort introduktion till WordPress gjordes oxå så Jens kan sköta det mesta själv.

Inlägget Next Step Nature dök först upp på

May 20-25 - Haid Gwaii (#s 22-26) Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal Wednesday, 05 June, at 06:56

I managed to get out for 5 short paddles while leading two trips aboard maple Leaf adventures' Cascadia. The Aquaglide Chelan inflatable doubles worked remarkably well! They are maneuverable yet track reasonably well and are very stable.

click to enlarge - overview of 5 locations

May 20th De La Beche Inlet (#22)


Tuesday, 04 June

Late afternoon tour in Venice Kayaking in Venice – Venice Kayak Tuesday, 04 June, at 21:01

The late afternoon tour in Venice is for those with less time in Venice, taking at most four hours start to end. The tour starts at 3.30pm and you'll be back at 7pm.

The post Late afternoon tour in Venice appeared first on Venice Kayak.

Curso de esquimotaje en Cádiz. Junio 2019 josebelloseakayaking Tuesday, 04 June, at 15:25

¿Aun no sabes rescatar a compañeros tras un vuelco en el mar? ¿Aun no sabes reembarcar de manera autónoma? ¿Esquimoteas?

Te esperamos. Grupo reducido.

Monday, 03 June

39:14 The Ikkatsu Project Monday, 03 June, at 22:03

It took me 39 hours and 14 minutes to paddle from Tacoma to Port Townsend. That knocked more than an hour off the total that I put up the last time I did the route but I was still a lot closer to the back...

I Don't Care Why - Woman on Water Monday, 03 June, at 14:00

“I don’t care why they invited me. So many times in my life people said no to me because I was a girl.”  Manon Rheaume

Manon Rheaume was the first (and only woman to date) to play in an NHL game.  Check out this video interview with Manon Rheaume.

Being a woman in sport is a double edged sword.  Sometimes, you are discriminated against for being a woman.  Other times, you are include because you are a woman (these "token chic" experiences often lead to further discrimination).


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