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  • Thu 234/11-2022 Day 760

    Thu 234/11-2022 Day 760

    Pos: 09.4249,-84.1691 Loc: Quepos Acc: hotel room rest day I read, communicate online, and wait for the ‘night’ to be over – all in a deadly overtired mental and physical state. At first light, some cars selling coffee out of the trunk park upfront my site, and more cars and trucks noisily stop as clients. […]

  • Wed 23/11-2022 Day 759

    Wed 23/11-2022 Day 759

    Pos: 09.4249,-84.1691 Loc: Quepos Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 71,3 km Start: 5:55 End: 20:40 It is time to leave this place. The skies are open, and the forecast says little rain today. Still, the breakers crashed all night noisily at high tide on my beach, but I am confident that the low morning tide […]

  • November 24th – Cadboro Bay (#33)

    November 24th – Cadboro Bay (#33)

    I went for an afternoon paddle around the bay since I wanted to get a last paddle in before I head south again. Conditions were excellent. The tide was high, the sun was shining, currents minimal and little wind. A good number of birds seen I chatted with a recreational crabber who indicated that the crabbing […]

  • Frosttur på åsen

    Frosttur på åsen

      Det er kaldt for tiden. Ikke mye vind, men kaldt. Så jeg padler ikke ofte, men sist helg tok jeg meg heller en tur på åsen med 9 kgs sekk på ryggen, og kamera med.  Det var mye rim overalt, nesten sånn at ting ble loddent. Det var ganske fint lys, jeg gikk sånn […]

  • Wednesday, 23.11.2022

    Wednesday, 23.11.2022

    I survived. In Quepos. 71.3 km. 3 hrs in darkness and high seas by myself. Camping in the Marina for now.

  • Tuesday, 22.11.2022

    Tuesday, 22.11.2022

    The night is an endless noisy, bright thunderstorm. It flashes every five seconds, for hours. The matching thunder comes in noisy waves, and when the whole spectacle it is right above my tent, I am wondering if I am sitting in a ‘Faradaische Cage ‘ – likely not. I did not sleep much, but survived […]

  • Första snön

    Första snön

    Äntligen lite vinter. Nästan alltid för länge sen 🙂 I söndags hade vi inte en snöflinga hemomkring medan det hade snöat rejält längre söderut och framförallt i sydost. Tillochmed så pass att de kunde öppna en lift i krokarna av Brösarp, Nåja. Igår vaknade vi till en vit morgon, hade kommit cirka tio centimeter. … Läs mer… Inlägget Första snön dök först upp på

  • Sun 20/11-2022 Day 756

    Sun 20/11-2022 Day 756

    Pos: 09.6429,-84.6545 Loc: Bahia Herradura Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 44,7 km Start: 6:10 End: 16:10 Once more, an endless amount of glow worms tease my eyes when I look outside in darkness. One is even sitting on my rolled-down tent door, and I identify it as a small flying insect, I know they are […]

  • Monday, 21.11.2022

    Monday, 21.11.2022

    Spent a halfway-relaxing day off on the beach. A fresh breeze kept sweat and bugs at bay. But camping in the tropics is tough. I am yearning for a proper cool shower and dry skin. With the help of Stephan, my host from Playa de Coco, I made contact with Adrian, a friendly English-speaking coast […]

  • Trapper Canoe Project – canvassing and completion

    Trapper Canoe Project – canvassing and completion

    With all the major woodwork on the 14′ Trapper canoe completed by the summer of 2022, the time had come in the early fall to begin the canvassing process. The hull had been faired, the interior treated with 4 coats of spar varnish and the exterior of the hull oiled.  Learning from the canvassing experience […]

  • The Why We Do the Things We Do

    The Why We Do the Things We Do

    One of the main drivers of early Ikkatsu Project programs was the idea that awareness needed to be raised about the issue of marine debris and plastic in the ocean. It’s sort of hard to imagine now, with all the attention that these problems have received in the past decade, but in 2012, there really …

  • Terre-neuve, Port au Choix : terre de caribous

    Les bonnes raisons d’une visite sur ce site unique ne manquent pas, que ce soit pour le kayakiste ou le naturaliste, mais pas seulement ! Introduction Après nos explorations au nord-est de Terre-Neuve, nous partons à la découverte de la Grande péninsule nord qui borde le détroit de Belle Isle, porte d’entrée du Golfe du […]

  • Sunday, 20.11.2022

    Sunday, 20.11.2022

    Crossed the Golfo de Nicoya. All good. Writing more tomorrow

  • Sat 19/11-2022 Day 755

    Sat 19/11-2022 Day 755

    Pos: 09.7095,-84.9986 Loc: Bahia Ballena Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 44,4 km Start: 6:150 End: 15:20 TRIPLE-TRIPLE BINGO today! It is the third day in a row my GPS shows forty-four point four kilometers in the evening. How likely is that? I have to round Cabo Blanco, a major corner today to head north into […]

  • Fri 18/11-2022 Day 754

    Pos: 09.6962,-85.2091 Loc: Playa Manzanillo Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 44,4 km Start: 6:35 End: 16:00 The night on my island is so far the coolest one, no sweat is running, and I have to cover myself with my thin blanket. It is a relief. In the morning, I realize I had a neighbor. A […]

  • 51 RAI PUIG

    51 RAI PUIG

    Rai Puig es un viajero en kayak. Pero para llegar a ser un viajero en kayak hay que ser muchas cosas antes y hacer un recorrido que te lleve a esos viajes. Después de haber trabajado de guía de kayak de mar en sitios tan dispares como Patagonia,  Groenlandia o el Mar de Cortés (Baja California) ha emprendido viajes a Papua o Alaska en solitario. ¿Qué hay más difícil que hacer esos viajes? ¿Hacerlos a ciegas? Rai ha dado la vuelta a Menorca acompañado de un invidente. ¿Subimos el nivel de dificultad? Acaba de ser padre. Otra aventura. La más

  • November 19 – Discovery Island (#32)

    November 19 – Discovery Island (#32)

    Dan and I went for a Saturday morning paddle around the Islands. Though the wind was forecast to be only 10 knots, it seemed a bit more and especially crossing Baynes the sea was lumpy! Probably as “active” as I have seen it in a while! Birding was good with lots of oystercatchers. We had […]

  • Historic Paddle Photo: Standing paddler at Dore Lake

    Historic Paddle Photo: Standing paddler at Dore Lake

    Rainy Lake – canoe at Dore Lake. ID Number: 05416 Date: ca. 1934-1935 Location: Rainy Lake, Ontario, Canada Collection: CN Images of Canada Collection Source Link

  • Thu 17/11-2022 Day 753

    Thu 17/11-2022 Day 753

    Pos: 09.8634,-85.5129 Loc: Isla Piedra Blanca Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 44,4 km Start: 6:30 End: 16:35 An easy launch, an easy paddle with low to moderate wind and seas. I have agreed with Debbie Hathaway, an US lady visiting her son in Nosara, to meet up in Garza for a paddle on the second […]

  • Friday, 18.11.2022

    Friday, 18.11.2022

    Another 44 km down the coast. Writing tomorrow

  • An Essay on the Death of the Twitter Promise (Off Topic-ish)

    An Essay on the Death of the Twitter Promise (Off Topic-ish)

    I joined Twitter in November of 2008 because I was planning a trip and needed to secure sponsors and funding. At the time, that’s one of the steps that you’d take. The whole influencer thing wasn’t what it is now. I helped create a thriving sea kayaking and canoeing community on Twitter with the help … An Essay on the Death of the Twitter Promise (Off Topic-ish) Read More » The post An Essay on the Death of the Twitter Promise (Off Topic-ish) appeared first on You can leave a comment by clicking here: An Essay on the Death of the Twitter Promise (Off Topic-ish). We’re changing email providers. Unless you update you won’t receive these emails anymore. You can continue to get these posts by email by subscribing here:

  • Inspired by books: The Northern Lights

    Inspired by books: The Northern Lights

     I began to read books about kayaking adventure, and on kayaking technique, in my teenage years. Nowadays, many of the books, both old and new, on my shelves are about travel exploration, and often relate in some way to kayaking, sailing, mountaineering, or the arctic. Inevitably one adventure leads to another, just as one explorer […]

  • Cage Diving with Sharks in Hawaii

    Cage Diving with Sharks in Hawaii

     While on vacation in Hawaii, we got to tick a huge one off our bucket list, which is cage diving with sharks. It was amazing! We did this through North Shore Shark Adventures | Shark Diving Tours – Honolulu, Oahu ( in Haleiwa. We highly recommend it!

  • Wed 16/11-2022 Day 752

    Wed 16/11-2022 Day 752

    Pos: 10.0649,-85.7652 Loc: Playa Pitahaya Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent Dist: 46,2 km Start: 6:20 End: 15:55 The surf break kept me sleeping on and off only, and also the too long rest. It is once more lie a sauna inside my tent, but a hammock or all-night open bug nets is also no alternative for […]