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April 28, 2016

Mountain and Sea Scotland
Hillwalking and Sea Kayaking in Scotland

The wild and lonely coast of north west Jura

 We slept well in Glengarrisdale bothy, rising early to a sparkling Spring morning. After breakfast we cleaned out the bothy and laid the firewood ready for the next occupants before saying our goodbyes to Tom and Frances.  Our Iindispensable Kayak Expedition Accessory bags were carried down to the boats - lighter by some food, firewood and a couple of containers of sports recovery drinks each.

 We set out onto a flat calm sea under a cloudless sky of intense blue - the colours of the land fairly zinging in the clear air.

 The northwest of Jura is a wild and lonely coast. Whether on foot or on the water one needs to be self-reliant as well as self-propelled as no paths penetrate the area for a full 25 kilometres of coastline, moor and hill.  Often beset by heavy swell and bad weather, we felt privileged to be able to experience this special place in such benign conditions.

A short distance out from Glengarrisdale we passed the first of several mimetoliths encountered on this side of the island - promptly christened "Iguana Rock" !

 Fifteen kilometres distant, the island of Colonsay lay low on the western horizon.  Our plans had included the possibility of crossing to Colonsay to explore a little of its east coast.  At the fireside planning session the previous evening we'd voted unanimously that both Jura and Colonsay deserved longer exploration than the weather window of around four days we had available - and therefore that we'd stay on the Jura coast and save Colonsay for a future venture rather than paddling out to "tick" the crossing - it was an easy decision to make.

 Headland after headland of wild coastline lay ahead of us awaiting exploration.  The underlying rock of Jura is mainly metamorphic quartzite; in fact it's the largest area of this rock north of the Highland Boundary Fault and shows up on the coast in beaches of bone white pebbles.  A characteristic of quartzite is that it produces poor, peaty soils and rough terrain pretty unsuitable for agriculture.  Only on the east side of the island is the quartzite varied by a narrow strip of schist which breaks down to much more fertile and abundant soil and that's where almost all the population (and the distillery) are.  The prevalence of metamorphic quartzite is part of the reason why there are some 6000 Red Deer and only 200 people on Jura, the eighth largest of the Scottish islands but one of the most sparsely populated.

 Along with there are numerous wild goats and we saw small groups right along the shore and above on seemingly inaccessible cliffs - animals completely at home in their environment.

We paddled at a very relaxed pace, taking time to absorb the view and the situation.  The first of a series of raised beaches came into view, the level of the shore at the end of the last Ice Age.  Since then the land has been rebounding from the release of the ice sheet in a process known as isostatic rebound, we could trace the former high water mark along lengthy sections of the coast.  What a place this was to sea kayak!

by Ian Johnston ( at April 28, 2016 09:02 pm

Sea kayaking with
Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries and broadens your horizons. Sea kayaking is the new mountaineering.

Sanctuary at Maclean's Skull Bay for the potato men of Glengarrisdale

The tidal flow along the NW coast of Jura always runs SW to NE so we were quite tired by the time we approached Glengarrisdale Bay. We really were in need of a break. There had been nowhere to land as the swell was breaking heavily on the rocks and sending spray high above our heads. to get some idea of the scale, you can just make out Iasn paddling to the right of the red roofed cottage.  I

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 28, 2016 05:48 pm

Pouls kajakblog
Jeg hedder Poul, og jeg er kajakoholiker! Denne blog - der mest er min egen dagbog over mit "kajakliv" - handler om mine kajakture og det udstyr jeg benytter mig af.

Tirsdag i ægte aprilvejr

Dette års april har budt på meget forskelligt vejr, og denne tirsdag var da heller ingen undtagelse. Dagen startede med et forfærdeligt møgvejr, men da vi roede afsted på tirsdagtur skinnede solen.
Vi var ikke de eneste på vandet, og denne svane skulede noget til mig da jeg ved kanalens udmunding i fjorden var nødt til at ro tæt på den.
Der var lidt rådslagning om hvilken vej vi skulle ro rundt om Gavnø, da vinden lidt uvant var i syd. Vi valgte at tage det første stykke i modvind, og så håbe på medvind senere på turen.
Jeg testede armene og satte et højt tempo de små to km over til "hjørnet" af Gavnø - og satte hele feltet. Kun Susanne holdt nogenlunde trit.
Forbi Gavnø holdt jeg mig lidt i baggrunden og nød at der ikke var så meget vind. På Fladstrand fik vi lidt sidevind, men efter Karlsgab var vinden lige i ryggen. Lækkert.
På den sidste del af turen fik vi igen lidt modvind, men alle kom fint i mål med 15,51 km på loggen

by Pouls kajakblog ( at April 28, 2016 11:01 am

Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff)
Functional paddle art and other canoe related ramblings

19th-20th Century Arctic Wooden Kayak Paddle

This blog is mainly devoted to single blade canoe paddles, but occasionally a double-bladed paddle peaks my interest. The Cobbs Auctioneers are having a Fine Art, Antiques & Sporting auction on April 30th, 2016 (commencing 10:00 AM EDT). Included in the catalog is a late 19th/early 20th C Inuit Kayak paddle with interesting blade designs and decorative carvings on the centre of the loom.

 Description: Inuit Carved Wood Kayak Paddle, double bladed with a central carved block to identify the owner, 76" long , identified with the Attu Islands area due the unusual shape of the paddle blades, good old finish, 19th/20thC 

The closeup of the central part showcases the subtle carving. The round grip shafts transition into a square central part marked with 4 cross marks. The provided description claims this is a mark to identify the owner.

The shaft tapers right before meeting the blade. The blade itself features a subtle indent about half way down the sides with angular tips. This design might make for an interesting single blade pattern which in theory would have a stiffer upper portion and a more flexible feel near the tip.

Not sure about the ethnographic identification about this being an Inuit paddle though. The description mentions that paddle shape is traced to the Attu Islands area which is traditionally Aleut territory, a similar but distinctive sub-Arctic culture from Canadian / Greenland Inuit peoples.

by Murat ( at April 28, 2016 10:10 am

April 27, 2016

Mountain and Sea Scotland
Hillwalking and Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Shared warmth at Glengarrisdale Bay

Once clear of the Corryvreckan we set off to paddle southwards along the northwest coast of Jura.  The tide on this section of coast doesn't conform to the usual reversing flow, it runs constantly NE'ly so we knew we'd make fairly slow progress.

The northern part of the island is rugged and folded, indented with rocky bays, landing places are mainly marginal and prone to swell.  Our destination for the evening was Glengarrisdale Bay, one of the few sandy bays offering easier landing - with the added advantage of a well maintained MBA bothy for our overnight accommodation.

As we pulled our boats up onto the strand at the end of a 24km paddling day we could see that the bothy door was open and that a tent was pitched outside.  Tents outside a bothy often indicate that the place is busy so we thought we may need to camp after all - not a problem as there's plenty of flat ground for tents.

When we reached the bothy we found that in fact the only folk staying were Tom and Frances who'd pitched their tent outside for sleeping but were using the bothy on a rest day from a backpacking adventure up the west coast of Jura (having previously walked the east coast).  This is a quite remarkable route - there are no paths at all along Jura's west coast and the going is very rough, to say nothing of having to detour around a sea loch which almost bisects the island.  Tom and Frances' adventure put our short 4 day trip in real perspective!  They'd so far been out for over a week and had a couple more days to go - some food left by previous occupants had enabled them to take a rest day and maintain sufficient supplies for the rest of their route.

While Tom and Frances went for a walk up one of the hills at the back of the bothy to watch the sunset and to collect additional firewood, we cooked and ate our evening meal outdoors before turning our attention to things combustible.

We had each brought a Wilcox Ignition Aid (TM) and a quantity of dry firewood inside our boats.  At the bothy were a collection of larger logs and branches, perhaps left by the estate or salvaged as driftwood.  Attempts had been made to saw some of these up, perhaps when they were wet.  Tom and Frances had borrowed our folding "bothy saw" to cut up driftwood on the shore, so we got to work with a bow-saw from the bothy.  When we had reasonable chunks we were able to use a felling axe and a rock "sledgehammer" to produce a satisfying pile of wood for the evening and for the next occupants too; the work involved meant that we'd be twice warmed by the firewood!

Before long we had the fire away and "the lum reeking", a great sight at any bothy.  Our post-dinner dram was, naturally, a Jura whisky - "Superstition"

When Tom and Frances returned they brought driftwood and some peat to leave for the next bothy-dwellers.  We all sat in the main room and enjoyed the warmth of the fire, chatting about how good it was to be here; and reflecting that we were almost certainly the only five people on the whole 40km west coast of Jura. 

We allowed the fire to burn down a little in order to bake sweet potatoes wrapped in foil in the embers.  We found an extra potato for our friends - who had actually been dreaming of baked spuds the previous evening!  Chatting with Tom and Frances gave the additional warmth of our shared love of these special places - and made for a really pleasant evening in front of the fire.

Douglas, Mike and I decided to sleep upstairs in the bothy; the attic space is boarded out and makes for a spacious sleeping area which by the time we retired been warmed by the heat of the chimney breast.

by Ian Johnston ( at April 27, 2016 09:19 pm

Björn Thomasson Design

Frej – Frode Jenssen

Frej – Frode Jenssen

Fantastiskt vackra bilder av en mycket välbyggd Frej från Lofoten/Vesterålen i Norge!


Fikk tegninger til Frej i slutten av oktober og begynner å nærme meg ferdig. Med andre ord har jeg brukt 180 dager og ikke 150 timer.

Min Frej er 4,29 m (14,1 ft) og er bygget i furu. På dekk og innvendig er det brukt 130 grams duk. På skroget, utvendig, er det brukt 200 grams duk. Vekta er i skrivende stund på 16,1 kg inkludert luker, men eksklusiv fremre skott, sete, dekksutrustning og lakk. Antar totalvekt blir 17,5 – 18 kg.

Har fått prøvd kajakken et par ganger på sjøen. En gang i bølger og vind og en gang på flatt hav, men med en del vind. Kajakken er meget lettmanøvrert og snur på en femøring og det er til dels vanskelig å holde rett kurs. Spesielt vanskelig med vind fra siden eller bakfra.

Jeg antar at manglende retningsstabilitet er på grunn av at jeg ikke har skeg på min Frej. Er du enig i denne antagelsen?

Lengden er som sagt 429 cm. Bakkant sittebrønn er 175 cm og bakkant sete er 184 cm målt fra akterstav.

Vedlagt et par bilder.

Med vennlig hilsen
Frode Jenssen
Harstad, Norge"

Frej – Frode Jenssen

by Björn Thomasson at April 27, 2016 06:20 pm

Essex Explorations
Our membership is small…but that’s by design. Each of our explorers is a recognized leader in their respective field and brings a unique set of skills to the group. Whether a certified instructor, commercial guide, or in the case of our latest member, a professional photographer, each is passionate about explorations, pushing their boundaries, and then sharing that experience with others.

Sunset on Prince of Wales Island

Not sure if I’ll keep doing things this way, but for the time being, I’ll follow the usual format with this photo from Prince of Wales Island of posting a weekly wallpaper on Wednesdays with a short ‘where, what and how’. Then either later that day or shortly afterwards I’ll place a copy of the photograph on the galleries page.

You can right click on the photograph and download the file for your desktop and feel free to distribute among your friends, all I ask is you leave the watermark on the photograph.

If you have a better idea or suggestion I’m all ears! Just leave a comment below.

Prince of Wales Island


Behind the Photo

This photo was taken about day 5 of a 10 day trip paddling west on Sumner Channel just west of Wrangell, Alaska with my good friend and partner Jason Goldstein. It’s ironic that despite having such great weather for the majority of the trip (we actually came back with suntans) we were forced to retreat from our ultimate goal due to a frontal system moving in. Our last night in Wrangell found us sheltering from a down pour under the eave of the ferry terminal waiting for the southbound ferry that was delayed due to a negative tide.

Prince of Wales Island

I was surprised to learn that this island which is located in the Alexander Archipelago in SE Alaska is the fourth largest in the US. We paddled down the north edge of the island which is 135 miles long and 45 miles wide. On the way north we did notice there is a ferry that services the island and it’s 6,000 residents. While on the NE corner of the island we did find a road paralleling the beach so there’s some infrastructure on the island. Just from the small section we paddled and camped on, I’d love to go back to hit the west side.


I’ve used Pentax cameras for many years. It gets over shadowed by the big 3 manufacturers but as a paddler there are a couple of items about this line that are worth mentioning. One is that excellent weather sealing. Not so much a rarity as it once was, but Pentax was the first to utilize this feature.

The other is a shooting mode. You can configure speed/aperture range which is great when you’re shooting from the cockpit of your boat on a choppy sea. Follow the link below to find out more about this line.

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Océanos de Libertad

Ophion Paddles part II

Yayo´s Kayak Team.

This time I don´t have enough time, so I will tell you that Ophion Paddles are a High Quality product. So the best thing you can do is look for one of these paddles and give it a try. The Spanish dealer is Nordeskayak...Give him a call!!

Carbon prepreg paddles, handcrafted and made for an by kayakers.

Esta vez no tengo tiempo , así que te diré que las Ophion son unas palas de alta calidad. Así que lo mejor que puedes hacer es buscar una y darle una oportunidad. El distribuidor español es Nordeskayak... llámale!!

Palas de carbono preimpregnado, hechas a mano por piragUistas para piraguistas. 

Trasgu and Shuriken ergo.

Trasgu Brothers.
Leptach hitting me.
Eating after the river...

The most beatifull man over the word...Adonis Jose Carlos "El Apolineo"
Isma waiting just in case...any problem.
Ivan paddling

Isma Playing in Navaluenga.

Trasgu on the wave.

Super Sofi!!
Helen Master of Masters.
Luis " The Driver"
Jose I told you, "El Apolineo"
Isma and Katana All Star.
Ivan Capo of gangs.

by Jorge López ( at April 27, 2016 03:52 pm

Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal
A journal of my sea kayak trips.

April 27th - Discovery Island (#32)

Dan and I went for a nice early morning paddle. We left the beach at 8:15 and were back by 10:25. Conditions were sunny and calm and the currents were not unfavourable, so we made good progress. We ran into the "Wednesday group" on their way out as we were passing  Staines Islet on our return.
click to enlarge
15 km, YTD 341 km

by Mike J ( at April 27, 2016 12:27 pm

April 26, 2016

Paddling Otaku
Otaku is defined as ' a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests'

Thank You Patton Oswalt

On the last Alaska expedition we were generally off the water in the late afternoon. We would settle into camp, put up a tent and a cook tarp. Filter water, make beds, cook dinner. All the things that you do on an extended trip. Generally around 4 o'clock or so, we would have a whiskey. We thought of this as the "cocktail hour". On this trip I finally got to do something I had been planning for almost a decade. I had whiskey on the rocks, with the rocks being naturally purified, hundreds of years old (or maybe thousands....probably not thousands, but it sounds good) glacier ice. It was spectacular.

At cocktail time, we would also listen to something. We would listen to comedian Patton Oswalt. I am not sure how it started, but everyday we listened to him. We had most of his albums on my iPhone, and we would listen using the tiny built in speakers.

We joked that because he had done such a good job of keeping us sane while we laughed every afternoon, that we would dedicate the film to him, and since the film is currently standing still I will publicly thank him here.

But here is the thing, this week, unexpectedly, at the age of 46, Patton Oswalts wife passed away. While I know he will never see this, I just wanted to express my sadness, and condolences to Mr. Oswalt and his daughter. Losing a spouse, particularly at such a young age is nightmarish.

Thanks Patton.

by paddlingOTAKU ( at April 26, 2016 10:55 pm

Sea kayaking with
Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries and broadens your horizons. Sea kayaking is the new mountaineering.

A traverse of the Corryvreckan: "Beware of the flood in a sudden calm preceded by several days of strong west winds."

Slack water after the Corryvreckan flood was at 16:10 on 19/04/2017. To give ourselves time to get to the west end of the Corryvreckan where the incoming swell would meet the flood tide we set off from Port nam Furm at 15:24. As we rounded the headland at the north end of Jura we came across the Sea Leopard II tour boat from Craignish Cruises.  Her alert skipper immediately throttled back to

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 26, 2016 04:54 pm

Mountain and Sea Scotland
Hillwalking and Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Corryvreckan - "a depe horlepoole quhairin if schippis do enter thair is no refuge but death onlie".....

At 1525 we launched from Port nam Furm to make our transit of the Gulf of Corryvreckan, intending to take advantage of the slack water period as the flood tide subsided.

This narrow channel running between the islands of Scarba to the north and Jura to the south has a fearsome reputation - the quote in the title of this post is from a 16th century "rutter" or pilot book compiled by Alexander Lyndsay, the pilot on James Vth's voyage around his kingdom.  In the days of sailing ships the Admiralty Pilot warned against attempting the passage and even today in the age of powerful vessels and GPS, the current Admiralty West Coast of Scotland Pilot states that it is "very violent and dangerous" and that "no vessel should attempt the passage without local knowledge".

The Corryvreckan (speckled cauldron), third largest tidal whirlpool in the world, is only part of the problem.  Huge volumes of water pass through the channel on both flood and ebb tides, on the north-going flood the water pours up the Sound of Jura and is forced through narrow passages to the north and west, the Corryvreckan taking a significant part of the stream.  On the south-going ebb the process is reversed and water is forced through the channel from west to east.

The seabed in the channel approaches and the channel itself is very complex and accelerates the flow of water, producing tidal streams of up to 8 knots (16  kph).  A complicating factor is a pinnacle on the north side of the channel which rises from a 219m deep "hole" to within 29m of the surface, with a very steep face on its eastern side.  On the flood tide particularly, this topography combined with the speed of the flow causes a massive upthrust of water which surges past the pinnacle and sets up an enormous whirlpool with vortices spinning off downstream to the west.  If you then combine this dynamic water with a wind and swell from the western entrance to the channel, the resulting conditions can be truly elemental with standing waves of up to 9 metres and a roar which can be heard up to 20 kilometres away.

As we set out, we met the tour boat "Sea Leopard II" coming eastward from the channel.  As soon as he saw us, the captain throttled right back to minimise his wash - a courtesy we were grateful for; a wash in confused water can produce quite difficult waves.  The video embedded on Craignish Cruises website is an excellent explanation and film of the Corryvreckan - and if you don't fancy kayaking the strait then the Sea Leopard II would be by far the best way to experience the whirlpool and the wildlife of the area.  To get an idea of the power of the tidal stream at Spring tides, this video shows the RNLI lifeboat in the main flow.....

We were very cautious because from Port nam Furm it isn't possible to see what conditions are like in the Gulf itself.  We expected some swell from the west due to strong winds in the preceding days, so it would have been unseamanlike and foolish to have attempted the passage when the flood tide (3 days before Springs) was running strongly.

As we entered the channel and gained a clear view to seaward we were relieved to see quiet conditions and no breaking swell - it appeared that our prospects would be somewhat brighter than "death onlie" !  As if stage-managed, the sunny conditions were replaced with a grey cloud sheet as we entered...

In the narrowest part of the channel the water was swirling and forming gentle hydraulic cushions, but our timing had been good and we passed through easily on slack water.  One factor in our planning of time and tide for this passage was that if we encountered nasty conditions at the west side of the Corryvreckan we could wait a short time for the ebb to build and push us back through the channel to safer water in the Sound of Jura.

However, the timing needed to be calculated accurately - slack water lasts just minutes and the flow picks up very quickly.  By the time we reached the west entrance the east-going flow could already be felt and paddling became a bit more strenuous.

On the Jura side of the western entrance are a couple of small islands and skerries.  We passed inside Eilean Beag (little island) as the ebb began to really get started and had to PLF for a good 15 minutes to escape being drawn back through the Corryvreckan.  For a good five minutes we were paddling at maximum output but making good just over 1kph against the strengthening tide.  To see how strongly this section can run at full flow, the same bit of water is featured from the 9 minute mark in the HebrideanWild video.

After a strenuous pull we won safely clear of the Corryvreckan.......the wild west coast of Jura was now ours to explore.

by Ian Johnston ( at April 26, 2016 04:07 pm

Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff)
Functional paddle art and other canoe related ramblings

Frank Benson: Canoeman has a closed lot auction listing for a beautiful piece of familiar canoe art. This sketch of Frank W Benson's Canoeman...

Canoeman, 1919
signed "Frank W. Benson" lower left
etching, 7 7/8 by 6 in.
numbered "26" lower right Paff # 161, edition 26 of 150
Estimate: $3,000 - $4,000
Lot closed - Winning bid:$4,800

A lot of canoe related memorabilia seems to be fetching over the listing prices lately. Readers might recall, I used this as the basis for the decoration on my Camp Stool Project. Now I'll have a pricey story to tell everytime the stool gets used.

Burning the image

Decoration Complete

by Murat ( at April 26, 2016 10:21 am

Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal
A journal of my sea kayak trips.

April 25th - Cadboro Bay Towing clinic (#31)

I ran a small evening clinic on kayak towing in Cadboro bay for SISKA. We all had fun and learned that towing is easier in theory than in practice, but also that practice makes better!
click to enlarge
2km, YTD 326 km

by Mike J ( at April 26, 2016 08:10 am

April 25, 2016

Sea kayaking with
Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries and broadens your horizons. Sea kayaking is the new mountaineering.

Landfall on Jura

Ian, Mike and myself met at Carsaig Bay on the west coast of Argyll on the morning of Tuesday 19th April 2016. Our original intention had been to set off on the preceding weekend but we are not masochists and it was so windy that many of the ferries were not operating on the Monday. You can follow Ian's account starting here for the full sea kayaking stereovision experience.  We set off as

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 25, 2016 10:21 pm

Sitting it out in Port nam Furm while waiting for the tide in the Corryvreckan

As we made our way up the coast of NE Jura a southerly breeze began to pick up and... was strong enough to take an occasional rest to admire the local inhabitants. Goats and particularly deer greatly outnumber the human inhabitants. Indeed Jura is one of the least densely populated areas in Scotland.  We made great speed up to the prominent house at...  ...Barnhill. This

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 25, 2016 10:18 pm

Essex Explorations
Our membership is small…but that’s by design. Each of our explorers is a recognized leader in their respective field and brings a unique set of skills to the group. Whether a certified instructor, commercial guide, or in the case of our latest member, a professional photographer, each is passionate about explorations, pushing their boundaries, and then sharing that experience with others.

Bottled Water Sales on the Rise?

Despite multiple campaigns preaching the evils of plastics the sale of bottled water is on the rise. But before I go into the details let me explain why this is an issue near to my heart. Back in 2012 I was part of team that paddled down the coast of Washington in search of debris from the Japanese tsunami. My role was to film and edit a documentary of the trip (you can view the documentary here).

You really need to think of the plastic not as an eyesore but as a toxic invasive species.

We did in fact find significant pieces from Japan. We also found an incredible amount of plastic debris that was washed up on every beach we landed; no exception. Had there always been this much trash on the beaches or was I just more attune since, as part of our mission, we were doing beach surveys for NOAA? You really need to think of the plastic not as an eyesore but as a toxic invasive species.

Either way, once your eyes have been opened to the issue there’s no closing them again.

Bottled Water Sales

Again, perhaps it’s the lens I now look through, but it seems everywhere there are ongoing campaigns against the overuse of plastics in our day-to-day lives. Mind you, we can’t dismiss plastic out of hand as ‘evil’, it’s responsible for many of the technical wonders we enjoy. What we can’t afford to do is look at is as a disposable, use once product.


Consumption comparison for beverages annual over the last 15 years.

Rarely do I go online without seeing someone campaigning against the use of plastics, It’s become the poster child of many organizations, from the one-man shows up to universities. Speaking of universities, over 15 universities have banned the sale of bottled water. Many cities are following the example of Seattle and San Francisco in banning the purchase of bottled water with city funds. Twenty-two of our National Parks are also banning the sale of bottled water.

And yet, the sale of bottled water continues to increase every year. In fact, at the rate sales have been increasing bottled water is on the verge of becoming the leading beverage next year.

Taken as a whole, bottle water sales grew three times faster than all other liquid beverages. Last year alone we bought 1.7 billion half-liter bottles of water every week. And many of these bottles end up in our landfills, streams, oceans and beaches.


So what to do? Well, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s going to take smarter people than me to figure out the solution. It’s one of those ironies of the human condition, like smoking, that just baffle me. We know it’s bad, we know it’s life-and-death dangerous, but we still do it anyway.

But this just doesn’t’ affect those of us buying the bottled water, it affects the entire planet. It affects every eco-system it touches.  It affects people and nations that don’t have the luxury of bottle water. And truthfully, unless it’s your only source of safe water, such as after a natural disaster or the recent scares here in the US involving lead contaminated water, it’s purely a luxury and convenience. Even for those with no clean water sources there are better solutions than individual bottles.

I’m old enough to remember my father bringing home a new car and the first thing we did was shove the seat belts under cushions to make riding more comfortable. Now, after decades of PSA messages I can’t imagine getting into a car without buckling up.

Hopefully, that same course of action will prevail here. It has too, we only have one planet to live on.


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by Steve Weileman at April 25, 2016 03:43 pm

Océanos de Libertad

Test Ophion Paddles Alberche River.

Here I am testing the Shuriken Ergo.
Part of the group...
Miguel Angel  and the Katana Trick Star
Isma and the Katana All Star.
Helen biting Shuriken Ergo.
Ivan Leptach surfing a wave.

You can do a Chandelle with a RPM if you are an expert like Isma.
The most gorgeous man in the world.
Firts of all, we have to say thanks to Jaime Corral  manager of Nordeskayak for providing  us with these three fantastic paddles. They really are the best paddles I have ever test, the problem is that nowadays I can not afford a new paddle...I have too many...I´m going to miss them the day they do not stay with me...

The last Sunday was a special day for many reasons... Carolina, Miguel Angel, and JoseCarlos, came back to the river after several years or months far away from it.
 Second, this day I used for  the firts time my new "Super Ego"...ok I know that super ego is a kayak out of fashion...I had an "Ego" in my beginnings...and this kayak was  incredible when you wanted to surf waves in the river so I enjoyed like a Child with a new toy!

At this moment I don´t have enough time to edit a video with images from my gopro I will  show you a small part of the pictures from my camera...thanks to Luis ( Páapa )  Helen and Jose  for their shots!

 Groom and the Bride

Isma ´Katana
The higher the better
Javier "The Rookie"
David  "Master and Commander"
A bunch of Yayo´s

Jose Carlos The Gorgeous"

Lo primero queremos agradecer a Jaime Corral gerente de nordeskayak por dejarnos estas tres fantásticas palas.  Son realmente las mejores que nunca he probado, el problema es que ahora no me puedo permitir una nueva pala...tengo demasiadas...Voy a echarlas de menos el dia que no estén conmigo...

El pasado domingo, fue un día especial por muchas razones...Carolina, Miguel Angel y Jose Carlos regresaron al río despues de años y meses alejados de él.

Segundamente, este día use por primera vez my nueva "Super Ego" acuerdo, ya sé que no es un kayak de moda...Tuve una "Ego" en mis comienzos...y este kayak era increible cuando querías surfear olas en el rio...así que disfruté como un niño con juguete nuevo.

De momento no tengo suficiente tiempo para editar con las imágenes de mi Gopro...así que os mostraré algunas de las fotos de mi cámara...Gracias a Luis y a Helen y Jose  por sus disparos.
The Legend

Hungry of river.


Katana All Star




Shuriken Ergo
David , Jose, Helen and Miguel.

by Jorge López ( at April 25, 2016 03:31 pm

Mountain and Sea Scotland
Hillwalking and Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Time and tide - heading to Jura

My spell of several months working away was finally over. Douglas and I had discussed various trips by email through the preceding couple of weeks - everywhere from the far north to the south west of Scotland - but as ever our planning would be informed by the weather.

A large high pressure system rooted over the UK gave us a great opportunity to explore somewhere exposed and remote, but there was the complication of strong westerly winds in the days before the high pressure calmed things down. After considering various options we settled on an exploration of the west coast of Jura, one of the large islands of the Inner Hebrides.  You'll be able to follow our adventure in "Sea Kayak Stereovision" by reading Douglas' account starting here.

Planning for any trip to Jura is complex.  The island is surrounded on threee sides by water with fast tidal streams, including the notorious Gulf of Corryvreckan to the north.  The only coast with relatively beningn tidal streams is the exposed, wild and uninhabited west side of the island.  All this meant that our usual two texts and a phone call wouldn't suffice at all!  Time and tide would be critical for almost every stage of the journey we intended to undertake.  Our planning remained flexible and as it turned out we altered our plan significantly during the trip.  Our initial plan was for a four day adventure leaving from the Argyll coast and heading anticlockwise around the north of Jura, right down the west coast to Islay and then back to explore the loch which almost bisects Jura before crossing back to Argyll.  We also retained a possible option of heading over to the island of Colonsay should conditions allow it.

Our first time-critical element was a departure from the mainland in sufficient time to allow a transit of the Corryvreckan around slack water.  Douglas, Mike and I met up at Carsaig Bay near Tayvallich at mid-morning to pack the boats and prepare at a measured pace.

And then we were off - another adventure was underway!  Using the light breeze we started straight across the Sound of Jura in order that we didn't get caught in the main stream of the flood tide heading north up the channel - which had the potential to carry us well beyond Jura and would be impossible to paddle against.

The Paps of Jura dominate the view across the Sound - and if our plans were successful we would be on the opposite side of these fine hills two days later.

After a steady 8 km crossing of the channel we made landfall on Jura at a pebble beach to stretch our legs.  We could now afford to take our time as we had a couple of hours to wait for slack water in the Corryvreckan

Heading north along the coast we passed the farmhouse of Barnhill. In 1946-47 an author named Eric Blair lived here while writing a novel, partly to improve his fragile health.  On 19th August 1947 Blair led a boating trip during which their boat was swept into the Corryvreckan and overturned.  Fortunately all of the party managed to scramble ashore to a rock where they were later picked up by a passing fishing boat.  Blair is better known by his nom de plume, George Orwell, and had he perished in the Corryvreckan the modern literary classic "1984" would have been lost with him.

The flood tide ran north at full pelt and with a breeze behind us we fairly belted along at 14km/h.

In order to retain control over when we entered the Gulf of Corryvreckan it was necessary to break out of the main stream and into slower moving water close inshore where boils and swirls marked the surface.

It was quieter here and we drifted along for a while as the island of Scarba grew closer, marking the left turn into the Corryvreckan strait. The nearest headland is the point where we needed to get off the water to wait for the strength of the flood to subside prior to attempting the Corryvreckan. 

The tiny pebble beach at Port nam Furm provided an easy landing and we set up our lunch things in the sun to watch the changing face of the sea as the tidal movement continued running into the channel between Jura and Scarba.  Very appropriately, the name Port nam Furm translates as Port of the Seat.  Clearly we were the latest in a long line of mariners to sit here and wait for the right conditions before entering the Corryvreckan.  An alternative translation might be Port of the Last Chance!

While we drank coffee in the pleasant sunshine an Otter fished across the bay in front of us, coming really quite close to inspect the boats on the shore.  Gradually the speed of the flood reduced towards slack water at a little after 1600.  By 1525 we were ready to get back on the water to take advantage.....

by Ian Johnston ( at April 25, 2016 01:24 pm

April 24, 2016

OCEANPAX Paddle / Run / Be
Reflections on life, self-propelled outdoor pursuits, and all manner of things that may come to mind while sea kayaking on the waters, and minimalist running along the trails, of south Vancouver Island and Gabriola Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

North Sea Paddle 1: the fabulously fine art of faffing...and its quiet gift of focus.

Scotland has a deep and delightful richness of language and expression...there are the coolest words and figures of speech, like "faffing". My own definition: "to spend an inordinate amount of time on some activity that may appear to be inconsequential." Some may understand faffing as wasting time, or simply dithering.

But...nothing, could be further from the truth. :)

Faffing is a fine art, to be appreciated, cultivated, and enjoyed.

The other day, for example, was an absolutely perfect opportunity to be on the North Sea. We drove to one of our favourite launch spots, the ruined harbour at the foot of the cliffs beneath the tiny village of Auchmithie, just north of Arbroath. 

Part of the routine of a sea kayaking expedition, multi-day or for just a few hours, is in the preparations. There is the loading, the unloading, the carrying of the boats and gear to the shore, the checking and double checking that everything is in order...and then, for me, the faffing. 

Now it is readily admitted that this component can frustrate those intent on "getting on with it". Most paddlers I've enjoyed spending time with, however, exhibit gentle patience and an appreciation for the quiet, introspective moments of a good pre-launch faff. 

Time, after all, is precious. Every moment needs to be massaged. While Joan continued to load the boats, I faffed along the shore of the harbour, picking up one beautiful pebble after another...

...and allowed my mind to wonder about the marvellous story each could tell. There must have been billions upon billions of pebbles, and not one alike in shape or form.

I tried to imagine the molten rock, forming an intrusion into the mighty sandstone cliffs, maybe 250 million years ago.

A tiny arch, leading to another shingle beach, just begged to be explored.

So much faffing to do...and so little time.

Faffing might be thought of as the antithesis of that much admired activity of modern industry - so-called "multi-tasking". When we multi-task, however, attention to any one matter must be shared with another. Of course, it's possible to be on the phone, take notes, listen to music, and munch on a sandwich - all at the same time, but there can be no real or full focus on any one thing. 

Our human brains are simply not capable of fully focusing on more than one task at hand at a time. As we attempt to tend to several matters, all in the same moment, no single activity receives full focus. Without focus, there cannot be clarity. Sometimes I pat myself on the back, thinking I have attended to several matters, simultaneously. But, it often astonishes me, to think of how little clarity (or memory!) I have of any of it on any given day.

Time, deserves more focus.

When we faff, we tend to put out of our minds everything that can distract us...our worries, our agendas, our concerns for a future, still beyond the horizon. When we allow our minds to simply "be" on one thing at a time, the mind finds deep contentment, even peace, as it rests in that place. It is happy to be there.

It's probably why searching for sea glass, or listening to the waves rush up on the shore, or gardening is so relaxing, so calming, so restorative.

Faffing...spending moments every now and again, with just one delightful thing at a time offers a quiet gift of focus. With focus, comes clarity. With clarity, comes a richness beyond words, remaining with us in memory.

Having nurtured this fine art, yet one more time, it was launch time for another paddle on the North Sea, between Auchmithie and Arbroath.

And it was a cracker. :)

Much more to come...

by Duncan and Joan ( at April 24, 2016 08:16 pm


Il nuovo viaggio di Nathalie ed Alain Antognelli

I nostri amici Nathalie ed Alain Antognelli hanno preparano una nuova lunga avventura in kayak e bicicletta.
Questa mattina, domenica 24 aprile 2016, le previsioni meteo sono favorevoli ed è il gran giorno: sono partiti dalla Société Nautique de Monaco.
Il viaggio prevede di andare da Monaco ad Atene via mare, oltre 3000 km di navigazione in kayak lungo le coste italiane e poi dell'Adriatico orientale.
E già questo è un programma niente male!
Ma loro non si fermeranno in Grecia: l'obiettivo che si sono prefissati è quello di proseguire su due ruote fino in Cina, lungo la millenaria Via della Seta, così da poter trascorrere l'inverno con le comunità nomadi della Mongolia. Poi continueranno sulla rotta per la Siberia: 20.000 km di pura avventura, in coppia negli spazi infiniti dell'Asia russa...


Hanno un sito "storico" (, un sito multilingue dedicato al nuovo viaggio ( ed una pagina facebook (Nathalie Antognelli): fanno foto strepitose e hanno una rara capacità di entrare in contatto con le persone che incontrano sul loro cammino.
Nathalie ci ha scritto qualche settimana fa per entrare in contatta con i kayaker italiani e noi siamo stati ben contenti di aiutarli.
Se vi dovesse capitare di avvistarli lungo costa, non perdete l'occasione di pagaiare insieme a loro per un tratto più o meno lungo, perché hanno sempre tante storie da raccontare.
Sono due persone straordinarie che fanno cose fuori dall'ordinario! E con una passione travolgente e coinvolgente!
Bon voyage, nos amis

by Mauro Ferro ( at April 24, 2016 02:02 pm

April 23, 2016

En blogg om padling og annet friluftsliv i (hovedsakelig) Vesterålen

Torsdagspadling - Risøya

Foto: Fredrik Ness/Chipo Tendeland
Årets første torsdagspadling i Vesterålen Padleklubb. Vi ble ikke så mange likevel, en del hadde dobbelbooket seg og denslags viste det seg når det nærmet seg. Men i et nydelig vær ble vi nå tre stykker som fikk en flott tur. Fredrik, Chipo og Trym (klubbens yngste medlem) kom til naustet og så oss vel av gårde, og knipset dette fine bildet av oss da vi padlet ut.

Jeg knipset bilde tilbake, men det ble ikke akkurat like fint… Det var skikkelig fjære denne dagen, som vi ser. Og enda mer skal det bli om et par uker. 

Flott lys på Møysalen. 

Wenche trives bare godt i nydoningen. I dag med den nye åra også, så ut som den fungerte bra. Det er jo ei Shuna, så det skulle bare mangle. Godt ho har kjøpt gul, så slipper vi å forveksle når jeg bruker mi, he he.

Vi måtte ha en liten photoshoot foran Møysalen, siden det var så flott i dag. Jeg skulle jo hatt speilrefleksen for sånt, men den lå dessverre igjen hjemme.

Silkeføre i dag.

Grønn kråkebolle, også kalt Drøbakkråkebolle. Det var mange av dem, også en del av de røde. 

Vi nøyde oss med en rolig tur rundt Risøya.

En logisk følge av stor fjære, er at det er grunnere enn det pleier å være der vi padler. Vi får med andre ord sett ekstra godt på havbunnen, det er artig. Mye koraller og skjell i tillegg til kråkebollene. Og en strømledning, visstnok.

Det var så fint vær på turen at vi satte kursen mot land på Risøya, der vi pleier.

Fint i sola! Men nå nærmet skyene seg.

Vi kom i snakk om å spise kråkeboller, så jeg knertet en av hver for å se inni. Mer var det ikke mye som så spiselig ut. Veldig lite i det hele tatt egentlig, så mest dau ut denne. Et skjelett bare, liksom.

Den grønne var det mer action i, men det fristet ikke akkurat dette heller. Det står et sted at man spiser dem før gyting på våren, men når er det? Ser det ut som dette er spiselig? Nuvel, til senere når jeg begynner å lure så er HER en link om at dette er verdt 12.000 kroner per kilo.

Ikke så rart at vi pleier å gå i land her?

Returen var også fin. Blant annet så vi den største sjøstjernen jeg noengang har sett. Den var direkte enorm. Stilig. Og så tror jeg at jeg så slangestjerner. Men det fikk jeg ikke sjekket, for jeg ble opptatt av noen små skapninger som jeg tror er en slags anemoner. Men jeg fant dem ikke i boka mi.

Neste torsdag er det pause i torsdagspadlingene, men vi er i hvert fall i gang. Fortsettelsen kommer 5. mai – da er det himmelspretten, så da blir det formiddagstur. Blir du med? Vi starter fra Taen, er planen foreløpig.

by Miamaria Padlemia ( at April 23, 2016 08:40 pm

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Cara Usaha Rumahan yang Menguntungkan

Cara Usaha Rumahan yang Menguntungkan - Mencari usaha rumahan yang menguntungkan tentu tak semudah membalikkan telapak tangan. Untuk bisa untung menggunung, ada banyak hal yang perlu diketahui sebelum benar-benar mantab pada satu pilihan bisnis yang akan dibuka di rumah. Dan ini adalah cara agar bisa ciptakan peluang usaha dirumah yang menjanjikan.

Personal Yang akan menjalankan usaha adalah diri kita pribadi, dan bukan orang lain yang jadi pilotnya. Jadi kunci utama untuk sukses dalam menjalankan usaha di rumah adalah dimulai dari diri sendiri. Persiapan seorang wirausaha sukses, meski itu usaha rumahan, adalah kesiapan dari segi mental kemandirian, banyak wawasan, serta keberanian yang cukup untuk terjun di wirausaha.

Mulai dari kemandirian atau mental mandiri, seorang wirausahawan harus punya jiwa mandiri yang tinggi. Dalam artian harus berani siap berdiri sendiri tanpa bergantung pada orang lain. Lalu soal wawasan, wawasan sangat penting bila ingin berhasil dalam membuka usaha serta mengembangkannya. Untuk itu sangat penting membiasakan banyak baca dan melihat tayangan-tayangan wirausaha untuk mendukung mentalis pebisnis yang berwawasan luas.

Wawasan bisa meliputi banyak hal, mulai dari tahu akan beragam jenis usaha, tahu strategi marketing, dan tahu akan bagaimana memahami selera pasar. Lalu soal keberanian, seorang pelaku usaha mandiri harus punya nyali besar dalam terjun di ranah usaha mandiri. Dalam arti,seorang pelaku usaha harus berani gagal, namun juga berani sukses. Berani saat membuka usaha saja tidak cukup, namun harus pula berani dalam merangkul konsumen serta membidik area distribusi seluas-luasnya.

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Maka kita hendaknya jangan sampai seperti yang demikian. Dan memilih usaha yang tepat, tentunya sebuah keharusan. Usaha yang tepat bisa berdasar analisa pasar sesuai point di atas tadi, maupun sesuai dengan bakat yang kita miliki. Bila pun lokasi rumah tak memungkinkan untuk membuka usaha ritel seperti toko atau jasa layanan, maka usaha seperti ternak, produksi makanan, dan toko online, tentunya bisa jadi bahan pertimbangan kita.

Demikianlah tadi ulasan kita mengenai Usaha bisnis Rumahan yang Menguntungkan. Semoga dapat memberikan informasi serta menambah wawasan kita dalam hal bisnis dan peluang usaha. Semoga bermanfaat, terimakasih.

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Ide Usaha Sampingan Kedai Kopi Gorengan

Ide Usaha Sampingan Kedai Kopi & Gorengan - Ingar bingar bisingnya kota bisa kita redam lewat ide usaha sampingan yang satu ini, yakni dengan membuka kedai kopi dan gorengan. Perlu kita cermati bahwa semakin ramai dan berkembangnya sebuah kota, maka akan diikuti oleh trend haya hidup seperti ngopi di kedai kopi, baik di pagi sore maupun malam hari.

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Kelly Blades
Your Source to find Pinecrest Homes for sale

Why You Need The Best Baltimore SEO Agency

internetIt is no exaggeration to say that business today is all about the Internet. Even companies that have massive bricks and mortar chains the social media has revolutionized the way that they interact with their consumer base. Any business that ignores social media as well as inbound marketing is setting itself up for failure.

Of course this is more true than ever before when it comes to those organizations that are offering services and products based on an exclusively Internet based presence.

For these companies optimizing their sites through a variety of SEO tactics is becoming absolutely essential – and local SEO is becoming even more important. To optimize your Baltimore business website, you should contact a top SEO agency in Baltimore.

Why is local SEO and retaining the services of a company that is skilled in providing advise and measurement of local SEO tactics becoming essential – here are a few very good reasons.

#1 Google Likes Local.

Over the past few years Google has shown that it favors businesses that give customers what they want close to where they are. Google+ reviews and social media mentions are only two of the ways that local businesses can take advantage of the search giants’love for the small business. google has also provided the small business owner with all the tools he or she needs to build a great local brand (Analytics is only one example). By retaining a local Baltimore SEO company you can ensure that you take advantage of Google’s generosity.

#2 Google Wants To Serve The Individual.

There has never been a better time to be an individual in search of a product or service on the net. If the searcher has a Google account Google knows just where they are and what results would be most appropriate – and with proper SEO advice a business can take advantage of the way in which Google helps people find what they’re looking for.

#3 The Internet Of Things.

Today more consumers are using search engines while on the go. Smartphones and wearables have changed the nature of retail forever. With local SEO knowledge a Baltimore business owner can make sure that when a consumer is on the lookout for a specific product that their local business appears at the top of the search engine results pile.

#4 Competition.

Today competition is not limited to how many Baltimore retail outlets can fit onto the high street. The Internet has done away with the bricks and mortar shopping paradigm. Savvy consumers want their products now – and they want quality. However the move towards sourcing locally also means that when it comes to many classes of goods the consumer may want to support smaller, local providers – sometimes even if they charge slightly more. Local companies need to realize that optimizing their websites will have an extremely positive effect on their inbound marketing efforts.

Now is the time to bring in a local SEO agency in Baltimore. Their knowledge will help your business thrive in a time when competitive advantages are few and far between.

The post Why You Need The Best Baltimore SEO Agency appeared first on The Best of Pinecrest Real Estate.

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Warung makan sederhana Usaha rumahan makanan merupakan usaha yang sudah sangat umum di masyarakat kita. Apa lagi untuk rumah yang berlokasi tepat di pinggir jalan ramai, tentu sangat potensial untuk mendirikan usaha warung makan. Warung makan sederhana bisa menyerap konsumen dari berbagai kalangan. Dengan konsep warung sederhana, dimana menu-menu makanan yang dijual adalah menu-menu dengan harga terjangkau, maka lebih mudah untuk diminati oleh calon konsumen.

Usaha rumahan semacam ini bisa menyasar konsumen dari masyarakat sekitar maupun dari orang yang lewat di depan warung. Moment ramai sebuah daerah, utamanya di sekitar rumah, juga cukup menunjang ramai tidaknya warung makan skala rumahan. Misla untuk rumah yang berada di tengah-tengah kota yang sedng berkembang yang banyak terdapat rumah kos, maka usaha semacam ini bisa diharapkan perkembangannya.

Industry cemilan rumahan Makanan lagi-lagi masih jadi objek bagus sebagai peluang usaha rumahan. Dan ragam makanan ringan bisa dipilh sebagai peluang bisnis di rumah. Lebih tepatnya adalh membuat camilan jenis tertentu di rumah untuk dipasarkan di luar. Ragam cemilan yang sangat disuka oleh masyarakat kita sangat banyak macamnya. Biak camilan dari olehan buah-buahan, tepung tapioka, dan umbi-umbian. Kesmuanya memiliki potensi untuk laku keras di pasaran. Paling nyata contohnya adalah ragam keripik yang ada di pasaran. Mulai dari keripik pisang, keripik nangka, hingga keripik singkong. Kesmuanya memiliki ragam rasa yang unik-unik, sehingga mampu menyerap pasar dengan baik. Dan mengolah salah satu jenis camilan saja, bisa jadi alternatif untuk usaha rumahan.

Laundry kiloan Tingginya kebutuhan masyarakat kota terhadap jasa cuci pakaian, kemudian mendorong banyak orang untuk membuka usaha laundry di rumah. Usaha semacam ini mungkin dulunya harus menyewa lokasi yang strategis, namun seiring berjalannya waktu, dan tingginya permintaan, maka bisnis ini pun meski di rumah, banyak sekali konsumannya. Bisnis rumahan yang satu ini pun bisa jadi alternatif bisnis modal kecil. Karena bisa dimulai dengan modal kurang dari 10 juta.

Kedai jus buah Membuka kedai juss buah lewat media berjualan berupa gerobak yang dipajang di depan rumah, kini banyak dilakoni oleh masyarakat tepatnya untuk kawasan yang padat penduduknya. Juss buah tak hanya menarik dari segi rasa, namun kandungan gizi dalam buah-buahan yang ada menjadi daya tarik tersendiri bagi masyarakat dibanding dengan menkonsumsi minuman kemasan yang meski segar namun mengandung pengawet.

Demikianlah tadi ulasan kita mengenai Macam Macam Usaha Rumahan yang mungkin menarik untuk anda coba. Semoga dapat memberikan informasi serta menambah wawasan bisnis kita. Semoga bermanfaat, terimakasih.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 12:38 pm

Tips Sukses Buka Usaha Warung Makan

Tips Sukses Buka Usaha Warung Makan - Bisa memiliki sebuah rumah makan besar dan banyak pelanggan atau pembeli yang datang dan pergi setiap hari, tentu siapa yang tidak mau. Namun tahukah kita bahwa sebuah rumah makan besar kadang dirintis dengan susah payah dan bahkan tadinya merupakan warung makan biasa?? ya… untuk bisa berhasil di bisnis berbasis kuliner tentu tidak sederhana, ada banyak trik dan tips agar warung makan yang kita buka bisa menjadi sebuah usaha yang sukses. Ini diantaranya:
Lokasi dan potensi daerah Yang namanya usaha warung makan, tentunya akan sangat tepat bila dibuka dilokasi yang strategis. Namun lokasi yang strategis yang bagaimanakah yang dimaksud…? lokasi strategis jadi kunci utama untuk berjalannya sebuah usaha warung makan, yang strategis saja kadang tidak ramai, apa lagi yang tidak strategis. Lokasi yang perlu dipilih adalah lokasi yang banyak orang lewat, baik pengendara sepeda motor maupun pejalan kaki. Selain itu potensi daerah juga cukup berperan dalam merintis usaha warung. Misalnya saja lokasi-lokasi yang dekat sekolahan, kampus, pabrik, perkantoran, dan lain sebagainya. Ini harus disadari betul sebelum kita memutuskan untuk membuak usaha warung makan

Menarik pasar dengan menu yang tak biasa Sebuah usaha warung sangat perlu memiliki daya tarik, sehingga akan memiliki ciri khas lain dari pada yang lain. Salah satu daya tarik dari sebuah warung makan adalah dari menu yang kita tawarkan. Dan ini pun bisa menjadi objek yang menarik untuk digarap. Inovasipun sangat penting agar menu makanan yang kita sajikan tidak ditemukan di tempat lain. Contohnya saja cara penyajian dengan bentuk piring atau alat makan yang unik. Atau dari menu makanan juga bisa, dimana kita bisa ciptakan menu-menu baru dengan rasa yang baru pula.  Menu tak biasa bisa kita ciptakan dari ide sendiri maupun mencari inspirasi dari mana saja.

Strategi menjaring konsumen Sangat penting sebuah warung bisa memiliki pembeli dan pelanggan tetap. Ini kadang menjadi Pekerjaan Rumah yang cukup berat bagi para perintis usaha warung. Strategi menjaring konsumen sebenarnya cukup rumit diteorikan karena sebenarnya terdapat banyak sekali strategi-strategi yang sifatnya sangat teoritis. Namun tak usaha ambil pusing untuk urusan yang satu ini. Lakukan apa yang bisa dilakukan, misal mencari job katering, sering bergaul dengan orang sekitar, pelayanan yang sangat ramah meski pembelinya hanya satu orang. Atau bisa juga dengan strategi tarik paksa agar ada orag yang berkunjung, misal menuliskan di banner, menerima pesanan, sedia kopi tulen, di sini sedia jus buah. Dan hal-hal kecil yang bisa berdampak besar lainnya.

Utamakan kebersihan Usaha di bidang makanan sangaat syarat dengan kebersihan. Jagalah selalu kebersihan, baik cara penyajian maupun lokasi warung. Kebersihan menjadi hal wajib bagi semua usaha warung yang ingin memiliki banyak pelanggan.

Demikianlah tadi beberapa Tips Sukses Buka Usaha Warung Makan. Semoga dapat memberikan informasi serta menginspirasi. Semoga bermanfaat, salam sukses.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 12:21 pm

Usaha Rumahan yang Menjanjikan dari Barang Bekas

Usaha Rumahan yang Menjanjikan dari Barang Bekas - Potensi dari barang sampah ternyata juga bisa dijadikan usaha rumahan yang menjanjikan. Tidak percaya..? buktinya bisa kita lihat pada bisnis dirumah yang dominan dengan aktifitas jual beli barang-barang bekas. Barang-barang bekas yang dikumpulkan dalam jumlah banyak lalu dijual ke pengepul, tentunya bukan asal barang bekas.

Barang-barang bekas tersebut ada yg meliputi benda-benda bekas seperti botol minuman plastik, kardus bekas, kertas bekas, dan berbagai benda yang terbuat dari besi, baja, dan aluminium. Barang-barang tersebut sangat bernilai bila jumlahnya banyak. Karena jual beli untuk barang bekas di Indoensia sendiri, bisa dibilang sebagi bisnis yang sangat menjanjikan.

Alasannya cukup sederhana, salah satunya yakni aktifitas industry banyak yang membutuhkan bahan baku seperti biji plastik, dari hasil peleburan botol-botol bekas yang kemudian dijual dalam bentuk biji plastik, baik untuk kebutuhan lokal maupun dijual ke luar negeri. Maka tak heran bila usaha seperti menjadi pengepul barang bekas skala rumahan banyak dilakoni oleh mereka yang paham akan potensinya. Lalu seperti apa serba-serbi untuk usaha yang satu ini..? ini beberapa point singkatnya.

Manfaatkan potensi dari sampah rumah tangga Pada tiap rumah, tentu memiliki potensi sebagai penghasil sampah atau barang-barang bekas. Barang-barang bekas atau sampah yang ada di suatu rumah tentu sangat beragam. Mulai dari botol plastik air mineral, tumpukan kertas tak terpakai, kardus bekas, dan beberapa jenis barang bekas lainnya. Ini pun kemudian banyak diincar oleh para pelaku usaha pengepul barang bekas.

Maka tak heran bila di kampung-kampung biasa terdapat tukang barang bekas keliling yang biasa membeli barang bekas dari warga dalam ukuran kiloan. Potensi ini pun tak disia-siakan bagia para pelaku usaha pengepul barang bekas rumahan. Dimana para tetangga pun bisa dibidik untuk mengumpulkan barang bekas yang dimiliki lalu menjualnya, dan bukan membuangnya.

Sampah atau limbah dari rumah usaha Rumah usaha tentu lebih potensial lagi sebagai penghasil benda sampah namun bernilai yang jumlahnya tentu sangat banyak dalam tiap harinya. Contoh paling nyata adalah ada pada usaha seperti bengkel sepeda motor. Dimana di bengkel sepeda motor biasanya terdapat banyak sekali barang rongsokan hasil limbah dari onderdil bekas, seperti kampas rem, patahan besi, kanvas kopling, kabel rem, pecahan bodi plastik dan lain sebaginya.

Tak hanya pada bengkel sepeda motor saja. Pada usaha seperti bengkel las juga bisa dibilang sebagai penghasil patahan-patahan besi. Ini pun layak dibidik untuk dibeli dalam jumlah kiloan untuk dijual lagi. Usaha foto copy dan percetakan juga tak kalah berpotensi sebagai penghasil sampah kertas yang tentunya bisa didaur ulang.
Dinanti para pelebur barang bekas Para pelebur atau pendaur ulang, tentu saja sangat menantikan barang-barang yang bisa diolah kembali menjadi bahan baku. Salah satu contohnya adalah pemilik usaha peleburan biji plastik, tentu sangat mengharapkan pasokan barang-barang bekas dengan unsur bahan baku pastik untuk diolah kembali.

Demikianlah tadi Usaha Rumahan yang Menjanjikan dari Barang Bekas. Semoga informasi diatas dapat memberikan informasi dan menambah wawasan bisnis kita. Semoga dapat bermanfaat, terimakasih.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 11:30 am

Perlukah Usaha Sampingan dari Rumah?

Perlukah Usaha Sampingan dari Rumah? - Waktu yang terasa sempit sepulang kerja, menjadikan para pekerja sulit mengambil kesempatan untuk membuka usaha sampingan dari rumah. Ini tentunya menjadi masalah klasik yang terkadang susah dipecahkan. Namun bukan berarti tak ada jalan keluar untuk para pekerja yang menginginkan bisnis sampingan. Bagi kebanyakan kita yang sangat sibuk diluar atau tempat kerja, mungkin sangat menginginkan untuk bisa memiliki sebuah peluang usaha yang bisa dijalankan di rumah.

Tetapi sebelumnya harus kita teliti dahulu, perlu atau tidaknya membuka usaha sampingan dari rumah, sementara setiap hari kita sangat sibuk di luar rumah. Konflik kepentingan bisa sja terjadi, yang berisiko mengorbankan antara pekerjaan utama dan usaha yang dirintis dirumah. Untuk itu, sebelum kita melangkah lebih jauh, ada baiknya bila memperhatikan point-point berikut.

Usaha sampingan rumahan yang sesuai Pada prinsipnya, usaha sampingan di rumah adalah sebuah usaha yang dimiliki oleh seorang pekerja yang bekerja pada sebuah bidang kerja, baik pemerintahan maupun umum, yang lokasi usahanya adalah memanfaatkan rumah, dan bisa dijalankan oleh si penggagas ide usaha tersebut maupun menggunakan tenaga orang lain. Dari teori bgni sudah jelas, bahwa usaha sampingan di rumah syarat harus ada yang menjalankannya.

Bisa dijalankan sendiri bila memungkinkan, dan juga bisa menggunakan tenaga orang lain bila itu memang diperlukan. Dan perlu diketahui bahwa eksistensi atau jam terbang sebuah usaha yang konsisten setiap harinya juga sangat penting diperhatikan. Usaha yang hari ini buka besok tutup secara continew tentu akan terjadi ketidak fokusan sehingga rentan terhadap kejenuhan dalam membuka usaha.

Nah, bisa diambil salah satu solusi yakni dengan memilih sebuah usaha yang sesuai. Sesuai artinya, sesuainya dengan kemampuan si pengelolanya. Kemampuan pun bisa diartikan kemampaun dalam mengelola sendiri, maupun kemampuan menggaji orang lain untuk menjalankannya. Sesuai juga bisa dilihat dari potensi lokasi sebuah rumah.

Dan *ni juga menjadi acuan penting mengenai perlu atau tidaknya membuak usaha di rumah. Bila rumah lokasinya tidak strategis, seperti di perumahan , terlebih lokasinya masuk ke dalam, maka tentu perlu dipertimbangkan apakah ingin tetap membuka usaha di rumah atau tidak. Solusi membuka usaha diluar bisa dipilih. Tetapi ini akan mengacu pada kemampuan modal yang dimiliki, namun juga dituntut untuk bisa membuat sistem manajemen kerja yang baik bagi si pelakunya.

Tidak perlu bila menjadikan tidak fokus kerja Apa blia kita memiliki suatu usaha di rumah, dan setiap paginya kita sibuk mengurusinya sebelum berangkat kerja sehingga menjadikan kita sering telat masuk kerja, ini tentu akan menjadikan tidak efektif karena bisa mengorbankan salah satunya. Bila memang sangat sibuk, keinginan untuk membuka usaha di rumah bisa ditunda. Kita pun bisa mematangkan dulu pengetahuan kita tentang peluang usaha lewat banyak-banyak baca dan belajar mengenai memanaje sebuah sistem kerja yang sehat. Bila sudah cukup matang dan siap, kita pun bisa segera action berwirausaha. Namun tentunya tak harus mengganggu profesi utama kita.

Bagaimana, Perlukah Usaha Sampingan dari Rumah?.. Selanjutnya, Semua keputusan berada ditangan anda tentunya. Semoga ulasan diatas dapat memberikan informasi dan menambah wawasan kita. Semoga bermanfaat, salam sukses!

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 09:29 am

Memulai Usaha Sampingan ? Siapa Takut

Memulai Usaha Sampingan ? Siapa Takut - Cari usaha sampingan bisa jadi langkah awal yang bagus untuk menuju sebuah kemandirian finansial. Setiap kita yang berprofesi sebagai seorang pekerja atau karyawan tentunya punya harapan besar untuk bisa menadiri memiliki bisnis sendiri tanpa harus terus menerus bekerja pada orang lain. Wirausaha harus kita terjuni bila kita menginginkan sebuah kesejahteraan finansial.

Karena lewat wirausaha, tak ada batasan untuk mencapai jumlah penghasilan tertentu. Akan beda halnya bila kita bekerja pada orang lain, yang dalam soal gaji lebih sering sama setiap bulannya. Dalam usaha kita Memulai Usaha Sampingan, mungkin tak mudah untuk memilih mana usaha yang cocok untuk kita tekuni. Kesulitan sering dialami oleh mereka yang belum kenal dunia wiarusaha. Untuk itu muai sekarang dunia wirausaha harus benar-benar kita kenal dengan baik, untuk kemudian serius kita terjuni.

Mengacu pada sebuah bidang usaha Sebelum terjun di ranah wirausaha, hal awal yang perlu kita lihat dalam memilih jenis usaha yang akan diterjuni adalah soal bidang usaha apa yang kita tuju. Karena ada banyak macam bidang usaha yang mungkin cocok untuk kita pilih sesuai dengan kriteriaseorang pekerja yang akan mengelola usaha di paruh waktu sepulang kerja.

Macam-macam pilihan bidang usaha yang mungkin bisa dipilih sebagai usaha sampingan antara lain adalah bidang usaha makanan, bidang usaha jasa, bidang usaha kemitraan, bidang uasaha waralaba atau franchise, bidang usaha peternakan, bidang usaha kerjasama, bidang usaha pertanian, hingga bidang investasi.

Kesemuanya sangat mungkin kita pilih salah satu. Acuan bidang tersebut sangat penting, karena setiap kita mungkin punya pashion di bidang tertentu atau kesukaan terhadap salah satu bidang tersebut. Namun yang perlu penting untuk dipertimbangkan adalah kemampuan kita dalam mengelolanya, baik itu dikelola sendiri maupun mempekerjakan orang.

Bisa dari usaha rumahan Dalam kita mencari peluang usaha, sering kali rumah kita juga berpotensi untuk dijadikan tempat usaha. Usaha yang dilakukan di rumah atau usaha rumahan, juga bisa mengacu pada banyak bidang seperti yang telah disebutkan tadi. Namun juga bisa saja mengacu pada potensi dari lingkungan sekitar atau letak strategis dari sebuah rumah untuk usaha dagang jenis tertentu. Usaha di rumah juga bisa dilihat dari siap yang mengelolanya nanti.

Bisa dikelola sendiri maupun dikelola oleh orang di rumah, baik itu pasangan kita atau anggota keluarga. Usaha sampingan harus terencana dan dipilih yang sepraktis mungkin, agar profesi utama sebagai karyawan atau pekerja tidak terganggu. Dan untuk kategori usaha di rumah, mampu meminimalisir resiko repot atau ribet dalam mengelolanya, karena sebagai seorang pekerja harus tetap fokus pada pekerjaan utama.

Memulai Usaha Sampingan bisa menjadi langkah awal kita untuk menuju kehidupan yang lebih baik. Sering kali usaha sampingan yang berkembang menjadikan pelakuknya pun memutuskan untuk terjun total di dalamnya untuk membesarkan usaha dan keluar dari pekerjaan.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 09:05 am

Usaha Sampingan Mahasiswa Bikin Gampang Aja

Usaha Sampingan Mahasiswa Bikin Gampang Aja - Di beberapa lokasi saya lihat ada beberapa usaha sampingan mahasiswa yang cukup beragam jenisnya. Ada yang dagang makanan, ada yang suka dengan bisnis online, ada yang buka usaha di rumah, ada yang buka bimbingan belajar, ada yang mencoba peruntungan di bisnis ternak, dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya.

Mungkin sepertinya mudah bagi mereka yang benar-benar memiliki jiwa yang mandiri dan memang memiliki dasar rasa suka terhadap ranah wirausaha. Namun akan sulit bagi kita yang kurang paham mengenai usaha mandiri atau tentang kewirausahaan. Jangankan mau usaha mandiri, mau usaha apa aja akadang tidak tahu.

Memang, kesulitan banyak dirasakan oleh banyak orang, soal kewirausahaan ini. Tak hanya mahasiswa saja, bahkan orang umum seperti karyawan atau korban PHK, mungkin juga tidak mudah menemukan jenis usaha yang cocok. Namun sebagai mahasiswa, tentunya harus mampu berfikir luas. Namun juga harus mampu berfikir sederhana.

Dalam artian, janganlah dibikin susah dalam memilih usaha, pilih saja usaha yang mudah. Sederhanakan sudut pandang Anda, lihatlah beberapa bidang acuan, ada dagang, ternak, budidaya, fashion, online, otomotif, elektronik, gaya hidup, kopi, yang kesemuanya punya potensi usaha yang bisa Anda pilih.

Bisa disesuaikan dengan posisi diri

Saya lebih suka menyederhanakan suatu hal yang sulit menjadi hal yang mudah, meskipun pada kenyataannya tak mudah untuk mempraktekannya. Intinya adalah mensederhana sudut pandang ketika kita hendak memilih suatu jenis usaha yang cocok bagi kita yang masih duduk di bangku kuliah Iini bisa kita lihat dari posisi kita sekarang.

Misal posisi saat ini adalah anak kos, lalu mau usaha apa sebagai anak kos..? atau mungkin anak kuliah yang anak rumahan, mau usaha apa sebagai putra daerah yang kesehariannya masih tinggal dengan orang tua..? nah dari sadar akan posisi diri, sehingga kita akan melihat bidang kerja apa yang cocok untuk posisi Anda tersebut.

Contoh untuk posisi seperti anak kos, yang tak mungkin buka usaha di tempat kos. Bagaimana kalau beli usaha franchise murah seperti gerobak franchise teh atau kopi dengan menyewa lokasi di depan mini market dalam ukuran meter persegi, lalu mempekerjakan satu orang karyawan sehingga waktu kuliah tidak terganggu.Ini pun cocok karena dengan modal yang cukup rendah, misal di kisaran 6 jutaan, tentu tak menjadi beban yang besar bagi mahasiswa. Atau bila ini kurang mungkin lantaran tak memiliki banyak modal, menekuni bidang online tak ada salahnya. Di online sendiri bisnis tanpa modal ada banyak, seperti ngeblog, ikut afiliasi, ikut program iklan PPC dan masih banyak lagi.

Lalu bagaimana dengana mahasiswa yang asli putra daerah,,? sederhana saja, peluang Anda adalah sama dengan orang-orang yang lainnya. Baik itu para pekerja yang mengelola usaha sampingan, maupun mereka yang murni mandiri. Yang membedakan hanyalah status saja, dan jumlah waktu luang yang dimiliki.

Demikianlah tadi ulasan kita tentang Usaha Sampingan Mahasiswa. Semoga dapat memberikan informasi serta menambah wawasan kita khusunya mahasiswa tetap bisa kreatif dan produktif tanpa mengahambat kegiatan belajar. Semoga bermanfaat, terimakasih.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 08:51 am

Usaha Rumahan Tanpa Modal

Usaha Rumahan Tanpa Modal ? Ini Dia - Menciptakan usaha rumahan tanpa modal bisa saja kita lakukan, syaratnya hanya butuh jeli memanfaatkan ide-ide kreatif kita. Yang punya modal saja kadang sering sulit menentukan mau bisnis apa, bagaimana dengan yang tidak punya modal? sepertinya mustahil ya,!!!! Boleh kita tidak percaya kalau bisnis atau usaha yang tanpa modal itu ada, namun kenyataan dan fakta menunjukkan bahwa wirausaha tanpa modal uang memang nyata adanya.

Seperti halnya profesi seorang penulis, yang murni setiap hari adalah menulis. Hanya bermodal ide gagasan dan sudut pandang akan sebuah hal lalu menuliskannya dalam sebuah bacaan yang syarat makna penting, maka ini pun bisa disebut dengan usaha tanpa modal.

Menulis memang nyata bisa jadi usaha rumahan tanpa modal. Dan tentu saja kesempatannya terbuka cukup lebar. Toh profesi seperti penulis boleh dibilang minoritas. Karena, secara umum orang yang terjun di pekerjaan seni lebih sedikit. Dan orang yang mencari uang dengan cara bekerja pada orang lain atau sebuah perusaan, jumlah jauhhh lebih buanyak.

Menilik sekilas dari profesi seorang penulis, mungkin profesi ini sulit bagi yang bukan bidangnya, namun menjadi sebuah aktifitas mudah bagi sebagian orang yang suka baca dan suka mengutarakan ide pokok bahasan ke dalam sebuah tulisan. Pada sasarnya, profesi penulis membutuhkan dedikasi yang cukup tinggi terhadap pemaknaan dari sebuah kejadian atau solusi dari suatu masalah.

Mengutarakan sudut pandang lewat sebuah tulisan, apa lagi untuk tulisan-tulisan yang bermanfaat bagi para pembaca, merupakan sebuah pekerjaan yang mulia. Namun penulis sejati umumnya tidak memprsioritaskan soal uang, namun lebih pada ketulusan untuk berbagi informasi. Karena umumnya, uang akan mengikuti sebuah kwalitas dalam menulis.

Potensi uang di dunia tulis

Mengutarakan sudut pandang lewat sebuah tulisan, bisa mengacu pada banyak pokok bahasan atau tema, mulai dari kesehatan, bisnis, pertanian, gaya hidup, fashion, ternak dan lain sebagainya. Bidang-bidang tersebut sudah pasti informasinya dibutuhkan banyak pembaca yang membutuhkan informasi-informasi khusus. Media baca sendiri ada banyak, mulai dari koran, majalah, dan di medai internet sendiri.

Potensi uang pun bisa saja menghampiri penulis, karena banyaknya media yang ada, sudah barang tentu membutuhkan penulis, baik itu untuk tulisan artikel atau yang lainnya. Selain itu, penulis pun bisa berdiri sendiri dengan mempublis tulisannya lewat berbagai cara. Seperti halnya membukukan tulisan dengan tema tertentu, atau membuat tulisan tutorial yang dikemas dalam bentuk e-book.

Banyak pula yang jago nulis di media online menjual tulisannya untuk sebuah blog atau web. Jasa contain writer di internet peluangnya cukup bagus, sehingga para penulis pun memiliki kesempatan yang besar untuk jalankan usaha rumahan tanpa modal lewat kreatifitas dalam menulis.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 08:30 am

Cara Bisnis Online Bermodal Facebook

Cara Bisnis Online Bermodal Facebook - Facebook dijadikan untuk bisnis mana bisa..? ya… itu anggapan orang umum, tapi pada kenyataannya tak bisa dipungkiri bahwa peran media jejaring sosial yang lagi booming ini memang sangat besar untuk urusan mengembangkan bisnis.

Lantas seperti apa bila kita ingin berbisnis dengan menggunakan facebook, berikut adalah beberapa alternatif yang bisa kita lakukan untuk berbisnis dengan menggunakan jejaring sosial facebook.

Membuat fanpage

Halaman suka atau sering kita dengar sebutannya yakni fan page merupakan fasilitas dari facebook yang diberikan untuk setiap penggunanya. Dimana setiap penggunanya bebas membuat fan page apapun. Ini pun sangat cocok bagi publik figur seperti artis yang ingin menjaring penggemar lewat media fan page ini.

Namun belakangan ini yang berkembang pesat justru tak hanya halaman suka seperti publik figur saja. Fan page sekarang banyak berkembang menjai lebih variatif, mulai dari komunitas olah raga, pecinta binatang, otomotif dan lain sebagainya.

Lantas apa untungnya memiliki fanpage..? tentu saja ada untungnya. Misal bila fan page memiliki like hingga puluhan ribu, maka ini bisa ditawarkan pada para pemilik toko online atau bisnis terkait. Kalaupun tidak dijual, kita pun bisa manfaatkan untuk mengembangkan bisnis online yang berkaitan dengan tema fanpage yang dikelola.

Membuat forum jual beli

Kini forum jual beli di group sangat marak. Dan facebook juga terdapat fitur atau layanan untuk membuat group apapun. Dan saat ini banyak group di berbagai bidang seperti olah raga, hoby, music dan lain-lain. Salah satu keuntungan memiliki group di facebook adalah, kita bisa menjaring banyak orang untuk joint di group kita.

Lalu apa untungnya..? bila jumlah member hingga puluhan ribu, maka ini pun bisa kita manfaatkan untuk berjualan barang tertentu. Namun usahakan untuk membuat group jual beli yang banyak diminati.

Demikianlah tadi Cara Bisnis Online Bermodal Facebook yang dapat kita ulas pada kesempatan kali ini. Dua alternatif tersebut, bila kita pilih salah satu saja dan ditekuni, potensinya sangat besar untuk dikembangkan. Lihatlah sekarang web-web atau blog-blog terkemuka, mereka banyak menjaring pemirsa dari jejaring sosial yang satu ini.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 08:06 am

Cara Gampang Mencari Usaha Sampingan

Cara Gampang Mencari Usaha Sampingan - Mungkin saat ini banyak karyawan yang mencari usaha sampingan sebagai penopang ekonomi keluarga agar menjadi kokoh. Tetapi sayangnya tak semua karyawan bisa dengan mudah menemukan apa yang mereka cari. Dalam artian mereka seringkali kesulitan ketika hendak menentukan, mau usaha apa.

Ini memang hal yang perlu dimaklumi, mengingat banyak karyawan lebih condong pada zona zaman mereka. Yakni setiap hari melakukan pekerjaan yang sama lalu mendapat gaji setiap bulannya, begitu seterusnya. Namun ketika kebutuhan hidup menjadi naik, yang menuntut seseorang memiliki penghasilan yang lebih, maka mau tidak mau seorang karyawan harus terjun di bidang kerja yang lain, dan salah satunya adalah wirausaha sebagai usaha sampingan.

Ini tentu tidak mudah, namun bukan berarti pula bahwa ini tidak bisa dipecahkan. Setiap masalah tentu ada solusinya, dan masalah karyawan yang susah dalam mencari usaha sampingan pun tentu bisa dipecahkan atau dicari jalan keluarnya.

Cari-cari Peluang Sampingan

Mencari itu kadang bisa jadi hal yang sulit, apa lagi kalau kita tidak punya petunjuknya sama sekali. Sama halnya kita mencari barang yang hilang, tentu butuh jejak, alasan, dan juga kaitannya dengan lokasi asal barang berada. Dalam mencari usaha sampingan, kita tentu harus punya alasan yang kuat kenapa ingin mencari usaha sampingan, tujuannya untuk apa, dan apa yang akan kita lakukan untuk menemukannya.

Sebenarnya ini bukan hal yang sulit bila kita punya cukup jejak. Karena ini bisa saja merupakan hal yang simpel namun kita buat sulit. Bidang wirausaha, bahkan bisa kita temukan dalam diri sendiri. Tentu itu bukan hal yang mustahil. Usaha itu tidak monoton berupa aktifitas sebuah bidang dagang yang melayani banyak konsumen secara langsung.

Namun usaha itu sangat luas maknanya. Untuk menemukannya, alasannya bisa sangat banyak. Bisa dari potensi keahlian yang dimiliki seseorang, bisa dari potensi lingkungan rumah, bisa dari perkumpulan, teman, bisa dari sisi potensi sebuah kota terhadap peluang yang ada, serta bisa dari sumber daya alam yang ada di sekitar kita.

Tentu akan terjabar luas bila kita teliti satu persatu. Karena dari masing-masing sumber potensi tersebut, menyimpan banyak ragam peluang usaha yang bisa kita pilih. Bila kita cukup paham maksud tersebut, maka rasanya tak ada yang sulit dalam memulai usaha meski awalnya sebagai sampingan.

Kesiapan Diri yang Penting

Jangan khawatir, meski kita buntu ide bingung mau usaha apa, namun sebenarnya stok peluang usaha itu tak pernah habis. Yang jadi soal itu justru dari pelakunya sendiri. Terkadang kita justru bermasalah dengan berbagai alasan yang membuat kita tidak segera melangkah ke ranah wirausaha. Alasan cukup beragam, mulai dari tak punya waktu lah.., sepulang kerja capek, usaha sudah terlalu padat lah, dan berbagai ketidakyakinan dan segudang keraguan.Inti dari kita terjun di bisnis mandiri itu adalah upaya merubah nasib biasa menjadi nasib lebih baik lewat peningkatan finansial, jadi yang harus kita patahkan terlebih dahulu sebelum terjun di dalamnya adalah, rasa tidak yakin, takut, dan buta pengetahuan. Semua itu harus kita kikis dan menggantinya dengan rasa penuh percaya diri, yakin, dan menganggap bahwa usaha itu sebenarnya mudah.

Demikianlah tadi ulasan kita kali ini mengenai Cara Gampang Mencari Usaha Sampingan. Semoga saja dapat memberi informasi serta menambah wawasan kita, khususnya bagi anda yang sedang mencoba mencari peluang usaha sampingan. Semoga bermanfaat dan menginspirasi, terimakasih.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 07:59 am

Jenis Usaha Rumahan Bagus

Jenis Usaha Rumahan Bagus - Semua orang juga tahu kalau jenis usaha rumahan ada banyak sekali. Namun sayangnya kesemuanya tak selalu mampu menginspirasi kita. Tetapi bagaimana kalau tiga macam peluang bisnis dirumah berikut ini..! yuk simak.

Ragam ternak

Sektor ternak bukan rahasia lagi bisa besar potensinya untuk dikembangkan sebagai usaha di rumah. Bicara soal ternak, tentunya akan luas maknanya. Ternak bisa dari jenis hewan ternak yang dikonsumsi oleh manusia, dan hewan ternak peliharaan yang dibudidaya. Kesemuanya memiliki prospek yang cukup baik bila dikembangkan, meski itu lewat usaha skala rumahan.

 Ragam ternak yang bisa dipelihara untuk usaha rumahan juga snagat beragam, mulai dari hewan air, hewan darat seperti unggas dan hewan darat berkaki empat. Paling nyata untuk usaha rumahan yang saat ini sedang banyak dilakoni oleh masyarakat perkampunagn yang memiliki pekarangan cukup di sekitar ruamhanya adalah menternakkan ikan lele dalam kolam terpal.

Selain lele, hewan berkaki dua seperti ayam juga cukup mudah dikembangbiakkan dalam usaha sekala rumahan. Utamanya adalah untuk ayam jenis kampung dan ayam bangkok. Selain ternak kedua jensi tersebut, ternak hewan berkaki empat juga cukup menguntungan. Apa lagi untuk jenis kambing seperti etawa, yang tak hanya sebagai penghasil daging saja, namun juga penghasil susu.

Industri makanan rumahan

Sektor industry mikro juga bisa jadi solusi untuk usaha skala rumahan. Dan usaha makanna sepertinya cukup menarik untuk dipertimbangan. Aktifitas memproduksi makanan di rumah lalu memasarkannya di luar, bisa jadi alternatif usaha yang cukup bagus. Untuk jenis makanan yang bisa dipilih pun beragam, mulai dari makanan seperti kue basah, keripik tempe, keripik buah dan lain sebagainya. Untuk kemasan pun bisa menyesuaikan pangsa pasar yang akan dituju. Misalnya untuk makanan ringan dalam bungkus-bungkus kecil yang memiliki pangsa pasar anak-anak dan remaja yang menyasar konsumen yakni toko-toko kelontong dan kantin-kantin sekolah.

Inti dari usaha makanan rumahan adalah mengolah makanan jenis tertentu yang memiliki ketahanan dalam waktu tertentu pula, untuk menyasar pangsa pasar yang paling potensial di sekitar areal rumah maupun dalam kota. Untuk bahan baku sendiri juga bisa disesuaikan dengan bahan baku yang teredia di suatu daerah. Seperti beberapa daerah di Jawa Barat yang hasil singkongnya melimpah, maka aneka ragam olahan makanan dari singkong pun bisa dipilih sebagai bahan baku yang potensial untuk usaha makanan.

Usaha jasa
Meski di rumah, bukan berarti lantas tak memiliki kesempatan untuk membidik usaha di bidang jasa. Usaha jasa yang bisa dibuka di rumah juga sangat beragam, tergantung dari lokasi strategis sebuah rumah. Usaha jasa cuci seperti laundry yang saat ini sedang ramai juga bisa dijadikan pilihan. Usaha jasa seperti sol sepatu juga cukup menarik dijadikan usaha sampingan di rumah. Usaha jasa service sesuai bidang keahlian juga layak dicoba bagi kita yang kompeten di bidang reparasi.
Demikianlah tadi ulasan kita mengenai Jenis Usaha Rumahan. Semoga dapat menambah wawasan dan menginspirasi, khususnya bagi anda yang sedang mencari info mengenai peluang usaha dan bisnis. Semoga bermanfaat, terimakasih.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 01:39 am

Aneka Usaha Sampingan Unik

Aneka Usaha Sampingan Unik - Pingin punya usaha sampingan di rumah…? yupss.., banyak sekali aneka usaha sampingan yang bisa kita pilih. Bisa usaha makanan, minuman, jasa, seni dan lain sebagainya. Namun bagi kita yang tak cukup tertarik dengan usaha yang sudah umum tersebut, kita pun bisa memilih aktifitas usaha lainnya. Dan salah satu aktifitas kreasi yang cukup menyenangkan adalah mendaur ulang beberapa benda bekas yang mungkin sering kita buang di tempat sampah.

Untuk benda-benda bekas, sebenarnya cukup banyak yang memiliki potensi untuk diolah kembali menjadi barang fungsional yang memiliki nilai seni tinggi dan juga nilai ekonomi. Barang-barang seperti kardus bekas, karung bekas, botol plastik, sendok, dan kaleng bekas, sudah barang tentu memiliki potensi sebagai bahan baku untuk membuat aneka barang fungsional maupun barang yang tergolong benda seni. Dan berikut adalah aneka usaha sampingan dar ulang dengan memanfaatkan benda-benda berikut ini.

Daur ulang kardus

Kita tentu cukup akrab dengan benda seperti kardus bekas. Kardus bekas bisa didapat dari kardus bekas mie instan, kardur dari minyak goreng, kardus air mineral, dan banyak sekali produk-produk yang dikemas dalam kardus lainnya. Kardus umumnya, bagi usaha semacam toko sembago atau grosir, tentu tidak dibuang, namun kardus ini biasanya dijual lagi dalam skala kiloan, namun juga dijual secara ecer bagi masyarakat umum yang membutuhkan.

Namun, kardus tak hanya bisa dijual kiloan atau secara utuh saja, namun dengan mengkreasikan kardus menjadi benda fungsional maupun benda seni, justru nilainya bisa berlipat-lipat dibandingkan bila dijual dalam kiloan. Kardus-kardus bekas bisa jadi bahan baku untuk barang-barang seperti tempat foto, tempat pensil, tas, dan berbagai kreasi lainnya. Dengan sentuhan warna dan kombinasi dari bahan-bahan lainnya, tentu bisa menjadi sebuah benda fungsional yang memiliki unsur seni tinggi dan juga nilai ekonomis.

Daur ulang kaleng bekas

Kaleng bekas umumnya bisa kita dapat dari barang-barang seperti; kaleng susu, kaleng minuman kemasan, kaleng ikan sarden, dan beberapa jenis produk yang dikemas dalam media kaleng. Kaleng dengan bahan seng, aluminium hingga besi ini cukup diburu oleh para pecari barang bekas. Tujuannya tentu saja untuk dilebur kembali.

Namun bila kita cukup kreatif dalam mengolah kaleng-kaleng bekas, justru banyak sekali benda-benda seni maupun benda-benda fungsional bisa kita ciptakan dari kaleng bekas. Ragam benda kreasi dari kaleng bekas contohnya adalah; miniatur kendaraan, tempat lampu, tempat pensil, robot, perahu, dan masih banyak lagi. Aktifitas mengolah benda bekas ini pun bisa jadi aktifitas menyenangkan sepulang kerja.

Daur ulang ragam barang bekas

Bermacam barang bekas seperti sendok, garpu, kertas, koran dan masih banyak lagi, juga punya potensi yang cukup menarik untuk dibuat benda kreasi, mulai dari tempat lampu, tempat pensil, tempat foto, dan masih banyak lagi benda kreasi lainnya.

Mungkin kita bertanya mengenai cara memasarkannya., mudah saja, bisa lewat gerai mainan anak,gerai koprasi, bazar atau pameran, media online, dan masih banyak lagi cara lainnya.
Demikianlah tadi Aneka Usaha Sampingan Unik dalam ulasan kita kali ini. Semoga dapat memberikan informasi dan menginspirasi, menambah wawasan kita dalam hal bisnis ataupun peluang usaha. Semoga bermanfaat, terimakasih.

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 23, 2016 01:19 am

April 22, 2016

bisnis sampingan haves paddling bisnis
bisnis sampingan aneka macam bisnis sampingan peluang usaha rumahan dan tips ide bisnis online

2 Macam Usaha Sampingan Alternatif Kaya Cepat

2 Macam Usaha Sampingan Alternatif Kaya Cepat - Melihat macam usaha sampingan yang umum dilakukan banyak orang, ada 2 jenis peluang bisnis sampingan yang sebenarnya bisa jadi alternatif kaya cepat. Siapapun, khususnya para karyawan yang ingin punya usaha mandiri, tentu senang bila bisa kaya cepat. Seperti pada contoh 2 alternatif berikut ini.

Usaha investasi yang berkembang

Bila kita cukup pandai dalam berhitung mengenai efektifas dari modal usaha terhadap laba yang akan dicapai dalam waktu tertentu dan juga paham mengenai risiko yang bisa saja terjadi, maka Anda akan bisa dengan mudah memilih jenis usaha yang bisa menguntungkan atau bisa bikin cepat kaya.

Usaha di bidang investasi yang berkembang adalah salah satu jenisnya. Yang dimaksud dengan usaha investasi yang berkembang adalah usaha investasi yang dari waktu ke waktu nilainya bisa naik. Sebuah contoh perbandingan, antara ternak ayam pedaging dan ternak kambing etawa. Bila ternak ayam pedaging, bisa saja hasil tiap panen rata-rata sama, tergantung tingkat kematian ayam saat panen.

Karena ayam pedaging tidak berkembang biak, melainkan hanya untuk cepat panen dan cepat jual. Akan beda halnya bila menternakkan kambing etawa, dengan populasi kambing yang sedikit, katakanlah 2 ekor jantan dan 3 ekor betina, maka kemungkinan untuk bisa bekrmbang biak sangatlah besar. Investasi di ternak yang satu ini, sudah pasti menguntungkan, karena bila konsisten dalam pengelolaannya, semakin waktu atau dari tahun ke tahun, nilainya akan terus bertambah karena perkembangbiakan hewan tersebut.

Usaha terbagus untuk lokasi Anda

Kali ini kita tidak masuk pada point jenis usaha secara sepesifik, namun lebih melihat pada point usaha berdasarkan karakter suatu daerah. Maksud dari “usaha terbagus untuk lokasi Anda” adalah, bahwa Anda perlu melihat potensi daerah Anda akan sumber daya alam yang ada yang bisa dimanfaatkan untuk objek usaha maupun karaker dari masyarakat yang berpotensi menjadi konsumen atas usaha yang cocok untuk kita dirikan.
Contoh, usaha terbagus di lokasi Anda adalah ternak kambing dan sapi, dan banyak orang yang sukses dari ternak tersebut di sana karena lokasi yang banyak sumber pakan hewan, dan juga merupakan sentra hewan ternak misalnya. Maka contoh ini pun bisa menginspirasi untuk Anda melirik peluang tersebut. Tentu untuk sukses tak harus langsung membuka peternakan besar.

Karena sesuatu yang besar bisa kita bangun dari kecil. Contoh lain adalah potensi daya beli masyarakat. Coba lihat, usaha apa yang paling laku sehingga menjadikan pemiliknya kaya, yang ada di lokasi Anda. Misal, adalah usaha rumah makan jamur. Nah ini pun bisa jadi inspirasi bagus. Tak harus membuka dengan konsep sama, namun kita pun bisa tampil dengan inovasi dalam usaha yang sama namun tampil beda.

Demikianlah tadi 2 Macam Usaha Sampingan Alternatif Kaya Cepat. Semoga dapat memberikan informasi serta menginspirasi, menambah wawasan kita dalam bidang bisnis dan peluang usaha. Semoga bermanfaat, terimakasih

by Georgette Jesse Schmidt ( at April 22, 2016 11:16 pm


BCU 3* course in Venice: what a wonderful location!

Venezia è una delle più belle città del mondo!
C'è una luce particolare che avvolge i campanili, una luminosità singolare che ricopre la laguna, un colore del tutto speciale che tinge l'acqua che scorre tra calli e canali. Venezia è unica.
Ero molto contenta dell'idea di tenere un corso 3 stelle BCU a Venezia e quando Marco e Renè di VeniceKayak hanno finalmente formalizzato l'invito ho cominciato a rileggere per l'ennesima volta la Venezia magica e misteriosa di Corto Maltese e Hugo Pratt per calarmi nell'atmosfera...
Ma tutto è andato oltre le mie più rosee aspettative: i tramonti, la luna piena, i panni stesi nei sestrieri, i traghetti coi posti a sedere sotto il livello dell'acqua, il silenzio delle corti, il fascino dei ristorantini locali, il dialetto musicale, l'odore dei primi alberi in fiore, i gatti neri, i mattoni rossi, le albe invitanti. E la marea! E le grandi navi, che disturbano tutto e tutti. E la compagnia allegra dei padroni di casa che mi hanno coccolata per tre giorni consecutivi!
Insomma, tutto lasciava presagire un corso coi fiocchi!

La sede nautica di VeniceKayak sull'Isola della Certosa... 
Giovanni, Christian, Loretta e Alberto già tutti sorridenti, con Marco che fa capolino...
I primi esercizi di destrezza tra le briccole della laguna...
La fiducia nel compagno durante le prove di paddle-presentation...
Il comodo bar dove dopo la colazione ci siamo trattenuti per la parte teorica sulla navigazione...
E tutto è stato confermato: quattro allievi molto motivati ed un assistente in acqua che ha reso il mio lavoro molto più rilassante e divertente del solito. Grazie alla presenza di Marco in kayak e di Renè in sandolino abbiamo scoperto gli angoli più nascosti e affascinanti dell'Isola della Certosa, dove VeniceKayak ha la base nautica: il deposito è ampio e dotato di comodi spogliatoi, nel parco della Certosa ci sono servizi pubblici con docce calde (perfette dopo lunghe giornate di esercizi in acqua), la rastrelliera ricolma di kayak è sistemata nei pressi del lungo molo in legno e per raggiungerla si percorre un ombreggiato vialetto profumato dei primi fiori di campo.
L'escursione di marea crea condizioni ideali per praticare tutte le manovre ed il traffico a motore genera un interessante moto ondoso: c'è sempre un po' di brezza e per trovare onde più grandi basta attendere il passaggio di qualche traghetto. Tutti gli allievi hanno dimostrato un buon controllo dell'imbarcazione e si sono esibiti in auto-salvataggi molto fantasiosi ed esilaranti: non ricordo di avere mai riso così tanto, né di avere imparato così tanto durante un corso!
Venezia è davvero una città speciale: e speciale diventa ogni corso che vi si tiene!

by Tatiana Cappucci ( at April 22, 2016 07:55 pm

April 21, 2016

Lars Kristian's paddlingsblogg.

Tarifa igen

Foto Boyan Zlatarev
Fjärde gången till Tarifa och Surfski center. Utan tvekan bästa destinationen i Europa för surfskipaddling, det blåser nästan jämt och geografin ger bra möjligheter att anpassa teknikpassen efter väderlek och deltagarnas förutsättningar.
Sen är inte resan så lång, pensionärs- och golfflyget till Malaga sen hyrbil 1,5 timme sen är man på plats. Sol, 20 grader i luften, 15 i vattnet känns bra jämfört med några plusgrader i både luft och vatten hemma.
I år hade Boyan höjt säkerhetsnivån ytterligare ett steg med walkie talkies kunde han ge instruktioner när man var på väg genom surfzonen eller när vi var ute i stora vågor.
En annan nyhet var att Boyan släpade med sig en Canon G7X i undervattenhus, tung kamera men en helt annan kvalité på bilder jämfört med en enklare  allväderskamera eller Gopro.

Foto Boyan Zlatarev
I år var det ofta lite lugnare förhållanden på förmiddagen men med kraftiga dyningar in mot stranden vilket gjorde att vi vi övade mycket på stödtag i surf och start och landning genom surfzonen. Kul när timingen satt,  blött när det gick fel.
Först övningar ute på lite lugnare vatten sen in i de stora vågorna, det gäller att att stödtagen sitter i ryggmärgen annars blev det "wipe out" och skin nådde stranden utan paddlare.
Men som alltid i surfzonen det gäller att ha tålamod, läsa havet och vågmönstret tills det rätta ögonblicket kommer. Sen är det bara att paddla på allt man kan för att ta sig genom vågorna.

Foto Boyan Zlatarev
På eftermiddagarna blåste det och vi paddlade i vågorna i "wavesurflabbet" vid sandynorna Punta Palomas. När de västliga vindvågorna möter tidvattenströmmen uppstår ganska branta vågor, vi hade turen att få vågor upp mot två meter och riktigt bra surfförhållanden. Vid varje vändning tog vi paus vilande med båda benen på samma sida av surfskin, behärskar man det i alla typer av vågor så sitter re-entryn också. Lite läskigt i de branta tvåmetersvågorna men det gick bra. Stabiliteten kommer när man sitter framåtlutad stödjer sig på paddeln.
Foto Boyan Zlatarev
Foto Boyan Zlatarev
Några rena teknikpass med rakt frampaddling blev det också tid till, ingen är perfekt och Boyan ser vilka fel man gör och tar fram övningar för att förbättra tekniken. Nu gäller det bara att öva och öva på hemmaplan.
Paddlade den nya V8 Pro, testexemplaret då leveranser sker först i maj, det mesta av tiden. En ski som ger köpbegär.

Annars var Tarifa sig likt, inte mycket folk på vattnet under "vintersäsong", men en del duktiga kitesurfarare var det framförallt på kvällen när det blåste upp.
Skön stämning som alltid längs strandpromenaden med flanörer, joggare, inlines åkare och mängder av hundar som alla springer fritt omkring.
Boendet i lägenheter är bra med nära till bra lunchrestauranger, men lunch serveras först kl 14, fram till 1315 är det frukostmeny!

by lars kristian ( at April 21, 2016 09:18 pm

Being the Continuing Adventures of a Woman and her Trusty Kayak in New York Harbor, the Hudson River, and Beyond. (with occasional political rants just to keep things lively!)

Mermaid, uh, Thursday.

Swiping a post from Facebook due to time constraints today - this was a "memory" from 2 years ago today, originally posted as "Mermaid Monday". I re-shared it today with the following update:

Facebook tells me it's time for my Spring swim with the Coney Island Polar Bears. Sunday or bust!

Actually that's a really appropriate way to put it since if I don't swim on Sunday I won't swim with the Bears this year 'cause Left Girl is getting some more surgical attention next Wednesday, and the Polar Bear season ends at the end of April. So if I miss Sunday, it'll be a bust because of my busted bust.
Click here for last year's Polar Bear post, which includes a link to my Flickr album from the day. I've gone for Easter Sunday swims for the last two years, but this year Easter was much earlier and even if TQ and I hadn't had an invitation to Easter dinner at his folks' place, I'm not sure I would've had the nerve. March? BRRRRR!

by (bonnie) at April 21, 2016 07:15 pm

Océanos de Libertad

Test Ophion Paddles en el rio Jarama

Ismael con la Katana All Star junto a Lorenzo.

La Shuriken.

Ivan leptach  feliz como una perdiz.
The last week, I received  a packet from was weird, because I was waiting  one single paddle...but the packet was too big... when I opened the box, I could see three paddles, Models:  Katana AllStar , Katana TrickStar and Shuriken made by Ophion Paddles.  Thanks a lot to Jaime Corral and Nordeskayak to trust in us, and give us the opportunity to test these wonderfull paddles

The paddles we have tested, have been made in  carbon prepreg. When I have a little more time I´ll give you a complete opinion. But I can tell you like Elvi´s said....I can´t help falling in love with Shuriken... she is powerfull and smooth.

La semana pasada, recibí un paquete de Nordeskayak...fue extraño, porque esperaba una pala...y el paquete era demasiado grande...cuando abrí la caja pude ver tres palas, modelos Katana Allstar, Katana TrickStar y Shuriken ergo. fabricadas por Ophion Paddles. Muchísimas gracias a Jaime Corral y Nordeskayak por confiar en nosotros y darnos la oportunidad de probar estas maravillosas palas.

Las palas que hemos testado han sido fabricadas en carbono prepreg. Cuando tenga un poco más de tiempo dare una completa opinión. Pero puedo deciros como dijo Elvis...No puedo evitar enamorarme de la poderosa y suave.


The last saturday we had a date with Jarama River...the most beatifull river near Madrid. It was a rainy day, and the river was raising his level with the pass of  time.

Most of my mates did a descent in the morning, Lorenzo and I, went  down the river in the afternoon with Luis, Ivan Leptach and Ismael.

The Jarama is a very narrow river and with the increase of the water level the  speed of the river was hellish.
The worst part was at the end of the descent when we had in front of us the muddy slope that we had to walk up to arrive the cars.


Nuestro Luisito estrenando kayak.

Lorenzo retomando el rio.
El pasado sábado, teníamos una cita con el río Jarama...el más bonito cera de Madrid. Era un día lluvioso y el río fue incrementando su nivel con el paso del tiempo.

La mayoría de mis compañeros, hicieron un descenso por la mañana, Lorenzo y yobajamos el río por la tarde con Luis, Ivan e Ismael.

El Jarama es un río estrecho y con el incremento del nivel del agua, la velocidad del rio era infernal.
La peor parte fué al final del descenso cuando tuvimos frente a nosotros la cuesta embarrada que tuvimos que subir para llegar a los coches.

Quiero agradecer a Ivan Leptach su trabajo como reportero y editor de videos asi como reconocer su labor de rescatador y su mejoria como piraguista. ¡Bien hecho!


I want to appreciate Ivan Leptach for his work as a journalist and video editor as well as recognise his rescue work and improvement as a kayaker. Well done!!

Aqui yo mismo posando con la Shuriken...¡¡ Esas canas!!

by Jorge López ( at April 21, 2016 06:19 pm

Body Boat Blade International - News & Updates

A Quick Update

Hello from Body Boat Blade!

We thought a quick Q & A would be a great way to greet spring and the upcoming 2016 paddling season!

How is Leon?

I am doing great and healing from the 5 surgeries that I had in just over a year! (2014-1015)

A lower back laminectomy, a total hip replacement, 2 carpel tunnel surgeries, and a new foot joint! I am biking to and form the shop every day, swimming & snorkeling in my new RipCurl wetsuit ( I feel like a super hero in it!), I am hiking around Mountain Lake on a regular basis and I am getting back in my boat for more and more paddles! It has been an interesting year complete with loads of doctor’s visits, hospital stays, helicopter rides, and wild ferry rides! I look forward to seeing everyone this coming paddling year on and off the water!

Where did you spend Christmas?

Christmas was on Sucia this year - the weather was cold, a light snow was falling on Mount Constitution as we left North beach. We had the campsite to ourselves, ate oysters and drank wine by the fire. We found a trail that we had not ever hiked on in the 20+ years we have been here! We can’t wait to share it with students this coming season! When we got back to Orcas the next day, we took advantage of the snow and climbed to the top of Mount Constitution - our own sea to sky adventure!

Where are the best hikes?

We think Moran State Park is the place to go! Mountain lake is a 4 mile loop, and hiking from Cascade Lake to the top of Mount Constitution only takes 4 hours round trip! Of course it takes longer when we have snow on the trails like we did this past winter.

How are Seth and Svetlana?

Seth and Svet are doing great! They are now living in Seattle in a beautiful apartment in Lower Queen Anne with a view of the water! Svetlana got a full time job in the city and Seth went along to expand his knowledge of throwing pots on a wheel and make sure that Svet gets 3 home cooked meals a day! We are hoping that Seth will bring back our ceramic BBB mugs soon! We are excited as Seth will be helping out on quite a few BBB classes this upcoming season! We are going to have to coax Svetlana to Orcas by telling her that her kayak misses her!

How is home life? (Shawna and Leon live with Shawna’s mom Evelyn and sister Tara)

Unfortunatley, Tara has taken a turn for the worse, as some of you will know that she has down syndrome and a few years back was diagnosed with Alzheimers. This January, she developed a seizure disorder on top of all of that! Leon and Shawna witnessed several grand mal (tonic/clonic) seizures and Leon even got to fly off island with her in the helicopter twice! She is at home now, stable and as content as we can make her. She now has a care team that comes into our home for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whew - getting old is NOT for sissies!!

Is Shawna still doing art?

Yes I am! I still have a fascination for crows these days and have been spending time drawing and painting them. I even entered one of my paintings into a juried show down in San Diego and it got accepted! I am also still working on my on-going children’s book - I hope to finish that project up this year - stay tuned!!

How is the new shop?

We are loving the new space and can’t wait for our season to start and for everyone to come in and see it! We are ordering our window stickers this month. We have way more foot traffic finding us. Shawna’s art gallery looks great too!

How is 2016 shaping up?

Fantastically! We have a great start to our season! Deception Pass, Foundations, Performance Paddling, and Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning were full of fun and learning!

Keep a close eye on our website or call us to find out what we have going on as we are always adding things to the schedule! We will have some guest coaches joining us this season along with the normal BBB crew (Shawna, Leon, and Seth) so have a look at our Coaches page for updates on who is joining us!

by Shawna Franklin at April 21, 2016 02:49 pm

Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff)
Functional paddle art and other canoe related ramblings

Historic Paddle Illustration: W.B. Berczy - Indian Encampment...

A painting by William Bent Berczy (1791 – 1873) entitled " Indian Encampment near Amherstburg" features a stylized shore scene. In the rear is a bark canoe and a set of decorated paddles lying on the ground.

Indian Encampment near Amherstburg, c. 1819-1830
William Bent Berczy
British, Canadian, 1791 - 1873
watercolour over graphite on wove paper
36.3 x 47.9 cm
Purchased 1998

A closeup of the paddles reveal simple decorative patterns...

Painted Paddle's Closeup

One paddle looks to have a diagonal checkered pattern with red paint (similar to William Armstrong's art) and the other has half the blade painted in red. This is reminiscent of the bark canoe souvenir model at the MET museum and some of James Peachey's paintings.

by Murat ( at April 21, 2016 03:48 pm

En blogg om padling og annet friluftsliv i (hovedsakelig) Vesterålen

Vestre Oksøy - Offersøy - solo havheng del 2

Joda, jeg hadde padlet til Vestre Oksøya, og lagt meg i hengekøya. Et nytt skjær er i boks. Har du ikke lest del 1 ennå, så finnes den HER. (Det ble noe krøll med vannmerkene på noen bilder. Sorry.)

Trasig at han skulle få så rett, han som ble hjemme fordi han trodde det kom til å bli så surt vær. Ja, ikke for meg altså, som vi ser.

Jeg våknet tidlig, men så var det ikke mulig å få sove igjen. Før etter en stund – og da sovnet jeg så til de grader.

Så jeg regelrett forsov meg. Egentlig hadde jeg tenkt å rydde ihop søppel sånn at det kunne hentes der, for det var det blitt ganske mye av. Men det får være til en annen gang.

Men det var fint tross søppel, altså. Man fokuserer jo på de fine tingene, sånn som dette sjømus-skjellet. (Såkalt sypute.) Dem er det også mange av i området.

Det var et fantastisk lys om morgenen, som gjorde at de fortsatt snødekte (i hvert fall delvis) fjellene kom ekstra godt fram inne på land.

Det hadde vært besøk på stranden om natten. Jeg hadde forsåvidt hørt fugl mens jeg lå våken, men det var i hovedsak ryper, tjeld og måker. Disse her må ha vært rimelig stille.

Det var rett og slett veldig fint hvilken enn vei man snudde seg så lenge man ikke så ned på bakken der søppelet befant seg!

10 på skjæret-posten dokumenteres. (Gule ullsokker til en lilla ulldrakt blir nok en schläger, tipper jeg?)

Øya er nå testet for havheng. Ytterst er det slike trær, som funket greit nok – lenger inn er det større og tjukkere stammer også. Her kan vi henge mange rundt i trærne.

Nei. Det bare å pakke ned og komme seg i kajakken, når det ser sånn her ut. Årets første solkrem-innsmørning ble et faktum.

Det var en helt riktig avgjørelse. 

Det blir i grunnen et annet landskap å padle i når ting speiler seg og blir dobbelt opp.

Det vises kanskje ikke riktig like godt som jeg syntes det gjorde, men her ser vi altså (var meningen) hvor kjekke sånne grustak er for navigering. Sår i landskapet er særdeles tydelige på lang avstand.

Jeg tok en sving innom Ramnøya, for å sjekke ut hvordan det var på stranden jeg hadde hørt om der. Den var ganske så lett å finne.

Flott var den også. Og så var den sånn som man bare kan dra over til andre siden.

Og sånn ser det ut videre bortover der jeg skal. En oter og ett eller annet knøttlite dyr hadde laget spor i sanden. Stranda blir mellom Store Ravnøya og Kalven, om du ser på kartet.

Jeg hadde som nevnt forsovet meg, så etter en kjapp lunsj dro jeg kjapt videre.

Jeg var også spent på denne øya (Hustad-Skjervøya), men den så rimelig utilgjengelig ut. Om litt skulle jeg få greie på at det skal være et sted med rullestein som går rimelig greit å bruke. Herfra så det ut som det gikk bratt berg rett ned i havet rundt det meste.

Jeg padlet nokså korteste vei mot Offersøy, men da jeg nærmet meg noen holmer så jeg noe suspekt søppel. Det var nokså stort, i flere farger. Jeg ble såpass nysgjerrig på hva det kunne være, at jeg satte kursen dit.

Det var som sagt suspekt det søppelet, og det dukket opp mer etter hvert som jeg kom nærmere. Og etter en tid gikk det regelrett opp for meg at det også faktisk beveget seg!

«Ka dokker gjør her?»
Søppelet var på ingen måte søppel. Det var to stk kajakker, og tilsvarende antall padlere. I all verden, drive og padle her ute på denne tiden av året… He he he. Jo jeg ble litt overrasket over å treffe på noen her ute, men det kan jo ikke være så rart når jeg gjør det selv. :) Bare ikke sååå ofte man treffer noen tilfeldig på havet.

Det viste seg at de gjorde ingenting spesielt, de bare var på padletur akkurat som meg.

Jeg slo følge med dem et stykke innover, det er jo kjekt med selskap. Artig kajakk den grønne der. Ikke akkurat en turvariant, men den er nok skøy å leke seg med.

GPSn var ikke mer hjelp i denne veien enn den andre. Ikke at jeg så på den heller, men. Sporet ser jo litt ut som en maursluker?

På tur bortover mot Offersøy møtte jeg på Asbjørn, denne røde båten. Den hadde et helt tog med oppdrettsringer bak seg, og gikk bare i 2–3 knop. Synes det ble litt tøffe bilder med de fjellene i bakgrunnen av båten.

Maurslukeren, nå med kart. Siste tredel av turen fulgte jeg land bortover på returen også. Men jeg fisket ikke, for denne fiskestang nr 2 ble borte i havet på samme vis som den forrige. Det er rett og slett jævlig uhøvelig å ha den foran seg på dekk – før eller siden dundrer jeg borti den med åra, sånn at den flakser av gårde og forsvinner i dypet. Tror ikke jeg gidder å kjøpe en tredje med det første.

Herlig tur, selv om hele helgen ble nedjustert til et døgn. Det ble ikke tid til alt jeg hadde planlagt, men da gjenstår det jo en del til senere også. Jeg fikk også testet den nye mat-termosen min, og den fungerte umerket. Det er også greit å vite til senere.

Jeg trodde turen var slutt, men også på hjemveien fikk jeg se kule ting. Denne her satt og beitet på et jorde nedenfor veien på returen. Jeg synes den var litt feit for å være hare og mistenkte den for å være kanin, men den er nå svart på tuppen av ørene, sånn som harene er. Så muligens. Søt var den uansett.

by Miamaria Padlemia ( at April 21, 2016 12:59 pm

April 20, 2016

The Ikkatsu Project
In the Service of the Ocean

Hear Ye, Hear Ye…

Written in the almost-giddy afterglow of NWIW’s announcement that they will hie away for easier targets, that the methanol plant once lauded by the Governor, the Mayor and most of the Port Commission is as stupid and dead as O’Leary’s cow. It feels good, when bad ideas are abandoned in the face of so much common sense and common purpose coming from the people who call this place home. There is a new wind blowing in T-town and it is a good thing. If you live here, you’re lucky.

And, don’t look now, but that other idea may all be starting to come together as well. The idea that a reusable bag initiative might take hold in Tacoma, that it would include an outright ban on single-use grocery bags, it all seems like it’s been such a long, strange trip. Because it has been.

But now there’s this, and the scuttlebutt is that they have the votes and they’ve found the will. (I remain, ever skeptical, yet… hopeful all the same.) Bottom line is that in order to move forward with this legislation, it’s your body that is needed. Your body, at the meeting on April 27th. Show up and let the committee know which side you’re on, and help them as they make the right decision. Here’s the official invite…

The Office of Sustainability is presenting to the IPS Committee on the City’s Material Management Plan, including the results of the disposable bag survey.

The Sustainable Tacoma Commission will be recommending that the City Council vote to move a reusable bag ordinance out of the subcommittee, and on to the City Council for a vote.

Please show your support by writing your city council member before this event, or attending on the day with your reusable bag!

The meeting will be held at the Tacoma Municipal Building North (733 Market Street), Room 16 and will begin at 4:30pm on April 27th. The staff presentation on this topic will begin at 5:00pm.

For more information on this topic visit:

by Ken Campbell at April 20, 2016 11:59 pm

April 19, 2016

En blogg om padling og annet friluftsliv i (hovedsakelig) Vesterålen

Offersøy – Vestre Oksøy - Havheng

Helg. Jeg hadde luftet Svellingan-tur for et par stykker, men ingen slukte agnet rått. Noen antydninger til napp, men så var det dette med ski og jobb og greier. Jeg kom meg ikke av gårde fredag, men lørdag fikk jeg pakket og dro ut på ettermiddagen fra Offersøy.

Forresten så begynte denne turen lenge før jeg kom til Offersøy, som er åtte mil hjemmefra. Jeg stoppet nemlig først for en flokk rein, og knipset. Etter en stund kom jeg forbi en flok til, de var enda flere. Men det var litt som saueflokken med lamaen midt i – det var liksom noe som skurret bak i flokken der. Liksom litt større?

Jada. Tre elger kom akkurat forbi reinflokken, beitende på samme marka. TØFT!

Tilbake til vanns. Ny GPS, sånn ser det ut når man ikke har fått til å flytte de gamle kartene over til den nye… (Streken er tracket mitt, hadde ikke tegnet inn rute på forhånd.)

Nei, her var det bare å dra frem kartet. Er det et sted vi kan trene på kartbruk, så er det her ute, med alle holmer og skjær. Det er fort gjort å gå i ball, og hvor langt har man egentlig kommet? Den holmen, hvor stor er den på kartet tro? Hmmm...

Sånn her skulle det sett ut. Om ikke annet får jeg sett det i ettertid, for på dataen har jeg fortsatt kart. :)

Siden jeg var litt usikker på når det kom til å bli mørkt hadde jeg plottet målet inn som veipunkt på GPSn skal innrømmes. Hadde jo kun med hengekøye, så det var ikke bare å gå i land hvor som helst for å campe denne gangen. Det første stykket padlet jeg langs land, det er jo nokså bankers.

Det ble flottere lys jo lenger jeg kom. Det hadde meldt god dreis delvis bakfra, men det var litt oppskrytt. Det var ikke mye ekstra fart nei.

Blåtime? Blått i hvert fall.

Framover var det flere farger, for der gikk sola ned. Og om lag nå var det at det gjaldt å holde tunga rett i munnen for å havne på riktig øy.

Men jeg hadde god tid, også til å sjekke kart, når himmelen ser sånn her ut. Jo, og så fisket jeg med den (igjen) nye fiskestanga. Lite fisk da, som forventet.

Flott lys på andre siden av Vestfjorden også.

Bingo! Riktig strand på første forsøk, ingen uplanlagte omveier.

Så var det å få opp hengekøya – det gikk bare fint selv om det var en stund siden sist. Satte opp tarpen også i tilfelle regn og ikke minst vind. Myggnettingen holder ikke mye vind ute.

Hadde med mini hunter-fjellduken, som jeg la under meg. Det var litt kjølig der jeg lå hardest mot underlaget, men ikke mer enn at det gikk greit å sove.

God natt, til denne utsikten.

by Miamaria Padlemia ( at April 19, 2016 11:20 pm

Northwest Explorer

Admiralty Island 2004

In the summer of 2004 I landed a job with the U.S Forest Service as a Wilderness Ranger on Admiralty Island National Monument just south of Juneau Alaska. My duties included monitoring visitor use within the monument and gathering information on changes to plant and wildlife populations to be used by the Monument’s scientist and resource managers. For me personally though this was an opportunity to explore the most remote corners of Admiralty Island with the kind of logistical support, that normally on my own, I could only dream of.

Containing nearly a million acres of old growth rainforest, alpine tundra, and rugged coastline, Admiralty Island National Monument and the Kootznoowoo Wilderness offer outstanding opportunities for solitude and true wilderness adventure. However its enormous size and federally protected monument status make its management and oversight no easy task. Balancing resource protection with visitor access and recreational use requires accurate data and skilled analyses to help chart the direction of U.S. Forest Service policy decisions. My job as a Wilderness Ranger was to contact visitors, gather raw scientific data and compile reports based on our observations in the field for analyses by the Monument’s staff.

A land of rugged mountains and dense rainforest Admiralty Island can be a challenging and often dangerous place to work. When I inquired why I, who had nether a degree in biology or resource management, had been chosen for the job my supervisor informed me that it had been his experience that it “was easier to train an old bushman to be scientist than to try and train an academic to survive the perils and pitfalls of working in the Alaskan bush”. Point taken, I promised him I would do my very best collect the data they needed and to come back in one piece.

After two weeks of intensive training our field seasons work schedule involved a rotation of nine days in the field, one day in the office, compiling our data and writing a report, followed by four days off for R&R. Our transportation to and from Juneau into the field was provided by Ward Air’s experienced pilots flying the DeHavilland Beaver and Otter float planes. Combining a high cargo capacity with a short takeoff and landing ability has made the Beaver and Otter ideal aircraft for transporting personnel and supplies into the Alaskan bush for many years.

Over the past century Admirably Island has attracted many kinds of people for different kinds of reasons. In the past trapping, prospecting, big game hunting and mink farming brought outsiders to the island. But since the creation of the Monument in 1978 the types visitor usage has changed and evolved again as the boomer generation continues to age. Our survey of campsite use and vegetation impact for instance showed a steady decrease in back country camping use. Conversely the visitors arriving in large charter boats with kayaks aboard for day use has continued to increase. Perhaps as the population has gotten older the comforts of returning to a warm bed and a gourmet meal has edged out camping and freeze dried food. As the types of visitor use changes so the Forest Service’s policies must shift to reflect current visitor needs and to protect the Monument’s resources.

A large portion of our time traveling in the Monument was done in a 16 foot welded aluminum skiff with a 70 hp. Johnson outboard engine. It allowed us to quickly cover large distances to contact visitors and gather field data. Before this I had never spent much time using a skiff to explore and camp so it allowed me the opportunity to compare its advantages and disadvantages over sea kayaks. Beyond its greater speed and range some things however came in at about the same or below the abilities of the kayak. After fuel was loaded, two tanks plus ten jerry cans, the room that was left for food and gear was not significantly greater than that of a 17 foot sea kayak. Finding moorage that would not leave us stranded at low tide restricted where we could camp. But most notably, when faced with heavy seas, the skiff would become too dangerous to use in waves over three feet, whereas in a sea kayak three foot waves can be fun and enjoyable.

During our patrols of the island’s coastline we had been instructed to keep careful notes on our observations of the island’s flora and fauna. Upper Seymour Canal for instance has a large population of Sitka Black-tailed Deer that were often seen grazing in grasses at the forest edge. Of particular concern to the Monument’s biologist was the recent decrease in amphibian populations so we made several trips to fresh water lakes and ponds to look for frogs, toads, and newts as well as the Northern and Long-toed Salamanders. Also of concern to monument staff was a number of invasive (non native) species such as Freshwater Mussels in lakes and streams and Garlic Mustard and Hemp Nettle along the shores. All of these when found were dutifully recorded by size, quantity and distribution as well as their GPS location.

The Pack Creek Zoological Area is located in northern Seymour Canal on Admiralty Island and includes Pack Creek, Swan Creek, and Windfall Creek Watersheds. The area has historically been used for the purpose of bear viewing and the resident Brown Bears have become habituated to the presence of humans and can regularly be seen during the spring and summer months. The Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area is so popular with visitors that permits are required between June 1st and September 10th and the Forest Service has rangers on site to regulate activity throughout the summer season. I set up camp here in Windfall Harbor to observe visitor and bear interactions and to gather data on bear population and use in the unregulated Windfall Creek Watershed.

Wild bears avoid humans as a general rule but over time bears can become habituated to human activity to a degree. There reaches a point though that even the mighty Brown Bear can become crowed out by the very people who come to see them. Was that threshold of tolerance being crossed in Windfall Harbor and if so what might be done to protect the bears access to forage and still allow the visitor the pleasure of observing bears in the wild? Our studies focused on how visitors interacted with the bears and how their actions affected the bear’s behavior. I also conducted field surveys such as locating and cataloging bear activity indicators such as bear trails, beds and scat piles that would provide hard data that could be compared year after year. So, yes, I spent lots of time counting piles of bear crap, not terribly thrilling but still very necessary.

Admiralty Island is home to the highest density of Brown Bears in North America. An estimated 1,600 brown bears inhabit the island, one for every two and a half miles of coastline. Outside of the Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area however we rarely saw them and when we did it was usually running away and disappearing into the forest. We knew of course they were there, we could feel their eyes upon us as we worked. Despite their great size they can be incredibly quiet and stealthy and I truly believe that in their world they are as clever as any man. One reason for this is that any bear on this island that grows up to be an adult has done so by not being eaten by the others. The other reason is that outside of the Pack Creek area bears are hunted. Not for food (usually) but for ego and vanity, a trophy on the wall, a rug on the floor or more recently for its gall bladder. A bear gallbladder can fetch more than $10,000 in Asia, where some people use the organ for dubious medicinal purposes. In the end it left me pondering this question, did they run away from us because they were afraid or just plan disgusted?

The Brothers Islands, located several miles off the southern end of Admiralty Island, are a cluster of small islands in the center of Frederick Sound. On one of the smaller of the islands a Steller Sea Lion hall out was the focus of research by a number of US and Canadian agencies. We were requested to be a Forest Service liaison and observe and report on the construction of a hut for researchers and their video recording equipment. I was delighted to be able to spend time on such a beautiful and remote group of islands and have the opportunity to meet the scientist and their staff who would be working for the coming year at the Brothers Islands.

Upon arriving we met with Dr. Andrew Trites and the members of the Marine Mammal Research Unit who, working with other Canadian and U.S departments and institutions, combine their specialties in a coordinated effort to provide independent research on marine mammals.
By 2004 more than 75 percent of the Steller Sea Lion population had disappeared, leaving current wild populations with less than 75,000 individuals. MMRU Scientists were researching why Steller Sea Lion populations were in decline; possible reasons for this included an increase in parasites, disease, predation by killer whales and environmental factors such as nutritional stress caused by natural or human caused changes in their environment.
Their work was obviously of great importance and I was determined, to lend a hand in any way I could, to help make their goal of studying Sea Lions on the island a success. The first challenge was to build their base of operations however there was a false start and some permitting difficulties when we realized that the hut, in its purposed location, would be threatened by an overhanging large tree with a rotting base. Through communication with the Forest Service main office we were able to secure for them a safe location that would allow the MMRU staff to rapidly begin construction. The completed structure became home and laboratory to the two UBC graduate students, living there on a three month rotation throughout the winter and following spring, as they observed and studied the magnificent Stellar Sea Lion.

Upper Seymour Canal is very shallow in many spots and strewn with submerged rocks, tiny islands and narrow channels a perfect excuse for us to continue our patrols via sea kayak. It was a nice change from the skiff and the slower speed allowed us to more closely observe changes in the environment. In the shallow bays and estuarys we were able to see the salmon beginning their journey upstream to spawn and the bears eagerly waiting to intercept them. Flocks of birds had also gathered along the river banks to feast on the discarded carcasses left behind by the bears. The cycles of life, birth, death and renewal were all around us as we floated through the emerald channels of the upper inlet. Of course there were private in-holding properties to check on, visitors to meet and reports to write but then there were moments like this that made it hardly seem like work at all.

As a general rule I have always subscribed to the maxim, never mix business and pleasure, however to every rule there is I suppose an exception. In the past I had always held back in looking for work in the outdoors, not wanting to allow the influence of others into the one aspect of my life that I truly love and was completely mine to determine. However I could not help noticing that many fine people I had known over the years had indeed made interesting and rewarding careers out of going into the wilderness, most notably as guides, scientists or in some area of resource management. I decided the completely unexpected opportunity to contribute as well as to explore was worth at least one summer in the field, without a doubt!
Outdoor seasonal jobs such as the Wilderness Ranger with the Forest Service and Field technician work with the Alaska Department Fish and Game offer an excellent opportunity to learn about local biology and resource management from seasoned professionals while living and traveling in wilderness Alaska. I would recommend the experience highly to anyone who is looking to a career in environmental sciences or resource management, just be ready to work hard, get sun burnt, bug bit and skip regular bathing.

While camping out that summer I very much enjoyed reading; Bear Man of Admiralty Island, the Biography of Allen E. Hasselborg by John Howe. It is a remarkable story of an Alaskan pioneer who became well known as a guide, naturalist and homesteader living a life of adventure on Admiralty Island in the early 1900s.

by Art in Alaska ( at April 19, 2016 08:06 pm

Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal
A journal of my sea kayak trips.

April 19th - Cadboro Bay (#30)

I joined Beth-Anne to help a group of grade 10s develop some paddling skills for their June out trip to the Broughtons.  Nice sunny day with a northerly wind. we had them do wet exits and rescues...
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2 km, YTD 324 km

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The Ikkatsu Project
In the Service of the Ocean

Mic Drop

Citizens for a Healthy Bay, the premiere watchdog organization when it comes to the waters of Tacoma, has come out against the Methanol plant. The huge gas-fired plant in the tideflats that was hoping to use millions of gallons of Tacoma’s water every day to turn fracked gas into methanol that could be shipped to Asia and turned into plastic that would then be sold back to us (half of it as packaging), on its way to eventually ending up in the ocean? That one. It’s a great press release…

In the months that the methanol plant fever has been active here in T-town, I have heard many ardent opponents of the plant express their aggressive frustration for CHB’s measured approach. People thought that CHB should have come out against it from the start, been part of the shouting voices in the street and at the meetings. That’s what they did and they expected the same from CHB. They said some pretty nasty things, especially for being on the same side, after all.

The clear-eyed, measured response is what makes this stand against the plant that much more valuable. It’s a powerful indictment of NWIW’s lack of transparency, for starters. When this issue is finally put to bed and the plant is not built, Tacoma’s victory will be as much because of the clear arguments presented by CHB as any other part of the campaign. Thanks!

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Fotos,videos y relatos de mi navegaciones en kayak de mar


Todas, (o casi) las marcas de kayak que puedes comprar en España. Leer mas 

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Essex Explorations
Our membership is small…but that’s by design. Each of our explorers is a recognized leader in their respective field and brings a unique set of skills to the group. Whether a certified instructor, commercial guide, or in the case of our latest member, a professional photographer, each is passionate about explorations, pushing their boundaries, and then sharing that experience with others.

Back With a New Layout and New Ambitious Vision

Guess I’ve ran out of excuses for not giving much love to this website lately. Last fall I started a new job and have been focused on getting settled in the new environment. Long days for sure, but a routine has developed and I’m starting to enjoy some free time. I’ve now had the time to revamp the website and hopefully implement a rather ambitious vision for the site.

So what does all this mean? Well, mainly beside making some small changes to the layout of the site, I’m hoping to get into publishing more short documentaries.  I don’t have the luxury of doing features at the moment, but I do want to use my particular set of skills to highlight some of the issues that concern the health of the planet and particularly the oceans. And I’ll probably throw in some quick shorts on general topics just to keep things rolling.

Is that all?

Nope. Even though I’ve been on a hiatus lately, I still get the occasional email asking about this technique or that. Now despite the bold statements in some of the branding on this website a legacy of when I was hoping to make this a full time career, I really consider myself a student of storytelling. But I’ve learned so much in the last couple of years perhaps I can pass it on to others through a series of ‘how-to’s’.

And speaking of storytelling. Don’t be surprised if you see an occasional ‘just interesting’ piece here. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into just reporting on the bleak bits of conservation.


I’ve also added a new page entitled, Galleries in a response to request to have a centralized location for all the wallpapers I’ve made available over the years. It’s a work in progress so keep returning to see new content as it get’s posted. Haven’t worked out the best way to get notification out but I’ll let everyone know once I settled a the best way of going about it. Also, in response to some requests I hope to have a store front available so you can order hi-res copies without the watermark on them. Again, a work in progress…


Of course, these are all grand ideas swimming around in my head and I’ve admit this might all be a bit of a ambitious vision. We’ll have to see if I can actually pull it off. You can read more about my thoughts for this platform over on the about page.

And I welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments!

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April 18, 2016

Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff)
Functional paddle art and other canoe related ramblings

c1900 Birch Penobscot Painted Paddle

April 2016 current selections at features the following listing...

Painted Penobscot Canoe Paddle
An excellent example of a Native American birch canoe paddle with a wide, flat handle and a beaver tail blade. It has a red paint surface ending in an arrow shape at the grip.
Circa 1900
8" w, 69" h

by Murat ( at April 18, 2016 08:53 pm

Lars Kristian's paddlingsblogg.

Epic V8 Pro

Foto: Boyan Zlatarev

Senaste surfskin från Epic är en intermediate ski som hamnar mitt mellan V8 och V10 Sport. 4,5 cm smalare och 29 cm längre än V8 gör den till en relativt snabb och stabil surfski för de som tycker V8 inte är tillräckligt snabb men V10 Sport för rank. Längden på V10, 6 m och 10 cm,  kan också vara ett problem för vissa när det gäller att få plats i garage eller kanothus, då är V8 Pro ett bra alternativ.
Att den fick namnet V8 Pro och inte V9 beror på att udda siffror är reserverat för plastbåtarna medan de i glasfiber/kolfiber har jämna siffror.
Sittbrunnen är lite smalare och tightare än V8 och V10 Sport, vilket gör att skin passar bra för de som inte är för breda över höften. Den smalnar och också av mycket mer framför sittbrunnen jämfört med V8 vilket möjliggör bra paddelisättning. 
Provade V8 Pro i Ultra material både i 2 metersvågor och under lugna förhållanden under fyra dagar i Tarifa. Skin är mer lättsvängd än V10 Sport då den är kortare, den är lite topprankare än V8 men har god slutstabilitet så det gäller bara att lite på den. Den upplevs accelrationssnabbare än V8 och har god roderrepons. På samma sätt som V8 är detta en båt man tar ut när det blåser tokmycket sen är det bara att paddla på medan de som sitter i rankare skis ägnar tiden åt att hålla balansen.
Absolut en "vill ha" ski, ända nackdelen är priset, pga av den svaga svenska kronan mot dollar. Nästan 30 tusen för performance layup och 40 för ultra är en del pengar.
Med V8 Pro har Epic ett komplett utbud av skis från nybörjarsurfskis (V5, V6, V7 och V8) via intermediate skis (V8 Pro och V10 Sport) till  tävlingssurfskis (V10, V10L,  V12 och V14) det finns något för alla. Det ända som saknas är en en V8 dubbel, V10 dubbel är lite för rank, vilket vore en hit.

by lars kristian ( at April 18, 2016 07:41 pm

Sea Kayaking with handicap
bi- (sometimes multi-) lingual bits and pieces about travelling and kayaking, though being in wheelchair

Con Tatiana a Laveno

Anschliessend an den Comersee sind wir an den Lago Maggiore gefahren. Wir sollten Volontäre für einen zweitägigen Kurs mit Tatiana (die sich auf den BCU Level 3 Coach vorbereitet) sein. Da ich mir am Vortag wieder eine Rippe angeknackst hatte, und das Wetter ausserdem wirklich unschön war, blieben wir aber nur einen Tag:

After the Como lake, one day spent on the Lake Maggiore. JC and I had volunteered to be experimental pupils for Tatiana, who is doing her BCU Coach training. The original idea was to do two days of technique, but due to my bruised rib and the weather condition (rather chilly and windy) we left after only one day…

alcune righe dal blog di Tatiana Cappucci:

domenica 17 aprile 2016, BCU Coach training: session 10 …

L’ultima sessione del tirocinio per il Level 3 Coach non poteva concludersi in maniera migliore! Anche se le due giornate sul Lago Maggiore sono state particolarmente uggiose, grigie e piovigginose come non capitavano da tempo, la compagnia in acqua è stata eccellente e le lezioni si sono svolte in maniera davvero speciale, complice la triplice lingua usata in kayak, italiano, inglese e francese.
Denyse è arrivata da Zurigo ed il suo amico Jean-Claude da un paesino svizzero vicino al confine francese: per un po’ Denyse mi ha aiutato a tradurre, ma ben presto non è stato più necessario, complice sia la comprensione basilare dell’italiano da parte di Jean-Claude che le mie vaghe reminiscenze della lingua d’oltralpe quando studiavo ai corsi serali dell’Istituto di cultura francese di Napoli.Denyse e Jean-Claude, da bravi “allievi sperimentali volontari”, si buttavano a capofitto nell’argomento prescelto ed iniziavano a lavorare in maniera individuale sulla pagaiata in avanti, per meglio comprendere le sottili e pur fondamentali differenze tra pagaia moderna e groenlandese, che entrambi usano in maniera alternata ed egregia…
Denyse concentrata su uno dei primi esercizi…
Jean-Claude soddisfatto di avere trovato una risposta alle mie tante domande!
Enrico determinato a sviscerare ogni segreto dell’appoggio!

Enrico B. è arrivato da Brescia e ha dormito sul lago: la domenica ci siamo ritrovati da soli perché la pioggia aveva indotto gli altri a rientrare prima del previsto. Con lui abbiamo lavorato sia sugli spostamenti laterali che sugli appoggi. Sono rimasta colpita dalla sua determinazione: nonostante le basse temperature del lago, non ha avuto timore a capovolgersi ripetutamente per perfezionare ogni singola manovra.


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Biking and Hiking and Kayaking
Ramblings of an outdoor person trapped indoors.

Hiking Patapsco River/Daniels Dam Heights with Finn the Wonder Dog



The Baltimore/DC area has been in a beeyootiful weather bubble for the past week - temps rising into the 70s and literally not a cloud in sight. Sunday am I had custody of Lauren's dog Finn, so Carl and I decided to do a dog-friendly hike - the trail system in the hills above the Patapsco area north of Ellicott City where the Daniels Dam once fed a  bustling mill community but is now nearly deserted - just a church and a wood chip/mulch processing plant left.


We only did about 3.5 miles, trying out a few new trails to see if there were more loops that could be created. This area has a mix of trails that are used by mountain bike riders, hikers and horseback riders - none are blazed and more appear all the time. Finn the Wonder Dog probably did closer to 20 miles - he couldn't quite understand why all we did was walk in one direction at a time and why we never stopped to roll around in dead stuff...


When Carl and I survey new trail directions we tend to look at trails heading steeply down hill with "if we go all the way down there and it dead ends, we will have to slog all the way back up." Finn looks at the same potential route and seems to think "Cool - I can run all the way downhill to the river, and then get to run all the way back up!!" This kind of thinking is why dogs haven't moved very far up the food chain. Though, you rarely see a dog following a human with a plastic bag to pick up the undigested parts of the human's breakfast...

Lots of nice ups and downs in this one, nice views of the river. It can also be extended to go all the way over to Patapsco State Park with a loop back on the railroad tracks but not quite as dog-friendly.

by John P. at April 18, 2016 12:48 pm

Horisont Kajak
Kajak i Stockholms Skärgård

A misty trip to Stora Kalholmen

A misty trip to Stora Kalholmen

There were 12 of us, launching from Horisont Kajak at Norråva, aiming for Stora Kalholmen. Laughter all over the place. Some tense faces, since it was an early premiere for a few of the group members.
A few drops of rain accompanied us on our way to the lunch place at Gällnö.
We watched the fog roll in. The archipelago turned into more than 50 shades of grey. We disturbed it by our colorful dry suits and happy kayak colors.
We got to practise some navigation skills, hopping between the islands.

Stora Kalholmen welcomed us with open arms. The sauna was warm within an hour. The fireplace made us even warmer. It wasn’t easy to leave on Sunday morning.

The fog let go and was replaced by a shimmering sun. The water turned in to a glittering playground and finally, our sun glasses came to use.

12 happy kayakers returned to Norråva with a few blisters, one or two stiff body parts but mostly good memories to save in the feel-good-hatch.

Thank you all, for a fantastic trip. Let’s go again. Soon.

by Carin at April 18, 2016 06:59 am


BCU Level 3 Coach training: session 10 with special students...

L'ultima sessione del mio tirocinio per il Level 3 Coach non poteva concludersi in maniera migliore!
Anche se le due giornate sul Lago Maggiore sono state particolarmente uggiose, grigie e piovigginose come non capitavano da tempo, la compagnia in acqua è stata eccellente e le lezioni si sono svolte in maniera davvero speciale, complice la triplice lingua usata in kayak, italiano, inglese e francese.
Denyse è arrivata da Zurigo ed il suo amico Jean-Claude da un paesino francese vicino al confine: per un po' Denyse mi ha aiutato a tradurre, ma ben presto non è stato più necessario, complice sia la comprensione basilare dell'italiano da parte di Jean-Claude che le mie vaghe reminiscenze della lingua d'oltralpe quando studiavo ai corsi serali dell'Istituto di cultura francese di Napoli.
Mentre Andrea sperimentava in totale autonomia e con gran divertimento le diverse andature del suo Baidarka con un assetto sempre differente, sfruttando il carico posto a prua o a poppa e la leggera brezza che intanto increspava il lago, Mauro ed Henry decidevano di andare a fare una pagaiata di tutto relax in cerca della solita birra in un localino verso sud.
Denyse e Jean-Claude, invece, da bravi "allievi sperimentali volontari", si buttavano a capofitto nell'argomento prescelto ed iniziavano a lavorare in maniera individuale sulla pagaiata in avanti, per meglio comprendere le sottili e pur fondamentali differenze tra pagaia moderna e groenlandese, che entrambi usano in maniera alternata ed egregia...

Denyse concentrata su uno dei primi esercizi...
Jean-Claude soddisfatto di avere trovato una risposta alle mie tante domande!
Enrico determinato a sviscerare ogni segreto dell'appoggio!
Enrico è arrivato Brescia e ha dormito sul lago: la domenica ci siamo ritrovati da soli perché la pioggia aveva indotto tutti gli altri a rientrare prima del previsto. Con lui abbiamo lavorato sia sugli spostamenti laterali che sugli appoggi. Sono rimasta molto colpita dalla sua determinazione: nonostante le ancora basse temperature del lago, non ha avuto alcun timore a capovolgersi ripetutamente per perfezionare ogni singola manovra.
Dopo averlo incontrato all'ultimo aggiornamento federale di San Felice Circeo, è stato per me molto interessante tornare a confrontarmi in maniera approfondita con un istruttore tanto motivato: grazie alle sua profonda conoscenza della preparazione atletica sottesa alla disciplina del kayak da mare, abbiamo potuto affrontare ogni manovra da diversi punti di vista, sia tattico che tecnico ma anche fisico e psicologico!
E' stato un incontro molto proficuo, una sfida impegnativa che sono stata contenta di affrontare proprio all'ultimo appuntamento prima dell'incontro con il mio mentore Lee Pooley, previsto per la prossima settimana nel Devon: non vedo l'ora di confrontarmi anche con lui sulle tante scoperte didattiche che ho avuto occasione di fare in questi ultimi mesi.
Sono state lunghe e belle settimane piene di tante sessioni diverse con "allievi sperimentali volontari" sempre nuovi, tutti entusiasti di ricevere da me non già delle risposte ma piuttosto delle domande, così da poter elaborare in proprio ogni nozione sulle varie manovre scelte: grazie alla preziosa collaborazione di così tanti allievi io ho imparato tantissimo!

by Tatiana Cappucci ( at April 18, 2016 12:18 am

On the Big Sea in a Little Boat
Trip reports and other kayaking related ramblings.


It has been months since I have been on the water and I am suffering from extreme withdrawal. I've gotten crankier, if that is imaginable. My memory is shot; my problem solving skills are toast; I may even be hallucinating.
The worst part is that I have no idea why I have been off the water so long. It is not like the winter in New England was cold or snowy. Sure some of the weekends were dodgy and the winter dragged into April, but it is not like there were not a few nice weekends.....
The message board was a ghost town over the winter. Usually people post trips at least once a month. Not this winter. I suppose I could have posted a paddle, but that really is not my style. I like to go on paddles, not coordinate paddles.
Partially, it was my own fault. The few times paddles were posted I had other things to do. Family life can really take a toll on paddling.... I guess that is the choices one makes. I think sacrificing a few months of paddling for hanging with the family is worth it.
Although it is getting to the point where the family may force me out on the water..... I can only go so long without kayaking without suffering.

by Eric J. ( at April 18, 2016 12:12 am