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April 28, 2015

Sea kayaking with
Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries and broadens your horizons. Sea kayaking is the new mountaineering.

Turning full circle at Smirisary with the sun on our backs all day.

We continued north past the...  ...ancient stratified rocks of Smirisary.  We reached the most northerly point of our day at Rubha Ghead a' Leighe where...  ...we turned towards the east, into the Sound of Arisaig. The distant bulk of mighty Roshven was turning pink with alpenglow. The many crofts of Smirisary were sited on infertile land with little access to the sea. The

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 28, 2015 06:11 pm

Manolo Pastoriza

Cursos de kayak de mar en mayo-2015

Quizás os pueda interesar realizar alguno de estos dos cursos en los que todavía queda alguna plaza libre.

Indicado para personas que quieran iniciarse en la técnica de esquimotaje con pala groelandesa o europea. Este curso tiene como objetivo que puedas aprender la realización de esta técnica.


Indicado para personas que quieran o hayan tenido algún contacto con el kayak de mar o con algún otro tipo de embarcación como canoas, autovaciables, etc… Este curso tiene como objetivo que puedas conocer e identificar el material necesario y como realizar su estiva, mantenimiento y transporte para la práctica del kayak de mar, además del aprendizaje de las técnicas básicas para la navegación CON SEGURIDAD en aguas protegidas.

Para más información contacta con:

by Manolo Pastoriza ( at April 28, 2015 04:34 pm

Kayak Yak
kayaking the We(s)t Coast of British Columbia

How To Turn Your Kayak On A Dime...and Give Six Cents Change

Want to turn your kayak around in a hurry? In the clip embedded below, Leon Sommé of Boat Body Blade demonstrates a high speed 180-degree kayak turn called The Deep Diggity Dig. Check out the clip:

by (John Herbert) at April 28, 2015 02:00 pm

Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff)
Functional paddle art and other canoe related ramblings

Luke M's current paddles

Paddle maker, Luke M from Wales (see previous post HERE) has sent in photos of some of his new carvings.  Here is a group photo showcasing his latest full sized paddle and a small child's paddle alongside his restored axe.

The smaller paddle was carved from a piece of felled ash and the carving axe has a 3 ½ pound double bit with a cleft handle made from the same ash tree as his previous batch of paddles.

The full sized paddle was carved from a harvested log of larch. It was carved completely by eye and the design was copied from the 1875 Passamaquoddy ocean canoe paddle in the Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. It was finished smooth with a crooked knife and not sanded. Here are his photos of the paddle being roughed out with the axe and some finished views of it at a different angle to illustrate the grain.

Work in progress

All carved by eye

Beautiful grain pattern

Luke also sent in a photo of his two latest crooked knife blades. They are made from band saw blades. He used a forge made from two kiln bricks and a propane torch to make these, which he mentioned was an improvement from using a wood stove.

Thanks Luke for sending in your wonderful pics!

by Murat ( at April 28, 2015 02:11 pm

Salish Strokes
I am a paddler, explorer, guide, and coach. Any day on the water is a good day, and I can't get enough.

Green River Take 2: Kayak Time

I got an offer to run the Green River Gorge (or the lower half anyway) midweek last week. I have been itching to spend a bit more time in a whitewater kayak, a craft I have been not spending too much time in but would like to spend more. I borrowed a Jackson Karma again, and it performed predictably well. I like how the seat is easily adjustable for correctly setting trim in the boat. Just one wingnut and done. 

Paradise Put in.

Lowering boats to the put in.
The wood is more in play at low water like this. Easy enough to avoid, but now you have to work at it.
Working on those ferry glides.
Testing resurfacing capabilities.
A bit of surfing happened.
Note: party waves in holes don't ever end well.
But the Karma rolls nicely.
New friends.
Steve finding his sweet spot on a wave.
Mike G. giving directions.
Steve enjoying the view.
Mike finding the sweet spot.
Paddling companions big and small.

by donaldcheyette ( at April 28, 2015 10:04 am

Pouls kajakblog
Jeg hedder Poul, og jeg er kajakoholiker! Denne blog - der mest er min egen dagbog over mit "kajakliv" - handler om mine kajakture og det udstyr jeg benytter mig af.

Træningtur på fjorden

Mandag bød trods en truende vejrudsigt på dejligt vejr, så jeg tog af sted på en trafikeret kanal med både Mette Pan og sejlbåde.
Klar til rulletræning - det var ikke alle rul der lykkedes, så det blev til et par egenredninger.
Der var stadig mange gæs på Lindholm
Og mere trafik
På tilbageturen mødte jeg flere kajakker - bla Lone i en flot trækajak
og det blev til lidt hyggesnak med Nicolai i en kapkajak og Ole i sin Kayman
9 km på loggen

by Pouls kajakblog ( at April 28, 2015 09:44 am

Freya Hoffmeister
Home of Freya Hoffmeister

My spare epic 18x sport kayak in South America design is for sale now!

I am now selling my second epic 18 x sport kayak which I brought to Argentine at the beginning of the trip but did not need to use as a spare.

Please look up more and detailed images of the kayak on my Picasa album

If you like to have a great valuable “souvenir” from my trip – it is a very special, almost new kayak (Alejandro paddled it on his escort from BA to Quilmes on my first day), and in the expedition version not available any more. It has been sold brand new for more than 4000 $. I flew it in on my own expenses.

I would like to get 3000 Euros for this very special babe.

It is reinforced carbon fiber, has an electrical pump and the very special design of my South American circumnavigation which you will be the only one to own in Argentine! It also comes with a bunch of spare parts.

Sorry, I do NOT sell my current Point 65 kayak as it is going into slideshow displays and later into a museum.

by Freya at April 28, 2015 07:27 am

Green Adventures Blog
This is the blog from Green Adventures and Ulrika Larsson.

Good Bye Winter - Hello Spring!

I've spent the winter in the magic mountains of Chamonix, France. Ski touring, ice climbing, running, off piste skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and eating lots of cheese. What else is there to do in the French Alps?

April 28, 2015 12:00 am

April 27, 2015

Mountain and Sea Scotland
Hillwalking and Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Obscured by clouds on the Sound of Arisaig

Our day paddling from Loch Shiel to Glenuig had been a truly exceptional day's kayaking, very hard to beat.  The following day did, however promise to "eclipse" even that.  20th March 2015 was the date of a solar eclipse which would be visible over much of the UK (weather permitting of course!).

We were delighted that Steve and Chris were able to postpone their duties at the Glenuig Inn for a few hours to join us on the water - even though the morning's very overcast weather was less than promising.

Our plan was really quite simple; we left Glenuig Bay and paddled north-west out into the Sound of Arisag to get an unobstructed view of the sky to the south-east where the eclipse was scheduled to reach maximum coverage of 90% at 0934.

To the west the sky was clearing and we hoped against hope that the clearance would reach us before the eclipse started.

The islands of Rum and Eigg were in clearer sky with sunlight across the hills.  The wind was increasing as the edge of the cloud approached but it was by now obvious that we'd not get a clear view.  Then, a remarkable sight as the sunlight on Eigg was obscured in a very progressive darkening - the eclipse had begun.

We began to experience a noticeable lowering of the light level as the moon moved across the face of the sun.  At 0925 there was a definite dusk quality.....

...and at 0934 when the coverage was maximum, the light was very low.  The choppy conditions dissuaded me from trying to use my DSLR and the compact camera struggled to cope with the combination of low light and boat movement.

There was an unusual and quite eerie atmosphere, and we felt really privileged to be out in our kayaks on the Sound of Arisaig during this rare natural phenomenon.  The choppy water meant that we couldn't simply stare upwards to try and see progress through the cloud cover - we were disinclined to make the eclipse yet more memorable by capsizing!

Slowly the light began to return, just as the cloud began to break above us. 

The extreme contrast in light conditions made it very difficult even to look near to the sun and I didn't manage any photographs at all.......

Image by:   Douglas Wilcox

....but fortunately Douglas, just a few hundred metres to the west of Mike and I, got a brief unobstructed view and risked the unthinkable by taking out a very expensive DSLR and lens in the choppy conditions to capture this image at 0956 with the coverage at about 30%.  Despite the fleeting glimpse, on this occasion our navigator's logbooks would have to record the eclipse as "obscured by clouds".

Almost as soon as the eclipse had finished the sky overhead became mostly clear and the sun shone down brightly!  Ah well, the weather might not have been cooperative (some will say typically Scottish in fact!) but it was still a memorable experience.

As Chris and Steve headed back in towards Glenuig, Douglas, Mike and I turned our bows east and headed towards the rocky coast at the entrance to Loch Ailort on the next leg of our journey from Glenfinnan.

by Ian Johnston ( at April 27, 2015 10:26 pm

Northern California kayaking adventures

Springtime paddling at Mono Lake

The scene: a campground near Lee Vining at Mono Lake today. My friends' well-equipped spring paddling trip included all the needed accessories -- except snow skis. At least salty lake water can't...

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by Glenn Brank ( at April 27, 2015 04:05 pm

The Ikkatsu Project
In the Service of the Ocean

Report from the Wrack Line


This last Saturday’s beach cleanup didn’t involve much heavy lifting. I’ve been to Rialto Beach before and hauled back all I could carry in less than a half-hour but the debris this time was sparse and spread out. It felt to me like maybe it had been cleaned up not long ago; the CoastSavers weekend is not the only scheduled event like it on the calendar, after all. I don’t feel like I did all that much this time but perhaps I should choose to see that as a good thingDSC_0070 DSC_0070

It was something of a media scrum as well, with radio and print represented, and a documentary crew out of Chicago who were shooting a film for the Lion’s Club, one of the organizations participating in the cleanup. (Thanks to Lonnie Archibold, of the Peninsula Daily News, for the photos used here, another of which was also used in Sunday’s paper.) It seems that, trash or no trash, this is a story. This is the first year it seemed that way to me, and I’ve been doing this for a while now. For the time being, I will choose to see this as a good thing too.

The big positive that I came away with was the incredible cross-section of people that I saw out there with bags in hand, all working together for this one simple goal. There were old and young, and everything in between. Giggling groups of high school girls, tattooed surfers and ladies from the Lion’s Club social circle, families and activists, natives from the Hoh and the Quiliute and Rotarians from Forks, all making up a diverse crowd that probably doesn’t agree about all that much. But we were all in agreement about the issue of trash in our oceans and on our beaches and the degree of solidarity that was shown among all the participants that I saw was heartening. There is no question that this is a good thing.

Next CoastSavers cleanup is in September.


by Ken Campbell at April 27, 2015 12:08 pm

Sea kayaking with
Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries and broadens your horizons. Sea kayaking is the new mountaineering.

From one paradise to another.

We left the delights of Shoe Bay on Eilean Shona and paddled the short distance to the mouth of the South Channel of Loch Moidart. We turned north up the exposed west coast of Eilean Shona. Now we were well and truly on the open sea, what a contrast to the confines of Loch Shiel!  At first we had a little wind to assist us but it soon died away leaving... uneven slop as...  ...

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 27, 2015 09:40 am

IKDM Channel (video)

O zZ0Íêè

Two below zero. Leaves in the water, wind in the sky, stormy sea at the horizon, air filled of wet: Camogli is more than ever deserted. All the sea is just for us. Due sotto zero. Foglie in acqua, vento nel cielo, mare agitato all'orizzonte, aria piena di umido: Camogli è più deserta che mai. Tutto il mare è solo per noi.

by IKDMCHANNEL at April 27, 2015 07:30 am

Being the Continuing Adventures of a Woman and her Trusty Kayak in New York Harbor, the Hudson River, and Beyond. (with occasional political rants just to keep things lively!)


Oooh, folks, there is a rebellion against time-honored tradition in the works. For as long as I have been a member of the club (OK, not that long, but still), the official cookie of the Sebago Canoe Club has been the Fig Newton, but today, Commodore Emeritus Tony P. challenged that with a well-received packet of Oreos. Biscotti were also proposed, a handmade Double Stuff was created and reviewed, it was suggested that the matter should be taken before the Board, and there is talk of a cookie smackdown at the next General Meeting. This could get ugly...

by (bonnie) at April 27, 2015 03:06 am

En blogg om padling og annet friluftsliv i (hovedsakelig) Vesterålen

Ungdomskurs, dagstur

Trenger man si mer enn dette bildet om et ungdomskurs egentlig? Sånn holder de på hele tiden, de er råflinke.

I dag var jeg sannelig ikke sikker på hvorvidt det var forsvarlig å ha kurset. Værmeldingen sa 4 m/s, men ved flyplassen var det målt rundt ni da jeg sjekket før jeg kjørte hjemmefra. Og når meldingen på fire var stabil, ville det da bety stabilt rundt ni istedenfor? Hmmm... *Spent.*

Det blåste en del da jeg kom fram også. Plan A var utelukket, plan B var i det blå, og jeg hadde mine tvil om plan C. Men de ungdommene våre er så tøffe, at jeg landet på en plan C minus og gjorde noen små grep for å få den gjennomført.

Når man er på kurs lærer man ting, også vi som har styringa. (Om man vil.) Jeg lærte at det er svintungt å slepe to i flåte i sånn vind, uten det minste bølger. Men det går, bare man ikke tar seg vann over hodet.

Så snart vi kom dit vi skulle så var det greit, der var det rolig. Vi fyrte opp bål og tok fram det vi hadde med av mat og godterier, og koste oss der. Innimellom var vi i/på vannet og gjorde forskjellig, og så var vi på land og spiste og fikk varmen i oss igjen. Vannet er kjølig så det holder i april.

En annen ting jeg lærte, var et nyttig turmat-triks. Pinnebrød har jeg altid syntes hørtes godt og kjekt ut, men jeg husker/orker (enten en av delene eller begge) aldri å lage det. Men i butikkene selger de fix ferdig pizzadeig på matpapir, rullet sammen. Skjærer man av ei "skive" av rullen, så er det bare å rulle det av papiret og så på pølsa. Kjempelurt! Disse pizzabunnene kommer jo også i forskjellige varianter. Den ideen er så absolutt notert!

Ellers var ungdommene selvfølgelig like flinke som forrige gang, jeg blir stadig imponert. Flere bilder og filmsnutt på klubbens side HER.

by Miamaria Padlemia ( at April 27, 2015 12:29 am

April 26, 2015
Greenland Or Bust - Helen Wilson & Mark Tozer

East Coast Paddlesports and Outdoor Festival – Charleston, South Carolina

Last week I returned home from the East Coast Paddlesports and Outdoor Festival. It was my third time being a presenter at this fun event, which takes place at James Island County Park in Charleston, South Carolina.

It's always fun to watch kayaks show up at the start of an event.

It’s always fun to watch kayaks show up at the start of an event.

There were lots of booths to explore.

Vendor booths lined the shores of the lake.

Getting through the booths took time, because it was lots of fun to stop and chat with everyone.

Getting through the booths took time because it was great to stop and chat with everyone.

The event includes canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, rock climbing, slacklining, mountain biking, archery and disc golf. Participants could come to play and try out gear, shop at one of the many booths, take classes or enjoy the entertainment. Evening entertainment included a Reggae Night Concert with Black Lion and the Reel Paddling Film Festival.

The lake provided a great opportunity for people to try out all kinds of watercraft.

The lake was a great place for people to try out all kinds of watercraft.

There was even a double SUP.

There was even a double SUP.

It was wonderful to catch up with east coast paddlers, vendors, presenters and the awesome volunteers, who are always there when you need a little help.

Everyone was friendly and into the spirit of the event, which celebrated its 25th year.

Everyone was friendly and into the spirit of the event, which was celebrating its 25th year.

It was great to catch up with Kenny from Epic.

It was great to catch up with Kenny from Epic.

P&H Kayaks were there, and it was great to catch up with everyone.

P&H Kayaks was there with demo boats and provided beginner classes.

Throughout the three-day event I did classroom presentations called “Jamaica, A Circumnavigation Attempt” and “A Women’s Survival Guide to Wilderness Travel.” I also instructed Simplifying the Roll, Complicating the Roll and Intro to Greenland Kayaking. The last day of the event I instructed Intro to Rolling, which was presented by P&H Kayaks.

Having so much fun is hard work. This dog has the right idea.

Having so much fun is hard work. This dog had the right idea.

Special thanks to Charleston County Parks and Recreation, Josh Hall and John Radel for having me there and for all of their hard work putting this event together!

It was great hanging out with other presenters in my cabin and the one next door.

It was great hanging out with other presenters in my cabin and the one next door.

And equally as fun to go out for a post event dinner at the local wine bar.

And equally as fun to go out for a post event dinner at the local wine bar.

by helen at April 26, 2015 11:20 pm


50.000 visitas

Este blog, nació en el momento en que empecé a disponer de tiempo para escribir. Y claro, el tema no podía ser otro que aquello que me apasiona, el kayak de mar. Esta plataforma es sencilla, pero muy accesible, y en el poco tiempo que lleva vivo este blog, ya hemos pasado de los 50.000 visitas. Personas de lugares muy dispares, palistas y no palistas, pues ocasionalmente tocamos otros temas.

Mantener activo y con buena salud, un proyecto como éste, cuesta. Especialmente porque sus contenidos están narrados en primera persona. Son cosas que me han pasado a mí, o en las que trabajo, sobre las que opino, o aquellas que proyecto....... estas experiencias están repletas de emociones propias. Sinceramente, considero que no merece la pena hacer algo que no te emocione. Por eso, valoro de verdad, a quien invierte su tiempo en pasarse por aquí. Gracias de corazón, y un fuerte abrazo.

by Jose Bello ( at April 26, 2015 11:04 pm

KajakGal - Oplevelser i havkajak » KajakGal - Oplevelser i havkajak

Skrald i naturen

Alle, der er på vandet eller befinder sig på strande har set det. Affald. Tilsyneladende er vi mennesker fantastiske til at smide uønsket materiale ud i naturen. Men der er en løsning. Lad være med at smide affald i naturen. Indlever det til genbrug!

På nettet er der flere sider, der beskæftiger sig med oprydning og mange skoler har en særlig dag, hvor de rydder op i naturen. Det er selvfølgelig også en mulighed i kajak. Og der er oven i købet en side på Facebook, der samler kajakroere om formålet. Se mere her. Om du vil være medlem er op til dig. Vigtigere er, at du rydder op efter dig (og hjælper andre, der ikke selv kan finde ud af det).


by KajakGal at April 26, 2015 08:52 pm

kajaknördar - paddling verkar kul
tid utomhus räknas. Tid i kajaken räknas dubbelt

Forsdag i Krokån

Lugnt en bit ovanför fallet

Lugnt en bit ovanför fallet

Helena tycker det är kul när det skvätter lite

Helena tycker det är kul när det skvätter lite

Eskapader och Aterra körde forsdag kring Kvarnfallet i Krokån i södra Halland. Vi stack dit en sväng. För säkerhets skull lämnade vi paddelkläder och sånt hemma. Man vill ju inte blöta ner sig i onödan 😉 Sån där forspaddling är dessutom lite läskigt! kameran tog vi dock med oss!

Gött att träffa lite forspaddlare och forswannabes. Trevligt tjöt vid vattnet och kul att se andra blöta ner sig. Imponerande att några som inte paddlat tidigare paddlade Kvarnfallet efter bara kort paddling ovanför. Efter plaskandet lite grilleri och mer tjöt.

Det var nog ett trettiotal på plats! Bra uppslutning på en enkel och trevlig tillställning längs med lite strömmande vatten.

Alex i fallet

Alex i fallet

Alex i skummet

Alex i skummet

Leif kör Kermitgrönt

Leif kör Kermitgrönt

Mer fall & skum

Mer fall & skum

Och så upp igen

Och så upp igen



Första dagen i kajak, gick finfint även nerför fallet

Första dagen i kajak, gick finfint även nerför fallet

Leif körde en runda med långbåt också

Leif körde en runda med långbåt också

Micke skummar

Micke skummar

Per kör finfärgad kajak

Per kör finfärgad kajak



Inlägget Forsdag i Krokån dök först upp på kajaknördar - paddling verkar kul.

by Erik Sjöstedt at April 26, 2015 08:15 pm

OCEANPAX Paddle / Run / Be
Reflections on life, self-propelled outdoor pursuits, and all manner of things that may come to mind while sea kayaking on the waters, and minimalist running along the trails, of south Vancouver Island and Gabriola Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Peace-filled days, adrenaline-fuelled moments...and the avoidance of "quiet desperation".

Kayaking to and around the various southern Gulf Islands along the east coast of Vancouver Island, is always a good adventure. At times the water is very calm, as it was this day. There's a pretty good fetch along the Trincomali Channel, however, and the paddler can be treated to some impressive rolling and breaking waves.

The launch spot at Fernwood, on Saltspring Island, is a great place to explore Wallace Island and the offshore islets in the channel. A second crossing over to Galiano Island, expands the day and makes for a nice circuit.

Sea kayaking can bring wonderful, peace-filled moments that last all day long...the afterglow, still softly burning as one falls asleep at night. The regular reach and draw of the double-bladed paddles propel the narrow boat along, creating what becomes, for me, a contemplative state.

It's not always that way. A month or so ago, while on the North Sea, both Joan and I were treated to a rather surprisingly "energetic" breaking wave, along the port side of our kayaks. So filled with the joy of being where we were, we had lost a degree of situation awareness. We had become less than vigilant...and we had also paddled unnecessarily close to the ruins of the old, concrete breakwater at Auchmithie.

We were both were able to brace successfully into the rolling foam but in the next moment of time, I found myself staring down at the sea, and out towards Norway (!), the stern of my kayak having been thrown up on the breakwater. It happened so quickly, I cannot even remember it happening. Whether it was "muscle memory" or (more than likely) incredibly good luck, balance was maintained long enough for another wave to wash my boat and I back to the safety of actually floating again. It was a dumb mistake to be so close to the crumbling concrete in that swell, where a rescue would have been difficult.

So there are peace-filled days, and adrenaline fuelled moments. The former give our spirits refreshment and restoration, the latter test and stretch us. It's the "quiet desperation" in life that needs to be avoided.

Thoreau wrote about "quiet desperation". When people speak about the "same old, same old", that may be quiet desperation. When I hear someone leave the weekend behind, to go "back to the grind"...that may bespeak quiet desperation. Describing ones life as "ho hum"....quiet desperation creeping in?

When life gets "busy" and we forget to explore or discover or investigate or seek out new learning or growing experiences...we tempt quiet desperation.

Sometimes we just succumb to "blowing in the wind", the resulting sense of powerlessness can open the door to, yes, quiet desperation.

When we live distracted lives, and forget that each moment is precious, and irreplaceable...we give the nod to quiet desperation.

Peace-filled moments...(occasional) adrenaline-fuelled moments...I rather like such things.

Both usher in a gentle sense of joy, accomplishment, and satisfaction...

...and when the sun sets, and the boats are back on the racks, it just feels like it's been a good day.

You probably know exactly what I mean. :)

by Duncan and Joan ( at April 26, 2015 08:08 pm

Travels with Paddles
a sea kayaking journal

She Just Does It

It is possibly a tricky thing for me to write, as a male, about female achievements, because we might have a totally different perspective.

We are very likely to remember EXACTLY when Freya Hoffmeister hit the kayaking scene in our part of the world and kayaking discipline.

Determined female paddles showed that they are just as capable to achieve long and committing expeditions. Possibly they generally less bragg (and write) about it. They just do it their way. While most of the 'high-profile' 'firsts-fastest-longest' had already been paddled, men could easily argue that it had been done (or written about) before; by men... On other occasions women were (at the time) even written out of history; i.e. female air force test pilots in WWII.

Freya Hoffmeister will complete her 3-year long epic circumnavigation of South America, that she started on August 30, 2011 in Buenos Aires on May 1st 2015. How fitting: on Labor Day. I am not sure if Freya now has set a 'standard' that CAN be achieved by others. Focus and determination is universal and that is inspirational!

Below is the (Google Translated) Press Release:

Hereby I have the pleasure to invite you to the ceremony on May 1 for Freya Hoffmeister, the best expedition kayaker in the world, coming to Puerto Madero finishing the first circumnavigation of South America. Freya paddled from Buenos Aires on August 30, 2011 and after 26,832 kilometers traveled back to the city where she was starting from with a new world record under her belt, being the first person to perform this feat. Freya, 50, will be escorted by dozens of kayakers, and she will be received with full military honors of the Argentine Navy at the Fragata Sarmiento, both by local authorities and members of European diplomats and media Argentines and international

All paddlers are very much welcome to be part of the arrival ceremony on the water. You will be paddling a short distance on sheltered waters inside Puerto Madero. The start will be from the new jetties at -34.62043, -58.36295. The kayakers will wait for Freya at the port entrance at -34.59508, -58.36479 while she is paddling in from her current arrival spot , and escort her to the Fregata Sarmiento at -34.60893, -58.36571.

Please contact Javier Perez to sign up on a list for the paddling escort and for possible access to the ceremony on the Fregata.

Every non-paddler is surely welcome to watch the event from any spot on the harbor!

by (Axel) at April 26, 2015 04:50 pm

KajakGal - Oplevelser i havkajak » KajakGal - Oplevelser i havkajak

Tempelkrogen rundt

26. april 2015

Jeg har aldrig roet Tempelkrogen rundt. Dels fordi der er meget lavt vand, dels fordi Tempelkrogen kun er 10 km. rundt og lidt for lidt til et togt. Men en gang skal jeg jo prøve det, og det blev i dag sammen med kajakflokken Malik. Vi var fem i alt der stod ud fra ishuset Sonny på østsiden af Munkholmbroen. Vejret var lidt vådt og det regnede faktisk, mens jeg kørte til området. Men heldigvis var det tørvejr under hele roturen – selvom det begyndte at regne igen, da vi læssede kajakkerne.

IMGP2401Men lidt regn kan jo alligevel ikke standse kajakroere, så med en bredskygget hat var jeg parat til regn, hvis det skulle komme.

Vi roede med uret rundt og da der var næsten vindstille, prøvede jeg at ro hele turen uden at sænke roret. Det gik fint, selvom kajakken er ret vindfølsom. Så nu er det da prøvet.

Tempelkrogen er ganske rigtig ret lav, men der er da områder, hvor der er lidt vand. Og det er ret klart, så vi kunne se både fisk, der sprang i vandoverfladen og søstjerner på bunden. Og området er eftertragtet, for der er altid fiskere ved Munkholmbroen. Heller ikke net-fiskerne lader området være, for der er net overalt i området. Så det kan ikke være ret mange fisk, der undslipper.

IMGP2407 IMGP2402 IMGP2406

Pausen blev holdt ved Tempelkrogens Bådlaug, hvor der er borde og bænke. Vi gik lidt op ad vejen for at se på nogle ungtyre samt deres far, der lå og dasede på marken. Den store var adskilt fra de andre, men den så også lidt olm ud. Os gjorde de nu ikke noget, så vi gik tilbage til bådlauget og spiste vores medbragte mad. Jeg opdagede, at min GPS var ved at løbe tør for strøm. Batterierne var ellers på max inden start. Så de genopladelige batterier er vist ved at være færdige. Nye må anskaffes. Jeg har derfor kun logget halvdelen af turen og måtte spørge de andre om turens længde. Det er første gang, at jeg mister en logning, men det måtte jo ske.

IMGP2403 IMGP2404

Tilbage ved udgangspunkte valgte et par stykker at rulle lidt. Jeg havde en del undskyldninger, så det må blive en anden gang….

IMGP2408 IMGP2410

God tur på vandet som altid. Bare ærgerligt med de batterier, men nye er allerede bestilt.

Rute: Munkholm og tempelkrogen rundt
Isætning: 55°40’24.56″N, 11°48’48.83″Ø 
Optagning: —“—-
Distance roet: 10,1 km
Vejr: 7 grader. Vind 3 m/s fra NW. Klart vejr.

by KajakGal at April 26, 2015 02:08 pm

En blogg om padling og annet friluftsliv i (hovedsakelig) Vesterålen

Ulvøyværet – er havsula heime?

Det meldte knallvær i dag, så da Bent lanserte ideen om å dra ut for å sjekke om havsula var ankommet  var saken rimelig grei. Oppdaget riktignok da jeg sjekket værvarslet at det var fralandsvind, men det var nå ikke allverdens. Det var et stabilt varsel, og det var rimelig mye å gå på før det ville vært noe stort problem for oss to som møtte fram.

Vi startet fra Taen i et nydelig vær. Det var mye folk å se, det har definitivt blitt vår. Folk skulle i klatreveggen (i høyden ca. midt på, i bredden til venstre for Bent) Trollskåla senere på dagen, og det var allerede folk på stranda. Men dit dro ikke vi, det er lengre å bære ned og jeg er dessuten forbannet på en viss dør der.

Vi hadde fabulert litt om å padle over til Bø, Litløy for eksempel som vi ser midt i bildet her. Men vi kom fram til at det ble for langt i dag. For ikke å snakke om bil-logistikken. Nei.

Det var litt småplask etter hvert, helt greit. Og litt sånn aktenfor tvers så det ble på et vis medvind selv om den kom litt fra siden også.Dette bildet er imidlertid med for å vise de nye muffene mine. De gamle neoprenmuffene var rett og slett utslitt. Disse er ganske korte, noe jeg synes er en fordel for da er de lettere å få på. En ekstra "ring" inni oppveier litt den fordelen, så den vurderer jeg å ta bort – men varme er de.

Blå blå himlar och hav...

Så kom vi ut til denne her. Vanligvis går vi lenger unna, men nå var vi jo like ved. Aha! Den så helt typisk noe man padler rundt, ut. Go.


Jo, men da gjør vi det da. Så vi padlet rundt den. Det blir jo litt ekstra liv i havet rundt sånne greier, så det var jo litt morsommere enn bare padle rett fram i ingenting. Men hvor ble det av havsula, egentlig? Den skulle da ha sendt ut speidere for lenge siden???

Endelig! Den kom ikke før vi hadde ganske kort vei igjen. Men den var kommet! :D (Ok, dere ser dem sikkert ikke på bildet for alt blir jo mikro på Goproen, men det er altså havsuler vi tar bilde av...) De er antagelig ikke så nøye på hva som skjer i området rundt dem når de ikke har egg ennå. De var i full reirbygging, fugler fløy rundt med tang i kjeften eller speidet etter tang, overalt.

Litt nysgjerrige var det også, med det samme. Men de ga fort blaffen i oss. Det satt forresten tre ørn på holmen også, da vi kom. Det var interessant. Den store havørna, som man synes seiler majesteisk rundt til vanlig. Joda, de gjorde jo som de pleier de - men de framsto på en helt annen måte når de var i selskap med havsula. Bomsete, virket de rett og slett. Ikke imponerende på noe som helst vis, stakkars.

Måtte selvsagt rundt Store Ulvøyholmen også. Sånn helt rundt, liksom, hele veien.

Bent sitt kamera hadde hengt seg litt opp på den kule effekten - men den er jo kul da.

Her var det fint og ligge for å se på havsulene.

Vi lå der lenge og så.

Det var imidlertid såpass med vind og skvalp generelt at jeg ikke tok sjansen på å ta frem speilrefleksen. Fikk nytt objektiv i dag, hadde ikke lyst til å ødelegge det på første turen. 

Man kunne selvsagt legge seg i flåte og bli mer stabil under fotograferingen, men det hjelper jo lite mot saltvannsprut. Men du - vi har riktignok sett havsula, men det er da flere holmer lenger ut - skal vi ikke padle rundt den som er lengst ute, også? Go.

Så vi padlet videre ut, for å ha rundet den ytterste. Det er riktignok skjær som bryter lenger ut, men vi rundet det ytterste skjæret vi faktisk så stein på. Radarreflekser er gyselige.

Bent snakket noe om ei støtte når vi kom fram til skjæret, jeg kunne ikke fatte hvor i all verden han så ei støtte der ute. Men det viste seg å egentlig være spørsmål om jeg skulle ha støtte når jeg fotograferte. Jaja, jeg mener nei. Det trengs ikke, jeg sitter i en Nordkapp.

Ingen Ti på Skjæret her, men ett skjær i hvert fall.

Rene skjære skjæret.

Vi kikket litt mer på havsulene før vi dro innover igjen. Utrolig flott fugl, virkelig. Spørs om ikke det blir en tur til ut hit i år, på roligere hav.

Så suste vi innover mot Taen igjen. Jeg hadde nemlig glemt kanelbollene i bilen, det var lite lurt. Mat må man ha. Men vi hadde jo sett det som var å se her ute også - det er jo uansett ikke lov å gå i land noe sted, heller. Ilandstigningsforbud fra 15. april.

Som sagt, litt opphengt i den effekten, men. Ellers kult.

Blå blå himlar och hav...

Da vi kom inn til Taen var det kommet mange biler på parkeringsplassen, og det hang flere tau oppi klatreveggen. Vel, jeg hadde ikke med klatreutstyr så det fikk være denne gang.

by Miamaria ( at April 26, 2015 09:59 am

Sea kayaking with
Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries and broadens your horizons. Sea kayaking is the new mountaineering.

Shoe Bay, Eilean Shona.

At the west end of Eilean Shona when the tide is in there is a passageway behind some reefs.  As you become enclosed by the rocky walls the water shallows and...  turns green then turquoise  At the head of the channel a turn to the right reveals... of the most picturesque sandy coves on the Scottish west coast..  Though it bis not named on any map...  ...those in

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 26, 2015 09:32 am

Kayak Yak
kayaking the We(s)t Coast of British Columbia

1860 Victoria Inner Harbour

Here's another excellent historical image of boats in the Inner Harbour of Victoria BC, from the archives at the Royal British Columbia Museum. This painting dates back to 1860, featuring as its highlight the steam paddlewheeler HMS Beaver.

What I like best is seeing the variety of boats in the harbour, including steamers as well as sloops and yawls and brigantines. The little rowboat and First Nations canoe near the shore on the lower left are most appealing. It seems that these boat-users would put a sail on just about any vessel, no matter how small!

The person who made this painting in 1860 was standing on the Songhees peninsula, close to the place where we like to launch when we're paddling in the Inner Harbour. Here's a photo that John took on June 12, 2011 from just offshore. See how the land rises in both images? The church in the 1860 view was the first version of what is now Christ Church Cathedral, on Quadra Street at Rockland Ave.

by (Paula) at April 26, 2015 07:05 am

April 25, 2015

Freya Hoffmeister
Home of Freya Hoffmeister

Invitation to join the final leg!

Fregata Sarmiento - the site of my "official" arrival


Por la presente tengo el agrado de invitarlo a la ceremonia que tendrá lugar el 1 de Mayo para recibir a Freya Hoffmeister, la mejor kayakista de aventura del mundo, que llegará a Puerto Madero culminando la primer circunnavegación de Sudamérica en solitario. Freya zarpó de Buenos Aires el 30 de Agosto de 2011 y luego de 26,832 kilometros recorridos regresa a la ciudad que la vio partir con un nuevo récord mundial bajo el brazo, siendo la primer persona en realizar esta hazaña.
Freya, de 50 años, llegará remando y escoltada por decenas de kayakistas, donde será recibida a las 12 horas con todos los honores en la Fragata
Sarmiento, tanto por autoridades locales como por miembros del cuerpo diplomático de Europa así como medios de prensa argentinos e internacionales.

Google translates:
Todos los palistas son muy bienvenidos a ser parte de la ceremonia de llegada en el agua. Va a estar remando a corta distancia en aguas protegidas dentro de Puerto Madero. El inicio será a partir de los nuevos muelles 10 am en -34.62043, -58.36295. Los kayakistas esperarán a Freya en la entrada del puerto de -34.59508, -58.36479 mientras ella es remar en la de su lugar actual de la llegada, y escoltarla hasta la Fregata Sarmiento en -34.60893, -58.36571.
Por favor, póngase en contacto con Javier Pérez para inscribirse en una lista para la escolta remar y para un posible acceso a la ceremonia en la Fregata.
Cada palista no es seguramente invitamos a ver el evento desde cualquier lugar en el puerto!

Google translates:
Hereby I have the pleasure to invite you to the ceremony on May 1 for Freya Hoffmeister, the best expedition kayaker in the world, coming to Puerto Madero finishing the first circumnavigation of South America. Freya paddled from Buenos Aires on August 30, 2011 and after 26,832 kilometers traveled back to the city where she was starting from with a new world record under her belt, being the first person to perform this feat.
Freya, 50, will be escorted by dozens of kayakers, and she will be received at 12 h with full military honors of the Argentine Navy at the Fragata Sarmiento, both by local authorities and members of European diplomats and media Argentines and international.

All paddlers are very much welcome to be part of the arrival ceremony on the water. You will be paddling a short distance on sheltered waters inside Puerto Madero. The start will be at 10 am from the new jetties at -34.62043, -58.36295. The kayakers will wait for Freya at the port entrance at -34.59508, -58.36479 while she is paddling in from her current arrival spot , and escort her to the Fregata Sarmiento at -34.60893, -58.36571.

Please contact Javier Perez to sign up on a list for the paddling escort and for possible access to the ceremony on the Fregata.

Every non-paddler is surely welcome to watch the event from any spot on the harbor!


by Freya at April 25, 2015 11:56 pm

April 26, 2015

Blog collectif

Kayak de mer dans les Cyclades, Grèce - Milos


Après avoir cherché un moment comment louer des kayaks dans les cyclades, voici un petit résumé:
- Sur Mikonos: un pro organise des sorties en groupe mais ne loue pas. Mais l'île est trop festive pour nous qui avons préféré Milos
- Sur Athènes: Aeagian kayak club ou pro je ne sais pas vraiment. Organise des raids de plusieurs jours. Semble ok pour des bons kayakistes
- Sur Milos: Rod un australien ne loue pas mais organise des tours.
Cyclades Kayak organise des sorties aussi.
Les deux ont bonne réputation et sont très sympas. Comme toujours dans notre petit monde du kayak de mer.
A mon avis, une fois qu'ils vous auront rencontré et aurons pu évaluer le niveau, la location devrait pouvoir s'envisager...

by Xavier VAN AUSLOOS ( at April 26, 2015 12:27 am

April 25, 2015


Apoyo a nadadores

En mi ciudad una de las pruebas deportivas más interesante es el Trihércules , triatlón gaditano donde los haya. 

Es habitual que kayakistas colaboremos como apoyo en competiciones de natación en aguas abiertas, por la maniobrabilidad y velocidad de nuestras embarcaciones, sin perturbar demasiado a los nadadores. Esta tarde ha sido la prueba de este año.

La mar estaba bonita, y con olas, lo que desorientaba bastante a los nadadores, pues a nivel del agua, no se veían las boyas. Para este tipo de actividad es interesante utilizar el flotador de pala como dispositivo de ayuda, pero para un uso diferente al que está habitualmente dirigido esta herramienta de autorrescate. 

La misión en el agua, aparte de dirigir a los nadadores en el circuito, es ser rescatadores de deportistas con problemas. Si habéis tenido experiencias de este tipo sabréis lo fácil que es que os haga volcar una persona que se agarra con desesperación a nuestra líneas de vida desde el agua intentando subir a la cubierta.

Es por ello que es una buena idea utilizar el flotador de pala, como elemento de flotación "sin pala", la forma correcta de asegurarlo a nosotros es con el cabo de remolque. De esta manera disponemos de un sistema de salvamento muy efectivo, cómodo y seguro para ambas partes, rescatador y rescatado.

Afortunadamente, hoy las cosas han ido bien en el agua para los triatletas.

by Jose Bello ( at April 25, 2015 10:36 pm

Salish Strokes
I am a paddler, explorer, guide, and coach. Any day on the water is a good day, and I can't get enough.

Sampling the Chuckanut Bay Waters

Bri and I went out exploring from Wildcat Cove in Larabee State Park north to Chuckanut Island. We found sea life, beautiful rock formations, and a nice Force 5 wind surfed us all the way back to the car!

by donaldcheyette ( at April 25, 2015 10:33 pm

Sea kayaking with
Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries and broadens your horizons. Sea kayaking is the new mountaineering.

Mariners once more, on Loch Moidart.

We relaunched into the sea waters of Loch Moidart below...  ...the falls in the River Shiel. Partly as penance for portaging we played for a bit breaking in and out of the jet of water which was pouring into the loch from the cascade.  To our right were the houses of the Lochshiel Estate and... our left a great spit of sand and shingle which has been brought down the River

by Douglas Wilcox ( at April 25, 2015 10:20 pm

Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal
A journal of my sea kayak trips.

April 25th - Portland Island (#35)

Scott and I set out from Swartz Head to paddle out to Arbutus Point on Portland Island and visit Mark and Christine. Conditions were great and we had a nice time visiting with Mark and Christine. We saw eagles, turkey vultures, otters, mink, raccoon, mergansers and more!
I enjoyed paddling the surf ski on a longer paddle and managed to catch a bit of ferry wake at one point!
click to enlarge
14 km, YTD 304 km

by Mike J ( at April 25, 2015 10:17 pm

A whole bunch of Ing's.
Kayaking,camping,rolling, practicing,paddle making, ..Writing,blogging and nautical miles from a normal life

6 hours

 A breath of easterly wind heaving a gentle swell from the wild north Atlantic fetch. Propelling my journey west with it's quiet push. Warmth of spring evident at the height of the day; under darkening skies I set to.sea.

 Crab boats loaded down with pots sat idle due to the ice conditions still plaguing the mouths of the bays. Ice packs which could easily sweep in and destroy a line of pot's pretty quick on a change of wind. Yet for the kayaker inside the wide expanse of trinity bay; I couldn't ask for a "larger"day.

 Icewalls still clung to cliff;a somewhat chilly April. An April that had brought record low's; still grasps onto the Avalon peninsula. Creeping upon the land under setting sun. I didn't dwell on too many beaches as I just wanted to paddle. Take in the scenery and breath in the life.

Suddenly 6 hours had passed. I hauled out my newest gadget (yes finally in 2015 I caved in...and purchased a cellphone) and called for pick up from the family support team. Under towering red cliff's; I finished my paddle a couple communities up in New harbour.

by Lee ( at April 25, 2015 05:03 pm

. . . WELCOME PHOTOGRAPHERS, PADDLERS AND DREAMERS If there be magic on the planet, the magic is in the water (ANON)

I am On My Last Leg

On My Last Leg

And Now To Take Care Of It

   My life (and, I believe, yours) is full of life-changing events that contribute to the rich texture of our existence. Such an event happened to me , somewhat late in life, when a fragment of a lumbar disc broke off, cut a nerve and left my left leg weakened. Suddenly I was unable to continue many of my passions including running (I had a 3:30 marathon in my fifties), sail boating (a beautiful 42' cutter) and Judo (I was a black belt and actively competing and teaching). A period of sadness and self pity followed as I sought out an activity to replace what I had lost.
   Somehow, I ended up at Rutabaga Paddle Shop in Madison and took a 6-hour intro to sea kayaking class from a man I have come to know as my mentor, my friend, and JB. It was instant love. My background of decades sailing on Lake Michigan, Judo and SCUBA all came together. I found it easy to learn what was to become my new passion (which, when I became a certified instructor, married well with my other passion: teaching).
   Jump ahead a bunch of years to last month. I am on Lake Michigan in one of my kayaks when I develop a pain in my right upper thigh. Driving home, the pain was even there when I moved my foot from the accelerator to the brake. In spite of my medical background and having taught college level anatomy, I was uncertain about what had happened. There had been no sudden injury. After poking myself, resting and trying to paddle again (on 3 occasions), I finally sought out the help of a profession for which I have great respect: Physical Therapy.
   It took Sarah 4 minutes to diagnose psoas tendinitis (Psoas: Latin: sore as....never mind). She gave me PT, showed me stretches I had never seen and told me to stay away from my kayaks. I was concerned. Hey, teaching session was only weeks away, and I wanted to be there. I did go on line to partsforthebody/youwish.heavanehlpme but to no avail. Apparently they were no longer making parts for a model as old as me. Bummer. So I followed Sarah's orders, did my exercises and reported back for my next appointment.
   Good news. Sarah saw great improvement and gave the clearance for a gentle test paddle. Hurrah! I put my Cetus MV out on the lawn, sat in it and gently edged the boat. I rotated. I pressed on the pegs. No pain. Within the hour I was in the boat and on the lake...and it was heaven. I did a gentle 40 minute paddle, called it a day and counted my blessings.
   I do not believe in stretching cold muscles. That's why I warm up with a slow paddle and then stretch in the boat (something that I realize beginners cannot do). I cannot, however, conceive of a way to stretch my sore-ass muscle while aboard and have taken to doing so daily at home. 
   Hey. My time on the water is precious and depends on my last good leg. So, I plan to take care of it.
Paddle safe

by Silbs ( at April 25, 2015 02:46 pm

kajaknördar - paddling verkar kul
tid utomhus räknas. Tid i kajaken räknas dubbelt

Vårfjäll i Trysil

Lagom trångt i backarna

Lagom trångt i backarna

Mot det blå

Mot det blå

Sent fjälldräll i april lockade så vi drog till Trysil igen. Sommarväglag och sol hela vägen upp. Klart begränsad vinterkänsla tills vi svängde upp mot fjället. Däruppe snöfria vägar och träd men däremellan en dryg meter snö. 

Söndag till torsdag med riktigt bra förhållanden i både backar och spår. Lite hårt på morgonen och väldigt löst på sena eftermiddagarna. Extremt lite folk så backarna blev inte farligt uppkörda och i spåren var det ännu färre 😉

Skönt att skida utan massvis med kläder. En del körde i shorts och t-shirts men det kändes klart optimistiskt i överkant.

Långa ljusa dagar ger att det hinns med mycket utetid, nackdelen med långa dagar är att det blir lite segare med soluppgångsskidandet och detsamma med solnedgångsskidandet :)

Fredagen superhårt och isigt och lite sämre väder, fast mestadels blåhimmel. Lördagen bjöd på 2cm nysnö, nån plusgrad och lite trista prognoser så då drog vi oss söderut igen. Superskön fjällvecka med bättre förhållanden än väntat. Nu kan vi nog hålla oss från snön till i november.

Bilderna är iPhonebilder, några sex och några sex plus. Lifeprooffodralen sitter på hela tiden.



Stughäng med soluppgångsinslag

Stughäng med soluppgångsinslag


Oranga spårinslag

Oranga spårinslag

Jobbigt med motljus och soliögonen

Jobbigt med motljus och soliögonen





Inlägget Vårfjäll i Trysil dök först upp på kajaknördar - paddling verkar kul.

by Erik Sjöstedt at April 25, 2015 05:41 am

Freya Hoffmeister
Home of Freya Hoffmeister

Thu 23/04-2015 Day 849

Rio de la Plata beach scenery

straight distance left: 50 km
Highlights: Last day in Uruguay!
Lowlights: Inaccessible passport office
Pos: here
Loc: Colonia
Acc: tent
Dist: 41,2 km
Start: 7:20 End: 16:10

No fog this morning, maybe because I was not in a small wet side river area. But it was still bloody cold.

The water was dead calm as the last days in the morning, but a moderate head wind was bothering me all day. I still made reasonable progress, enjoying once more and for the last time of this trip the unspoiled nature of the river banks. For tomorrow, I eventually decided I will cross over the Rio de la Plata from Colonia to a secret landing spot, which leaves me one last short leg to close the loop. The “official” arrival on the Fregata Sarmiento with the Navy reception, plus paddling the last short leg together with other paddlers, will be on May 1st as planned, just one week later.

I was due to get an exit stamp in the Prefectura passport office in the port of Colonia, when I was asking my paddling friends in Montevideo if there would be some person to help me, I was given the coordinates and said: “Just paddle into the port!”

Hahaha, when I arrived at the port,the fat scary ferry and another big ship was sitting in there, and besides steep walls and a concrete high staircase there was nothing visible to disembark from a kayak. Not to say this is simply not a place for small boats at all. As I have no assistance to watch my kayak and gear, I am also not happy to land somewhere besides the port and walk to the office. I checked at the yacht harbor around the corner, but strange enough there was also no inviting disembarking for small boats visible, or any clubhouse or such. Well, then this matter has to be solved at the embassy of Uruguay in Buenos Aires. Can’t help here.

I paddled a bit further into the bay to find a matching quiet camp beach, and behind some reed and under a cliff wall hidden the city and street, I found the perfect spot. Just a few dog walkers and runners, then it was quiet. I felt a bit like a hobo here. Besides,at 4.30 the scary ferry left, and at 7.15 pm, the scary ferry came back again, sounding almost like a long-time rocket launch, just much less noisy.

by Freya at April 25, 2015 01:02 am

April 24, 2015

Being the Continuing Adventures of a Woman and her Trusty Kayak in New York Harbor, the Hudson River, and Beyond. (with occasional political rants just to keep things lively!)

The NYS Lifejacket Rule Is Still In Effect - Please wear them

Quick safety request here -

The New York State off-season lifejacket rule -- the one that says anyone who's out in any recreational vessel of 20 feet or less must be wearing a lifejacket between November 1 and May 1 -- is still in effect.

We've got another nice weekend coming up here, if not quite as balmy as last weekend, but the water's still quite cold. Immersion gear (wetsuit or drysuit) is still a very good idea if you are going boating, but at the very least, please wear your lifejacket.

Because stuff like this doesn't need to happen.

by (bonnie) at April 24, 2015 08:52 pm

South West Sea Kayaking
The personal blog of Mark Rainsley

Finish line

When this image was taken (by a professional photographer), I was not feeling my sharpest.

125 miles back and less than twenty-seven hours before, we’d been paddling past cows in Wiltshire.

Filed under: Marathon kayaking, River Thames

by MRY at April 24, 2015 08:37 pm

En blogg om padling og annet friluftsliv i (hovedsakelig) Vesterålen


En uke etter hjernerystelsen, og jeg begynte å bli sånn høvelig meg selv igjen. Litt gråvær og ikke helt i slag ennå, men med sjåfør virket det som en god plan med en rolig, kort tur til Skjervøyan. Dessverre ble det ikke flere med enn meg og Bent – men det gikk hvitt på fjorden ved flyplassen så folk ble kanskje skremt fra det?

Sjåføren himself med Hadseløya i bakgrunnen.

Jeg hadde omsider tatt med fiskestanga OG montert den ihop og skulle slenge ut en sluk til sjøørreten underveis. Stanga kom til kajakken i fjæra, så knakk den. Så det ble ikke mer ørret med stang en det har vært uten stang. Stang ut, altså.

Første delen ut fra Vik er en litt småkjedelig transportetappe. Såpass i le for vind og bølger at det hadde gått greit for de fleste å være med på. Akkurat her ville vi nok gått litt lenger ifra om vi hadde nybegynnere med. Det ante oss at det ville være godt med liv i havet på yttersia av øyene, for det er sjelden det bryter så godt her når vi er på tur. Men så er det jo lenge siden vi har hatt bølgetur hit, også.

Vi tok turen ut forbi øyene, og her var det liv ja. Når horisonten stadig blir borte i fem–seks sekunder, så bygger det seg godt opp enkelte steder. Rotesjø blir gøy. Noen stilte spørsmål ved om jeg faktisk stoppet og tok bilder der bak, men jeg skjønte ikke helt problemet... Jeg satt jo i en Nordkapp!

Padler til høyre. Sint-brott til venstre. Brølte godt fra seg. Vi lot den være i fred.

Så surfet vi inn bak øyene igjen, for å sjekke Ti på Skjæret-posten som er plassert på Lille Skjervøya. (Lille til venstre, store til høyre.)

Her avsløres altså en liten hemmelighet. Dette blir sannsynligvis en av postene på Ti på Skjæret i Vesterålen i år. Den lille hvite flekken oppi steinene er kassen som ble satt opp i fjor, da det het Ti på Bølgan. Den får stå, sånn at folk kan skrive seg inn i boka med en hilsen. Men vi satser i år på bilder som dokumentasjon for turmålene, sånn som dette. Bents besøk er nå dokumentert med strand og boks på bildet.

- Og så jeg, strand, meg og boks på bilde. Check.

Vi satser jo på sporløs ferdsel og bilder i år, men venter litt med å samle inn boksene som allerede er satt ut. Det er ikke så mange det er snakk om – og jeg har faktisk ikke plass til den i kajakken, heller.

Så tok vi en tur i land på Store-Skjervøya for en skikkelig pause. Vi hadde nemlig et viktig ærend her, for padleklubben. Her ser vi innover mot Vik, Holmsnes og Stokmarknes.

Lengst bort på stranda hekker ternene om sommeren, men de er visst ikke blant de trekkfuglene som har kommet ennå. De trekker aller lengst av alle, så det tar vel sin tid å fly hele den veien.

Nuvel, vi gikk opp på øya for å se om vi fant noen av innbyggerne. Og joda, der holdt Myriam på med våronna i hagen, så vi fikk utført ærendet vårt. Ærendet var å høre om hun kunne tenke seg å ta imot besøk av padleklubben i løpet av sommeren. Sommerish, i hvert fall. Vi har jo vært innom et par ganger før, men da har det vært mer på impuls. Dermed har ikke folk visst om muligheten på forhånd.

Men nå blir det antagelig mulig å melde seg på en sånn tur. Myriam var nemlig ikke bare positiv til besøk, men i tillegg til at vi (mot en liten avgift så klart) får besøke galleriet, og så får vi en liten leksjon i yoga også. Det blir vel greier! Så gjelder det bare å finne et tidspunkt som passer, det kan bli verre.

Hadde jeg hatt et kulere kamera kunne jeg forresten tatt bilde av 8 haveller som vi traff på turen. Men det funker jo ikke med dette vanntette kameraet. Selv her blir det jo bare grums - her er det altså Ti på Skjæret-posten jeg skulle ta avstandsbilde av. Avstand ble det i hvert fall...

Vi så noe gult, stort i fjæra, men det var heller ikke denne gangen en av disse gassflaskene som reker i land overalt. Og like greit var vel dét.

En fin og grei tur, sett bort fra den døde fiskestangen. Jeg må få meg ny.

by Miamaria Padlemia ( at April 24, 2015 08:22 pm

Pouls kajakblog
Jeg hedder Poul, og jeg er kajakoholiker! Denne blog - der mest er min egen dagbog over mit "kajakliv" - handler om mine kajakture og det udstyr jeg benytter mig af.


Vi er ved at uddanne instruktør 1'ere i NKC. På denne 3. kursusgang havde vi besøg af gæsteinstruktør Dharma Sjøgren der gav kursisterne en kursusdag de sikkert husker længe
Vi havde aftalt med Dharma hvad han skulle fokusere på, og gennem instruktion og cases på land og vand fik de ikke kun repeteret mange af de ting vi har været igennem, men også oplevet nye ting
Ikke mindst en instruktør, der var meget til stede i situationenerne
Og som også efter kurset gav både kollektiv og intensiv evealuering.

Næste kursusgang står det på 2 km træk af udmattet roer. Godt man er tovholder og ikke deltager på kurset :-)

Jeg snuppede lige et par rul i kanalens ferske og ikke så lækre vand.

by Pouls kajakblog ( at April 24, 2015 08:07 pm

Klubtur Kalvehave Jungshoved

Søndag tog NKC på tur til Kalvehave hvorfra vi roede til borgruinen ved Jungshoved Kirke og retur.
Efter lidt transport lå kajakkerne klar på stranden øst for Kalvehave
 Efter instruktion om at holde sammen var alle snart kommet på vandet
 Vandet var nærmest spejlblankt da vi roede af
Billedet viser den højeste søgang vi oplevede - og det var lige til at klare
Snart kunne madpakkerne indtages ved borgruinen på Junghoved
Nogle gik på lidt sightseeing, men andre slappede af i den dejlige forårssol
Men en lille gåtur i området kan også varmt anbefales
På hjemturen holdt vi kaffepause - og det er altid en fornøjelse med NKC. Jeg havde drukket al min kaffe, men andre bød flittigt på kaffetår og kage. MUMS!
Det er nogle gange spændende at gå i land i de små havne
Solskin og hyggeligt havnemiljø
Tilbage ved Kalvehave var vi lige en lille flok der skulle ud og kigge på den flotte Dronning Alexandrines Bro
Broen har gennem de sidste år gennemgået ret meget vedligeholdelsesarbejde, så vi var trygge ved at den ikke ramlede ned i hovedet på os.
Som Kunfutse ville have sagt: "Stor bil lærer lille mand at kravle!"

Skøn tur i flot vejr.

22 km

Se billederne her

by Pouls kajakblog ( at April 24, 2015 07:38 pm

Mercipourlekayak !
Pratique du kayak de mer

L’île de Keller : l’île de Ouessant

C’est une île bijou, c’est une île rase-cailloux, c’est l’île de l’île ! Au nord et toute proche de Ouessant, l’île de Keller se situe à l’extrémité de la Chaussée de Keller, haut lieu de pêche au bar de ligne. Quand les conditions s’y prêtent, il ne faut pas hésiter à faire le tour de cet […]

by Arzhela at April 24, 2015 06:10 pm

Mike Jackson's Paddling Journal
A journal of my sea kayak trips.

April 24th - Oak Bay Marina (#34)

I went for a solo afternoon paddle to Oak Bay Marina and back on the surf ski. There was a bit of a SW wind and showers kept threatening, but by and large conditions were good. Otter and Northern Pintail.
click to enlarge
10km, YTD 290 km.

by Mike J ( at April 24, 2015 06:54 pm